Electric fencing to secure your perimeter


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Electric fencing to secure your perimeter

  1. 1. Electric Fencing to Secure Your Perimeter
  2. 2. • For more than a decade electric fencing has been used on a broad array to secure the farms from unwanted animals and houses from trespassers. The high success ration of electric fences in maintaining the security of the perimeter has created an increased demand for it. These days even the security companies have started focusing on them to ensure the appearance of the building in no way is compromised. They are designed in a manner that they blend easily with the surrounding, and the same time provides flawless security to the premises of the owner from intruders and burglars.
  3. 3. • The new advanced electric fencing are as powerful as their ancestors and offer a strong but non-lethal shock to the intruder deterring him from breaching into your security and entering into your property. This is a great way to give a message to the people who try to commit vandalism on your premises. They usually have built-in alarms that set off when it has to send a jolt to someone. This in turn makes it easy to catch the intruder.
  4. 4. Electric Fencing Services in South Africa
  5. 5. • Electric fencing is widely used by residential as well as commercial sectors to provide that extra layer of security must needed for the business institutions. This is a very effective kind of high safety fencing system, and security hedge manufacturers make use of programmable LCD keypad with a backup protection, to make sure the system works fine even during a power outage or failure. The fencing makes use of energizers to transform the low power into a substantial amount of electrical power, just enough to give a quick shock to anyone touching the fence. This sudden blow of high voltage is good enough to encourage the burglars to move away leaving your property secure and keeping your invaders away.
  6. 6. • When using electric fencing people often wonder what might be the cost of it. Well the cost of the fence is nothing compare to the solid security and countless benefits that it offers to ensure complete peace of mind. The fences are ideally high on performance and reliable. They come with 12 years of manufactures warranty making it worth all the expenses. Further they blend easily with the environment, are tamper resistant and extremely easy to get installed. How can one just ignore these amazing qualities?
  7. 7. Electric Fencing Services in South Africa
  8. 8. • Having the fence installed on your home or business property is definitely a wise decision on your part to keep unwanted people out of your place. The fences can be used for myriad purposes, depending solely upon the individual’s need and preference. Consumers are often baffled when it comes to selecting the type of fencing that works out best for their requirement. In such cases, it is best to search online for alternatives. One can even consult the experts in the industry before arriving at a decision. There are numerous companies that offer fencing systems at competitive price. But when it comes to security, compromising on the quality of the fences does not seem to be right.
  9. 9. Contact US• Website = http://www.electerrific.co.za/• Email = electerrific@gmail.com• Phone = 27 11 391 6772• Cell = 082 344 6400