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  • Introduce yourself and your role as Toolbox Master.
    [For instance]
    As a Toolbox Master I have
    local expertise in accessing, downloading and customising free high-quality learning resources
    access to a Queensland-wide network of e-learning resource expertise across Institutes
    direct information feeds on new Toolbox resources
    preferential service from the state Toolbox Champion Service
    special targeted training in using Toolboxes and LORN.
  • What will be covered?
    What are Toolboxes?
    What is LORN?
    What’s in them for learners, teachers and the Institute?
  • So what is a Toolbox?
    Flexible Learning Toolboxes (Toolboxes) are:
    high quality
    cost effective
    e-learning and assessment resources featuring scenarios, images and activities.
    They are designed for use by training providers, industry and business and support online delivery of recognised training packages for the vocational education and training sector.
    Toolbox are made up of learning objects.
    Toolboxes are available through your Institute (usually VIA the library) and can searched via the library catalogue (
    <Customise link to toolbox of relevance to audience – if desired>
  • But what if you want more specific training resources? LORN is a source of specific learning resources.
    LORN is the Learning Object Repository Network
    Where you can seek and find learning objects from:
    innovations projects
    Contributions from other states
    [Give a brief demonstration of accessing and searching LORN:
    Directly via LORN website
    Via Federated Search in Resourcebank
    Choose search topics related to audience.]
  • Incorporating Learning Objects or using complete Toolboxes has significant benefits for the learners:
    They can access rich interactive media content
    The content is aligned to Training packages
    The content can be customised for learner needs (by the teacher or with help for more significant customisation)
    The usual benefits from e-learning materials re 24/7 access and flexibility
  • The States and Commonwealth have made a significant investment in providing high-quality, readily-available, easy-to-use resources that:
    can be used as part of a blended learning approach
    cover the knowledge component of many competency units, and allow teachers to focus on assisting learners and focus on assessment requirements
    have quizzes and activities for formative assessment
    allow teachers to cherry-pick resources that suit their teaching style and students
    [Add others as required]
  • Toolboxes and learning objects:
    are online, standards-compliant resources at a fraction of their development cost.
    can attract new learners and markets
    are quality resources leading to more satisfied clients
    The e-learning benchmarking figures confirm that:
    85% of employers said that they would encourage their employees to use e-learning if it was available.
    90% of VET students would like at least ‘a little’ e-learning in their course
    60% of teachers and trainers said that e-learning has made learning more interesting and engaging for their students, and more than half said that e-learning has improved their teaching.
    [Add others as required]
    The Bottom Line [see image] is advantages for learners, teachers and the Institute
  • The latest Toolboxes (Series 13) include:
    13.01 Licensed to Plumb II (Construction, Plumbing & Services)
    13.02 Harness the Sun (Electrotechnology)
    13.03 Music Box (Music)
    13.04 Sustainable Manufacturing (Manufacturing)
    13.05 Timber ‘Plus’ (Forest and Forest Product)s
    13.06 Fresh or Freezing (Electrotechnology)
    13.07 Squeak eClean (Asset Maintenance)
  • Questions? (Taken from floor)
    The following questions have been asked at previous sessions.
    Are all toolbox learning objects in LORN?. Of the 113 available for sale, 89 toolboxes have Learning Objects in LORN
    Can I change the content?Absolutely. The Framework runs free workshops on customising toolboxes. Contact <Your Name> if you wish one run.
    Can I use a toolbox learning object in a different area to what it’s designed for?Yes. You may need to customise the toolbox.
    Can I be funded for development?The Framework has annually offered funding for toolbox development/innovative projects.
  • For any further information or support, please contact:
    <Please add in your contact details>
  • Here are some further resources including those referred to today:
    Australian Flexible Learning Framework E-Learning Strategy for the Australian VET Sector. Holds a wealth of resources, tutorials, & tools for e-learning.
    E-standards for training E-Learning Strategy for the Australian VET Sector. Includes accessibility, intellectual property, packaging, description, content formats etc. Also includes a number of tools including VET Reload.
    Flexible Learning Toolboxes
    Queensland Toolbox Champion Service
    TVET Toolbox catalogue you buy new Toolboxes from
  • Toolboxes wiifm2 optimised

    1. 1. Flexible LearningFlexible Learning Toolboxes: What’sToolboxes: What’s in them for me?in them for me? 20102010 Flexible Learning ToolboxesFlexible Learning Toolboxes What’s in them for me?What’s in them for me?EvaandherToolbox/©BenSparkCC-2G
    2. 2. What will be covered?What will be covered? Covered wagon. © 2007 Larry D. Moore Used under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 licence
    3. 3. What are Toolboxes?What are Toolboxes? ScreenshotofCarpentryToolbox.©AustralianFlexibleLearningFramework
    4. 4. Diagram from LORN Website What is LORN?What is LORN?
    5. 5. How does this help the Learners?How does this help the Learners? (cc) Some rights reserved by Enokson
    6. 6. What’s in for the Teacher/Trainer?What’s in for the Teacher/Trainer? (cc) Some rights reserved by Matt McGee
    7. 7. The Bottom LineThe Bottom Line       (cc) Some rights reserved by mariotto52 
    8. 8. What’s New In Toolboxes?What’s New In Toolboxes? Series 13Series 13
    9. 9. Questions?Questions? (cc) Some rights reserved by Mark Stosberg 
    10. 10. For more information, contact:For more information, contact: <Add Your Contact Details><Add Your Contact Details> ByEmblem-web.svg:DavidVignoniAccessories.svg:DavidVignoniGnome-system- config.svg:DavidVignoniderivativework:Jugatsumikka(^o^)appelezmoiJu(^o^) [LGPL(],viaWikimediaCommons
    11. 11. Other Tools and ResourcesOther Tools and Resources • Australian Flexible Learning Framework http://http:// • E-standards for training • Flexible Learning Toolboxes http://http:// • LORN http:// • Queensland Toolbox Champion Service http://http:// • Resourcebank • TVETTVET Toolbox catalogue http://http://