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InnovationFundXpo is the world's 1st all-in-1 entrepreneur expo marketplace with built-in marketing automation, and online training. …

InnovationFundXpo is the world's 1st all-in-1 entrepreneur expo marketplace with built-in marketing automation, and online training.


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  • 1. InnovationFundXpo Virtual Entrepreneur Ecosystem Marketplace“The Ultimate Innovation Place for All Entrepreneurs & Investors ”
  • 2. What is InnovationFundXpo? The World’s First Virtual Entrepreneur Ecosystem Marketplace for :  Start-ups/Entrepreneurs  VC/Angel Investors  Academic Community http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 3. Global Entrepreneur Challenges How to Get Started How to Turn Idea Concept to Product How to Get Seed Funding How to Launch & Promote Product/Service How to Create a Highly Profitable Company http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 4. Global Investor Challenges How to Filter out all the deals How to Look for the Next “Google” How to Collaborate with Entrepreneurs & Academia http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 5. “What IF” Questions?2.What IF investors can screen start-ups by specific criteria filteringfor review?3.What IF entrepreneurs need to go through online training programbefore applying for funding?4.What IF entrepreneurs could present to more investors at thesame time?• How will this help shorten time to funding process?• How will this help increase the funding success rate?• How will this help boost the bottom-line Investment ROI? http://www.InnovationFundXpo.co 5 m
  • 6. Game Changer # 1 - Virtual Entrepreneur Ecosystem Marketplace Showcase Your Products/Services 24/7 EntrepreneursAccess to New Innovation 24/7for the Next Google Joint Venture for Technology Angel/VC Academic Commercialization Investors Customers Entrepreneur Academy Partner with Consultants to Consultants Content Deliver Live and On-Demand Training Generate High Quality Content 6
  • 7. Game Changer # 2 –Customer Life Cycle Complete Customer Life Cycle  Customer Acquisition – Virtual Event  Customer Nurturing - Marketing Automation  Customer Support – Integration with CRM BENEFIT #1: Sustainable Leads & Profits & Unique Advantage http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 8. Game Changer #3 InnovationFundXpo All-in-1Virtual Office for Your Business Customers eZ-Xpo for Sales ManagereZ-CRM for eZ-Contact eZ-Web Meeting SINGLE Marketing DATA Manager SOURCE eZ-Contact eZ-XPO & eZ-CRM for Sales Rep Integrating Virtual ExpoeZ-LMS for into eZ-CRM for Training Support Marketing Automation Manager Manager Trainer Partners
  • 9. Virtual Lobby – 24/7 Visibility• Virtual Expo • By Industry • By Country • By Region • By City• Top “Google” Ranking Announcement • New Product • New Company • New Deal Funded http://www.eZ-Xpo.com 9
  • 10. Personalized Exhibit Hall by CategoryPersonalized Showcase by dealcriteria • Company stage • Revenue Size • Industry • Investment Size BENEFIT : Shorten Screening Time for Funding 10 http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 11. Virtual Booth for 24/7 showcase 11BENEFIT : On-Demand Pitch & On-going Collaboration
  • 12. Unique Value Proposition - #1 Automated Follow-up System  Fixing the industry challenge - 80% leads not follow-up from both physical and virtual events  Automatically send qualified leads to exhibitor before, during, and after each event  Email Campaign for up-sell & cross-sell BENEFIT #3: Boost Marketing ROI & Sales Conversion http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 13. Unique Value Proposition - #2Web 2.0 - Virtual Booth Executing tasks that physical trade show cannot:  Engage multiple interactions with customers  Launch live chat and live webinar anytime  Showcase products/services 24/7  Conduct survey for customer feedback  Laser-focus ideal customer using built-in marketing intelligenceBenefit #4: Boost Qualified Leads & Sales Conversion http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 14. Unique Value Proposition - #3 Seamless Integration  CRM (i.e., SugarCRM, SalesForce)  Event Management (i.e., Eventbrite.com)  Mobile (i.e., iPhone)  Videoconferencing (i.e., CiscoTelepresence) Viral Marketing (eZ-Social Inviter)  Linkedin  Twitter  Facebook Benefit #5: Boost Productivity, Traffic, & Leads http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 15. IFX - Unique Competitive DifferenceFeaturesEvent Platform Traditional Virtual Tradeshow InnovationFundXpo TradeshowOn-Demand Access NOLaunch in Minutes NOTracking & Reporting NOLive chat, audio, video NOEmail marketing campaign , follow-up, NO NOvoice broadcastingIntegrated with YouTube, Survey, NO NOPolling, RSS, Billboard, BlogIntegration with Facebook, Twitter for NO NORegistration DiscountIntegration with SugarCRM, NO NOSalesForce, EventBrite & iPhoneOn-going showcases NO NO UnlimitedCosts & time Very Expensive Still Expensive Low Cost & Fast 15
  • 16. Benefits to Entrepreneurs & Start-upsOn-going 24/7 Visibility Showcase Your Products 24/7 Pitch Your Idea for Market ValidationBoost Qualified Lead Generation Complete customer life cycle from acquisition to sales Automatically Follow-up ProspectShorten Time to Market & Funding Leverage all-in-1 cloud applications (i.e., web meeting, CRM, online training, and project management) Accelerate ROI and early adopters BENEFIT: 24/7 Visibility, On-going Learning, Collaboration for Success http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 17. Benefits to Angel/VC NetworkExpand Operation Worldwide Increase Virtual Membership for More Revenues Showcase Start-up Products 24/7 for global funding Easier to Collaborate & Joint Venture with Other Angel and VC Investors NetworkShorten Time to Funding Streamlined and targeted funding process can shorten the funding cycleBoost Investment ROI & Funding Success Rate Streamlined funding process helps boost the bottom-line ROI BENEFIT: Boost Membership, Funding Success Rate, & Higher ROI http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 18. IFX Well-Positioned for Global ExpansionInnovationFundXpo supports over 40 languages worldwide 18 http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 19. Existing Partners & Customers http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 20. InnovationFundXpo => Sustainable Profit CenterYour Secret Weapon for the 21st Century Global Angel Investment http://www.InnovationFundXpo.com
  • 21. InnovationFundXpo – Next Step Sign up for a FREE consultation Contact Matt Fok – mfok@eZ-Xpo.com Call 415-533-8866 for any specific questions http://www.InnovationFundXpo.co m