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This presentation has been developed for GGBA Chamber of Commerce for a long-term sustainable business strategy for local business for higher marketing ROI and on-going collaboration between all stakeholders (i.e., members, sponsors, and strategic partners).
The eZ-XPO Private Business Network Marketplace (PBNM) is an all-in-1 virtual event marketplace with built-in marketing automation and automatic follow-up for lead nurturing. It is designed or all local community, associations, and any organizations for ongoing collaboration between all strategic partners. The eZ-XPO – PBNM consists of three unique cloud applications : 1. Virtual Business Expo Marketplace, 2. Virtual Social Learning Marketplace , and 3. Virtual Job Fair Marketplace. The eZ-Xpo – PBNM is built to help businesses boost qualified leads and sustain a long-term business relationship and on-going collaboration for higher marketing ROI. Key features of eZ-Xpo include:
1. Daily Deal – Offering daily deal and discounts for every member. Exhibitor can offer special discounts on their products and services and build a long-term business relationship in their virtual booth.
2. Virtual Expo Showcase – Offering unlimited virtual expo opportunities for all industries within the marketplace. It is a great complementary solution for all physical trade shows or conferences. Event organizers, and enterprise customers can host virtual expo marketplace on a monthly basis with specific targeted niche industry (i.e., banking, real estate, insurance, health care etc.). Attendees can engage with each exhibitor both on-demand or live via chat, Google Hangout, Skype, or web conferencing.
3. Empowering your sales force: With eZ-Xpo 2.0, your marketing and sales teams can listen and respond to community conversations to gain a better understanding of your customers’ business needs while at the same time gain access to qualified buyers. Exhibitor can get all qualified leads with contact information instantly from the virtual booth.
4. Automatic Marketing Automation – Each virtual booth can automatically feed qualified lead (attendee) to the exhibitor’s CRM application (i.e., SalesForce, SugarCRM) and email campaign application (i.e., MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Aweber) for higher marketing ROI.
5. Marketing Intelligence – Each virtual booth has built-in marketing analytics to track every attendee activities. Exhibitor can easily identify their best qualified prospect based on their visit duration and the actual marketing content they have viewed.
6. Knowledge sharing: Each virtual booth comes with a variety of online resources like discussion forums, product tour for product documentation and how-to videos help customers find solutions and solve problems.

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  • The Private Business Network Marketplace brings you the best of all worlds’ applications such as virtual expo, virtual job fair, social learning, and global trade commerce in a seamless integrated platform for all members.
  • The Private Business Network Marketplace brings you the best of all worlds’ applications such as virtual expo, virtual job fair, social learning, and global trade commerce in a seamless integrated platform for all members.
  • Subscribers may post project and; identify job & educational opportunities locally and international research on the interactive platform. Corporate organizations and private firms may benefit from virtual interactive IN House training. Professional members may publish and contribute to industry publications, books, news, journals and post videos on the virtual platform Professional bodies may organize virtual conference, seminar, JobExpo , TradeExpo and interactive session for members, and clients.
  • Every member has the opportunities to tap into the following resources: Social Learning Marketplace – Train and mentor JobExpo365 – Virtual Job Fair to Hire the Best Talents LocalPlaceXpo – Showcase the best products and best daily deal TalentExpo365 – Showcase Your Talent 24/7 InnovationFundXpo – Showcase Your Start-up for Angel Funding & Crowdfunding BookExpo365 – Showcase the latest books


  • 1. Virtual Business EcosystemDaily Lead Generation for HighMarketing ROIbyMatt Fok, Founder & CEO, eZ-Xpo
  • 2. 2Management Team Matt Fok, Founder & CEO–Over 15 years of proven track record of enterpriseapplication product management Experience–Over 12 years of Online Adjunct Professor with UOPX,Capella, and Golden Gate University–Launched over seven successful products to Fortune5000 with over $100M accumulative sales in IBM, AT&T,Siebel/Oracle, Kana, and Remedy.–Author of the next game changer ebook – “VirtualBusiness Ecosystem – How to Harness the Power ofVirtual Event, Social Media, & Cloud Applications” Development Team–Over twenty years of Enterprise Web Applicationdevelopment experience from content platform design,creation and delivery for small to medium sized companies
  • 3. A Cloud Computing GameChanger delivering theWorld’s 1stindustry cost-effective All-in-1 VirtualCollaborative Marketplacefor :–Start-ups/Entrepreneurs–Small to Medium-sizedcompanies–Enterprisehttp://www.eZ-XPO.comWho is eZ-XPO?
  • 4. Agenda Today’s Small Business Challenges &Trends Traditional Marketing & Missing Links eZ-XPO Virtual Business Ecosystem Model Benefits to All GGBA’s PBNM Roadmap to Excellence &Success GGBA’s PBNM Demo
  • 5. “Creating a vibrantcommunity is all aboutcreating a critical massof good minds andspurring them to sparkoff each other.”Barry Libert/John SpectorWeAreSmarter.OrgSmarter Community
  • 6. Reminder for Status Quo“Insanity: Doing the same thing over andover again and expecting different results.”Albert Einstein
  • 7. Status Quo
  • 8. SMB Challenges
  • 9. SMB Challenges
  • 10. Disconnected Marketing Tools
  • 11. eZ-XPO Virtual Business EcosystemSolution:Private Business Network Marketplacehttp://www.eZ-Xpo.com 11Social Learning Virtual Trade Show Daily Deal Marketplace
  • 12. Private Business NetworkMarketplace12Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • 13. Private Business Network Marketplace:A New Game Changerhttp://www.eZ-Xpo.com 13Challenges SocialNetworkingBusinessNetworkingPrivateBusinessNetworkingMarketplace1. Organization1Members Onlywith Shared Mission & VisionNo No 2. Application Services towardorggoals & visionNo No 3. Privately Controlled No No 1Organizaton can be both profit or non-profit professional association, institute, and churches.
  • 14. PBNM => the “iTune of Xpo”Networkhttp://www.eZ-Xpo.com 14The Best of All Worlds => Virtual Expo + Social Learning + Virtual Job FairVirtual Talent Show + Global Trade Commerce + etc…
  • 15. Game Changer #1 - Virtual BusinessEcosystem15CustomersAssociation /Non-ProfitExhibitors/SponsorsContentConsultantsOtherVirtualExposOffer added-valued services to all membersVia eLearningZoom & eZ-XPoShowcase products/servicesusing eZ-XpoDeliver Live and On-Demand TrainingUsing eLearningZoomPartner with Consultants toGenerate High Quality ContentNetwork with other eZ-Xposfor marketing promotion
  • 16.  Complete Customer Life Cycle–Customer Acquisition – Virtual Event–Customer Nurturing - MarketingAutomation–Customer Support – Integration withCRMhttp://www.eZ-XPO.comGame Changer # 2BENEFIT #1: Sustainable Leads & Profits & Unique Advantage
  • 17. Game Changer #3eZ-Xpo All-in-1Virtual Office for Your BusinesseZ-CRM forMarketingManagereZ-CRM eZ-Web MeetingeZ-XPOeZ-Xpo forSalesManagereZ-Contact& eZ-CRMfor SalesRepeZ-CRM forSupportManagereZ-LMS forTrainingManagerCustomersTrainer PartnersSINGLEDATASOURCEIntegrating Virtual ExpointoMarketing Automation
  • 18.  Automated Follow-up System–Fixing the industry challenge - 80% leadsnot follow-up from both physical and virtualevents–Automatically send qualified leads toexhibitorbefore, during, and after each event–Email Campaign for up-sell & cross-sellhttp://www.eZ-XPO.comeZ-XPO Unique Value Proposition - #1BENEFIT #3: Boost Marketing ROI & Sales Conversion
  • 19.  Personalized Exhibit Hall–Customer-driven exhibithall–Product Category–Solution-Drivenhttp://www.eZ-XPO.comeZ-XPO Unique Value Proposition - #2BENEFIT #2: Boost Marketing ROI & Sales Conversion
  • 20. Web 2.0 - Virtual BoothExecuting tasks that physical show cannot:–Engage live interactions with customers24/7–Launch live chat & webinar anytime–Showcase products/services 24/7–Conduct survey for customer feedback–Laser-focus ideal customer using built-inmarketing intelligencehttp://www.eZ-XPO.comeZ-XPO Unique Value Proposition - #3Benefit #3: Boost Qualified Leads & Sales Conversion
  • 21.  Seamless Integration–CRM (i.e., SugarCRM, SalesForce)– Event Management (i.e.,Eventbrite.com)– Email Management (i.e., Mailchimp)–Videoconferencing (i.e., GoToMeeting)–Support over 40 languages Viral Marketing (eZ-Social Inviter)–Linkedin–Twitter–Facebookhttp://www.eZ-XPO.comeZ-XPO Unique Value Proposition - #4Benefit #4: Boost Productivity, Traffic, & Leads
  • 22. PBNM Unique CompetitiveAdvantagesFeaturesEvent Platform TraditionalCommunitySocial & BusinessNetworkPrivate BusinessNetwork MarketplaceAbility to Collaborate/Network with others 24/7 NOOnline Contest, Vote, Polling, Rewards NOLive chat, audio, video, forum, group NOAutomatic Follow-up w Email Campaign NO NOPersonalized Virtual Showcase & Expo NO NOAbility to Launch Xpo & Online Training NO NOVirtual Expo, Job Fair, Talent Show, Book Expo NO NOFacilitate Fundraising & Crowdfunding NO NOIntegration with Facebook, Twitter, & Linkedin NO NOUnlimited scalability by city, states, & country NO NOCosts & time VeryExpensiveStill Expensive Low Cost & Fast
  • 23. 1. Start-Up Ecosystemhttp://www.eZ-XPO.comJumpStart San Francisco2. Global Trade Ecosystem 3. Local Business EcosystemJumpStart DNA•Virtual Show Network•Virtual Job Fair Network•Virtual Learning Network
  • 24. eZ-XPO - Unique Secret Weapons The World’s 1stVirtual Local Expo Marketplace The World’s 1stInstant Virtual Booth Creation in 2 minutes The World’s 1stVirtual Expo Marketplace with Daily Deals The World’s 1stVirtual Expo with Marketing Automation The World’s 1stVirtual Expo with Unlimited NetworkEffects24
  • 25. Organization:Boost Membership & Revenues–Unlimited Monthly Recurring IncomeActive Engagement & Collaboration–Unlimited Online RevenuesBoost Collective Wisdom, Unity & SynergyMembers:Expand business & career opportunities for all memberswithin and outside the organizationIncrease Knowledge Base & Productivityhttp://www.eZ-XPO.comBenefits to GGBABenefit: Boost Productivity, Sales, & Synergy
  • 26. http://www.eZ-XPO.comGGBA Business Network MarketplaceRoadmapBenefit: Boost Job Creation, Biz Opportunities, Collective Wisdom,Productivity, Innovation, Sales, & Synergy
  • 27. Early Customer Adopters27
  • 28. How to Create Your Virtual Booth in 2minutes2. IIInput Your Booth Information1. Go to Registration PageTop Tip: Get your logo and video link readyInstant Virtual Booth Creation in less than 2 minutes
  • 29. Action Plan1. Create Your Virtual Booth Now2. Participate in the “Got Edge” Campaign3. Work with Danny, Jon, and Matt
  • 30. Demo & Q & A•Contact InformationMatt Fok – mfok@eZ-Xpo.com or 415-533-8866Danny Parrillo - dparrillo@strategi.biz or 415-695-1600