2014 e learning innovations conference balala student app ppt
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2014 e learning innovations conference balala student app ppt



2014 e learning innovations conference

2014 e learning innovations conference



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2014 e learning innovations conference balala student app ppt Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  Higher learning institutions are building blocks to national economy – success of the student magnifies to national success. Strathmore University used a case study  Target audience are students in higher education learning.  Despite growth and maturation of students in colleges there are a number of lingering alarms that remain baffling (Gaston, 2007)
  • 2. Conflicting Schedules !!! Assignment and research work load !!! No Lecturer Contacts!!! Fees Arrears!!! No Aid  Will there be class this afternoon ???
  • 3. -Poor Time management -Lack of communication -Financial strains Disappointment and Procrastination Unmanageable stress levels Lack of sleep/poor diet/Drug trap Risk of dropping out
  • 4. Mobile Solution Optimized Educational Experienced Minimized Stress levels Better Academic performance Swift Information Transfer Fully connection with academic Schedules
  • 5. There is a lack of an integrated way to obtain academic information and integrate time schedules from one central hub and manage it appropriately. This calls for an innovative solution that will solve the problem and facilitate student’s college life
  • 6. Web Server Database Server Firewall Students Lecturers System AdministratorLecturers Firewall Mobile Operator(s) Academic Office router Android Supported Devices Desktop / Laptops supporting browser and JavaScript Internet Used as a bridge between external users and the main Database.
  • 7. Viewer that allows students to view most recent events and assignments uploaded.
  • 8. Assignment sub module allows the student to keep track of his academic assignments which will prompt an alarm on due date and time.
  • 9. The event sub module captures the students private events that allows them to be synced within the daily schedule. A reminder pops up in due date and time.
  • 10. The communication module has 3 sub modules. The first sub module displays the lecturers list of contacts .
  • 11. Communication module offers a list of links that aid students to readily get info about financial support.
  • 12. A student can view his messages sent and received.
  • 13. The module displays the most up to date exam, class and study table.
  • 14. A list view of a study timetable input by the student.
  • 15. • Adopting the proposed system by the institution enhances academic experience (Customer satisfaction Student satisfaction ) • Noticeable improvement in academic performance, Student motivation ,better time management skills which translates to real life work skills and eventually results into well shaped responsible citizens.
  • 16. • The student time and record management application provides: – improves students performance – reduce stress levels – Provides communication channel between lecturers and students – Real time updates on timetable, assignments and event notification. – Provides a synchronized time planner and reminder system on assignments, events and timetables. • Application developed and passed all testing – Expected to be adopted readily by the higher learning institutions
  • 17. • Limitation due to time constraints is the lack of a mobile application for lectures hence system needs to be enhanced with lecturers mobile application • Future Works - to add discussion forums per class as a chat. • Further research on effectiveness of system should be conducted.(Compare the scenario before and after the system was implemented.)