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Mkt112 Brand Management Boracay Rum Written Analysis of Case (Anna "Pindy" Mendiola)

Mkt112 Brand Management Boracay Rum Written Analysis of Case (Anna "Pindy" Mendiola)



Written Analysis of Case (WAC) for Brand Management class under Pindy Mendiola...

Written Analysis of Case (WAC) for Brand Management class under Pindy Mendiola

Topic: Tanduay's Boracay Rum tri-media advertisements of July 2011

Semester 1, SY 2011-2012
Ateneo de Manila University



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    Mkt112 Brand Management Boracay Rum Written Analysis of Case (Anna "Pindy" Mendiola) Mkt112 Brand Management Boracay Rum Written Analysis of Case (Anna "Pindy" Mendiola) Document Transcript

    • Eleanor Kawsek July 20, 2011 Written Analysis of Case: Boracay Rum by Tanduay TVC Storyboard:Frame 01 Frame 02City setting. A man in office attire unbuttons his polo. Sand falls from his clothes as he walks through the city.Frame 03 Frame 04He and others in similar corporate attire drop their clothes to Lampposts turn into palm trees as they walk by.the sand and run to the beach.Frame 05 Frame 06The man takes out Boracay Rum from his sand-filled bag. City landscape changes to a beach as Boracay Rum passes by.Frame 07 Frame 08Boracay Rum is poured into a glass. Someone takes the glass of Boracay Rum and the party starts.
    • Frame 09 Frame 10People are having a good time with Boracay Rum. Capture the Island Experience with Boracay Rum. Billboard:Billboard location: Along Katipunan flyover, coming from White Plains going to Ateneo. Radio script: Guy 1: Pare! Do you see that girl in the pink bikini? Guy 2: Huh? Saan? Guy 1: Yung katabi ng babaeng naka-floral sarong. She’s maganda ah. Guy 2: Wala pare, what are you drinking ba? Pahingi naman. Narrator: Experience Boracay anytime anywhere. Boracay Rum captures the island experience and comes in two flavors: cappuccino or coconut. Guy 2: Uy, maganda nga! Pero mas maganda itong katabi ko. Girl: Hey boys. Guy 1: Bilis nito ah! Narrator: Boracay Rum. Also available in Mini Stop and 711 stores. Drink moderately.
    • Target Market Boracay Rum targets males and females who are at least of legal age to drink;specifically, teens and young professionals who are 18-24 years old. These youngadults are most probably in college / college graduates, single (not married), fun-loving, carefree, trendy, adventurous and like the idea of living an exciting lifestyle.They belong to social classes B and A, live in urban areas and enjoy letting looseevery once in a while or going on vacation—specifically, they like the images thatBoracay conveys (cool, fun, interesting, relaxing). Their interests include spendingtime with friends and their attitude towards life is that they know how to beprofessional with work, but they also know how to take a break and have a good time. The outlets where Boracay Rum is sold—Mini Stop and 7-11—are the storesthat are frequented by teens and young adults. Two billboards for Boracay Rum arelocated along the Katipunan flyover, with one billboard on each side of the flyover.The placement of the Boracay Rum billboards causes high product awareness amongstudents, since many students from Ateneo, Miriam College, U.P, as well as theirparents, use the Katipunan flyover to go to school everyday. The TVC depicts youngprofessionals who transition from their city lifestyle to a Boracay party (completewith fire dancers) when a bottle of Boracay Rum is opened. Further enhancing theyouthful image, the packaging of Boracay Rum is quite distinctive from other rumbottles. The bottles are white, opaque and feature silhouettes of coconut palms nearthe mouth of the bottle. This is a break from the traditional alcoholic drinkspackaging, which usually feature glass or translucent containers and metallic accents.Brand Strengths Boracay Rum takes advantage of the hype of Boracay, which has, in the pastfew years, elevated to the fame of a world-renowned vacation destination. Associatingthe brand of Boracay to an alcoholic drink immediately gives the consumer the imageof a youthful, fun and exciting beverage, which is appealing to the brand’saforementioned target market of mostly women ages 18-24. Another strength is that Tanduay, under which Boracay Rum is manufactured,has a strong brand name and recognition when it comes to rum, which increases thelikelihood of product acceptance. Tanduay is a familiar name and an established
    • brand that is known for quality products, so for first time users that is a reduction ofthe risk of Boracay Rum being of inferior quality. Furthermore, because of Tanduay’sreputation for quality, the price of one bottle of Boracay Rum is less significant as thebasis of the consumer’s purchase decision. This is important with Boracay Rum,because one 700ml bottle of Boracay Rum costs P99 as opposed to one 750ml bottleof Tanduay Dark Rhum, which costs P85.Brand Weaknesses Boracay Rum may be just a fad, since it follows the trend of Boracay as afamous vacation destination. Boracay Rum is highly dependent on Boracay to sustainits popularity. If for some reason the concept of going to Boracay becomes outdated,then Boracay Rum’s sales would most likely fall. Another weakness is that Boracay Rum is not strongly marketed as a brand ofTanduay. Without Tanduay’s strong brand image and recognition to fully back it up,Boracay Rum goes up against other more established alcoholic brands, which couldprevent Boracay Rum from getting a solid share of the market.Perceived strategic direction of the ads At first glance, the strategic direction of the advertisements for Boracay Rumis rather straightforward. The commercial projects the image of youthful relaxationand fun after work and attempts to convey the essence of Boracay in an alcoholicbeverage. Even the tagline of Boracay Rum is straightforward: “Capture the IslandExperience.” The advertisements raise brand awareness and stimulate the desire towash away the stress of city living and enjoy the beach whenever viewers open abottle of Boracay Rum. The solution to easing the strain of everyday urban living iseasy to obtain—people can now go on vacation whenever and wherever they wantwith a bottle of Boracay Rum.Creative appeal of the ads The Boracay Rum ads have two kinds of appeal. The first is sex appeal. Sincethe brand revolves around the concept of Boracay, the TVC must feature young,good-looking models in beach attire. Boracay Rum is aimed at teens and youngadults, the demographic for which sex appeal works best. Rum is also a pleasure-
    • based product—in the same way that perfume is—so sex appeal also works well withit. The TVC was careful to hint at just enough sexual appeal to catch the viewers’attention and long enough to convey the message of the brand. The radioadvertisement on the other hand associates drinking Boracay Rum with men gettingbeautiful girls. The Boracay Rum advertisements also have a values appeal—specifically, theappeal to the fun-seeker. It sells leisure and adventure in a bottle and tempts theviewers to join the cast of the TVC and radio advertisement in enjoying life. Thebillboard of Boracay Rum depicts a calm sandy beach and waves washing ashore,which connotes relaxation.Rationale for choice of media The channels through which Boracay Rum is being advertised are appropriatefor the target market. The placement of the two billboards along Katipunan flyoverensures awareness of the product among college students. The TVC is aired at nighton GMA-7 and ABS-CBN, two of the most popular channels in the Philippines. Theradio commercial is aired on Wave 89.9, which is a youth-oriented radio station.There is a Facebook fan page for Boracay Rum, and this helps the brand reach theyoung, technologically savvy consumers. Because the brand is relatively new, the advertisements aim to raise brandawareness among consumers. This is achieved by the billboards along a heavily usedflyover, frequent radio and television advertisements and even user contests. BoracayRum held a contest among Nuffnang Bloggers wherein bloggers answered thequestion “Where will you take your Boracay Rum?” on their blogs. This was a cleverstrategic advertisement by Boracay Rum, because it was a way of increasingawareness of the brand by favorable word-of-mouth.Differences on how message was delivered across media types The message delivered in the TVC was that after a day of work, youngprofessionals could metaphorically loosen their neckties and roll up their sleeves withBoracay Rum. The TVC hinted at instant gratification, nonstop fun and partying inaccordance with the common perception of Boracay.
    • While the radio ad stayed true to the carefree perception of Boracay, it wastargeted more towards men as opposed to the TVC, which targeted both young menand women. Perhaps this is because men tend to consume more alcoholic drinks thanwomen and creating brand awareness with men causes familiarity with the brand,which may drive up sales figures. The message delivered through the billboard was essentially a simpler versionof the TVC. A focal point of the billboard was the tagline “Capture the IslandExperience”, which was underlined by the emphasis on relaxation and leisure usingthe image of waves breaking on the sand and the green and tan color scheme.Perceived effectivity of ads in strengthening brand equity The amount of advertising done for Boracay Rum alone can signal toconsumers that this brand is of good quality, because the company can afford suchfrequent and visible advertising. The visibility and frequency of the ads increasebrand recognition, which leads to the perception that Boracay Rum is reliable andlikable. The pleasurable feelings that the ads play off of hit on a person’s desire to feelgood about himself. All of these associated values contribute to strengthening brandequity of Boracay Rum, and to a certain extent, Tanduay.Thoughts on how ads may be improved The ads focus on the right things: that Boracay Rum is sexy, that people willhave a good time drinking it and that people will feel young and alive drinking it.Perhaps the brand could have a celebrity endorser who fits the image of the targetmarket, such as what Cossack Blue did with their advertisements with MarielRodriguez and Coco Martin. Brand recall could be faster and more effective if acelebrity endorser were used. Boracay Rum could also air its TVCs on ETC in addition to GMA-7 andABS-CBN, since ETC’s viewer demographic fits the age and social class of thebrand’s target market.Other thoughts and opinions
    • It would seem that Boracay Rum was launched to compete against thesuccessful The Bar vodka; despite being a different kind of alcoholic beverage,Boracay Rum is Tanduay’s first line of flavored alcohol. It combines a popular brand(Boracay) with the pursuit of a new direction with Tanduay’s line of products.Tanduay’s pursuit of a brand extension can convey to consumers that Tanduay doesnot just have beverages for the older market; that Tanduay is current and keeps up-to-date with the latest trends.Develop a brand positioning statement based on advertising campaign evaluated To fun-loving, adventurous and trendy teenagers, college students and youngprofessionals who seek to take a break from urban living and experience the bliss andrelaxation of Boracay with the utmost convenience, Boracay Rum is the brand ofquality flavored rum that captures the easygoing, stress-free Boracay experience intwo delightful flavors: sweet coconut or smooth cappuccino. The reasons are that thesun-soaked nonstop fun and relaxation of the beach is available anytime andanywhere with every sip of Boracay Rum. The brand character is attractive, youthful,energetic, carefree and pleasure-seeking.