GaleTec DeepClean Product Proposal


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This is a fictional product created for Mkt199O, Non-Trad Marketing.

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GaleTec DeepClean Product Proposal

  1. 1. GaleTec DeepCleanCo | Kawsek | Sy | Truelen | Uy | Yu Mkt199O Pass 1
  2. 2. The PhilippineOral Care Industry
  3. 3. The PhilippineOral Care Industry¡ Consists of all dental care products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash and the like¡ Increased in total sales value by 4% from 2009 to 2010 (Euromonitor)¡ Increase in sales for mouthwash by 16% due to higher awareness of its benefits
  4. 4. The PhilippineOral Care Industry¡ Absence of promotional strategies for dental floss and mouth fresheners led to decline in sales by 1% and 3%, respectively¡ Manual toothbrushes are standard, while power toothbrushes account for 1.36% of total sales value of toothbrushes¡ Value growth for power toothbrushes has posted greater growth than manual toothbrushes
  5. 5. Major Players
  6. 6. Colgate-Palmolive¡ Market leader¡ Colgate brand controls 45% of the market (2010)¡ Offers toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash and teeth whitening products¡ “The #1 Brand Recommended by Dentists”
  7. 7. Oral-B Laboratories¡ Second in market share¡ Controls 14.6% of the market¡ Offers manual and power toothbrushes, floss and baby care dental products¡ “Trust the Brush More Dentists and Hygienists Use”
  8. 8. Unilever Philippines¡ Third in market share (12.4% as of 2010)¡ Brand: Close Up toothpaste¡ Targeted towards teenagers and young adults¡ “Fresh, Longer Lasting Confidence”
  9. 9. Lamoiyan Corporation¡ Third in market share (10.1% as of 2010)¡ Brand: Hapee toothpaste¡ Targeted towards kids, with flavored toothpaste¡ Lamoiyan also owns Kutitap, a small toothpaste brand
  10. 10. Johnson & Johnson Inc.¡ Owns Listerine, the leading mouthwash brand in the Philippines¡ Listerine has diversified to teeth whitening products and breath fresheners¡ Does not carry toothpaste, dental floss or toothbrushes
  11. 11. Porter’s 5 Forces of the Industry !
  12. 12. Identified MarketingOpportunities
  13. 13. Identified MarketingOpportunities¡ The trend of all-in-one products ¡ For convenience ¡ Brushing, flossing and gargling with mouthwash¡ The trend of more compact products ¡ Saving space when there is little space ¡ Travelling light
  14. 14. Inspiration DNA and SCAMPER Model
  15. 15. Deliverables¡ Offer a convenient product that provides total oral care through combining the benefits of tooth brushing, flossing and gargling with mouthwash¡ Airblast technology - innovative way to remove plaque and kill bacteria in the mouth¡ 5% share of its market by the end of the first year of sales¡ Yearly sales growth rate of at least 10%
  16. 16. Needs¡ A quicker and more assured means to achieve total oral care¡ Combine brushing with mouthwash and floss to save time¡ Convenience on the go
  17. 17. Assumptions¡ People do not always brush, floss and gargle with mouthwash regularly¡ People psychologically need the mint / mint alternative flavor to feel more clean and fresh¡ People want faster solutions and more compact products without having to compromise on quality
  18. 18. SCAMPER Model¡ Substitute a more technologically advanced liquid solution to use instead of toothpaste and mouthwash; substitute the head of a regular toothbrush for airblast technology¡ Combine the benefits of flossing, mouthwash and brushing; combine the concepts of Philips’ AirFloss with Dr. Kunio Komiyama’s solar- powered electron toothbrush
  19. 19. SCAMPER Model¡ Adapt the product concepts of AirFloss and the solar-powered electron toothbrush¡ Minimize the numerous and sometimes bulky oral care products¡ Put solar panels and the concept of the Airsoft gun to another use
  20. 20. SCAMPER Model¡ Eliminate the need to purchase individual oral care products; eliminate the routine of doing them one after the other¡ Reverse the need to do three routines (brush, gargle and floss) to one routine
  21. 21. GaleTec DeepClean
  22. 22. Positioning StatementFor consumers aged 25-45 years old belonging tosocioeconomic classes A and Upper B who need a convenientand multi-purpose oral care product most especially fortravelling and conservation of bathroom space, GaleTecDeepClean is a product that provides a quicker and assuredmeans to achieve total oral care through (1) the use of solarpower to emit electrons that remove plaque and kill bacteria inthe mouth, and (2) the use of airblast technology to applypressurized air and an ionized, minty liquid solution to removefood debris and plaque in between teeth.
  23. 23. How GaleTec Works¡ Looks like a power toothbrush, except that its handle has a small solar panel built in, as well as a compartment that can store the “toothpaste.”¡  “Toothpaste” is an ionized, mint-flavored solution that conducts electrons from the solar panel to the head of the device.¡ Electrons kill disease-causing bacteria and prevent the buildup of plaque.
  24. 24. How GaleTec Works¡ Specialized GaleTec nozzle disperses electrons in the droplets of the ionized solution to the teeth along blasts of pressurized air to reach in between the teeth¡ User then rinses with water and leaves feeling fresh, clean and full of confidence
  25. 25. SWOT Analysis of Product and Industry
  26. 26. Strengths of Product¡ Complete oral hygiene solution in one product¡ Superior cleanliness with bacteria-killing electron action¡ Not easily duplicated¡ First mover advantage¡ Minimizes risk of gum problems due to elimination of the need to floss
  27. 27. Weaknesses of Product¡ Higher price than substitute products¡ Limited distribution due to price¡ Lack of brushing motion may cause consumers to doubt its cleaning power¡ Needs to establish credibility in the industry
  28. 28. Opportunities of Industry¡ More people are concerned with oral care because of the studies relating sickness and disease to bacterial growth and poor oral hygiene¡ Need for fresh breath, white teeth and confidence¡ Increasing growth value of power toothbrush industry¡ Trend for all-in-one products
  29. 29. Threats of Industry¡ Reluctance to switch to a new product because it challenges long-held oral hygiene practices¡ Low sales of power toothbrushes compared to manual toothbrushes