The Seer - By Orson Pratt


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The Seer - By Orson Pratt

  1. 1. A s enn cun BES 5 f a 1 za z1 1 I M T 2S xan ian 1 tne SEE AND I ALL TE INIT 1 ITANTS OF ane TTOKLD axd dwel1ehs ON THE EARTH mm TE all ail aad asb THE 3 1 moroitaiys 1saia4kym3 LIFTETH VP AX EN S I G X ON THE M 0 untaint untains isaiah UP AN ESIGN OX inhabitants vroi aroi voi vol 1 no 1 I 3wmirits OF for a is it title assumed ford ibis Periodic ai q this periodical iin commemoration of josepn JOSEPH joserh SMITH the great SEER of the ho s instrumont last days VIQ as an instrument in the trument aid hands wnds of the lord laid the foundation ands d the idngdom of th 91891 om of god preparatory to 4 th q second coming of the messiah to the reign icil univ ersal dominion overall n iiil universal CM with unit THE SEER re SEER will be of the SL er willbe mosteluc ly occupied with original matter aluc i elucidating the doctrines of thechurch of ati4thdoctrines the church jesus christ of latter day saints as revealed in both ancient and modem pyqye lations pyayelations the prophenies relating 3reyeladons cles prophecies phe cies phecies relations to the gi 4nd and remarkable events of grand and the last days will be carefully examin last examinelamin ed and unfolded the doctrine of celand lestial martlage or arriage for all 31 7estialmarriage marriage marriage gle rnity bellev knel practised gie anity as believed ancl practiced by fie eternity ed inel and the wui il saints in utah territory will be clearld explained learly learlv yles tiews the views of the vies vles saints in regard to the ancient patriarck order of Matrimony orplu ral orple m or pluralarchal ity of vives wives ityyvives as developed in a revelavires tion given through JOSEPHthe seer josept the yili yill be fully published the celestial will q xisten origin and pre e disten ce of the sp its xistence spirits lis qn estate probation of men their first es tate or py9bati an in a previous world the gnat benefits evious great grat derived by bydescendina from heaven descending awd entering ashly tabernacles and aud and ffowy frowy eshly aul en pages the adges dages pdges 4 gohd 0 tring HB HE price 2d ad JANUARY 1853 prospectus ij earth the itiii when THE SEER the keeping th e laws of their second estate redemption and exand their final re al n fh6irfiiturd altation as gods in their future state tichich which are subjects tivhich will mord or less more le s i ges SEER oes SEEI occupy the pa1 of the seen pages seel Ithatfhe president elect it is hoped that the tha hon the ho n members of congress the heads of the various departments of hlgli the national government the hagli t6m41 minded governors and legislAie aslegislative lale sem biles se mblies of the several states and semblies mblies alies staica iid staiea tid territories the mm ministers of eve ry bell f relivery iell gi 0 us denomination and all the inhabigious usdenomination wili will tants of this pnetc te public uil great republic uli ufi 1 I al thatthrougli patro 0 this periodical that ibxoii ff patronize the medium of our own writings ge they may be more correctly and fully in formed in regard to the peculiar docheaard reaard 0 expec6 trines views practices and expect expectatiews dou flourish doa tions of the saints who now nou d 71 territoiy and in the mountain territory and who tez7ito4 I flourish over the whole will eventually 1 whoie sr earth and we say to all nations nation subscribe for the SEER and we proseert beert mise you a true and faithful descripp chifrr chartion of all the principal features chifra ij acieaz 4i acter ing this great and last ai IL dispenacterizing izing s falness fulness of times sation of the falnes stimes faines dtimes j 1 I pratt editor washington city D O I j gemberg 1 1859 185 De december ORSON PBATT 0 1
  2. 2. 2 FIRST EPISTLE OF ORSON PRATT ORSOX FIRST EPISTLE OF ORSON PRATT TO THE SAINTS SCATTERED SCATTEEED zhe throughout THE UNITED STATES AND BBITISH provinces PKOVINCES GBEETINQ GREETING having been ap- travel jprint establish bookagencies rint book ag cief agencies gen cies den clef pointed by the first presidency with and perform all other duties wak ins of IMs olluis ollhis w0k cai the sanction of a special conference cal libei and the blessings of our fatcalling of the church of jesus christ of lat her in heaven shall rest upon them ter day saints held in great salt brother pratt is one of the perpetual lake city on the 28th of august emigrating fund company and is 1852 to preside over the saints hereby appointed and authorized to 185 throughout the united states and act as travelling agent in the united british provinces in north america states and british provinces in north in accordance therewith 1 have left america and he is instructed to colI my family and my home in the peace- lect and disburse aid to promote the ful vales of the mountains and after emigration of poor saints to the valcrossing the wild desert plains which leys of the mountains intervene between the happy land of brother orson pratt is too well the saints and the gentile lands of and favourably known to need any tesstrife and wickedness I find myself timonial further than his own pre1 ti within the field of my mission that sence and acquaintance to secure the the saints may more fully leam the esteem and confidence of all among nature of my mission among them 1 whom his lot may be cast his ac I will insert the following quirements and attainments are of the 0 highest order and possessing as he LETTER OF appointment eminently does every requisite of certifies that professor orson an honourable and this honour able pratt of the universi ty of deseret tleman we take high minded genUni versi universe university great pleasure in one of the apostles of the church of recommending him to jesus christ of latter day saints is and consideration all the kindness of good men appointed by us with the sanction of BKIGHAM BRIGHAM YOUNG presidency the special conference convened in K HEBER 0 KIMBALL of f kluball this city on the twenty eighth day of WITMAIM kichaisdsj said WILLAED richards isaid church sald willard august A D one thousand eight hundred and fifty two to preside fiat signed and sealed at great salt fifty over the affairs of the church through- lake city utah te mtory septemterritory g out the united states and the british ber 13th 1852 185s provinces in north america and also to write and publish periodicals the principal features of my 112is MT misi ac pamphlets books &c illustrative of sion are contained in the foregoing g foregom the pri nciples and doctrines of the letter but ever feeling a deep intercaples rinciples church and to do all other things est in the welfare of the saints you ali ail weigal ah i 66 essary 66essary necessary for the advancement of the will permit me through the medium work of the lord amoncr all nations of this epistle to impart to you such vork among 0 pratt is authorized and required instructions as the holy S elder spirit phit may to receive and collect tithing of the whisper to my mind 1 wish to ask I 0 saints through all his field of labours the saints who still remain scattered d and we request the elders and other abroad do you enjoy as great a imeaofficers and members of the church to sure of the spirit of god as when you give diligent heed to his counsels as were first baptized into this kingdom the words of life and salvation and or are your minds barren yourun your unsour soar hourun io der standings squi alst aist him to funds to enable him to derstandings unfruitful your soul in soui oub oah oab dear brethren 11 1 I
  3. 3. FIRST EPISTLE OF ORSON PRATT darkness 9 and your feelings cold and tem p tation and be led captive by the temptation 0 indifferent towards the great work wui of the devil such ones not will nob which you have embraced and which having the spirit that leads into all once made you joyful and happy if truth are liable to be deceived by the til s this be your condition it is of the ut- doctrines of men and devils for the ild iid most importance that you know the lord will frequently suffer strong decauses of these unhappy changes in lusions to overpower such that their your fe elinos Is it because the lord damnation may be the greater besour feelings 0 has changed and forgotten to bo gra- cause they profess to know the lord be cious fulness Is it because the falness of and yet will not obey him rememhis gospel does not produce the same ber the word of the lord which came effects oi happiness now as it did in by the mouth of joseph the seer or ancle lit ancie lif times ancient Is it because the saying hearken and hear 0 ye my book of mormon or any of the revel- people saith the lord and your god ations given through joseph the ye whom 1 delight to bless with the tho I seer have failed to accomplish those greatest bl usings ye that hear me 866 blessings purposes for which theywere sent and ye that hear me not will 1 curse they were I Is it because the saints have passed that have professed my name with fi gh through great tribulation and have the heaviest of all cursings thong thoug cur sings curlings hayo havo have hate been driven from city to city from you hearkened to the word of god state to state and finally banished have you exerted yourselves to the from this great republic to seek a utmost to flee from babylon if not home in the wild glens of the rocky no wonder that you are in darkness rochy mountains Is it because god has no wonder that the peaceable spirit forsaken his people and will no lon- has been grieved from your bosom vffi effi no verily repent therefore speedily and obey ger show them mercy eepent no none of these causes have con- the voice of the lord and gather spired to drive away the comforter yourselves among hia people lest the 66111 your hearts or to envelope you destroyer lay hold upon you in from an in darkness or to make you cold and hour you think not and you perish in yon lri iri iii indifferent and unhappy aud but the disobedience and your name be cut jirinclpal ate principal aie trincipal cause of your unpleasant and off from the generations of zion if Trin cipal iifih ppy state of mind is your own you will awake from the slumber of unhappy e liwak disobedience to one of the most im- death which has seized upon you and portant commands which god has use every exertion to obey the voice por tant given to his people in this last dis- of the lord your god his anger shall pensation namely pensa tion to flee out of be turned away from you and he will babylon and gather themselves to- show you mercy and his spirit shall gether and stand in holy places that be restored unto you again and his they may escape the plagues and de- hand shall be stretched out overy ou over you soia sola tincy scourges solating sco urges solating scourger which the lord has to shield and protect you and to gadecreed to pour out upon the nations ther you even as a hen gathereth her gatheretb gathereth because of their great sins and wick- chickens under her wings to save edness which continually cry unto the them from the approaching storms heavens for veneance can any saint so shall the lord your god save you vengeance neglect so important a command when and comfort your hearts and mako make iswi is within it iiwithin their power to keep it and you to sin with joy and gladness and sing still be justified and retain the peace- you shall te his people and he will be able spirit of the lord no the be the lord your god awake then spirit of the lord is grieved with 0 awake flee to the mountains for such and will by degrees withdraw refuge refuged for a day of trouble is at refuger from them and theywill grope in the hand a day of fierce battle and war flom they will d dark and be liable to be overcome by come oyer como a d a day of mourning and lamentation ite fk
  4. 4. 4 FIRST EPISTLE OF ORSON PRATT 11 for widows and orphans whose husthem importune let at the feet bands and fathers swlfall in battle of the judge and if lie heed them shali fail shail fali shall fall ile lle he on it shall be the d ay of the lords c on- not let them importune at the feet of tro troversy for his people a day of refro versy compense for the innocent blood of pile prophets and saints which has been shqdanionrf this nation shed among 0 ile lle lie time e the tim is drawing nigh for these thin s to be fulfilled for this nation things have rejected the book of mormon hake hafe which the lord brought forth by the ministering of angels and sent unto them by the hands of his servants thoy they have rejected the church of christ which the lord god in mercy established in their midst they have d suffered his saints to be trampled scourger upon by mobs to be sco urged afflictscourged ed abused driven from their homes deprived of the most sacred rights of american amerlean citizenship and finally to bb banished from their midst and be obliged to seek refuge in the solitary refugo wilds and deserts of the bocky mounhocky rocky tains they have closed their doors their synagogues their eyes and their hearns against one of the most glorihearts ous and important messages that ever saluted the ears of mortals they have suffered summed one of the greatest most resumfed nowned and most celebrated prophets 4 that ever lived upon the earth to be murdered in cold blood without bringing the murderers to justice they bavo havo suffered scores of innocent men have havosuffered youle women wonie n and children to be tortured shot down and butchered in open aay by beings who afterwards boasted dayi day dari of their horrid deeds and yet no oftheir means are instituted to bring these guilty wretches to punishment does guiltywretches not nob fiot the blood of the saints and of prophets cry aloud to the heavens for vengeance and shall this nation es qdpe the judgments decreed against escape them and will the almighty forbear to execute the vengeance written 9 ve rily no for in december vernly verily 1833 the word of the lord came IM JOSEPH through the SEER concernsfer ing his saints who had been driven from their homes in jackson county fibmtheir missouri saying 1 I ta t6 the governor and if the governor heed them not let them importune af at the feet of the president and if the theo lii i1l president heed them not thea lil wilf then ial the lord arise and come forth out of oub od his hiding place and in his fury vex the nation and in his hot displeasure anid in his fierce anger in his time and will cut off those wicked unfaithful and unjust stewards and appoint them their portion amom hypocrites and among abom 0 un unbelievers even in outer darkness believers where there is weeping and tailing wailing and gnashing of teeth pray ye theren there 0 fore that their ears may be opened ore cars unto your cries that 1 may be merci mercl I fui ful unto them that these things may ul not come upon them Doc trina doctrine trine and covenants page 282 english edition for nineteen years the saints havo have importuned according td importuner ac cordin 9 to this comcorain eat man dment edt mandment but have they obtained eal obtain no the judges and the redress governor of the state of missouri in stead of redressing our wromys sufwromas wrongs fered us under the force of arms to be killed immured in dungeons and banished from the state the president instead of restoring us to our diomes liomes and lands which we purchased homes of the national government suffered us to be deprived of the dearest rights hights eights of american citizenship and to be banished by the force of arms from this great republic to seeh refuge seek seel among hostile savages in the barren n salvages barre baire wa stes of the snowy mountains wastes the cries and importunitie of the saints import unitie importunities for redress and protection were metr met your cause csc with the cold reply is isc just but we have no power to protect you iong long the saints have lonc cried unto the lord that he would open bppnl the ears and soften the hearts of th e the authorities country rulers and andauthorities of our countryi that they might execute justice and right in behalf of the suffering downtroa trod deni exiled citizens of this grea trodden great t haye havo have e republic who hayo been by the force forc
  5. 5. FIRST EPISTLE OF ORSON PRATT anns anus of arms driven into banishment but jut rut their ears are closed to our cries their ta t6 eyes ape shut to our sufferings and are 0 i their hearns hardened Ia gainst the gal ast gai nst heir hearts uno umina and lamentations of widows jnouming inq inoumina Ino 5 MOUNTAIN and sanctify yourselves that you may be as an ensign upon the mountains a asfimdard for standard f 1 the people unto whom the meek az meeh and laek laik virtuous of all nations shiftr6 shali shail shall iflpw 7 and orphans whose husbands and fa- for thus said the prophet xsaiah isaiah S ole bie oie rp have been cruelly martyred for he shall set up an ensign for Ithe thers martyred e the testimony of jesus and for the nations and shall assemble the outword of god the cup of the iniquity casts of israel and gather tocyether together rether 0 f this nation is nearly full and woe the dispersed of judah from gilfour rour ilfour the roun four unto thym when the time shall come comers of the earth imio them corners isaiah xi 12. 12 cobers tho athey tthey re that they are fully ripe in their abomi- this ensign remember was not to he 1j aj be nations for they shall utterlyperish set up in palestine where isaiah live utterly perish ived ivea ive4 frdin from off the face of this choice land at the time he delivered the prophe irom prophiecy prophecy lri n lii aud and the land shall be left empty and but it was to be set up from acarl afar alarl desolate vea aeokte yea their cities shall be or at a great distance from that caun c6un counidestrpyed 6frpyed and their houses shall be try hence he says again and he e por the lord shall rise will lift up an ensign to th e nations desolate de eor for olate eor the up as perakim upas in mount perazim he shall from afar and will hiss auto them 4uto unto jbe newroth 1ewroth abe wroth as in the valley of gibeon from the end of the earth and beimir that he may do his work his strange hold they shall come with speed nlay pe ork prk ore and bring to pass his act his swiftly isaiah v go four thing ark 20. 90 20 thind strange act isaiah xxviii 21. yea are clearly predicted in this pasha strangea6t 21 bl hi xxviiil pasia passage shall e skall destroy and lay waste ana first an ensign is to be lifted anci ancl he anil and an 1 I agn gn ensig upjto upito apito e none non shall hinder the nations by thaurd himself se tha the lord himself Bimseif 1 will again s ay to the saints scat condly this ensign was to be lifted teredabroad tereda d0 sered abroad in this land do you wish up not 1n the coun try whe re 1sa14 i country where isaiah liverance gliverance gli yerance in the day of trouble if dwelt but in a far country owr adly bli verance twrdly thirdly pufdo pufko arise and fled to the moun- when this ensign should be set flee up setllp tains and prepare for the day of the the lord should hiss unto the nations bord xord for it is near let all the not from palestine but from the .0 0 c hildren of zion go up into the moun ends of the earth idren gatin catin indi katin clearly indicatin 9 indicating indication bains for thus said the prophet isaiah a tams fains sald message that should hiss forth ir om from 1 in his prophetic exhortation to the that distant country for the benefit of zion of the last days 0 zion that all nations and lastly a peppler from rion clays peoplet peopler people ingest good tidings get thee up into among these nations should cocq vp oinq cinq comq nhe high fnquntain ike hegh inountain rhe high the for behold with speed swiftly not bythe slow witlispeed speel by the the lord god will come with strong process of tra velling to which the an lora whiell hand and liis arm shall rule lop cientos were accustomedshiell they hor cients lils ilis his for but the him behold his reward is with wall com eulth speed swiftly indicamith with shall comeuith shallconle euith wail conle emith szriftl him and his workbefore him he ting no doubt the powerful agency ot work before alii t agency oi lliall feed his nock like a shepherd steam by which that people should shail shall flock shail shali ite shall gather the lambs with his be gathered from among the nacio na naeio n5 irom nations arm and carry them in his bosom speedily swiftly unto the standaiA or standard isaiah tl41ali ii 9 11. isaiah clearly saw ensign lifted up this stay daid or 11 stan li ll standard that afore the second coming of the ensign was not to be raised among let iet before mong wong lord lora iora to rule with strong hand judah or israel but among the aen ldla lola weth ueth ien 3en del dei zion would be required to get up tiles for the benefit of both israel and nd into the high mountain many of ludah for then as isaiah says in lae judah lao teo tee the lie ahe lhe the children of zion have fulfilled this bregoing quotation both israel iiiia havehlfilled foregoing f6regoing bre going iaia and worta tion of isaiah and 1 now say Jludah will be gathered Aorta exhortation 4115 I nowsay udall dowsay aas sas tins that kies to the balance dofher children GET standard was to be raised am 0 ng iles fo ibe balanco of her nee ofher tye tyc ty0 aard stan dard amongttio Hek THEE rhee UP INTO THE HIGH gentiles instead of israe is clearly 1 HICH en tiles ins tead antiles entiles israel I clearly 11 t llii 4liall nco neo 1 6et bet 1
  6. 6. 6 FIRST EPISTLE OF ORSON PRATT predicted in another passage as fol- tion 1 beg of zion to bear with me lows thus saith the lord god while 1 repeat again the prophetic exI I band behold 1 will lift up mine hand to I the gentiles and set up my standard to bring i6 ia the people and they shall brin thy sons in their arms and thy daughbe ters shall he carried upon their shoulders isaiah xlix 22. that this stanalix 22 be dard or ensign was not only to he set by up hy the lord god among the genbe tiles but that it was also to he lifted hut predl predicted up on the mountains is also predi died by ly isaiah as follows all ye indwellers eilers habitants of the world and di ellers on the earth SEE YE WHEN HE LIFTETH UP AN ENSIGN ON THE MOUNTAINS and when he bloweth a trumpet hear ye floweth for afore the harvest when the bud is perfect and the sour grape is ripening in the flower he shall both cut off the sprigs with pruning hooks and lake away and cut down the branches lwe tae lae together they shall be left to ether unto the fowls of the mountains and to the beasts of the earth and the fowls shall summer upon them and all the beasts of the earth shall winter upon them in that time shall the present fight be bro dight unto the lord of hosts of brought a people scattered and peeled and from a people terrible from their beginning hitherto a nation meted out whoie whole and trodden under foot whose land the rivers have spoiled to the place of thenamae of the lord of hosts the the name thename mount zion isaiah xviii 3 5 6 7. 7 the place then for the11 lifting ensign up of the en s ign is to be on the mountains and that too just before 11 tjie tilg harvest oi the end of the wicktho tile the or ed world when the lord is to destroy a certain nation under the name of the sour grape and they are to be left unburied for the fowls and beasts i to summer and winter upon them it t6s will be perceived also that all the duel th inhabitants of the world and the dwedrel habitants odthe ofthe llers on the earth are called upon to bo th see and hear when the lord lifts both up that ensign on the mountains under a deep sense of the important events which await this genera ts hortation of isaiah 0 zion that ingest good tidings get thee up into Lr br tarry not lest the high mountain you fall among the wicked and are dea prived of the blessings which the lord has decreed to pour out upon zion that zion was to occupy an elevated position on the earth is still further evident from the word of tee the it e joseph the josephte lord which came through josephth seer in september 1831 saying 11 behold 1 the lord have made my I church in these last days like unto a judge sitting on a HILL or in a e the HIGH PLACE to judge the nae tions for it shall come to pass that the inhabitants of zion shall judge all things pertaining to zion and liars and hypocrites shall be proved by them and they who are not apostles anci ancl prophets shall be known aud and and even the bishop who is a budge and judge his counsellors if they are not faithful coun sellors faithftil in their stewardships shall be consteward ships demned and others shall be planted in their stead for behold 1 say unto I you that zion shall flourish and the glory of the lord shall be upon her and she shall be an ensign unto the people and there shallcome unto her shali shall come out of every nation under heaven and the day shall come when the nations of the earth shall tremble because of her and shall fear because of her terrible ones the lord hath spoken it amen doctrine and covenants page 156. 166. 166 156 in this extract the lord predicted that zion should be an ensign unto the people 11 sitting on a hill or in a high place and that she should flourish in another revelation given through joseph the seer to james covill in january 1831 the lord says 11 thou art called to labour in my vineyard and to build up my Chur chand church and churchand to bring forth zion that churchard it may rejoice upon the HILLS and 2112. 2112 212 doe doc flourish doc and cov page 212. and in march 1831 the word of the lord again came unto joseph aln ain l6r lar
  7. 7. CELESTIAL 3farriage MARRIAGE 7 the seer saying before the great tish provinces are respectfully invited tis h dayhof the a4ynpfthe lord shall come jacob to become subscribers to this periodidamhof shail shali shall bhai l shai flourish shalAouri shallaouri sh in the wilderness and cal thatthrqugh its page tbeymay that through s they pages thex may e lamanites the Lama nites meaning the ameri- learn more perfectly their duties and duti6sand can indians shall blossom as the have a knowledge of the times a nd timed ana d rose zion shallflourishitpon the hills seasons and purposes of the most shali shail shall flonrishnpon wost rost aids t and rejoice upon the mountains and high in regard to the generation 1 ypon in 0 shall be assembled tor rether unto the which they live those who intend toc together torrether page emigrating to the mountains during place which 1 have appointed I 218. 218 918 218 twen twenty thus we see that awen ty two the coming season can hy notifying by 0 years ago it was foretold in great us of their intentions have their paper plainness that zion should flourish sent by the mail to utah where there sup anid rejoice upon the hills and moun- are branches of the church we suo an d sugtains when these prophecies were gest that they appoint among themgiven we did not know for many selves an agent and have the whole n years how nor when the lord in- number taken in the branch sent in tended to fulfill them but fifteen one package to their agent this arfulfil years after the prediction the lord rangement will save us much trouble ran gement suffered our enemies to rise against which would otherwise arise by being us and we were driven by the force of obliged to forward it to each individual armstrom these states and were arms from armsfrom the saints are likewise informed obliged to flee to the mountains for that we shall have constan tly on hand aly constantly 0 refuge thus in an unexpected man- for sale at wholesale and retail all iefucfe tile ner zion is placed in her appropriate the various works mentioned in tlle ibe the position and is truly beginning to catalogue published on the last page parre 0 0 0 flourish and rejoice upon the hills and of the seer i mountains according to the prediciu all these publications should be M i tio lis tions of joseph the prophet and ac- the houses of all the saints and ils cording to many predictions of the should be diligently read that they tg ancient prophe oh how wonderful may be well instructed in all the prophets obhowwonderful hov ardathe dealings of god vith his peo- great principles of eternal salvation ardthe are the with pie e ple and how marvellously does he that through their faithfulness tothe to the fulfill the woras of inspiration though same they may enter into the ful ness fulfil thewords words fui falness fulness the heavens and earth pass away yet of celestial glory with the most anxgith the word of the lord spoken through ious desire for your welfare 1 subI doseph To seph the seer shall not pass away scribe myself your humble servant toseph tuv but tut every jot and tittle that has not and brother in the bonds of the gosalready come to pass shall be fulfilled pel covenant in its time and season OESOX pratt PIIATT uthe saints in the states and bri 1851. the washington dec 20 1851 201859 3u5 i 165 i r 1 C E L E S T I AL 1 31ajmiag CELESTIAL M A K R I A G E reye A RETELA TIO N OM THE pathuecnai obder OF 311trimony OK MURALITY OF VIVES beye LATIOS ON zhe ratriluchal OBDEB BETE 0 VTITES ORDER betelatios matkimosr OR ji z A given to joseph smith the seer in navvoo july 121h 1843 narvoo nauroo G n 12ti 4igveriifl loverily loverill thus saith the lord unto loVerily you my servant joseph that inasmuch ay as yo asyou ahyou u have enquired of my hand to amow and understand wherein 1 the imow knowland knowand I lord justified my servants abraham isae isac and jacob as also moses cdavid and solomon my servants r g doe lasiitouching the principle and doc kasl kasi tou chi no iasi iou baving many wives having mapy vdves trine of their bavingmapy veves and 10 I concubines behold and lo 1 am the lord thy god and will answer matter thee as touchin this raatter thereftouching ore prepare thy heart to receive and 1 am obey the instructions which J hin I about to give unto you for all those sow yeai yeal 6d revealed who have this law re veal ad unto them them
  8. 8. CELESTIAL 8 must obey the same for behold 1 I a new reveal unto you aai6w and an everla stina lasting covenant and if ye abide not that covenant then are ye damned for no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter into my nvho naho glory for all who will have a blessin at my hands shall abide the law sing tit which was appointed for that blessing and the conditions thereof as was instituted from before the foundations of the world and as pertaining to the new and everlasting covenant it was falness udy instituted for the fulness of my glory niy and he that receiveth a fulness thereth falness receive fuluess of must and shall abide the law or he shall be damned saith the lord god 2 and verily 1 say unto you that I are arethuse arethese the conditions of this law aro these c all e ovenants contracts bonds obligations gations oaths vows performances connections associations or expectations that are not made and entered into and sealed by the holy spirit of promise of him who is anointed both as well for time and for all eternity and that too most holy by revelation and commandment through the lationand medium of mine anointed whom 1 I llave appointed on the earth to hold this have power and 1 have appointed unto my I servant joseph to hold this power in the last days and there is never but one on the earth at a time on whom this power and the keys of the priesthood are conferred are of no efficacy virtue or force in and after the resurrection from the dead for all contracts that are not made unto this fyhen when end have an end kyhen men are MARRIAGE no man mau that noman shall come untotye eix ame unto the ekx fit fa ard ther but by me or by my irdjrd which myivord 1 dead 16us6 behold mine h6us& is a house of order saith the lord god and not 3 a house of confusion will 1 accept I of an offering saith the lord that is salth th elord or will 1 not made in my name I receive at your hands that which 1 I have not appointed and will 1 apI salol salth saith point unto you saidi the lord except my father eather I it be by law even as 1 and myether a ordained unto you before the world anal and I 1 am tlle lard thy andi iainilielbrilthy god anai 1 was lbrd I commandment maud mand give unto you this 66m maua m ent lawi is my law saith the lord and eve everything that is in the world whe therit whether it be ordained of men by thronesi or thrones principalities or powers or things of name whatsoever they may bep that be bei not are riot by me or by my word salih ilot the lord shall be thrown down and shall not remain after men are dead neither in nor after the resurrection salth saith the lord your god for whatsoever things remaineth are by me rem aineth and whatsoever things are not by me 6 shall be shaken and destroyed 4 therefore if a man marry him mafry maity her a wife in the world and he marry he not by me nor by my word and he ho covenant with her so long as he is dn in the world and she with him their covenant and covenantand marriage is not of force when they are dead and when ahby ihby they are out of the world therefore they are not bound by any law when they are out of the world therefore when they are out of the world they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are appointed angels in heaven which angels are ministering servants to eis an els anels minister for those who are worthyof of worthy a far more and an exceeding and an eternal weight of glory for these angels did not abide my law therefore 0 they cannot be enlarged but remain separately and singly without exaltation in their saved condition to all eternity and from henceforth are not gods bdt but adt are angels of god for ever and ever 6 eerily I say P and again verily 1 say unto hud you if a man marry a wife iud maee and ind make a covenant with her for time and for dil eternity if that covenant is not by ali ail all me or by my word which is my law meor beor and is not sealed by the holy spirit of promise ihroii gh him whom 1 have through 0 I anointed and appointed unto this then not valid neithevof of thul power thui it is notvalid neitherof neither force when they are out of theworld th6vorld the world d by me because they are not joined byma joine bym6 by my bemy saith the lord neither bymy word wcrld aro when they are out of the world it ato ate cannone received theielbocaus ealia there because ahe cann 6tbe cannobe can nobe angels ancrels and the gods are appointed it 1
  9. 9. CELESTIAL MARRIAGE othere by whom they cannot pass rthere hS re pas &eyicannot therefore inherit mv cihiy cannot fihiy my glory for my house is a house of or 0 rfdbrtsaith the lord god der saith salth 6 and again verily 1 say unto lyou if a man marry a wife by my word wo rd which is my law and by the new yiew and everlasting covenant and it us sealed unto them by the holy spi elt eit 0 f promise by him who is anointnt tit o ed unto whom 1 have appointed this unto4hom I power and the keys of this priest hood and it shall be said unto them lood shail shali ye shall je sh 1 come forth in the first resurrection and if it be after the first rerecti on surrection in the next resurrection land shall inherit thrones kingdoms and principalities and powers dominions fail fali tall ail ali heights and depths then shall it all be whitten in the lambs book of ie written life that he shall commit no murder whereby to shed innocent blood and iriye ifiye jf te abide in my covenant and com amft no murder whereby to shed innoimft fmit cent blood it shall be done unto them rail jn ball things whatsoever my servant ail ali in all 0 hath uth put upon them in time and through all etemitY and shall be of eternity elemit 0 fuli full force 40eiforce when they are out of the sidorld and they shall pass by the angorli tidorid world gels and the gods which are set dhere to their exaltation and glory in there theirexaltation rali rail things rall thin S as hath been sealed upon tall thins cheir iheir their heads which glory shall be a ful iness and a continuation of the seeds for ever and ever f6reyer 17v ive ivl fal then shall they be gods bef7l cause ahey have no end therefore they ishall they be from everlasting to ever shail shali shall alasting blasting because they continue then ffisting ashall tshall they tshallthey be above all because all things are subject unto them then fmlidlltihey be gods because they have shalhthey ail ali tpbwer and the angels are subject all allqbwerl unto them untothem 8 1 verily jerily verily 1 say unto you ex I ceptye centye abide my lawye cannot attain law ye labye to this glory for straight is the gate anan narrow the way that leadeth unto and andn the e exaltation and continuation of the jives lives ilves and few there be that find it ires because ye receive manogin theworld peanseyeree eive manotin the world elve me notin ma not in neither do ye know me but if ye re I 9 celie ine in the world then shall ye ble bie hie id pe know me and bhail receive your exshall re delye delve deive altation that where 1 am ye sthall be al shali shail hall ail I also this is eternal lives to knonv kanov ilves knov the only wise and true god and jesus christ whom he hath sent irani 1 am I he receive ye therefore my law broad is the gate and wide the way that leadeth to the death and many there are that go in thereat because they receive me not neither do they abide in my law 9 verily verily 1 say unto you if I a man marry a wife according to my word ane they are sealed bythe holy and andthey ale by the tho aie accordia spirit of promise accordin to mine according appointment and he or she shall commit any sin or transgression of the 0 new and everlasting covenant what eveflastina 411 manner ever and 811 mann er of blasphemies all and if they commit no murder wherein they shed innocent blood yet they shall come forth in the fu stire firstjre surrection and enter into their exaltation but they shall be destroyedin destroyedin destroyed in flesh the blesh theflesh and shall be delivered unto unti unt the sufferings of satan unto theday buffqtincrs bufferings buffe rings the day thedac redemption salth of redempa tigli saith the lord god redemp 10 the blasphemy against the holy ghost which shall not7be fornobbe notbe given in the world nor out odthe of the tho ofthe world is in that ye commit murder m wherein ye shed innocent blood anil and aad assent unto my death after ye haver have received my new and everlasting covenant saith adelord god and lie salth ahelord the lord arideth that abideth not this law can in nowise enter into my glory but shall be damned saith the lord 11 1 am the lordthy god and ill iii lil 11.1 aud lord thy 111 will give unto thee the law 0 f in o my holy priesthood as was ordained by ky me and my father before the world was abraham received aai things ali ail aii all whatsoever he received by revelation and commandment by my word saith the lord and hath entered into his exaltation and sitteth upon bijurong his throne bijhr 13 abraham received prokul5es 12 proinises proiul concerning his seed and of thefnut conc eming thliffilit arp of his loins from whose loin a urp lojngyere viz my servant joseph whle 9 0 re wmqi whie josephwhie AX to continue so long aej as asjthe sf in 7
  10. 10. 10 the world CELESTIAL and as touching abraham and his seed out of the world they e should continue both in the world and out of the world should they continue as innumerable as the stars or if ye were to count the sand upon the seashore sea shore ye could not number them this promise is yours also because ye are of abraham and the promise was made unto abraham and by this law are the continuation of the works of my Fther wherein he glorifieth father a go himself ye therefore and do the works of abraham enter ye into my law and ye shall be saved but if ye enter not into my law ye cannot receive the promises of my father which he made unto abraham 13 god commanded Abrahamand abraham and abrahamand rag sarah gave hag to abraham to gar hagar wife and why did she do it because this was the law and fro M hafrom gar sprang many people this therefore was fulfilling among other thin s things the promises was abraham therefore under condemnation verily 1 I aay say unto you nay for 1 the lord nas aas I commanded it abraham was commanded to offer his son isaac neveroner theless it was written thou shalt not tb oless th eless kill abraham however did not refuse and it was accounted unto him for righteousness abraham received concubines and they bare him children and it 14 was accounted unto him for righteous- ness because they were given unto him and he abode in my law as isaac also and jacob did none other things dla dia ald aid than that which they were commanded and because they did none other iilgs than that which they were comthings manded they have entered into their exaltation according to the promises and sit andsit upon thrones and are not andrit angels but are gods david also received many wives and concubines as also solomon and moses my servant as also many others of my servants from the beginning of creation until tbigtime and in innothing did they this time nothing 0 sin save in those things which they received not of me 31 MARHIAGE ARMAGE wires davids wives and concubines were given unto him of me by the hand of mathan my servant and nathan 15 others of the prophets who had the keys of this ppwer and in none of power these things did he sin against me save in the case of uriah and his wis wife and therefore he hath fallen from his exaltation and received his portion and he shall not inherit them out of the world for 1 gave I them unto another saith the lord 10 1 am the lord thy god and 1 16 I I gave unto thee my servant joseph an appointment and restore all things ask what ye will and it shall he given be unto you according to my word and as ye have asked concerning adultery 1 verily verily I say unto you if a man receiveth a wife in the new and everth receive lasting covenant and if she be with another man and 1 have not appointI ed unto her by the holy anointing she hath commlttel adultery and committed shall be destroyed if she be not in the new and everlasting covenant and she be with another man she has committed adultery and if her husband be with another woman and he under der was un aer a vow he hath broken his vow and hath committed adultery and if she hath not committed adultery but is innocent and hath not broken her vow and she knoweth it and 1 reveal it unto you my servant I joseph then shall you have power by the power of my holy priesthood to take her and gite her unto him glye give that hath not committed adultery but be hath been faithful for he shall be made ruler over many for 1 have I conferred upon you the keys and power of the priesthood wherein 1 restore all things and make known unto you all things in due time 17 and verily verily 1 say unto I you that whatsoever you seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven and whatsoever you bind on earth in my name and by my word saith the lord it shall be eternally bound in sins the heavens and whosesoever bins I L
  11. 11. 11 CELESTIAL MARRIAGE be you remit on earth shall he remitted 166mally in the heavens and whos166mally cternally eternally maily esoever sins you retainonearth shall on earth bdbrsinsyou retain onearth be 1 retained in heaven 18 and again terlly 1 say whomsoverily againverily I biess I biess hiess ever 66r you bless 1 will bless and whomsoeve r soever you curse 1 will curse saith the boeve I jae 1 1 the lord for 11lie lord am thy god I 9 and oain 19 A nd a gain verily 1 say unto I serrant you my servant joseph that whatso ever you give on earth and to whomby soever you isoevertou give any one on earth hy t- tou tny word and according to my law iny Ws il shall he visited with blessings and liall be 0 not cursings curlings cursings nwursings and with my power be saith the lord and shall he without condemnation on earth and in heaven for I am the lord thy God and g od 1 ve 6 pill be wiil he with thee even unto the end ill of the elemi 6fae world and through all etemi ty for verily 1 seal upon you your I exaltation and prepare a throne for you in the kingdom of my father with abraham your father behold 1 have I seen your sacrifices and will forgive all your sins 1 have seen your sacrifices r I U pbedien ce to that which 1 have told iifbbedience you go therefore and 1 make a way you sou I for3 fora your escape as 1 accepted the of I forour farour fering of abraham of his son isaac 20 verily 1 say unto you a com I mandament man mdn dment 1 give unto mine hand mandment I ddn ia id emma smith your wife whom mald maid emm i4 TL have given unto you that she stay herself and partake not of that which commanded 1 re6mmanded you to offer unto her for did it ald aid 1 dta7it saith the lord to prove you all as 1 aid abraham and that 1 ald I I did might inight require an offering at your night hand by covenant and sacrifice and mhd iet lei let mine handmaid emma smith re leve ihie Cseve all those that have been given 91 unt61 unt& unta my servant joseph and who are virthous and pure before me and those who are not pure and have said J the were pure shall be destroyed thewere luwere thin the saith thig lord god for 1 am the I thy obey my lord th god and ye shall obeyiny obeying voice and 1 give unto my servant I joseph that he shall be made ruler over many things for he hath been faithful over a few things and from te henceforth 1 will strengthen him I siny lil lii I I I tha lucere 21 I and 1 command mine hand- emm maid emma smith to abide and cleave unto my servant joseph and to none else but if she will not abide this commandment she shall be destroyed saith the lord for 1 I am the lord thy god and will destroy her if she abide not in my law but if she will not abide this comman dment mandment then shall my servant joas he seph do all things for her even ashe hath said and 1 will bless him and I multiply him and give unto him an hundred fold in this world of fathers and mothers brothers and sisters houses and lands wives and children and crowns of eternal lives in the eterI nal worlds and again verily 1 say let mine handmaid forgive my servant joseph his trespasses and then shall she be forgiven her trespasses wherehas in she ha 3 trespassed against me and 1 the lord thy god will bless her I multiply and multiple her and make her heart to rejoice 28 and again 1 say let not my 22 I servant joseph put his property out of his hands lest an enemy come and seebeth destroy him for satan seeketh to destroy for 1 am the lord thy god and I lo servant and behold and 10 he is my se 1 am with him as 1 was with abraI I exaltaekalta ham thy father even unto his exalta tion and glory 0 23 now as touching the law of the priesthood there are many things pergainin thereunto verily if a man tainin taining was be called of my father as was aaron voice volce by mine own voice and by the volco volce I of him that sent me and 1 have endowed him with the keys of the power of this priesthood if he do anything in my name and according to my law win and by my word he will not commit no sin and 1 will justify him I one therefore set on my servant joseph for 1 will justify him for he I shall do the sacrifice which 1 require I at his hands for his transgressions saith the lord your god 4 ha 94 and again as pertaining to t he law of the priesthood if any man espouse a virgin and desire to espouse let
  12. 12. 12 CELESTIAL MARRIAGE another and the first give her conhe espouse sent and if heiesppuse the second and they arevirgins and have vowed are virgins to no othermAn then is he justified other man he cannot commit adultery for they are given u nto him for he cannot commit adultery with that that be longseth longeth longqh unto him and to none else and if he have tenvirgins given unto ten virgins by him hy this law he cannot commit adultery for they belong to him and they are given unto him therefore is he justified but if one or either of the ten virgins after she is espoused shall be with another man she has committed adultery and shall be destroyed for they are given unto him to multiply and replenish the earth according to my commandment and to fulfill the promise which was given falfil fulfil by my father before the foundation of the world and for their exaltation in the eternal worlds that they may bear hear the souls of men for iterein is the iferein work of mye my ather continued that he eather father may be glorified ya y5 and again verily verily 1 say I 0 unto you if any man have a wife who holds the keys of this power and he teaches unto her the law of ni y priestmy hood as pertaining to these things then shall she believe and administer unto him or she shall be destroyed saith the lord your god for 1 will I destroy her for 1 will magnify my y I name upon all thosewho receive and those who abide in my law therefore it shall be lawful in me if she receive not this meif ceif law dor him to receive all things for whatso tver I whatsoever 1 the lord his god will give unto him because she did not believe and administer unto him according to my word and she then becomes the transgressor and he is exempt from the law of sarah who sandh fromthe administered unto abraham according to the law when 1 commanded abraI ham to take hagar to wife and now as pertaining to this law verily verily 1 say unto you 1 will reveal more I I unto you hereafter therefore let this yot 1 am suffice for the present beholdjam behold sam I Jam alpha and omega amen 11 aia ala is a doctrine very popular among most of pawiki pafiki mankind at the present day it is practised jily practiced lly ily liy the most powerful nations of asia and africa and by numerous nations in habiting the islands of the seaaq sea and by the aboriginal nations of the great western hemisphere the one wae w0e wne ane system is confined principally to a few small nations inhabiting europe and to those who are of european ori gili origifa orl oti inhabitancy inhabitincy inhabiting inhabit incy america it is estimar estima& estimate by the most able historians of our day that about four fifths of the pop population of the globe believe and plic pilc pracalic a tice according to their respective lawf law the doctrine of a plurality of wives if the popularity of a doctrine is in proportion to the numbers who believe in it then it follows that the plurality phiralil system is four times more popular among the inhabitants of the earth among ono than the one wife system olze oile ohe lons nations those nations who practice tho tilo tiie plurality doctrine consider it as I 1r 1 vir0o tuous and as right for one man fo have many wives as to have oneonl one only oneo nl therefore they have enacted lav i lawp law laap i not only giv1110 this right to their cigiving g tizens but also protecting them in it it 0 ail ali those who infringe and punishing all thosewho infringe the chastity upon thechastity of the marrlacye comarriage iacre lacre marriacre venant i committing adultery with by any one of the wives of his neighbour neighboiii those nations do not consider it pos0 sible for a man to commit adultey adultery with any one of those women towholn to whom dicig he has beenlegally married according been legally accordifig to their laws raised the posterity ri up unto the husband through eacho of each f his wives are all considered to be lemaae gitimate and provisions are made mado in their laws for those children the same as if they were the children of Adul teries fornications one wife adulteries fornicatioiis uu and all unvirtuous conduct between virtuous the sexes are severely punished by them indeed plurality among them ana is considered not only virtuous an d and ri aht b ut a great check or preventalht night hight right b tive against adulteries and unlawful adul teries connections which are among the tho greatest evils with which nations are e PLUMAMITY PLURALITY OF WIVES IVIVMS i 0 q
  13. 13. CELESTIAL MARRIAGE cursed producing a vast amount of aila misery suffering and in isery devastation and sufferina tike tite foundadeath undermining the very found a tions of happiness and destroying the andi and frame work framework of society ands the peace of the athe domestic circle c some of the nations of europe who ile lie wife lielieve eve lillieve in the one vire system have ZC actually forbidden a plu rality of wives plurality piu et pluralit zhel laws and the consequences rhei by ii their r are lare iare that the whole country among wem is overrun with the most abomithem tiem iablqprotices adulteries and unlawnable practices adul teries fui ful connections prevail through all fheirvillagges towns cities and counkneir tneir villages try places to a most fearful extent rilaces lilaces AM among and amona some of these nations teese sinks of wickedness wretchedthese ness and misery are licensed by law ii while their piety would be wonderfully shocked to authorise by law the plud opte d 311t y system as adopted by many rality neighbouring ne hbouring nations ing neighbour thethe constitution and laws of the tjnited states being founded upon viated viates ta the principles of freedom do not in gaa marriage ferfere with marrigae relations but fia 1 eliqihe nation free to believe in and leave the ct e practice the doctrine of a plurality of ully i esz wives or to confine themselves to the es es themselv fo 6 one wife system just as they choose ig as it should be it leaves the is coninie un conitie nceof man untrammelled and trammelled conscience of oblong as he injures no person and soldng sblong does ab not loes na infringe upon the rights of ave hels ase heis free by the constitution to others he is marry parry earry one wife or many or none at of ail fina ali and becomes all finabecomes accountable to god foc the righteousness or unrighteousfor ii&s of his domestic relations ness he the constitution leaves the several toes tales taes and territories to enact such law Uw as they see proper in regard to fhe they carnages provi ded that they do not mar nages provided carnaged car affee affes rings upon infringe upon the rights of cons tience conscience an the Ji th6 berties and tha liberties guaranteed in that bertles iacued sacred doc ament therefore if any iacred document ument state or territory feels disposed to enact laws guaranteeing to each of its citizens the right to marry many wives such laws would be perfectly constitubd tional hence the several states and t&fit&id5practicj1li e one wife bys territories practice the sys i ri t6 off fi6 l esl tila tiia 0 t i 0 18 IS out of choice and not because they are under an y obligations so to any 0 do by the national con ti tuti on constitution inghether deed we doubt very much iv ether whether h any state or territory has the consfi constitutional right to make laws prohibit tut ional ing the plurality doctrine in cases where it is practiced by religious socipractised eties as a ma tter of conscience or as a matter doctrine of their religious faith the 6 doctrin first article of the amendments to the constitution says expressly that 11 congress shall make no law respect ing an establishment of religion or tjie the prohibiting tilg free exercise thereof now if even congress itself has no 1 llo iia I power to pass a law 11 prohibiting the free exercise of religion much less has any state or territory power to pass such an act the doctrine of a plurality of wives a practised practisea ty alra was believed and practiced by abra practise ham the father of the faithful and wini widle find we wind that while in this practice the fini angels of god frequently ministered with to him and at one time dined vith him and god manifested himself to him and entered into familiar conversation with him neither god nor his angels reproved abraham for andels anaels being a polygamist but on the cont mry contrary contmry buton polygamistbuton the almighty greatly blessed him and con cernin concerning unto made promises unt him concernin concertin both isaac and ishmael clearly show ilam abraliam practised abraham ing that Abraliam practiced what is called volygam under the sanction polygamy polygam Y of the almighty now if the father of the faithful was thus blessed cerconsidered ira ir derel lra tainly it should not be consi dereI iro religious for the faithful who are called ill the steps o in his children to walk iii thestdps 0f their father abraham indeed if the lord himself through his holy prounfa unfo phets should give more wives enfa his servants as he gave them unto nto the prophet david it would be a great sin for them to refuse that which he temm term tern tem gives inguchacaeitwouldbec ame dme such in buch a case it would become theim thelk them a matter of conscience with thelm and a part of their religion and they would be bound to exercise their faith in this doctrine and practice it or congre be condemned therefore Con gresl gresi
  14. 14. 14 MARRUGE CELESTIAL MARRIAGE would have no power to prohibit the this part thispart free exercise of thl spart of their rethi ligion neither would the states or territories have power constitutionally to pass a law I I prohibiting the now a cerfree exercise thereof tain religious society called shakers believe it to be wrong for them to marry even one wife it certainly would be unconstitutional for either the congress or the states to pass a law compelling all people to marry at a certain age because it would infringe upon the rights of conscience among the shakers and they would be prohibited the free exercise of their religion wrom foregoing trom the forer oing revelation foret from given through joseph the seer it will be seen that god has actually commanded some of his servants to take more wives and has pointed out certain duties in regard to the marriage ceremony showing that they foc for must be married for time and tor all ani toc eternity and showing the advantages to be derived in a future state by this eternal union and showing still further that if they refused to obey this command after having the law 0 should be revealed to them they damned this revelation then makes it a matter of conscience among all the latter day saints and they embrace it as a part and portion of their religion and verily believe that they cannot be saved and reject it has congress power then to pass laws prohibiting the church of jesus tjie free christ of christof latter day saints 11thefree exercise of this article of their religion have any of the states or 1 1 territories a constitutional right to pass laws prohibiting the free exercise of the religion which the church of the saints conscientiously and sin cerelyhelieve cerelybelieve to be essential to their salvation no they have no such right the latter day saints have the most implicit confidence in all the revelations given through joseph the prophet and they would much sooner ilyes lives lay down theirlives and suffer martheir ilves pyrdom tyrdom than to deny the least reve 11 lation that was ever given to him in one of the revelations through him we read that god raised up wiso wise men and inspired them to write the constitution of our country that the freedom of the people might to be maintained according to the free 0 agency which he had given to the rm them that every man might be accountable to god and not to man so far as religious doctrines and c6nsci ence are conscience concerned and the more we exam evarn exarn ine that sacred instrument framed by the wisdom of our illustrious fathers the more we are compelled to believe that an invisible power controlled dictated and guided them in laying the foundation of liberty and freedom upon this great western hemisphere Mahomedan alahomedan to this land the mahomedan the hindmo hindoo the chinese can emigrate and each bring with him his score of wives and his hundred children anci ancl the glorious constitution of our and OUE country will not interfere with his domestic relations under the broad banner of the constitution he is protected in all his family associations none have a right to tare any of his so wives or his children from him likewise under the broad folds of the constitution the legislative assembly of the territory of utah have the right to pass laws regulating their matrimonial relations and protecting each of their citizens in the right of hight marrying one or many wives as the case may be if congress should repeal those laws they could not d o 0 so on the ground of their being 1131 unilli constitutional and even if congress should repeal them there still would be no law in utah prohibiting the free exercise of that religious right neither do the citizens of utah feel disposed to pass such an unconstitutional tut ional act which would infringe upon the most sacred rights of conscience tradition and custom have great influence over nations long established customs whether right or wrona become sacred in the estima wrong tion of mankind those nations 1 1
  15. 15. CELESTIAL MARRIAG 15 CELESTUL celestian who have been accustomed from god face to face and talked with him u time immemorial to the practice of as n man talks with his friend were what is called polygamy would con- polygamists that is they had many whit sider a law abolishing it as the very wives raised up many children ly by height of injustice and oppression them and were never reproved by the very idea of being limited to the the hol ghost nor by angels nor hy holy by hoi one wife system would be considered the almighty for believing in and mot not only oppressive and unjust but practising such a doctrine on the conprac tising practicing absolutely absurd and ridiculous it trary each one of these polygamists would be considered an innovation received by revelation promises and iong upon the long established usages blessings for himself for his wives ione lone lona 0 0 laws of numerous and and for his numerous children born customs and bom powerful nations an innovation of unto him by his numerous wives the most themost dangerous character calcu- moreover the lord himself gave rethemist ca c3 lated to destroy the most sacred rights velation to different wives belonging and Trivi leges of family associations privileges to the same man revealing to them to upset the very foundations of indi- the great blessings which should rest vidual rights rendered dear and sa- upon their posterity angels also were cred by being handed down to them sent to comfort and bless them and cred from the most remote ages of antiquity in no instance do we find them reon the other hand the european proved for having joined themselves nations who have been for centuries in marri awe to a polygamist aae marriage in0 restricted by law to the one wife deed the lord himself gave laws not theory would consider it a shoc king to prohibit Poly gany but showing shoe shocldng polygamy polygany innovation upon the customs of their his will in relation to the children fathers to abolish their restrictive raised up by the different wives of the laws and togive freedom and liberty same man and furthermore the lord law to give tolive according to the plurality system himself actually officiated in giving it is custom then in a great de- david all the wives of saul this ocgree that forms the conscience of curred too when david already had gre nations and individuals in re 9 ard to several wives which he had previously regard cus- taken therefore as the lord did acih6 marriage relationships iha the marria e tom causes four fifths of the popula- tually give into davids own bosom all tion of the globe to decide that poly- the wives of saul he must not only gamy as it is called is a good and have sanctioned polygamy but esnotan evil practice I custom causes the tablished and instituted it upon a sure 1 not an not6n balance or the remaining fifth to de- foundation by giving the wites himwives balale cide in opposition to the great majority self the same as he gave eye to adam greatmajority cave eve those individuals who have strength therefore those who are completely of mind sufficient to divest themselves divested from the influence of nationentirely from the influence of custom al customs and who judge concerning and examine the doctrine of a plural- this matter by the word of god are nd ity of wives under the light of rea- compelled to believe that the plurality son and revelation will be forced to of wives was once sanctioned for the conclusion that it is a doctrine of many aces by the almighty and by ages 0 divine origin that it was embraced a still further research of the divine ane anc practised and practiced under the divine s anc- oracles they find no intimations that tion by the most righteous men who this divine institution was ever rehoi ever lived on the earth hol y prophets pealed it was an institution not oriholy and patriarchs who were inspired by ginated under the law of moses but the holy ghost who were enwrapt it was of a far more ancient date and the visions in thevisions of the almighty who instead of being abolished by that law 11 11 jtjs 11 nveased conversed with holy angels ersed C 10 3 who saw it was sanctioned and perpetuated
  16. 16. 16 CELESTIAL MARRIAGE celestial31arriage 1 fulfil to fulfill that I if the people wid mid and when christ came law and to do it a amay away by the introduction of a better covenant he did not abolish the plurality system not being originated under that law it was not made null and void when that law was clone away indeed there were many flone fione done away things in connection with the law that w ere not abolished when the lawvas law vas was larvas ivere lvere fulfilled as for instance the ten commaud mand ments mandments which the people under the gospel covenant were still obliged obey and until we can find some to obe 1 I law of god abolishing and prohibiting .1 plurality of wives 1 axe we are compelled i to believe it a divine institution and we are furthermore compelled to belbeieve e that if this institution be enterlies ed into now under the same principles which governed the holy progod phets and patriarchs that goa will approbate it now as much as he did alid aila then and that the persons who do thus pind tise it conscientiously ana and practise honourable sincerely are just as honour able in the sight of god as those who have but one wife and that which is hon olie oile ounable before god should be honour durable ourable able before inen and no one should men bi d espised when he acts in all good t spi ed enus clence conscience upon any principle of docedus tience trine neither should there be laws in any of these states or territories to violacompel any individual to act in vlola own tion to the dictates of his own con nee wience wieuce ascii euce o olence but every 0 ne should be left scii ence wi nce lil lii iii all matters of religion to his own m t thoice and thus become accountable holce hoice ids god IAs I his As ti goa and not to las fellow man my to be tote tobe of this country have haver generally formed different conclusions from us upon this subject and if they have ein braced religions which are mbraced 0 more congenial to their minds tham than the religion of the saints ve say to we tb ein that they are welcome to their them theu then eln own religious views the laws shouldnt shouldt not interfere with the exercise of them thein religious rights if we cannot convince you by reason nor by the woll wola of god that your religion is wrong we will not persecute you but vill wilb butvill sustain you in the privileges guaran s gua teed in the great charter of american liberty we ask from you the same generosity protect us in the exercised exercise of our religious rights convince us of df our e rrors of doctrine if we have any by reason by logical arguments or bli then morci of god and we willbo eyer ther word therwood therword wiil will be ever the wora grateful for the information and you will ever have the pleasing reflection that you have been the instruments in god hands of goa of redeeming your fel i fei feli fell feil low beings lowb lowbbings from the darkness whide dings bings darkiiesswhielf you may see renvelopincr their mindsl sec enveloping lindsl come then let us reason logiether logiether together and try to discover the true lighttipoii light upon all subjects connected with our tempos sai ial ral or eternal happiness and if we eteri sal disagree in our judgments let us ildi iiri ini pute it to the weakness and imperfec reo imperfect imperfer im perfer heo fec kigns tigns of our fallen natures ana letus tipns failen n and let us iet falle filie fille andletus pity each other and endeavour with endedvour patience and ineekAess to reclaim from meekness error and sa e th6immortal soul from save sare the immortal an endless death mi kt twe twa tva imper continued i J CONTENTS prospectus ofthe seer of the odthe orson first epistle of ors on pratt Oel estial marriage celestial marriae cei cel Marri ae 9 1 3 prutt washington IC wasningtotmc republished PUBLISHED PIMLISHED r rlu yen yeu B SALE AT alu BY S LIVERPOOL W W RICHARDS LONDON s&inti AAD SAIXTS THE L D spinti BOOK AND agers amy BY AGEIS LND ALL AMI IND AGENTS AD and und 7 fi t EDITED BY ORSON PRATT T A RE y 15 1 WILTON STREET streny JEWIN STBEET svab DEPOT millennnial STAB lepo at 35 jevixftztrrti city svir derot strent siilieimat TXR lero 5t tar poqkseliers tnhoccthoytt dreat 009ksellers t11nouallott areat payn pryn rAyN TL v von me PDLISOEB rjlxmab roit zue raynal yon zur rayntl edtl lue btcb USA JAMES aq .30 30 39 30 ARITAIN BBITAIN ACT IRELASD IRELD fici fiii sreieilliyekpool caille ptnizi liier4rool 5 SOVIO odyn CLITLE
  17. 17. W ZQ i WQ www mow row AND YE vines n c tire TOE inn Ton len 3114 JTAXTS or tiie WORLD AYD DWEHEES 0xtrie EARTAP 0v rie lre t TIE asb TEL extrie EABTH all TE chabitast3 OF TTIE TTOBLD kyd DWELLERS av TIIE earthy SEE yi VIHES HE AX NSIGN kadah xr isarah ar ui THE kaiah x7m tlle tile uftern ITP a2 ESIGN ON TIIE MOCSTAISS isaiah xam 3 x4ftetu rp aaN EN vol 2 1 no 2 FEBRUARY 1853 price 24 1 MAX E THE pre EXISTENC OF MAN ree EXISTENCE PEE man in this life consists of a body of flesh hones fiest wyof wiest and bones quickened and alfving animated hy a living intelligent spirit by aliving has ifchas been supposed that spirit begins thatspirit to existithin the mortal tabernacle exist tithin exis within while it is yet in embryo and that prior to the organization of the body tho spirit had no existence these are the 16 thy views of modem christendom ise tiews t views 1116 shall endeavour to prove that this shali weshau wishau view of the subject is incorrect bf 2 i there is not anything unreasonable in the pre existence of spirits if spirits qirits can exist after death in a state of happiness or misery is there any reason why they can not exist prior to the organization of the body 2 if they can think and will and movo after move moto they leave the body why can they not ake tke eave exercise these functions before they beforethey take possession of the body if the demm action odthe body is not the death destruction of the ction ofthe odthe spirit then it must be admitted ofthe of the that the thatthe spirit is in no way dependant thattie on the body for its existence alid and i therefore it can emst prior to the bod theretorei body exist thereto bodo roi rei as well as after it the disorganization of he body does not deprive thespi theopi dahe the spif rit of life neither does the organization 12dy of the body give to the spirit life it possesses life in itself life and intelli 0 telligence are not the result of organ gence 1 lyof it T ao cawse ami ization but they are the causear4 cause lz atlon therefore they must exist before the our b odies a effects can follow 0 A 1 es are earth but formed from the dust of the earths 14 are our spirits made from the samo same materials if they were then they would at death return to d ust bubb but as they are not reduced to dust like gormed of formed fonn edoo the body they must be fonnedof edof materials far superior to those of the alpi materials comei earth where did those materi alsi comer aisi from they came from god solomon when speaking upon the sujqq of subject death says then shall the dust retild tile turn to the earth as it was and the spirit shall RETURN unto god who 7 according gave it eccles xii 7. to this passage the spirit has not an earthly origin but a heavenly one it came from god it returns to god god icho gave it also receives it back into his presence god if 3 could the spirit return to godif it never were in his presence could we return to a place where we never were before if then the spirits of men existed with god and came from to 4.0 40 to him 40 animate mortal bodies they must either be created in heaven at the time the infant tabernacles are b eing formed or else they existed before heaven at 40 spiritis the if th espirit is formed in ilewwat the ihen
  18. 18. 18 is MAN OF bran brax nian THE PRE EXISTENCE or maw time the earthly house is being prepared for its reception then god must have been engaged in the work of creating spirits at the rate of about ten millions per year or about twenty spirper minute its perminute which is the average bom number born into our world in the same time now we read that god made all things pertaining to our earth thinas in six days and rested on the seventh can we suppose for one moment that god neglected the formation of spirits lecter neg lected can in the grand work of creation we suppose that he has been engaged in creating human spirits for this earth at the rate of one every three seconds ever since he pronounced the heavens and the earth and all things therein finished and very good such an idea is inconsistent and unscriptural 4 again would a good and wise being create spirits and before they had time to prove themselves by obeydisobe ying disobeying ing or desobesing his laws thrust them 0 out of his presence banish them shut from his glorious kingdom them up in earthly tabernacles hide hla hia face from them and subject them to temptation wretchedness and miselp seippose stip sery now if we suppose that the spirit is formed in heaven while the embryo tabernacle is being formed upon the earth then it has no time to gain experience in the presence of its creator it has no time to act upon its agency it has no time to obey or disobey cy hut but as soon as it is formed it is accordin 0 to this supposition banished into ing re sence dreary dreary exile from the presence of its father and from the glory of heaven in to linger out a life of sorrow hi an earthly tabernacle such a supposition avith with is absurd and at war nvith the attributes of goodness justice and mercy whlfch appertain to the deity which 6 inasmuch as scripture informs 5 us that the spirit of man existed with god and came from him and returns to him it is reasonable to believe that tool its formation took place at a period anrior terior te bior to the organization of the body period dof perlo offre perio ofpre this periodof pre existence must have leen sufficiently long to have educated been M and instructed the spirit in the laws and order of government pertaining to the spiritual world to have rendered itself approved or disapproved by those laws to have been tried in all points according to its capacities and knowledge and the free agency which always accompanies and forms a part of the nature of intelligent beings in fine the period of pre existence must have been sufficiently long to have constituted a probation state or the ary probationary stat e first estate wherein the spirits are on trial and may fall and be reserved resel ved in chains of darkness unto the judgment of the great day 6 the pre existence of man is a lire doctrine which was believed by the ancients the disciples of jesus when observing a man who had been blind from his birth put the following ques0 tion to their master who did sin i this man or his par ents that he was parents pat ants 1 john ix 2 it is evibom bli nl bil blind dent from the nature of this question that the disciples considered it possible for a man to sin before he was born and that in consequence of such borni borniand born bom sin he might be 11 bonn blind this passage shows most clearly that the disciples not only believed in the pre existence of man but believed that ha he was an intelligent agent governed by arrent which laws wl dch he was capable of obeying ach or disobeying and that his sins in his might former state might be the cause of his born being bom blind and that his condibob tion in his present state was affected by his acts in the former state the inc saviour in replyino to this question replying says 11 neither hath this man sinned but that nor his parents butthat the works of god should be made manifest in him verse 3 now if the pre existence of man were not a true doctrine why did not our saviour take this opportunity to correct the ideas of his disciples by telling them that the blind man could not sin before he was bom why did he merely tell them that his blindness was not the effects of the sins his why did he of himself or parents thek tieb tieh still leave the impression upon their
  19. 19. 19 iun god the godthe FIRST BORN of goethe tho bornof barnof TIRE THE PRE EXISTENCE OF MAN pre minds that the blind man had a prep pret existence ance exit qnce jesus 7 jebus himself believed in pre je4us 1 proceeded existence for he said exl nee exi t e nce I fo A and came from god forth neither came 1 of myself but he sent me I kha abd and again he said before abrasnd john viii 42 58. 58 1 ham was I am j us and now 0 fatJesus prays thus her glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which 1 had with I john xvii thee before the world was 5 5. from these sayings we perceive saying S that the spiritual body of jesus exisI ted before the world was 8 having proved that the pre exis ence ten ce of man is reasonable and scrip1 tural we shall next prove that this pro existence can be traced back to a pre period before the foundation of the world the lord asked a question of job in relation to this matter he wast inquires 11 where vast thou when 1 I a laid the foundations of the earth ae clare if thou hast understanding declare deciare ciare c who laid the corner stone thereof sanoy tow when the morning stars sancy tog sang together mornin oether 0 gether 0 and all the sons of god shouted for job xxxviii 4 6 7. 7 xxxviii joy if job had jo prior existence he could have ho easily answered the lords first ques110 11 tion he could have replied that nj&n the foundations of the earth when lyprelaid I job did not exist the were laid 1 very question implies that job was in existence at the time of the organization 0t the globe but that he had no t ho lad not hal sufficient understanding as to the place where he existed to correctly answer the question put to him neither could he remember 11 who laid the comer stone thereof neither could he recollect the song of the be morning stars neither could he call to mind the shout of joy which was d uttered by the vast assembly of ALL utiere utieri THE SONS OF GOD 9 jesus calls himself 0 the bright nd and morning star rev xxii 15. xvii 15 ana in another place he represents and aba aha liimself seif himself the beginning of the crerev ation of god paul ati on rev iii 14. 14 says that jesus is theimacle of thi bays thatjesus the macye macle theiimage the 1 I 1 6 invisible every cre atule 15 creature col i 15. idas As jesus is the first bom son of goa god t born bob it is evident that all the other sons of god would be his younger bre bre thren begotten by the same Father samefather 70 therefore paul represents him as I ithe first born among many brethren romans viii 29. 29 and in another place he says 11 both hethat s an 6ti ati ancti he that sanati fieth and they who are sanctified are xe all of one for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren heb ii 11 that the brethren here spoken of are the sons of god begot becot besim jesua jesus ten by the same father that jesim was is evident from another saying of the apostle 11 we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us and wo we we riot gave them reverence shall weiibt much rather be in subjection unto the llie ilie suldection FATHER OF SPIRITS and live live1 lived 9 are heb xii 9. our earthly fathers ar called the 11 fathers of our flesh fleshy while god is called 11 the father of spirits earthly fathers have no power to beget spirits they bege beget only the bodies of flesh or the taber anacles nacles while our heavenly father begets the spirits or the living beings which como from him to inhabit tho come the tabernacles 10 11 the first born of all thi s thl this great family of spirits holds by virtue virg of his birthright a preeminence in pre eminence la all things hence it is written when He bringeth in the first begotten into h e bringeth the world he saith and let all the tho hebj angels of god worship him heb heba hebs 6 i 6. the oldest spirits or the first lon salvation begotten hold the keys of 15alvat ion towards all the rest of the family of born spirits 11 the first bom spirit is called the morning star because he was bom in the morning of crea tion or in other words because he was 11 the beginning of the creation of god younger cier his youn cler brethren were stars called 11 morning sta rs because they were also bom in the morning of crea being the tion be inthe next in succession in beinthe aa 1a 9 spiritual creation creatlon the order of the spiritualcreatio n 11 eather father the Fther of spirits hay a firs i5as 1 1 t 1
  20. 20. MA 01 ma d t6reva abidfii& place forever in the conabiding plac tereva templation of the magnificent scene rhes which r6lie hies rie gwhich rolled in datul grafidei ries d amiul ralie awiul irandeur fideu ditul biefowth6ih their bosohis7swelldd wii1i before them bosoms swelled witli wetli indescribable joy they gave utterance to their feelings in rapturous strawof the k U of raptury raptur6 aialaiof melodious music which reverberated ibi ihiisic d world from worl to world fillin g all teg filling ted the vori heave n s with the praises of god melio heavens whilo while melie eternity itself trembled with joy jq 1 M they not only had sifain gid liot g id sin gingo cele te celebrate the beginning of thedr ahi the dr0 dhi organityls bation this zation of teis earth but 11 all the song n tyis gud of god shouted for joy who can contemplate this grand event without wit6u wittu i i bein g almost overmowere d with the being dmost overpowered powere s ideas idea of greatness ardd ihhghifie arid magnificence ilbo ilbe which force themselves upon jhb alib folce foice iheihselve9 udon thb flib mind tho all the generations of men Mdit that have ev ek lived or that ever will ever dver livo upon the earth were assembled live lice enable id as erAble aserable upon that occasion 0 were they werg the word werd s6lig salig of god tley were the ofiel who God tiey gol they sons ones ofief swo viea for loy vied sho shouted toy their united voices joy loy i aen been must have gen as the voice of many anT ofm waters d n veff by fierce tempests driven dif efi whose whbe mountain waves rolling plungtolling plu ahbe piung dashing brealcwith ing dahifi 91 blteak with awful inqj esty majesty upon the iocksy bonind coast A shout r roclsy bound o6vaboiind of joy lefea kiil fur th simultafi6oul lifea breaking forth simultaneously from a vast world 60 n it Vasivf6ffd of spirits must have havo been as the tolling of ten thousand rolling bf thunders reverberating from mountain reverberating mountha mounthk r6orbeidtind to mountain till the whole earth tremtili bles under tr e power thereof the 13 there ia something grand dmd is dm1 and sl sublime in the contemplation of our df pre existence how wonderful adf di& atf aridn arian is for us to know thattne teresting it is gesting testing thaei& thattne thattie beings whom we call ourselves thab bhat that now dwell in these earthly tabernacles athly earthly existed thousands of years arya that ago folil we were present when the fobil idafiofis foundations of the eaith were laid that we then darth earth sang and shouted for joy diat w6 were shoutedf6rjoy qiat we hat eng gagged engaged with our oldest brother the ehg tho first bom in organizing this world that we dwelt for ages in our fathers celestial presence in a atelestial or glorified world fage face that we there beheld his eade and 4hat we fliat w6 there rejoiced in his glory ahat wa thore wisdoiri bid were instructed in the wisdo ardd niisdord arid iri lri kfiowieldgdof god till the intelligence knowledge of pitk ESi pire esl tempre eyl ENCE PRE timpre AISTENCE rite 20 rim Tim ing filled one of the cefesh al kinggas doms with higbwn soiiyaifii dau his own 0 41od daugh0 til fruit of hi own loins gtave the ters tiiethfitof ilijo& io1w gave commandment unio his first bob flitt bom boni toni eternal to organize out of the etem al elements another world oldedience other hi obe diance in ove dience i J tp this great commandment the t iid begotten acc oina acied 136gotte accompanied F t 136 gotte n abc oinp anied by all first lid yoiin younger hise yogin9 or brethren who had kept tv6 ir first estate proceeded lay to proceededto kneir tneir tiie 41ih e foundations of the earth and th ffi6 c6inei stones thereof comer sund and slon occasion upon this grand occiL sion 11 the mom upp a sang together ing stars ang A oge th er the lord riot does reot reveal to job the sentiments was cntaihe thi thl cop laine d in this song it wa probataine coptaine coltaine the one of tiie ly bly a song composed by dfi6ot tile tt wisest poets in the vast kingdom of velstvere assembled ilgdom doubt spinus there it no milit conla inea conia ined sentiments sui tatto to the suitable sul tatte suitatte contained jvsty greatness 45 jasty gr eaines s and magnificence majesty greaines tiu ilu ot jiu work which they had com afen commenodthe 0 A ffe ofthe foundations lons i mighty aati ced the foundations of a lh ty founaati w6rid were being laid the con ier ler world cober c omer stones ete san es were placedin their appropris6n ii ere plac edin upon teete or a round teese ate position these these as a central nucleus was to be tiese ei7q td a magificeiltglo globe arrayed in blel alel erected magnificent celos lial celestial dif yde dlf yve gorgeous splenqoiir of celes tiai alf e splendour alltli abdye above below and workmanship ikmafi hi P fdr far Ueie ants elements around these eternal ele m ents hovertho ofi afi ed thousands of millions of the sons ot god which ibie the spirits of men were i6ie loge 404 atyi the pli it of pruphec y they logt looked upher bty apii spirit prophecy pii pil upon the vast field of unorganized undtaniied materials which lay stretched out almost infinity ocean rn sj to jnfinit in the boundless ogean odean ot space of space which surrounded them were wey saw that thege materials gere to teese wtre these atre they UOY lfd&bfed ane fashlonea into a ponderionea be formed and fashioned ous globe prepared and adorned for 06 residence tesi their tneir future resl dence tkeii suture resi dende where they skoie stfould exist and live and move in skoiw m bies bles tabernacles tiley tlley earthly tabom 6les MM labom ales where they should dummion dommion aver doithilon doit dolt 6 sceptre sceptry s ay the sceptrd of doln hilon over all tilg lower orders of creati olf where oif creatlon creation lover r lowe iove the love aney should become fathers of fleshly tney tho bodies bobies in like manner as god was the leather ieather of their spirits they saw the ayea emptioxi and eternal fati fall fali redemption anaeternd exaltation ayed god and of the sons of bo A MA the glorificasoils 6f 6i welch which nilikii vere tion af the earth weich they were fd rnu which hojd become forming stieh ashod badome their vtieh ishod bedome hoad 211 fas 1 1 I S- hi je 1 .1 k 1 vyv 117 2 1 nhe kij r q lh i r straW i 1 I i wn dia 4
  21. 21. 21 TJE pne exisenceqfian vie PRE kie which z radiated from our personspha hone dom when he was bom into this WQW ourpersons phq domwhen world oirxqiris tras 1hemorn ing ilk ethe lik eibe hay I e jAe lbe morning light said jaethe it would not have b e en sai a of Hup sall sail hav 140 t havo een sal baethe h 14 objections have been raised that he ic d railed lie lle ile increased in ulsdorfi if against the pre existence of man upon the knowledge which jesus premea esus possessed ha that we do not previous ha& ground thatwedonot remember in his previous state were taken jrqdi lous ioas ft 4 such e eie rea asucli existence or any event connected him when he entered an infant taberele red therewith it is true we do not re- nacle he could never regain that e ver n 0 e elation member knowledge pq ab anything aq nbpr any thing prior to our present knqvyled e only by revelation so t 0 estate but this d oes not prove thatje ism th man wlienhe eierq aj provo thatwe is with that we state wien he enters a body eiers we do not of fle sh his spin is so compressed d had no prior existence a flesh spirit compt11or rpmpmber remqmber our existence or anything and c ontracted in infa ncy th he forremember c ney infancy that be 0 eise reise six months his existence and ha r else during the first sixmonths of gets bi former ex isten pe andhiv io a our infancy doesi this prove that we commpnceas as jesus did at .6e lowest commence atthe y 6 ibid npi iiid api dfd ngi t exist dupng that time no principles of knowledge and ascend duding during aples pringiples aqqd hqad ithon ithen I we c 0 1 exist six months by degrees from one 1 ripci ple of intelcould grees jf hen principle kin 0 I ricci at ul ltdken jflurmg our present state without re- ilcy P to another thus he regains lift gence amther nip 1 arwgr rr rip Imem bering it we might for the same ligence adother gethiisnd by shew .1e iaqrin membering his former knowledg knowled knowledge and 1 I1 reason have existed during six thou- in himself appr9t ed through shw rpasqnli ve dun na approved ing every evory qly aly sand years prior to our present state degree of in t elljoence he is mun t d intelligence counted oun repa ember and not remember it existence is in worthy to rece yr more mdm gre ju a repi receive ore and more unyi in adm no way dependant on memory there- he is perfected and glorified in fruth vay onmemory arx led iea lea rx truth fpvuy 1d er ilk eider rother jrqemory ilke like fore memory has nothing to do with and made lik e his elder bro t er posyth question of our past state s esin all things sessing 7 7415 aien jesus was bom into our when 15 alen tien 16 1 f the spiritual body of jes jps119 if pworld 1 worid I his previous knowledge was and J fhe the lis ils ail ali wa of all Me he spiritual bodies gfa men occasioned existea bef9re pm CaSlon 7 exister beffre p taken from him this was OC occasion ed existed jbefore the foundation palo 4im4ation pflo casion hodabe bodybe ing bj Hlgjizitual hody heing ijbyhis spiritual body being compressed world as behave clear y shop jis shown its we have wehave clearly shom lis jinto a smaller volume than it originally th ere any thing pireasona bl in ae nOy ero tinto doy there into origi voy thero unreasonable steng odili e spiri 4e occupied xistence ttie in his previous exi t ene 1idea of the pre exl stenc ofili spirl existence of atie spiritual ire exi 4 ahls spirit as the Scrip turps testify bodies of all the animal creatp 42 scriptures al creation anim creata bokn size and formoe of oku was ohnthe of form was okn formof man when there is ilot not one class of spirits wile ts n 1 his spirit was compressed soas to be payexist before they epter their nahi so as may exist sors pay enter thein a I oll y enclosed tywjiolly enc 1 oed in an infant tabernacle tural bodies as well as a another dd atendenry tendency denry thad aten dency to suspend the me- not the same god who made ithe spats mado the mory and the wisdomand knomle wis wisdom and knowledge mate aiso also spiritsof spiritsof aba domand knobleAC of men make the spirits6f beasts abj 9 V formerly enjoyed were for9otten joh forgotten b Job says askiow h ey ask askiew in jobsays ash now the beasts and eky jky i his humiliation u fowls of was lowis hee his judgment wp shall teach f1hee and the foilsof the sof foil loil qn taken away an acts 8 xxxiii air end ey and to airan they shall tell thee ols PR h ee ois ley ots lei oispk tei come cqme down from heaven from his to the e arth and it shall teach thee q came hee arth Va thers fathers presence where he had for- and the fishes of the gea s hall de cI e re sea shali declre fea shail decare 1 menly possessed judgment and under un thee merly anel jcrlyppssessedjudgmnent auel 6t noa l knpweth inot lynall w at tuot llnall kn unto who knoweth not Atanding sufficient to frame worlds thesethat the hand 0 f the lord ha h bath o e lora hath these that and to ent er into a mortal vern ad e wrought this 0 IN WHOSE A tabernacle 0 enter lin ougbp wern HAP ywa truly humiliating itnvas indeed IS THE SOUL OF EVE RY iby nkaq awa liy lly EVERY LI it was humiliating in the highest degree to ING THIIJG 49b xii 7 10 an m THIG job 7n be uleprived of so great a lp euk Q eol ed ahls quotati knowledge this quotation we perceive that an 9n yet he humbled himself and con soul of every living thing is inq a vet M i descended belowall thinas ail ali acnded to descend below all things hand of athe loid he is the maer tlle tile tho kf ir jthe lord ithe lold and to commence ae w at the very and preserver of the sow of b easts anew b ery souls elements of knowledge hence ope of birds and fishes anivol as of the emt as well asivol veil veli o4eof ofui6 the evangelists says 644esus increased souls of men hence tqsqs V n j IIJ esus aipses lipses pn wisdom and stature an sdam luke ii 52 ptrding the lord mni ani if9m had retained li op praying to ae L ord says jetj110 let the owif jesus llad hiswis pard THE ODOV THE SPIKECS SPIRITS L lord 11 t sot 1 I if a 6 1 f jcf jbf j q C P R 1 4 pol 011 woi j ia 4 pk 1 1 1 1 i har iiy x jnq ld ewt 3 wn thegod0f thespirits i 11 ocif hisi4 hisie
  22. 22. 22 THE PRE EXISTENCE OF MAN bian hian OF ALL FLESH set a man over the congregation numxxvii 16 thus we see that the lord is not only the god of the spirits of men but he ail is the god ofthe spiritsofall flesh spirits of all 1 7 that the spirits of gil the vege1 ali ail all I tables and animals were made before their bodies is evident from the his ir tory of creation as related in the first toly and second chapters of genesis in the first chapter we have the history of the creation of vegetables fish rowls fowls beasts and man in the second j chapter we are told that on the seventh day there was not a man to till the ground and then a description is given of the formation of his natural body out of the ground in the first chapter and during the third day the vegetables and trees are forindal dai aai t ed in the second chapter and on the 64in aay seventh day we are told that the lord made every plant of the field before it was in the earth and every herb of we field before it grew and then we the are informed that on the seventh day r the lord planted a garden that is set th the trees and herbs which had out he made on the third day and caused mem to 11 grow out of the ground them c in the first chapter it is said that the bish hish nish fish fowls and beasts were created pa the fifth and sixth days in the on h sixt ona second chapter these various animals qc ond arpforined out of the ground on are formed ahe seventh day and brought unto ihe the A eam to see what he would call them dam adam ihis eldin this from chis we leam that the natural learn leab bodies of animals were maae after the were made natural body of man in th e work of the the temporal creation man seems to lave been the first flesh upon the bave have gftrth his natural body being made e4ih elih eye before the herbs and trees were even eie planted and grew out of the ground he was placed in the garden of eden before the lord made the beasts and fowls that is their natural bodies and brought them to him in order that he might name them the first chapter gives a history of the creation of all s bistor history s things spiritual the second chapter gives the history of the creation of all 1 1 things temporal in the order of time and in the succession of events tho 68 spiritual creation of the heavens and earth and all things contained therein differs from the temporal creation of the same to suppose that the these two chaapters 0 nlygive the history of pters chapters only give bf the natural creation would involve us n volve nutnerous herdus in numerous difficulties when we en nutnerous nuiserous deavours deavour to reconcile the description dea lour given in the second chapter with that given in the first but tor receive them toi to as the descriptions of two success dye dve iio successive creations the first being spiritual as s it truly was and the second being temporal all difficulties and discrepancies in the two di&rentdescriptiong different descriptions vanish away and a flood of light bursts upon the mind 18 JOSEPH SMITH the great prosmtth smth phet of the last dispensation being comman lel of god to translate the iel commanded leI bible by the inspiration of the holy ghost commenced the great work in the month of june 1830 talis tffis in t1lis inspired translation jhb distinction th6 thb between the spiritual and temporal creation is clearly manifest after describing the six days of labour god grid informs us that he ended his ark wbrls werls brk on the seventh day and rested there in and sanctified it hp then teaches he 11 us that these are the generations of bf the heaven and of the earth when earthwhen they were created in the day that 1 I the lord god made the heaven and the earth and every plant of the field beford before it was in the earth and every herb of the field before it grew eor tor for 1 the lord god created all things I of which 1 have spoken spiritually I before they were naturally upon the face of the earth and 1 the loicl I lord go had created all the children of god men and not yet a man to till the 016 did ground for in heaven created 1 them I and there was not yet flesh upon hilo llie earth neither in the water neither in the air but 1 the lord god spake I and there went up a mist from tho the earth and watered the whole face 0 f o god the ground and 1 the lord G odi I formed man from the dust of tho formea flom