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  • It was designed european city o the +year in 2007
  • This city is in the north England. It has 185000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 71 after Christ by the Romans. In 866 the vikings captured York
  • The most important industries in the 50´s were railway and chocolate factories like Nestle and Terrys. Terrys nowadays moved to Polonia and their best chocolate was orange chocolate. Nowadays York´s economy is based on service industry like tourism, health, education.
  • It takes two hours from York to London by train. In the city of York it is very common to travel by bus. There are many cycle lanes
  • It is the second largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe. It is in the city centre which is enclosed by medieval walls
  • There are many botanic gardens surrounding the Yorkshire Museum and there are live performances and festivals there. We can see the walls
  • It was the place of a massacre in 1190. 150 jews were burnt alive in this place
  • The Shambles is a narrow medieval street, lined with shops, boutiques and tea rooms . Years ago there were 25 butcher´s shops in the street. This name is very common in other cities of England.
  • It was opened in 1830 and is one of the firs museums. You can see a lot a of insects and plants
  • We can see the story of the rail transport in Britain. It is very known and is free
  • They are a collection of small and narrow streets and footpaths in the city of York . We don´t recommend to use the car in these streets
  • Guy Fawkes was born here. They have their own newspaper. York ham, a type of boiled ha m, [ pink meat and does not need cooking before eating.
  • Yorkshire Wheel was opened in 2006 and it has 54 m, now is closed. enjoy a drink from the bar as the sights of York city 45 minute City Cruise. Then, York Dudgeon (/'dʌdʒən/) is the scariest attraction in York now they burn witches alive, what a show
  • Jorvik Festival:hundreds of Vikings descend on the city and demonstrate battle-drills and training routines.York has a pub for everyday of the year. Carnival: The day will be full of culture and diversity, the perfect start to the Summer , a lot of music, customs...
  • York

    1. 1. York
    2. 2. Where is York?
    3. 3. 50´s Economy
    4. 4. Transports
    5. 5. Sites of interest
    6. 6. York Minster
    7. 7. York Museum gardens
    8. 8. Clifford´s Tower
    9. 9. The Shambles
    10. 10. Yorkshire Museum
    11. 11. National Railway Museum
    12. 12. The Snickelways
    13. 13. Made in York
    14. 14. Entertainment
    15. 15. York Boat Cruise Yorkshire Wheel Adults - £7.50 Adult £14.00
    16. 16. 13 - 21 February 2010 Jorvik Viking Festival Sunday 6 June