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Formula 4

  1. 1. Formula 4Ginseng dry extractNigella sativa seeds Ginseng dry extract Nigella sativa seeds1- Different Panax ginseng Nigella sativa names of (traditional Chinese herb) Black seed drug: 2- Part Roots Seeds used: 1- Essential (volatile) oils Thymoquinone 2- Fixed (fatty) oils: 1- Triterpenoid saponin Omega 3 = linolenic acid glycosides Omega 6 = linoleic acid 3- Active (Ginsenosides =constituent: Panaxosides) NB: Nigella is very rich in 2- Polysaccharide glycans nutrients (sugars, all essential (Panaxans) amino acids, minerals, vitamins…) that is why it has a very high nutritional value. 1- Adaptogen 2- Immunostimulant4- Medicinal 3- Tonic (decreases fatigue and weakness) uses: 4- Respiratory problems 4- Hypoglycemic 5- Nutritional supplement As immunostimulant: Ginsenosides increase 1- Omega 3 and Omega 6 are corticosteroids à enhance necessary for forming adaptogenic effect prostaglandins (PGs) which strengthen the immune system 5- Mode of -Ginseng augments and prevent infection. Action: adrenal synthesis of corticosteroids which play 2- Raises interferon production a significant role in the adaptation capabilities of 3- Increases cells of the the body to stress immune system (T-cells, natural killer cells and cytokines). 1
  2. 2. Long term use causes Ginseng abuse syndrome (CNS 6- Side excitation, nervousness, Effects: insomnia, elevated blood pressure…) especially when used with CNS stimulants. -Nigella seed extract (4:1) standardized to contain 5% thymoquinone used in dose of 50-57 mg in the form of capsules Daily dose is 1-2 gm crude -Also available in the form of oil 7- drug or 200 mg of a used internally with meals orInformation concentrated aqueous externally as creams, gels or of any extract standardized to lotions.standardize contain 4% ginsenosides d extract: in the form of infusion, NB: capsule or extract. -Nigella oil should be refrigerated after opening to avoid rancidity. -Nigella cant be used as tea as thymoquinone is water insoluble. 2
  3. 3. Adaptogens1- Definition: Plants which increase the ability of the organism to adapt to differentstressors, balance the immune system, increase performance and vitalityand accelerate convalescence.-Explaining the effect of adaptogens is difficult as they influence eachindividual differently.2- Properties of adaptogens: Adaptogens are non-specific in action i.e. they increase resistance ofthe body to a broad spectrum of harmful factors (physical, chemical,biological…)-Adaptogens have a normalizing effect on the body i.e. tone down byhyperfunctioning systems and strengthen hypofunctioning systems Difference between Adaptogens and CNS stimulants In stimulants, the level of performance reaches its maximum followedby a corresponding decrease below the average level of performance with afeeling of exhaustion. 3
  4. 4. Herbal Combinations:Adaptogens: 1- Golden root 2- Gotu kola 3- Cats clow 4- Astragalus 5- ShizandraHerbal products in Egyptian market:1- Ginseng Ginseng + Nigella + Bran2- Baraka Nigella3- Nigellar Nigella4- Ginsaco Nigella + Ginseng 4