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Lcs In Action Flier


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Quick, cute flier

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Lcs In Action Flier

  1. 1. 1: July is 17: Celebrate National 26: Take a hike! - Put on City of Holland Recreation 9: Hope College Summer Repertory Ice Cream Day: Satisfy your walking shoes and Department of Leisure and Parks Theater: Junie B at your cravings by visiting hike through one of the and Cultural Services Month!! 10:30 AM. one of the many YUMMY many relaxing trails while More than ice cream establish- encountering varied birds 120,000,000 ments in the city!. and animals at Van Raalte In Action people will visit parks 10: Take an Farm. in the United States afternoon cruise: Put during the month of July!! your boat into the 18: DeGraaf Nature 27: FREE! - Concert in Centennial water at the Kollen Center - Learn about nature through Park at Noon. Featured performer is 2: Blaze a new trail: Exercise those Park Boat Launch for hands on activities, trail hikes and Guy Louis with active audience muscles and try out the NEW FREE this summer! animal encounters. participation, expert musicianship Wellness Trail with the main starting and light-hearted humor. Then shopMark your point in Moran Park! 11: Farmers’ Market Kids’ 19: Teach a man how to ‘til you drop atcalendar: Demo at 10 AM - Authors fish.... Bring your pole and Sidewalk Sales!! 3: Check out the Dianne Glupker and Dawna your kids to Kollen Park toJuly is Bandshell in Kollen Delsi will help kids make a catch the BIG one! 28: Farmers’ MarketRecreation Park: Enjoythe outdoor concert by an American book of their own. - Sizzle in the gardenand Parks Legion Band for the 88th 20: FREE! Summer Concert with Caterer Noel Series: Plan C, a high quality Castro while he Annual Summer Concert 12: FREE! - Party in KollenMonth! series. Park with Maranda and “Modern Rock” band playing demonstrates how at 6:30 PM in Centennial Park. to cook WOTV-4. A great festival atmosphere with fun activities Mexican fare. 4: Independence Day: 21: Farmers’ Market Demo: A Visual and giveaways. Celebrate with your neighbors by watching the fireworks in Kollen Feast - Learn tricks for making food 29: Don’ t look as delicious as it tastes with Chef Forget! Park. 13: FREE! - Concert in Centennial Chris Ferris from Oxbow at 10 AM. Park at Noon. Featured performer Registrations for is The Gratitude Steel Band playing Fall programs such 5: FREE! Playground as Boys’ and Girls’ and singing Caribbean, Jazz, Latin Programs: Drop in and 22: Swing those arms! Test your Soccer, Golf, and Adult Fall League American and African music. check out these adult - racquet at one of Holland’s nationally Sports are ending! supervised activities at recognized great municipal tennis Rosa Parks Green, Moran 14: Farmers’ Market Cooking facilities! and Maplewood Parks. Demo - Fresh Vegetables as an 30: Keep the fun alive in August With summer with festivals like Art in the Park andbeing in full swing, entree...Chef Snarski 23: Bouws Pool: Take the here are 31 ideas 6: FREE! - Summer Concert Series: Taste of Holland! from Alpenrose will whole family for a fun day into get you hooked Java Jive, featuring the sounds of demonstrate simple the sun for only $3 per on the Holland jazz and swing from the 30’s & 40’s in ways to incorporate FAMILY. 31: FREE! Concertcommunity during Centennial Park starting at 6:30 PM. veggies as your main at the Band Shell in July, National Kollen Park by the meal at 10 AM. Recreation and 24: Beach it! Cool off and Holland American Parks month. 7: Farmers’ Market - Chef Shell get tan at Holland State Legion Band Rash from Till Midnight will be 15: Beat the heat! Enjoy floating in Park! beginning at 7:30 PM. preparing a breakfast fresh Bouws Pool with your family for the from the Market! day. 25: Holland Museum: Catch-A-Wave Family Wednesday with Max Beach Shuttle: Saturdays, June 23 - 8: Picnic in the park: Pack 16: Welkom!! Be great hosts to the family fun and hands-on September 1st, FREE a lunch and picnic the cruise ship passengers who will be learning! Shuttle Service between Holland and Holland beautiful gardens on Windmill visiting Holland for the day. State Park. Call 355-1010 for more info. Island.