LeadLife Webinar: How Lead Nurturing Generates Demand (And Why Sales Loves It)


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79% of leads delivered to sales from marketing never convert to a sale (MarketingSherpa).

The biggest reason for this disconnect is lack of lead nurturing. Marketers need to create a digital conversation where prospects are delivered the right information, at the right time, to make an educated and strategic buying decision.

Sales enablement expert, founder of the ROI Selling Program, and CEO of ROI4Sales, Michael Nick and Lisa Cramer share the 3 ways a proper nurturing strategy provides Sales with insights into a prospects digital behavior (emails opened, links executed, web content reviewed, etc.), and how that data creates better quality leads and a faster sales cycle.

Watch the on-demand webinar: www.leadlife.com/saleslove
The 3 Ways Lead Nurturing Generates Demand (And Why Sales Loves It)

Webinar presenters:
Michael Nick - CEO, ROI4Sales
Lisa Cramer - President, LeadLife Solutions

Hosted by the Outsourcing Institute

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  • You saw a slide earlier about some of the benefits that leadlife customers have enjoyed. We have a couple of ROI models
  • Traditionally marketing campaigns have just been involved with the lead to say why our stuff is better then someone another vendor.Lead nurturing starts at the earliest stage and continues to move the prospect (based on their interaction) through the buying cycleResearch has shown that as much as 77% of revenues can be generated by leads who aren’t ready to buy when they first opt in. Marketing Sherpa
  • There are many different strategies you can use for nurturing – In this slide we have outlined a generic nurturing program. Of course the most effective nurturing programs are those that fit your prospect’s buy cycle and provides the most relevant content to them at each stage. Obviously its almost a necessity for this to be automated and based on “triggers” to provide the true relevance of what is needed.As you can see from this slide, this generic process starts with thought leadership pieces (such as the whitepapers) and moves the prospect further into the buy cycle with items such as webinars and case studies (this is dependent on their actions). This could include tools like roi calculators.
  • Next step is about helping to understand what leads are engaging and how much they are engaging through the nurturing process. And you can do this with lead scoring.Scoring helps you to prioritize leads based on different facets – i.e. behavior and/or demographicsTo score effectively you need to understand those things that indicate interest – what really indicates engagement… is it clicks alone.. Or really more about what pages they view and for how long. For instance - are whitepapers as important as ROI tools, implementation guides, etc? Do not score everything – too much granularity will make measurement difficultMake sure you can gauge how your leads are scoring over time and within campaigns – this is another way to evaluate how you are progressing on your nurturing success.Finally define thresholds for your scoring schema – at which point are leads moved into other stages and/or nurturing campaigns? At what point are leads sent to sales?Analyze trends and effectiveness and refine scoring rules over time
  • Timing is critical in sales…. So its important to notify sales reps in real time when a lead performs some action or series of actions that would deem them “sales ready”In addition to moving the leads and their behaviors into the crm system, its important to alert the reps via email – which they can get on their phone.You want to make sure the sales rep is also armed with additional intelligence about what the prospect did through the nurturing process–what they’ve shown interest in so that the call could be a little warmer and certainly better directed.
  • LeadLife Webinar: How Lead Nurturing Generates Demand (And Why Sales Loves It)

    1. 1. The 3 Ways Lead Nurturing Creates Demand (And Why Sales Loves It)
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    4. 4. Panelists & Moderator • Lisa Cramer – President & Co-founder, LeadLife Solutions – Recognized in the top ten of SLMA’s 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals & Top 20 Women in Sales & Lead Management (2009 and 2010, 2011, 2012) • Michael Nick – Sales Enablement Guru – CEO of ROI4Sales – Author of “The Key to the C Suite” & “ROI Selling” • Moderator - Daniel Goodstein – VP, Outsourcing Institute
    5. 5. Agenda1. Aligning sales and marketing on the lead process2. Applying Lead Nurturing – Providing priority and intelligence into lead behavior for making warmer calls3. Ensuring every lead is nurtured and not lost or ignored
    6. 6. 1Aligning sales and marketing on the lead process
    7. 7. The PastMarketing
    8. 8. What It’s Costing You• Revenue Impact – 70% of leads are not followed up on• Cost of Sales – Marketing • Wasted lead generation dollars • Resources constrained – Sales • For every 100 raw leads, 4 – 7 are ready to buy – who do you call? • Call attempts per lead 7- 12 Marketing Sherpa, Demand Gen Report, Forrester
    9. 9. The Buyers Process Has Changed60% of a typical (B2B) purchasingdecision—researching solutions, rankingoptions, setting requirements, benchmarkingpricing, and so on—occur before evenhaving a conversation with a supplier. Corporate Executive Board
    10. 10. The Present (and Future) Marketing
    11. 11. 2Applying Lead Nurturing
    12. 12. Campaigns vs. Lead Nurturing One End-to-End Lead Nurturing Process Awareness Consideration Purchase Theme #1 Traditional Theme #2 Campaigns©2011 Marketing Interactions, Inc. Theme #3
    13. 13. Lead Nurturing Example Lead Nurturing StrategyDevelop A PlanOutline an effective lead nurturing process per target /campaignExample:•Day 1: Thank you email for downloading a whitepaper•Day 10: Email recommending article/whitepaper ofrelated interest•Day 20: Send another email about area of interest –linking to landing page•Day 30: Send an email invite to webinar • Next series of touches - Dependent on registration and attendance of webinar•Day 40: If attended webinar, phone call follow up•Day 50: Email a recent customer win case studyRule based on “sales ready” definition sends lead to sales
    14. 14. 3Ensuring every lead is nurtured and not lost or ignored
    15. 15. Apply Scoring Based on Activity & Response50 35 100 63 85
    16. 16. Notify Sales in Real-Time Send real-time notifications to your salesAlert Reason: Lead visited Pricing Page on your website teamFirst Name JohnLast name Doe Integrate seamlessly withCompany Technology Solution Providers your CRM systemEmail jdoe@tsp.comPhone 123.456.7890 *Contact rate decreasesMost Recent 100x when response Lead Nurturing Whitepaper time goes from 5 min toForm FillMost Recent 30 min www.leadlife.com/pricingPageviewScore 100 * Kellogg/MIT Study
    17. 17. $Benefits of Lead Nurturing
    18. 18. Bottom Line ResultsWith Lead Nurturing, Companies Have:– Increased revenue by 150%– Increase in qualified leads by 78%– Decrease in sales cycle from months to weeks– Increase first call contact success rate by 85%– Decrease in cost of sales by 10%– Improved conversion rates up to 3x– ROI in 60 days
    19. 19. ?How do you want your sales professionals to spend their time?
    20. 20. How Sales Spends Their Time Today Professional Sales Rep Time Breakdown
    21. 21. How Sales Spends Their Time with Lead Nurturing Professional Sales Rep Time Breakdown – With Lead Nurturing
    22. 22. How to Get StartedWanna Learn More? Get the LeadLife White Paper: The Cost of Not Nurturing Leads www.leadlife.com/nurturing Watch this recorded on-demand Webinar at www.leadlife.com/SalesLove Lisa Cramer Michael Nicklcramer@leadlife.com mnick@roi4sales.com