3 Essential Steps for Turning Social Inbound Prospects Into Sales-Ready Leads


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While companies are generating traffic from social media channels, 63% are not converting that traffic into leads for their businesses.

The main culprit? Not prioritizing social prospects, tracking their digital behaviors and providing them with a clear path to deeper engagement.

An integral part of the sales process is getting to know your prospects and establishing relationships. Prioritizing social prospects allows you to segment those leads by specific categories of interest. When coupled with marketing automation and a lead nurturing strategy, campaigns become more tailored to the lead’s interest which allows your sales team to respond and communicate more intelligently and effectively.

Social123’s Scott Miller and LeadLife’s Lisa Cramer discuss best practices and the 3 steps for converting social leads into sales opportunity:

1) Profiling social prospects using Social Scoring
2) Tracking digital behavior for creating relevant content
3) Engaging in a regular digital conversation with a lead nurturing strategy

Watch the Recording here - http://bit.ly/WpJoRj

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3 Essential Steps for Turning Social Inbound Prospects Into Sales-Ready Leads

  1. 1. 3 Essential Steps for TurningInbound Social Prospects into Sales-Ready Leads eavy Lifting f the H or Y e do ou W
  2. 2. Today’s SpeakersScott Miller @social123• President, Social123• Prior Principle for the world-renowned sales consultancy, “The Complex Sale”• Sales Enablement ExpertLisa Cramer @leadlife #leadlife• President & Co-founder, LeadLife Solutions• Recognized in the top ten of SLMA’s 50 Most Influential Sales Lead Management Professionals & Top 20 Women in Sales & Lead Management (2009 and 2010, 2011, 2012)
  3. 3. Agenda1 Profiling social prospects using Social Scoring2 Tracking digital behavior for creating relevant content3 Engaging in a regular digital conversation with a lead nurturing strategy
  4. 4. ?How Did We Get Here?
  5. 5. Social. Sales. Enablement. • Sales Representatives believe contact data in85% LinkedIn is better than the data inside of their CRM • Marketers plan to use Social Media Data to drive78% marketing campaigns in 2013
  6. 6. Social. Sales. Enablement. “65% of the most successful salespeople believe social media is integral to their sales success.” -
  7. 7. 1Profiling Social Prospects Using Social Scoring
  8. 8. Social. Sales. Enablement.
  9. 9. Social. Sales. Enablement. Social123 provides sales intelligence on every social contact in the form of current company, current title, current location, and current industry. We allow our customers to allocate a point value for each matching field – thus providing a higher score to the ideal buyer in the ideal location.
  10. 10. Social. Sales. Enablement. Social123 allocates a point value based on the actions your contacts make with your social media outlets. The example to the left allocates 1 point for liking, commenting, or retweeting a post we made. We also account for following on twitter. This expression of interest to our brand is expressed by a point value.
  11. 11. Social. Sales. Enablement. Social123 allocates a point value based on the attributes our contacts have with social media. This provides a customized social influence value instead of relying on standards that may not be as relevant to every organization. The example to the left allocates points based on the number of friends on Facebook and connections on LinkedIn. Twitter activity is scored based on followers, following, and number of tweets.
  12. 12. Social. Sales. Enablement. Social123 allocates a point value to keywords that our contacts state on social media outlets. These keywords should consist of: 1. My Company 2. My Products 3. My Competitors 4. My Competitors’ Products 5. My Customers 6. My Prospects 7. Industry Keywords 8. Industry Events 9. Google AdWords 10. Hashtags
  13. 13. Segmenting & Targeting• Demographics : o Information about the prospect  Ex: Company size, job title, geography, etc.• Behavior : o Monitoring the prospects behavior  Ex: Website visits, whitepaper and/or case study downloads, etc.• Demographics + Behavior = o The complete picture of your lead.
  14. 14. Scoring Strategy• Understand signs of engagement – Educational vs. Buying Signs – Clicks, Page views, page time, downloads, frequency• Integrate demographics and firmographics• Track engagement – Lead score movement• Move leads to sales – Analyze scoring threshold(s)
  15. 15. What Do I Score? An example of what you can score…Scoring from an Email Campaign: VIEWED TIME ON WHITEPAP TIME ON CLICKED PRODUCT VIEWED LANDING ER SITE LANDING PAGES OR CASEVISITOR PAGE (Score DOWNLOA (Score 10 SCORE PAGE CASE STUDIES 5 if >= D if >= 2 (Score 5) STUDIES (5 each) 10 sec) (Score 10) min) (5 each) 1 5 5 15 10 10 10 55 2 5 5 0 0 10 0 20
  16. 16. 2Tracking digital behavior for creating relevant content
  17. 17. Social. Sales. Enablement.
  18. 18. Tracking Digital Behavior
  19. 19. Understanding Content Marketing Move Your Prospects through the Buy Cycle with Relevant Content Problem Information Brand Objections/ PurchaseSegment Recognition Search Evaluation Obstacles Decision Webinars Pricing Industry Case Studies TestimonialsSegment 1 stats/reports Whitepapers Datasheets Free demos How to get Blog started Webinars Pricing Industry Whitepapers Case Studies TestimonialsSegment 2 stats/reports Blog Datasheets Free demos How to get started
  20. 20. Behavior Drives Content: Effective Nurturing
  21. 21. 3Engaging in a regular digital conversation with a lead nurturing strategy
  22. 22. Campaigns vs. Lead Nurturing One End-to-End Lead Nurturing Process Awareness Consideration Purchase Theme #1 Traditional Theme #2 Campaigns Theme #3 ©2011 Marketing Interactions, Inc.
  23. 23. Lead Nurturing Example Lead Nurturing ExampleDevelop A PlanOutline an effective lead nurturing process per target /campaignExample:•Day 1: Thank you email for downloading a whitepaper•Day 10: Email recommending article/whitepaper ofrelated interest•Day 20: Send another email about area of interest –linking to landing page•Day 30: Send an email invite to webinar • Next series of touches - Dependent on registration and attendance of webinar•Day 40: If attended webinar, phone call follow up•Day 50: Email a recent customer win case studyRule based on “sales ready” definition sends lead to sales
  24. 24. Nurturing Tips• Online and offline• Continual nurturing• Specific interest• Lead Scoring Gives Visibility• Continuously Engage Prospects• Evaluate All Responses• Deliver Real Value• Thought leadership• Personalization• Develop a plan
  25. 25. Benefits of Lead Nurturing 20% The average increase in sales opportunities for organizations with a lead nurturing strategy 45% The average lift in ROI for organizations with a lead nurturing strategy163% The average lift in ROI for organizations with marketing automation MarketingSherpa’s 2011 B2B Marketing Benchmark Survey, Demand Gen
  26. 26. Social. Sales. Enablement. Accuracy and Confidence in Contact Data Enriched Understanding Additional Communication Channels©2013 ©Solution Selling, Inc.
  27. 27. 5 Take-Away’s:Turning Inbound Prospects Into Sales-Ready Leads1. Score / Segment Leads with Social Data2. Use Social Data and Digital Behaviors to create content3. Develop content maps based on targets4. Engage, nurture, convert
  28. 28. How to Get Started Wanna Learn More? https://www.social123.com/salesleads/signup.php Get the LeadLife White Paper: The Cost of Not Nurturing Leadswww.leadlife.com/nurturing Lisa Cramer Scott Miller lcramer@leadlife.com Scott.miller@social123.com