Abstinence Pill


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Abstinence Pill

  1. 1. Grade Level: High School- College Unit Area: Sexual Health Time: 15-30 minutes The Abstinence Pill National Health Education Standard Student will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention Ready(Objective) Students will debate the statement: “Vows of ABSTINENCE break far more often than condoms.” Students will imagine what an ABSTINENCE PILL would look like. Set(Preparation) Materials: Large clear cylindrical container to simulate prescription bottle. Plastic “egg” or other container that can simulate a “pill” Small piece of paper inside the “pill” that says “NO” Handout: “100 ways to have fun without DOIN’ IT” Go(Procedure) 1. Write following quote on board: “VOWS OF ABSTINENCE BREAK FAR MORE OFTEN THAN CONDOMS.” 2. Engage students in a debate-discussion of the above quote. • -How effective/realistic is it to discuss Abstinence with adolescents? • -Should Abstinence be a mandatory part of a sexual health unit? • -How many of them have discussed Abstinence with Mother? Father? Friends? In school? In religious instruction? • -What messages do you get about Abstinence? • What kinds of things do people Abstain from? -Food, voting, alcohol, drugs, sex • Why do they abstain? -protect health, avoid making a decision, avoid negative consequences, part of religious beliefs • As far as sex is concerned: -used as a birth control method: abstaining from vaginal intercourse -used for safer sex: abstaining from vaginal, oral, and anal intercourse
  2. 2. • Abstinence is a choice, like any other form of contraception. Factors to consider : -what is best for you? Your partner? -how does it fit into your life?(values, morals, relationships) • What are some ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of Abstinence? 3. Show your model of the ABSTINENCE PILL. “It’s hard to talk about something you can’t see, so I decided to invent an ABSTINENCE PILL. Let me read the directions on the label.” At this point, you can be creative in designing your label. Consider Dosage, frequency of use, Dr.’s Name, must have with you all the time, side effects, do not mix with drugs or alcohol, etc. • When will you “go off” the Abstinence pill? (never, certain age, when you find the right partner, marriage, engaged, when you find another method that works for you , etc.) 4. Open up the bottle and take out the pill. “As you can see, for a lot of people this Abstinence pill is going to be difficult to swallow.” Now open up the “pill” and take out the only ingredient, the word “NO”. 5. Handout: “100 Ways To Have Fun Without Doin’ It.” Discuss. Summary Statement Remember that ABSTINENCE doesn’t have to mean lack of love, intimacy, romance, sensuality, or fun!! Dom Splendorio President at Prime Time Health Consulting Greater New York City Area