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  • 1. Carlee Larsen HLAC 1096-43 25-Apr-12Name Course Date HLAC - Lifelong Wellness Application PaperWrite a paragraph on each of the following: 1. What did you learn about “lifelong wellness” from taking this activity class? There was a lot of valuable information, pertaining to fitness, covered in this class that uplifted and encouraged me to continue to life as healthy as possible. One of the most important lessons I learned from this class was that total wellness is only achieved when physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health were properly balanced. 2. How would you apply this information to your life? I have seen in the past in my own life, when I am struggling with discouragement or frequent battles with illness, that something is out of balance in those before mentioned areas. I plan to evaluate these categories always in the future when trouble in my health begins to arise and take action to bring whichever is out of balance back in line with the rest. 3. What is your intention to continue to exercise in your life and why? At least for the next 15 years I plan to continue improving my flexibility, strength training and stress management. Within the next few years my husband and I plan to start having a couple children and start a family. Being a mother I cant think of too many more important things than being able to frequently bend and lift my children. As well as stay mentally positive throughout the many stressful years ahead. 4. General ideas for improving this course? I would have liked to have had more visual aids in the teaching of the material online. As it is though this online class has been a great experience and a well put together online health class in my opinion.