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  • SAY TO STUDENTS: Questioning and inferring work in tandem to enhance understanding of text. (Harvey & Goudvis, Strategies that Work)
  • AFTER YOU READ THE SLIDE TO STUDENTS, COVER THESE POINTS To infer as we read is to go beyond literal interpretation and to open a world of meaning deeply connected to our lives. (Ellen Keene, Mosaic of Thought) When you make an inference, you first go to the text, pictures, graphics, and then add your own background knowledge. Because we have different backgrounds we may arrive at different inferences but they must always be plausible and be supported by the passage
  • SAY TO STUDENTS: What are the literal implications of the picture? What inference can you make?
  • TELL STUDENTS: Inferring is not just guessing! Teacher walks students through the process – MODEL with this picture. See next three slides with YOU doing the work.
  • With this slide, take students through GUIDED PRACTICE What do they literally see? Next two slides for our responses. Students may differ.
  • Have students provide the answers for this picture. Sample responses follow.
  • Have students jot down their answers for “What I view”…. + “What I know already” = “What I infer”
  • Ask students how their inference changed with more information
  • TELL STUDENTS: In addition to pictures you can make inferences about other elements of fiction and the elements of nonfiction as well.
  • Step 1: Pair a stronger reader with a more fragile reader for this partner work. Step 2: Students read passage silently from SMARTBOARD Step 3: Teacher reads it aloud Step 4: Teacher asks student pairs to “unpack”, literally, what the text says and record it under “What I Read” and “What I Already Know” on the graphic organizer. Step 5: Discuss student responses briefly, both “What I read” and “What I already know”. Step 6: Have student pairs answer the question, “What is Ulrich von Gradwitz up to?” by inferring a response.
  • Make an inference ppt semester 2

    1. 1. Make an InferenceRead between the Lines
    2. 2. What is an Inference? An inference is something that you conclude based on evidence and partly on your own knowledge. When you make an inference, you read something, add what you know to it, and draw a conclusion. You put “two and two together” or “read between the lines”.
    3. 3. Did you know that you makeinferences everyday in the realworld? You evaluate situations. You make predictions. These skills help you to choose friends, settle arguments, make decisions.
    4. 4. How is this romance going?
    5. 5. What might happen next?
    6. 6. What I + What I = What IRead/ know InferViewed Already
    7. 7. What I + What I = What IRead/ know InferViewed AlreadyA man Highlyholding a unlikely thatvery large a house cat ?cat with an would beodd tail that large
    8. 8. What I + What I = What IRead/ know InferViewed AlreadyA man Highly Thisholding a unlikely that picturevery large a house cat must becat with an would be photo-odd tail that large shopped.
    9. 9. What I + What I = What IRead/ know InferViewed AlreadyAn X-ray of This X-raya foot in a shows a footvery high in an ?heel unnatural position.
    10. 10. What I Read/ + What I know = What IViewed Already InferAn X-ray of a This X-ray This footfoot in a very shows a foot in positionhigh heel an unnatural does not position. look comfortable.
    11. 11. What I + What I = What IRead/ know InferViewed AlreadyA newbornbaby The wordscovered with on the baby ?words are advertising logos
    12. 12. What I read/ + What I know = What I inferviewed alreadyA newborn The words on Advertisersbaby covered the baby are are targetingwith words advertising younger and logos younger audiences.
    13. 13. What I + What I know = What IRead/ Already InferViewedA person Traffic officersholding a cell stop cars forphone by his violations; In ?toes stopped certain states,by a traffic texting whileofficer who driving is againstlooks the lawconfused
    14. 14. What I + What I know = What IRead/ Already InferViewedA person Traffic officers Someholding a cell stop cars for people willphone by his violations; In try to gettoes stopped certain states, around theby a traffic texting while texting lawofficer who driving is against any waylooks the law they can.confused
    15. 15. You can make inferencesabout the setting After reading you can picture a setting; you are “reading” the setting. You need to read between the lines and make inferences about what it tells you. Usually it tells you:  About the feeling, or mood, of the moment  About how characters feel or what they are like  About something new that is about to happen in the plot
    16. 16. Check Out This Example“Snow blows across the highway before me as Iwalk—little, wavering trails of it swept along like apeople dispersed. The snow people—where arethey going? Some great danger must pursue them.They hurry and fall, the wind gives them a push,they get up and go on again.” JOHN HAINES, FROM “SNOW”
    17. 17. What I Read + What I Know = What I Infer AlreadyPeople are trying to It is possible to slip Crossing a highway inget across a highway and fall while walking a snowstorm isin a snowstorm. in a snowstorm. dangerous.Some of them are in Because of the snow,such a hurry that they when you fall, it mayfall. be difficult to get back up.
    18. 18. With Your Partner Make an Inference“In a forest of mixed growth somewhere on the easterns spurs of the Carpathians, a man stood one winter night watching and listening, as though he waited for some beast of the woods to come within the range of his vision and, later, of his rifle. But the game for whose presence he kept so keen an outlook was none that figured in the sportsman’s calendar as lawful and proper for the chase; Ulrich von Gradwitz patrolled the dark forest in quest of a human enemy.” The Interlopers by Saki
    19. 19. What can you infer that Ulrich von Gradwitz is up to ?What I Read + What I Know = What I Infer Already