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Ehr power point

  1. 1. EHR & EHM Software PresentationTHANK YOU AND WELCOME06/19/10
  2. 2. *Based on the Hi-Tech ACT incentive payments06/19/10
  3. 3.  The HITECH Act of 2009 requires your practice to, in consultationwith other appropriate Federal agencies (including the NationalInstitute of Standards and Technology), to update your Federal HealthIT Strategic Plan (developed as of June 3, 2008) to include specificobjectives, milestones, and metrics with respect to the following: The electronic exchange and use of health information and theenterprise integration of such information. The utilization of an electronic health record for each person in theUnited States by 2014. The incorporation of privacy and security protections for theelectronic exchange of an individual’s individually identifiable healthinformation (HIPAA).Makes it MANDATORY forMakes it MANDATORY for allall Doctors to becomeDoctors to becomeElectronic Health Records (EHR) Compliant by 2014Electronic Health Records (EHR) Compliant by 201406/19/10
  4. 4.  In short, this Act requires your practice tobecome 100% paperless, building an electronicfile for each of your patients by 2014. The sharing of information betweenorganizations such as laboratories, pharmaciesor other entities must adhere to the HIPAAguidelines assuring the highest level of patientIT security available.06/19/10
  5. 5.  EHRMagic, Inc. was developed by Sony Dao in 2000. Mr. Dao began writing software for the medicalindustry in 1999. Sony’s 12-year tenure at NASA makes him a provensoftware developer. He has also worked as Chief Technical Officer for areputable IT company for over 3 years. Currently there are 9 full-time software writers with24 hour capability with more being added monthly. A Company with a strong financial backing assuringa very solid background.06/19/10
  6. 6. EHRMagic is a fully customizable web-based software solution for yourpractice. It was designed to integrate a secure “paperless society” formedical practitioners or Doctors and adheres to today’s HITECH Act of2009 and Health Information Technology requirements as well asincrease efficiency and practice revenue.06/19/10
  7. 7.  Grants supplied through the AmericanRecovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) go toreimburse EHRMagic ’s expense to integrateyour practice into our web-based system. This means that EHRMagic can reserve yourspace within our server library and it ends uppaid for through the government incentivepayments.06/19/10
  8. 8. 06/19/10
  9. 9. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Patient Demographics including consents and authorizations. Exam tracking including: Chief Complaints (CC), History of present illness (HPI), ConstitutionalExam, Past, family and social history (PFSH) Review of symptoms (ROS) Clinical notes (SOAP) E&M coding advice Image/X-ray store with graphics and drawing capability Medication tracking and formulary including a database of drug interactions Medication interactions –check for drug-drug, drug-allergy and drug-food interactions Allergies and intolerances tracking Immunization tracking E-prescribing Direct Lab orders & results management Health protocol alerts Duplicate therapy check Clinical decision supportPatient instructionsReferrals Letters & excuses Patient education06/19/10
  10. 10. Practice ManagementPatient scheduling Patient data validation Patient messaging Eligibility inquiry with insurance company using a standard electronic data interchange (EDI) connection ICDM-9 coding CPT/Dx coding Narrative reports CMS-1500 claims UP-04 (inpatient) ERA support – Integrates and displays electronic remittance advice (ERA) Batch posting ERA posting Code-level posting Credit card processing interface Claims reporting Suberbill Dunning letters Ad hoc reporting Claim scrubbing,* Clearinghouse submission* Direct-to-carrier submission*06/19/10
  11. 11. Technical, Security & Certifications HIPAA compliant SSL security integrated security to parallelfinancial institutions. Audit trail Custom templates06/19/10
  12. 12. 06/19/10
  13. 13.  Patient safety Clinical edits (i.e. drug/drug and drug/allergy interaction alerts, duplicate therapywarnings, dose checking, etc.) Legible prescriptions ROI (formulary compliance, generic dispensing) Improved workflow efficiencies (i.e. reduced chart pulls, electronic renewals processeliminating faxes and phone calls, etc.) Formulary and benefit information during prescription writing process allows for moreinformed prescribing choices. This leads to better performance in incentive programs ( programs, pharmacy bonus programs, etc.) Workflow Automated renewals process Reduced chart pulls Streamlined prescription writing process for physicians and staff supporters Physician can access web based system anywhere/anytime Convenience Prescription available to patient when arrive at pharmacy06/19/10
  14. 14. Take advantage of the EHRMagic, Inc. Clearinghouse service. Have your superbillsscrubbed for accuracy and delivered directly to the appropriate insurance outlet at afraction of the average cost being paid today.06/19/10
  15. 15. Accurately apply the accurate ICD9 code directly into the superbill with our type-recognition feature.06/19/10
  16. 16. 06/19/10
  17. 17. 06/19/10
  18. 18. 06/19/10