Social Media for Small Businesses


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In today's increasingly connected world, small business owners who understand and effectively utilize online tools and technologies can have a distinct competitive advantage. During this webinar we will take you through some of the most critical aspects of marketing on the internet and help you assess its usefulness for you and your business.

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  • Social bookmarking: interact by tagging websites and searching through websites bookmarked by other peopleSocial networking: interacting by adding friends, commenting on profiles, joining groups and having discussionsSocial photo and video sharing: interact by sharing photos or videos and commenting on user submissions
  • Company blog allows you to share the personality of your company, ideas, interests, areas of expertise, experience and tipsLinkedin- over 2 million companies on linkedin, a professional social networking siteTwitter- helps you keep the pulse of what’s going around youFacebook- use this to connect to your B2C customers and potential audiences
  • Facebook is the largest social media siteTwitter CEO says over 400 million tweets are sent per day, that’s over 16 million per hourSince launching in 2010, pinterest has become the fastest growing social media site ever. It added over 10 million users in 9 months
  • Social Media for Small Businesses

    1. 1. Social Mediafor SmallBusinesses
    2. 2. What are your perceptions of the uses of social media? Take the Poll!
    3. 3. Should We Participate? Types of Social Media The Purpose of Social Media Common Myths Now What Sites, Differences, & Purposes What Oasis is Doing
    4. 4. Types of Social Media Social Bookmarking Social News Social Networking Social Photo & Video Sharing
    5. 5. Social Media IS… Social media is an instrument of communication All about your customer Being able to communicate directly and honestly
    6. 6. Social MediaIS… Social media allows companies to:  Listen to wants and needs  Interact in real time  Solve problems  Answer questions  Acknowledge concerns  Celebrates milestones
    7. 7. What Social Media IS NOT It’s not about a “hard sell” It’s not about self- promotion It’s not about formal images An audience, it’s a community of collaborators Not a replacement for personal interaction
    8. 8. Common Myths #1 Social Media is Free  #2 You NEED to be  Facebook, Twitter & everywhere LinkedIn accounts  Signing up for and may be free but the then neglecting your time you spend social networks can creating content has negatively impact value. your business. * Learn what sites are most frequented by your customers and be there
    9. 9. CommonMyths #3 Success is Overnight  #4Outsourcing is always  Growing your audience the best option organically takes  You can hire an outsider to time and patience. manage your social media Figuring out what is but they won’t know your best for your company as well as an company is trial and employee. Stay true to your error, don’t get hasty business by providing an authentic voice for your interactions.
    10. 10. Types of Social MediaWhat Social Media ISWhat Social Media ISNOTCommon Myths
    11. 11. Pick a Strategy Generate more leads Solve customer service issues Increase networking opportunities
    12. 12. Before Starting: Have a Champion Clarify Your Social Media Goals & Objectives Create a Social Media Time Budget Outline Your Approach Complete Your Social Media Profiles Lurk & Observe
    13. 13.  Use social media in Tips for small doses to develop brand Using awareness and market your company Social Humanize your brand, Media give it a voice and personality with which your audience can relate Invest in a real website Know your keywords Start Blogging Share Helpful Content
    14. 14. Checklist  Do you homework on the backgrounds, interests or writing focuses of your target(s)  Engage your targets first  Leave comments on blog posts  Retweet content  Send an introductory email  Become a follower or fan  Never contact people without using their names in the e-mail  Follow instructions
    15. 15. What social media sites areyou already using (personally or professionally) Take the Poll!
    16. 16. Choosing the correct social media sites to utilize is just asimportant as what you’re saying on them.
    17. 17. Where Should You Be? B2B Company Blog LinkedIn Twitter Facebook
    18. 18. Where Should You Be?B2C Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn
    19. 19. Most Effective Sites LinkedIn 55% Twitter 60% Video Sharing 71% Facebook 86%Constant Contact reveals which social sitessmall business owners find the most effective
    20. 20. What’s the Most Effective Way to ReachCustomers on Facebook Other Consumers Ads SB Owners Survey/Polls Likes Testimonials Special… Direct Messages Wall Posts 0% 20% 40% 60%
    21. 21. Sites, Differences & Purposes Both Visual Written Tumblr FlickrLinkedIn Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google+ YouTube Wordpress Instagram
    22. 22. Whatever Sites You Use: Complete Your Registration Post something at least twice a week Listen and Respond Monitor daily Consider linking your sites (LinkedIn+Twitter, Facebook+Twitter)
    23. 23. Where We Are:
    24. 24. Company Blog
    25. 25. CompanyPage
    26. 26. Customer Network Group
    27. 27. How did you find outabout this webinar? Take the Poll!
    28. 28. Who is Oasis Solutions Group• Founded in 1991 – 20+ Years of Experience• Regional presence in: – Louisville, KY (HQ) – Lexington, KY – Nashville, TN – Boston, MA• 15 employees, 2 CPAs on staff• Project Managers have 115 years combined experience• Provide Support Services to more than 650 Clients in 15 Sta tes• Authorized Sage Training Center• Sage Development Partner• Business First - Fast-Fifty Award Winner
    29. 29. • Wholesale / Distribution• Professional Services• Financial / Banking• Retail• Manufacturing• Medical• Construction• Franchise Management• Non-Profit• Government
    30. 30. FREE Social Media ForSmall Business Webinars!!
    31. 31. More FREE webinars!!And many more…
    32. 32. If you have questions you canfollow up with us via Twitter@Oasisky Facebook LinkedIn Blog