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Prepentation on navigating sustainability reporting given by Elaine Cohen at the Beyond Business Fifth Annual Sustainability Reporting Conference 2011 in May in Israel

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  • Hi Cassia, thanks for this, I just noticed .... wishing you good luck with your work in Angola ...things take time but you keep moving in the right direction and it works out:) Be in touch if I can be of any help., warm regards, elaine
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  • Hi Elaine, I just loved your post about CSR in HR. I'm brazilian working in Angola for a Israeli company since 2010 and I'm in charge of Communication for Development department, working with CSR most of the time cause we have a Foundation for Arts and Culture in Angola. Now we are presenting a Conference about CSR which is something very new for Africa. I'm proud to take part of this event in each detail, even as a spokesperson, doing my best to contribute of changing the mentality of the business in Africa. Keep walking, Elaine : )
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Sustainability Reporting

  1. 1. Sustainability ReportingWhich way?
  2. 2. Stakeholder CityTechnology Territory Harmonization Hills
  3. 3. Don’t ask:“Should we report?”
  4. 4. Denmark2009 96% success rate Report or Explain2011 - GRI objective2015
  5. 5. Ask:"How should we report?”
  6. 6. GRI County G3 G3.1 G4 Technical Protocol Sector Supplements
  7. 7. GRI County G3: 2006, Profile Disclosures, DMA, Performance indicators EC, EN, HR, SO, LA, PR, G3.1: 2011, adds content related to Human Rights and Gender Equality.
  8. 8. GRI County G4: 2013, improves content (governance, assurance, scope, harmonizaiton, Application Levels) and scalability (formats, technology, integration) Technical Protocol: guidance on how to define the content of a sustainability report (materiality)
  9. 9. GRI County Sector Supplements: 5 in final version 4 in pilot version 4 in development
  10. 10. Integration Beach The New Promise Investor led What is it exactly?
  11. 11. Regulationville
  12. 12. Technology Territory • GRI Approved Software • XBRL • ESG data to terminals
  13. 13. Harmonization Hills OECD GRI IIRC IFC Global Compact Earth Charter ISO 26000
  14. 14. San Social Media • Online reports OECD • Multimedia reports GRI IIRCEngaging through • IFC Global Compact reports Earth Charter Social media leverage • ISO 26000
  15. 15. San Social Media OECD GRI IIRC IFC Global Compact Earth Charter ISO 26000
  16. 16. Strategy Springs From: OECD “Sustainability Strategy” IIRC IFC GRI To: Global Compact Earth Charter Strategy which is “Corporate ISO 26000 Sustainable”
  17. 17. We didn’t ask: OECD IIRC GRI“Should we IFC Global Compact report?”Earth Charter ISO 26000
  18. 18. OECD IIRC We reported! GRI IFC Global CompactEarth Charter ISO 26000
  19. 19. OECD GRI IIRC IFC Global CompactEarth Charter
  20. 20. Number of sustainability reports published in Israel 18 OECD GRI IIRC 12 IFC 8 2 4 42006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  21. 21. How are you reporting? Stakeholder City OECD IIRCTechnology Territory GRI IFC Harmonization Hills
  22. 22. Thank you! OECD IIRCGRI Elaine Cohen IFC Beyond Business