CSR for HR (presentation in Kyiv, Ukraine) April 2011


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Presentation on CSR for HR given to the Centre of CSR Development conference in Kyiv Ukraine on 28th April 2011

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CSR for HR (presentation in Kyiv, Ukraine) April 2011

  1. 1. CSR for HR ranks number 8 in the Top 40 Sustainability Books of 2010A wake-up call for HRManagement.Fills a major gap in the practicalknowledge that HR Managersneed to effectively partnersustainability strategy.Helps CSR practitionersunderstand and demand a value-adding contribution from the HRfunction.
  2. 2. Source: SHRM, “Advancing Sustainability: HR’s Role” 2011
  3. 3. BUSINESS Develop a new product line which will be NEED marketed mainly to women.CAPABILITIES • Intimate understanding of female purchasing habits. REQUIRED • Capabilities for marketing to women. • Ability to dialog with female consumers. HR NEEDS • An organizational culture which values women, encourages and facilitates their advancement in the workplace. • Understanding of organizational blockers to women’s advancement. HR • Values based training for male leadership on the business case forSOLUTIONS gender diversity and women’s advancement. • Recruitment , development and remuneration practices which enable and encourage women’s advancement. • Flexible work programs, childcare support, supportive maternity leave policies which support women’s retention. • Compensation policies and practices which are gender-equal.
  4. 4. BUSINESS Reduce carbon footprint to meet new environmental NEED regulations, reduce costs and attract investors • Technology skills to modify manufacturing /logistics processes and explore renewable energy options. CAPABILITIES • Employee engagement in workplace energy savings. REQUIRED • IT skills to record and report environmental data. • Engagement with suppliers to identify new sourcing options for lower carbon emission products. HR NEEDS • Personnel skilled in environmental technologies. • Proactive engagement of all employees to generate energy savings. • Purchasing department awareness of renewable and green technologies .HR SOLUTIONS • Recruitment of personnel skilled in environmnetal technologies. • Establish a policy and process for Green Teams at each location to support local energy reduction practices. • Linking variable pay to energy consumption reduction targets . • A process for energy saving suggestions with employee participation.
  5. 5. Business Partners (CSR) (CSR) Social Ethics Marketing Culture and Recruitmentcommunications Traditional HR (CSR) functions Community (CSR) involvement Environment (CSR) Human rights, health and safety Employee Remuneration Training and and benefits Development
  6. 6. HRM role HRM objective HRM metric Business value % of employees trained in values and ethics. Mitigation of risk due to unethical Values and Employees understand and behave % of employee responses in survey behaviour by employees. Improved Ethics in line with corporate values. showing employee support company corporate reputation and trust. values.Recruitment Recruitment is based on diversity % of employees recruited by gender and by Improved business results, innovation principles. minority groups. and customer satisfaction. Compensation is driven by equal Ratio of base salary men to women. Lower HR costs due to turnover, opportunity for men and women. improved motivation and trust.Compensation Compensation is linked to Number of employees with sustainability Improved execution of sustainable sustainability performance. targets in annual work-plans. business strategy. % of employees who engage in a corporate Employees are fit to contribute to wellbeing program. Reduced business health costs, lower Well-being % improvements achieved in employee their maximum capability. absenteeism, improved productivity. wellbeing (health, stress, diet etc.) Diverse employees are given % of women in management positions. Improved business results, innovationDevelopment opportunities to advance. % of minorities in management positions. and customer satisfaction. Employees understand and act in % of employees trained in sustainability. Improved execution of sustainable line with sustainability strategy and business strategy. principles. Employees enhance corporate % of employee volunteers. Employee engagement, reputationEngagement community relations. benefits, enhanced community relationships. Employees contribute to improving % of employees participating in "green" Energy and materials costs environmental impacts. activities. reductions.
  7. 7. Elaine Cohen Beyond Business Ltd CSR consulting and Sustainability Reporting www.b-yond.biz/en Tel: +972-523-495-688 email: elainec@b-yond.biz Blogs:www.csr-reporting.blogspot.com www.csrforhr.com www.csr-books.com