E bites newsletter | Issue3 | Sep 2011


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E bites newsletter | Issue3 | Sep 2011

  1. 1. e bites [empower bites] 3Q 2011 | Issue 3 Brought to you by: Become emotionally intelligent. More than possessing the best cognitive skills,“Become according to an American psychologist DanielEmotionally Goleman, it is having well-developed personalIntelligent” qualities such as able to listen & accept other viewpoints, integrate others’ ideas, and recognizeIn this issue and manage their own emotions, that make one a POWER BOOKS successful leader. Finishing Well, Books 1 & 3 2 Goleman  studied  around  200  leaders  from  global  companies  and   By Bob Buford arrived  at  this  conclusion  –  that  there  is  a  direct  correlation   between  emotional  intelligence  and  successful  leadership!   POWER NOTES Become Emotionally   3 Intelligent What  is  emotional  intelligence  (EI)?     Goleman  described  emotionally  adept  people  as  those  who:  “Know   POWER TOOLS how  to  manage  their  own  feelings  well  and  who  read  and  deal   Self-Assessment of 5 EI effectively  with  other  peoples  feelings  across  borders  and   4 Competencies cultures.”  According  to  Goleman,  there  are  five  competencies  of  EI   that  we  should  develop:  self-­‐awareness,  self-­‐ EVENTS regulation/management,  motivation,  empathy  &  social   5 skills/relationship  management.     PROGRAMS   (Continued  in  page  3)    
  2. 2. 2 FINISHING WELL, Books 1 & 3 By Bob Buford FINISHING WELL, Book 3: FINISHING WELL: What WHAT’S NEXT? People Who REALLY Live Do Differently! In this last of three installments, author Bob Read Bob Buford’s interview POWER BOOKS Buford wraps up his with successful and “conversations over lunch” distinguished individuals, find with the trailblazers of our out what they are doing times, and learns the key to differently in their second Recommended by a fuller, richer second season halftime to really live. The Elaine Cercado of life. book’s table of contents says a lot about the book: I was inspired by the story of It’s about relationships & Frances Hesselbein, former priorities (chapter 1); It’s head of Girl Scouts of about family first (chapter 2); America and volunteer in It’s about saying no (chapter many other non-profit 3); It’s about giving & organizations. She said: "I receiving a blessing (chapter have a strong belief we are 4); Its about the power of called to do what we do. purpose (chapter 5); It’s And when were called, about repositioning (chapter were given the energy... 6); and It’s about finding (or You move, a door opens, creating) (chapter 7). and you walk through that door. In time, another door The book confirmed my opens and you walk through definition of personal that door.." success and affirmed the path I’ve taken at the start There is another section of of my second halftime. It is the book I like entitled "The indeed assuring to know that way out is always through" I’m on the right track to from Robert Frosts poem. finishing well. What a simple phrase to say that in life, we need to go through the challenges to Thank  you  to  my  friend,   gain faith and wisdom, and Lillibeth  Ortiz,  who  gave  me   to go through the changes these  two  books  as  gifts!   and resistance to gain muscles. e bites, 3Q 2011, Issue 3
  3. 3. 3 (Continued  from  page  1)   one  belongs  to.    When  the  area  to   BECOME   improve  is  self-­‐management/   EMOTIONALLY Why  is  EI  important?   control,  then  he/she  needs  to  take     more  responsibility  with  how   INTELLIGENT In  todays  global  world,  where   he/she  expresses  her  feelings,   people  live  as  “global  citizens”  –   negative  or  positive.   By Elaine Cercado moving  and  working  beyond     borders  and  cultures  –  it  is  EI  that   Third  is  to  practice.  Good  practice   has  become  more  critical  to  success   makes  perfect.  Knowing  the  areas   than  IQ  (intelligence  quotient).    A   of  strength  and  improvement  is   person  could  be  the  brightest  in   the  first  step.    Consciously  doing   his/her  class  or  division  but  not   specific  steps  to  maintain  the   necessarily  get  promoted  into  a   strengths  and  improve  the  gaps  is   leadership  position  if  the  person   the  next  important  step.  Its  a   lacks  some  EI;  compared  to  a   continuous  process  and  journey.   person  who  demonstrates  high  EI   And  it  is  easier  said  than  done,  as   but  not  necessarily  the  one  with  the   one  needs  to  go  beyond  his  /  her   highest  IQ.  If  one  develops  and   comfort  zone  and  change  his/  her   demonstrates  high  levels  of   habits.  Example  would  be  a   performance  in  the  five   change  like  empathizing  more.     competencies  listed  above,  they   People  naturally  want  to  think  and   could  result  to  outstanding   talk  about  them  selves  first,  and   performances!   to  be  appreciated  or  recognized.     This  is  one  of  our  most  deep-­‐ How  can  one  become  more   seated  desires.  Hence,  to  put   emotionally  intelligent?   oneself  in  another’s  pair  of  shoes     in  every  situation  is  easier  said   The  process  I  teach  is  simple  -­‐  ALPF   than  done.   -­‐  which  stands  for  assessment,     learning,  practice,  feedback.     Lastly,  is  to  get  feedback  from     people  one  interacts  with  and   First  is  to  assess  self.    This  is   trusts.    An  honest  feedback  should   important  as  it  establishes  areas  of   lead  to  a  new  round  of  ALPF.   strengths  and  improvements.  There    Becoming  emotionally  intelligent   POWER NOTES are  several  self-­‐assessment   is  a  dynamic  process,  as  one   questionnaires  available  today  that   continuously  meets  new  and   one  may  use  to  understand  oneself   “…When a person is able to better  in  the  5  EI  competencies.   challenging  situations  in  this   Check  out  a  web  link  on  page  4  for   constantly  changing  world.    But   master emotional one  type  of  EI  self-­‐assessment   when  a  person  is  able  to  master   intelligence, he/she can questionnaire.   emotional  intelligence,  he/she  can   certainly drive outstanding   certainly  drive  outstanding   performances at work, Second  is  learning  to  continuously   performances  at  work,  enhance   enhance quality of improve.  As  the  saying  goes,  "half  of   quality  of  relationships  in  both   relationships in both the  problem  is  solved  when  you   personal  and  professional  lives,   know  what  the  problem  is".  When   personal and professional and  ultimately,  live  a  more   one  is  aware  that  he/she  needs  to   lives, and ultimately, live a improve  on  his/her  social  skills  then   satisfying  and  peaceful  life.   more satisfying and he/she  can  try  several  things  such     peaceful life.” as  empathizing  more,  or   researching  about  the  culture  and   traditions  of  the  network  or  group   e bites, 3Q 2011, Issue 3
  4. 4. 4 SELF- There are five EI people are feeling. Self- competencies according to awareness is an essential ASSESSMENT of 5 Daniel Goleman, as underpinning of empathy. EMOTIONAL follows: If you are not aware of your own emotions, you will INTELLIGENCE • SELF-AWARENESS. This is the not be able to read the ability to recognize what emotions of others. you are feeling, understanding your • RELATIONSHIP habitual emotional MANAGEMENT /SOCIAL responses to events, and SKILLS. This is the ability to recognizing how your manage, influence and emotions affect your inspire emotions in others. behavior and Being able to handle performance. When you emotions in relationships are self-aware, you see and being able to yourself as others see you, influence and inspire others and have a good sense of are essential foundation your own abilities and skills for successful current limitations. teamwork and leadership. • SELF-MANAGEMENT or SELF- To download a free “The CONTROL. This is the ability Practical EQ Emotional to stay focused and think Intelligence Self-Assessment” clearly even when by Coaching Leaders Ltd., experiencing powerful click link or copy & paste into emotions. Being able to your web browser: manage your own https://files.me.com/ecercado/mhn5mg emotional state is essential for taking responsibility for your actions and can save you from hasty decisions that you later regret. • MOTIVATION. This is the ability to use your deepest emotions to move and guide you towards your goals. This ability enables you to take initiative and to POWER TOOLS persevere in the face of obstacles and setbacks. • EMPATHY. This is the ability to sense, understand and responds to what other e bites, 3Q 2011, Issue 3
  5. 5. 5 EMPOWER  MENTORING  PROGRAMS   EVENTS   W@W  (Women  at  Work)   May  2011.  Professional  Talks  Series  1:     Empower  Your  Network   • Ideal  for  new  /  experienced  professional  women,   Check  out:   or  working  moms,  or  women  who  are  shifting   http://www.depowerinu.com/depowerinu/EMPOWER_Seminar_Series1.html careers     • Focus  is  on  finding  passion  &  mission,  balancing,   August  2011.  Professional  Talks  Series  2:     and  empowering  self  &  others   Empower  Your  EI  &  Relationships   Check  out:   YP@W  (Young  Professionals  at  Work)   http://www.depowerinu.com/depowerinu/EMPOWER_Seminar_Series2.html   • Ideal  for  new    /  young  professional  men  &   Coming  soon!  Professional  Talks  Series  3  in   women   November  2011.    Email  depowerinu@me.com  for   • Focus  is  on  career  development,  networking,   details.   time  management,  stress  management  and   emotional  intelligence     M@W  (Managers  at  Work)   OTHER  BITS   • Ideal  for  experienced  professional  men  &   Download  past  e-­‐bites  [empower  bites]  issues   women  who  are  managing  teams,  individuals,   November  2010,  Issue  1:   businesses  or  projects     https://files.me.com/ecercado/e124xh   • Focus  is  on  developing  /  managing  self,  others,   work  situations  and  business   February  2011,  Issue  2:    https://files.me.com/ecercado/wlprul   Program  options  &  schedule   Starting  this  issue,  e-­‐bites  will  be  a  quarterly   • One-­‐to-­‐one  or  small  group  mentoring  over  three   newsletter.       to  five  sessions,  depending  on  agreed  focus   • Ideally,  one  session  every  week;  one  session  lasts   about  two  hours   For  more  details,  download   https://files.me.com/ecercado/ogd6p9   To  inquire  or  to  book  a  session,  email   depowerinu@me.com,  subject:  EMPOWER   Mentoring,  or  call  +65  6271  0208.   ‘‘Anyone  can  become  angry  –  that  is  easy.    But  to   e bites [empower bites] be  angry  with  the  right  person,  to  the  right   A newsletter published by de’POWERinU Management Consultants LLP degree,  at  the  right  time,  for  the  right  purpose,   Registration No. T08LL0335D and  in  the  right  way  –  this  is  not  easy.”     Aristotle   30 Keppel Bay Drive #07-42   Singapore, 098650 Tel +65 6271 0208   Website www.depowerinu.com “It  is  with  the  heart  that  one  sees  rightly;  what  is   essential  is  invisible  to  the  eye.”     Email your feedback or suggestions to depowerinu@me.com Antoine  de  Saint-­‐Exupery,  The  Little  Prince   e bites, 3Q 2011, Issue 3