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  1. 1. IFTTT If This, Then That homepage http://ifttt.com created bySarah Aube and Liz Lacroix
  2. 2. What does IFTTT do?IFTTT is an internet site that creates automaticshortcuts between web services, socialnetworks, and other applications.
  3. 3. IFTTT Works by connecting Channels● Channels are different services that you interact with such as Facebook, Dropbox, your cell phone, Google Calendar or even a simple clock.● There are 55 different channels currently on IFTTT, with more being constantly added.● IFTTT acts as a connection between these channels, making them work together so you work less.
  4. 4. Channels are connected by Recipes that you create● A recipe looks likethis. "This" is free itemson Craigslist in Quincy."That" is send me an e-mail.● You can create your own recipes using different channels, or you can browse recipes that other people have shared and adapt them for your own use.
  5. 5. What do you need to know to use IFTTT?● You need to be familiar with at least a couple of the channels that IFTTT provides access to, in order for this to be useful for you.● These can be as simple as having a phone (landline or cell) or they may be a little more complicated, such as using Vimeo or Delicious.● The good part is that you use only the channels you want to, so you dont need to learn anything you dont already know and use.
  6. 6. What is the value of IFTTT?● Saves time● Can be applied in libraries ○ Librarians can post on a blog and have it automatically posted on Twitter as well. ○ If a librarian adds a new favorite book on Readability, it could automatically bost on their blog. ○ There are currently limitless options for use in libraries, and as more channels are added to IFTTT, more and more recipes will be relevant in libraries.● Works for you, so you dont have to.● Helps coordinate multiple platforms without having to actually go to each platform.
  7. 7. You know you want to try it! How to get started with IFTTT:● Create an account. Go to ifttt.com, click JOIN IFTTT, type in the requested information and click CREATE ACCOUNT.● Activate channels you want to use. This is simply done by clicking the channels tab at the top of your screen and choosing a channel. Then click the activate button and allow access to that channel by IFTTT. You can activate as few or as many channels as you would like to use. This is what it will look like when you click on an unactivated channel. Simply click activate and then you will be able to use it! You can always deactivate a channel if you no longer want IFTTT to access it.
  8. 8. Creating Unique Recipes - If this● To Begin creating a new recipe click the create button on the top of you home screen.● To Unique recipes are set up by choosing a "this" first. You will see this screen, and you will click on a "this" in order to choose the channel that you would like like trigger to come from. The trigger is the specific thing happening within that channel that you want IFTTT to respond to.● When you click "this" it will prompt you to choose a trigger channel. It will show you all of the channels, and you can choose the one you want to use.
  9. 9. Creating Unique Recipes - If thisChoosing a Trigger● Once you choose a channel, you will be prompted to choose a trigger for that channel. Depending on the trigger that you choose, IFTTT may prompt you to fill out some additional information on what you want it to respond to. These are triggers that can be chosen from when using Etsy as a channel.
  10. 10. Creating Unique Recipes - then that● Once you have chosen you "this" channel and your trigger, you will need to choose your "that".● Click on "that" which will bein blue as a link.● Here you will choose another channel, as well as another trigger for that channel.● Once you do this you will "create and activate" your recipe. There is a field that you can add a description for your recipe in, then you can click the "create recipe" button at the bottom of the page and your recipe is made. It will now appear under "my recipes".
  11. 11. Browsing Shared Recipes● On the top of your dashboard page, click "Browse".● Here you can just randomlybrowse recipes that others havecreated and shared, or you cansearch specific channels thatyou are interested in using.● You can click on a recipeand use it as it is or you can alter the triggers to change theway the recipe works.
  12. 12. Managing your recipesOnce you have created recipes, go to the My Recipes Tabon the top. Using the buttons to the right of your recipes,you can turn the recipe on or off, delete the recipe fromyour recipe box, or share the recipe with others. The gray recipes are turned off, while the ones in full color are currently activated.
  13. 13. Additional ResourcesAs the database of Channels continues toexpand, users of IFTTT will want to know abouteach individual application and how it can beuseful to their lives. Channels have their owninformation so resources are limitless!Possibilities include:● dropbox● last.fm● tumblr● readability● google calendar