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Web Design (Tools)
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Web Design (Tools)


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Mohamed ElabnodyWeb Design (Tools)http://www.Elabnody.netElabnody@msn.comLecture (2)2013
  • 2. Outline Basic Concept How the web work How browser display web pages Web site components Tools for creating Web sites Web Design Free 3
  • 3. Introduction Web design encompasses many different skillsand disciplines in the production andmaintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code andproprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. Often many individuals will work in teamscovering different aspects of the designprocess, although some designers will coverthem 4
  • 4. 2.1 Basic Concept The World Wide Web (WWW or Web) is a :graphical interface that utilizes the Internet todistribute and retrieve information A Web site is a : collection of linked Webpages, Starts with a home page and Pages arelinked together with a hyperlink, or link A Web browser is a : specific softwareprogram required to display Web 5
  • 5. 2.1 Basic Concept Access Web pages by entering its UniformResource Locator (URL) into the Web browser’saddress bar Search Engine is a Software programs thatfind Web sites and Web pages Entertainment web sites include : music,videos, sports, games, and 6
  • 6. 2.1 Basic Concept URL WWW: Represents World Wide Web elabnody: site name reserved on the network(Domain Name) .net: suffix determines the type of the sites activityreserved to the network and these subsequentcommercial means as there several suffixes withvarious activities such 7Gov Com Net Org EduGovernment commercial networks Organizations educational
  • 7. 2.1 Basic Concept Types of Web Sites are: Personal, Organizational and 8
  • 8. 2.2 How the web 9RequestWeb BrowserClientServerhttp://
  • 9. 2.2 How the web work Web information stored in documentscalled Web Pages Web pages are files stored in computerscalled web servers Web servers that read web pages calledWeb clients Browser brings web pages from the serverby requesting 10
  • 10. 2.2 How the web work To get to any site on the web you mustknow the address first ?! The address is: ahyperlink destination is encoded UniformResource Locator (URL )hyperlink isdivided into basic parts The title of the page form is Where represents theserver name, and / office / represents thePath, and office2010.aspx represent 11
  • 11. 2.3 How Browser display webpages? 12<html><head><title>Welcome !! </title></head><body><p>This is my first webpage</p></body></html>
  • 12. 2.4 Web site components The Web site consists of:1. Storage Space:Which you booked to view your fileson the Internet ... As set in the harddisk space Hard Disk on your PC tostore files and data2. Domain NameA name that is written in thebrowser to go to the site, such 13
  • 13. 2.5 Tools for creating 14HTMLHypertextMarkupLanguageEditorsShare PointDreamweaveFlashCSSCascading StyleSheetsXMLExtensibleMarkupLanguageWMLWirelessMarkupLanguage
  • 14. Sothink 15
  • 15. Banner 16Animation Online( )
  • 16. Banner 17Cool Text( )
  • 17. Banner 18Media Maker - 3DTextMaker( )
  • 18. 19
  • 19. 2.6 Web Design Free Tools Joomla (CMS) Word 120
  • 20. 21www.elabnody.netHTML 4.0