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Content marketing  - John Carcutt - Digitizing
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Content marketing - John Carcutt - Digitizing


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Follow @johncarcuttJohn CarcuttDirector of SEO & Social Mediapresented byThe “New” ContentMarketing Landscape
  • 2. Follow @johncarcuttAdvance DigitalOne of the largest local media companies in the US
  • 3. Follow @johncarcuttAdvance PublicationsThe parent company of Advance Digital and CondeNast
  • 4. Follow @johncarcuttAdvance PublicationsThe parent company of Advance Digital and CondeNast
  • 5. Follow @johncarcuttWho is this guy?Why should I take the time to listen to him?John CarcuttDirector of SEO & Social MediaAdvance DigitalFollow on Twitter @johncarcutt• 12 Years in SEO and Online Marketing• SEO Teacher and Speaker, University of Miami, National & Local Level• Published on most major online search publications and news sites.• Co-Host of SEO101 on Webmaster Radio (weekly radio show)• Worked with thousands of local and national companies on SEO• Has worked both as an in-house SEO and built SEO divisions fornational advertising agencies.
  • 6. Follow @johncarcuttWhat is it?
  • 7. Follow @johncarcutt“It’s a marketing process to attractand retain customers by consistentlycreating and curating content inorder to change or enhance aconsumer behavior.”Joe Pulizzi – Content Marketing Institute
  • 8. Follow @johncarcuttCredited with creating the first Content Marketing Campaign
  • 9. Follow @johncarcutt• 1900 – Michelin develops the “Michelin Guides” to help drivers maintaintheir cars and find decent lodging.• 1904 – Jell-O distributes free recipe book that leads to $1 million in sales by1906.• 1930s – P&G creates and sponsors radio “soap” operas.• 1982 – Hasbro partners with Marvel to create G.I. Joe series of comicbooks, which leads to a revolution in the toy industry.• 1987 – LEGO launches Brick Kicks magazine (now LEGO Club magazine)• 2004 – Microsoft launches Channel 9, one of the first corporate blogs froma major brand.• 2007 – BlendTec develops Will It Blend? video series.• 2008 – American Express launches Open Forum.• 2008 – P&G creates for adolescent teen girls.
  • 10. Follow @johncarcuttThe Internet!
  • 11. Follow @johncarcuttNow there is a debate.Content MarketingorInbound Marketing
  • 12. Follow @johncarcuttMost traditional advertisingmediums are moving online.Content Marketing is movingwith them.
  • 13. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 14. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 15. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 16. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 17. Follow @johncarcuttThe 7 Layers of ContentThe 7 Layers of ContentInteractive BasedDocument BasedSoftware BasedAudio BasedVideo BasedImage BasedText Based
  • 18. Follow @johncarcuttThe 7 Layers of ContentThe 7 Layers of ContentInteractiveDocumentsSoftwareAudioVideoText Based• Blogs• Sponsored• Articles• Email• eBooks• Brochures• Manuals• Case Studies• Social Posts• Guides• Press Releases• Data Sheets• White Papers• Workbooks• Etc.
  • 19. Follow @johncarcuttThe 7 Layers of ContentThe 7 Layers of ContentInteractive BasedDocumentsSoftwareAudioVideo• Contests• Sweepstakes• Voting• Webinars• Guides• Courses• Widgets• SaaS• Sponsored• Data Sets• Etc.
  • 20. Follow @johncarcuttYep, it’s overwhelming.
  • 21. Follow @johncarcutt1. Know “why” you are doing it2. Know “who” you are speaking to3. Know “what” you want to happen
  • 22. Follow @johncarcutt1. Lead conversion & nurturing2. Customer loyalty/retention3. Customer up-sell4. Passionate subscribersThere are a number of possible business goals you can have.
  • 23. Follow @johncarcutt1. Revenue2. Lower expenses3. Happier customersThe return on any one of the those goals should have a directimpact in one of these areas:.“How are customers and prospects who engage with mycontent different from those who don’t?”
  • 24. Follow @johncarcutt1. Who are they, how do they spendtheir day?2. What are their needs, how will yourcontent ease their pain points?3. Why do they care about us, how canwe grab their attention?You need to understand your audienceand build persona(s).
  • 25. Follow @johncarcuttThis is about defining your “Editorial MissionStatement”.Once you know the Why and Who youcan create the focus.This is not a focus on your products & services,but on the needs of your personas.
  • 26. Follow @johncarcuttCreate a “Voice” based on your company’spersonaKeep your “Voice” consistentSlightly modify your Voice for specificcustomer personas if needed
  • 27. Follow @johncarcuttContentOptimizationSocializationPromotion
  • 28. Follow @johncarcutt1. Sponsored Content2. Video Distribution3. White Papers4. Micro Website5. eBook
  • 29. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 30. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 31. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 32. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 33. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 34. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 35. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 36. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 37. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 38. Follow @johncarcutt
  • 39. Follow @johncarcuttCreate content campaigns which help easecustomer pain pointsFocus on specific customer personas (shotgunapproach will not work)Become a knowledge center not an advertiserYou need a long term commitment
  • 40. Follow @johncarcuttThank You!I hope you found this useful.