Audience research results and conclusions

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  • 1. Audience Research- Results and Conclusions Elizabeth Langton
  • 2. How old are you? 9 8 7 6 5 How old are you? number 4 3 2 1 0 (>15) (16-21) (22-27) (28-33) (34<) I asked the question ‘how old are you’ in order to find out which age group my music magazine would be aimed at, and then I could be more specific in which appropriate information to give when creating my magazine. These results are as I expected that the majority of my audience who read my magazine would be age 16-21, however this could also be because the people I asked to fill in my questionnaire were between these ages which In consequence would make these individual results biased.
  • 3. what gender are you? male: 13 Female: 8
  • 4. How much would you be willing to pay for a music magazine? 5 4 (>£4.00) (£3.01-£4.00) 3 (£2.01-£3.00) (<£2.00) 2 1 0 2 4 6 8 10 I thought it was important to ask this question as it will indicate which will be the best price for my magazine, and what will be best for my audience, but will also be best for marketing purposes. This graph shows that most people would pay between £2.01 and £3.00, which is probably the most reasonable, when pricing my magazine I would also have to keep in mind the most common age range, as teenagers tend to have less money than adults.
  • 5. what other indie/rock music magazines do you read? 12 10 8 6 4 2 Number of people who read other Types of magazines 0 I decided this would be a good question to ask as this would inform me what magazines are my main competitors and competition with in the indie/rock music magazine category, this will also help me with any other further marketing research I need to endure in, for example It would be wise of me to explore more into Q, NME and other music magazines to see what attracts such a wide audience.
  • 6. what colours do you commonly associate with the indie/rock genre? red black grey green blue yellow pink purple silver gold white This question was more for aesthetic purposes of my magazine to see which colours would suit the indie/rock genre and which would appeal most to my audience, therefore if I was to use this pie chart as a suggestion, I would say that the colours I should use on my magazine is red, black, purple white and grey.
  • 7. how often would you buy a music magazine? 8 7 6 5 How often people would buy a music magazine 4 3 2 1 0 I asked this question in order to find out when would be the best time to publish my magazine, therefore there wouldn’t be any extra or unsold issues. This data gives me the information that it would be best to sell my magazine monthly as that was my audiences choice.
  • 8. Would you prefer more pictures or more writing in your magazine? Pictures -12 Writing-9 I decided to include this question with in my questionnaire as it would help me with the body of my magazine, as sometimes this can differ between different people, this research shows me that it may be a wise idea to include more pictures or try and get a reasonable balance between the two.
  • 9. Within the magazine would you like it to include freebees? Yes-21 No-0 Including incentives with in a magazine is very good towards sales of magazines as this could be the reason specific readers buy it, for example for collectable purposes, this would also help me when budgeting and marketing my magazine as I would need to integrate an incentive which didn’t cost too much money for the brand, as these results shows using incentives is imperative.
  • 10. If you answered yes to question number (please ticket any box) 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Most popular free bee choices This question is to find out which incentives would be best to make available to my audience as this could be a reason a reader buys my magazine each issue, and by examining the choices it would be a good idea to incorporate free download vouchers for itunes, which would offer new releases for free.
  • 11. What fonts do you think most suit the indie rock genre? 6) 3 most common fonts which are usually associated with the indie /rock genre 5) 4) 3) 2) 1) 0 5 10 15 This was another question to do with the aesthetics of my magazine, this question tells me which of the 6 fonts I picked was the most suitable and appealing to an indie/rock audience. This data suggests to me that it would be wise to use either font 3 or 1.
  • 12. would you like to see puzzles with in the magazine? yes:13 No:8 this information tells me that it would be a good idea to include puzzles with in my magazine, for example a music crossword, this again just helps me with when planning the content of my magazine, and suggests what would content would be appropriate to include for my readers.
  • 13. what words/names do you associate with the genre of indie/rock? 6 5 4 3 Most popular word associated with the indie/rock genre 2 1 0 I asked this question in order to gain information about what types of things I should include in my magazine and what word would be fitting as the name of my magazine. From this data I can take from this that ‘festivals’ is one of the most popular word therefore I would definitely include a segment in my magazine about festivals.