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SuperBowl2010 Ads
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SuperBowl2010 Ads


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Contact me at to purchase a printed version of this marketing plan.

Contact me at to purchase a printed version of this marketing plan.

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  • 1. Marketing 339 Assignment #3 By Elizabeth Kulin Most effective Super Bowl ad: Audi: Green Car The Audi car commercial, that depicted a team of “green police” arresting various people committing common non-environmental acts, was one of the most effective Super Bowl commercials of 2010. The goal of this ad was to increase brand awareness about their environmentally friendly A3 TDI model (a clean diesel car). The creative developed a memorable and likable story that the audience could enjoy watching, talk about with friends, remember easily after seeing, and relate to the product. Additionally, a short part of the commercial included a text shot that informed the audience that this model was “Green Car of the Year” by Green Car Journal, which added credibly to the claim that this car is a green automobile. The target market was easily understood to be individuals who are interested in living an environmentally safe lifestyle, potentially might believe it is criminal to not try to live a green lifestyle, and who believe that driving a green car is becoming more socially attractive (i.e. the right thing to do). I believe that this commercial was additionally successful and effective because it not only speaks to this target market, but also another. Besides speaking to the individual who already believes in environmental lifestyles, it also attempts to speak to consumers who are yet to have made the transition into a green lifestyle (those who do not compost, use energy effect light bulbs, or recycle properly). It does this by not just implementing humor into the “green police” stories, but also a threatening message to those not yet converted. This scare tactic could effectively reach such consumers, convert them into green consumers, and in turn increase the size of the Audi A3 target market. Least effective Super Bowl ad: Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret: Awesomen The commercial developed by Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret popcorn was set in a swimming pool and portrayed adult human beings acting as sea world mammals. These adults were performing aquatic tricks for treats, which were Emerald Nuts & Pop Secret snacks. It was difficult to tell, but I believe that the goal of this ad was to convey that these snacks are so desired that adults will do anything for them (even act this way). Therefore, the target audience is (seemingly) adults who enjoy snacks. Unfortunately, I do not believe that the commercial portrayed the beneficial attributes of theses products in an effective way that would motivate adults to desire them. The setting of the commercial, specifically the depiction of the adults acting and begging as sea world mammals, is so unrealistic that I do not believe an individual in this target market would ever find themselves relating to the situation. Additionally, since the plot of the commercial was so unrealistic and unrelated to nuts and popcorn products I do not believe that future recall among the target market was enabled (i.e. will occur). The commercial did not show the products as attractive food items to consume, nor did the
  • 2. commercial portray a realistic time/situation that the target market would want to consume the food. I feel that this commercial was attempting to be extremely creative, and in doing so neglected to implement or achieve an effective marketing objective.