OXYwater Marketing Plan 2013

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This was the start of our 2013 marketing plan for OXYwater. Unfortunitly we were never able to finish the plan or implement it fully because the company closed it doors in June 2013. Please see …

This was the start of our 2013 marketing plan for OXYwater. Unfortunitly we were never able to finish the plan or implement it fully because the company closed it doors in June 2013. Please see http://www.kulinmarketing.com/when-your-client-goes-out-of-business/ for more information on the sad story behind why OXYwater went out of business.

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  • 1. 2013 Marketing PlanOXYwaterSituation AnalysisCompany overview (current status, challenge(s), and SWOT analysis)o TO DOBrandingBrand Outline(EXAMPLE:)o Industry – beverageo Category – bottled watero Positioning – Healthy hydration Note – typically at this point the marketing plan would include acompetitive analysis showcasing how and why OXYwaterpositioning as a healthy hydration beverage is a strongpositioning to develop the product’s brand on. For example, “asugar free and zero artificial colors and flavors Gatorade” or “azero caffeine and zero sodium vitamin water”.Direct competitors would include: VitaminWater Zero,Propel Zero, Owater, Novo, and more new bottled watersthat are also positioning as a healthy hydration.o Vitamin Water Zero is not as healthy as OXYwater(no caffeine, no carbs)o Propel Zero has sodiumo Owater is targeting only athleteso Novo is targeting the mass consumer – how andwhy is OXYwater better? Taste perhaps?o Positioning statement (need to write – answers: what is OXYwater.For example, “OXYwater is the healthiest flavored hydration beverageoption 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 artificial colors, flavors, andsweeteners.”)o Core brand benefit – Hip Healthy (get a healthier flavored beveragethat also makes you look and feel socially stylish)Brand Elements(EXAMPLE:)o Name - OXYwatero Slogan – The Ultimate Health Hydration Beverageo Tagline – Healthy Never Tasted So GoodMessaging Matrix(EXAMPLE:)o Product Brand Pillars - attributes Health – 0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 carbs, 0 sodium, 0 caffeine, noartificial colors or flavors Taste – fruit flavors, added oxygen improves the taste
  • 2.  Energy – b vitamins, electrolyteso Key message – (need to write – answers: what, who, why, and when.For example, “OXYwater is the healthiest hydration beverage with afresh taste made for everyone at anytime”)o Keywords – healthy, great taste, hydration, fresh, crisp, clean, cool,light, sugar free, no caffeine, diabetic water, hang over cureMarketing Plan(EXAMPLE:)Objective(s) – For example, increase brand equity and salesGoal(s) – For example, to be the first choice of flavored beverages among themass consumer marketTarget Market – For example, the mass consumer (85% women)o Segments – athletics/fitness gurus, health conscious people Trickle down affect could reach – alcohol drinkers that realizeOXYwater is a lower calorie mixer that keeps the party goingand prevents hang over’s, kids that see athletes drinkingOXYwater, moms that respond to our healthy messagingtowards women, diabetics, drinkersStrategic Plano How you promote the product’s value propositions to targetmarket(s) within budget contracts that will enable brand equity andsales to increase. For example – Focus on executing marketing tactics that causetrustedinfluencers to promote the brand to their audienceThis strategy will include tactics that are within budgetconstraintsIf you choose channels that have a large audience andpositive brand image that will lead to increased brandequity for OXYwaterIf you include strong CTA in the messaging that candrive the target market to the store to buyTactics/Marketing Mix (should be chosen based on if they can achieveobjectives by executing the strategy)o For example: Strategic partnerships – for example, the Cavs Sampling– as many places that mass consumers think are hipas possible to build association and brand image of hip Brand ambassadors – who fit our brand, have a large audiencethat trusts, and can promote strong CTA to drive people to buy Blog outreach – influential bloggers who fit our brand image Social Media and Networking – get people who fit our brandimage talking about OXYwater to their large network Events - presence at events that fit our brand with largeaudiences. Include ways to drive people to buy post events. POS – physical presence during point of sale decision makingprocess
  • 3.  MORE? MORE? MORE?Campaign calendaro TO DOMeasurement plan (how will each tactic be measured?)o TO DOControl/Management plan (who internally will be responsible for eachtactic? Timelines of each tactic. Logistics of each tactic.)o TO DOContingency plan Best-casescenario – tactics and messaging lead to high addedrecall of our desired brand positioning and image & salesincrease. Worst-case scenario – the core brand benefit and image is notbelieved by the mass consumer. Sales to do not increase. Achange to the product’s taste, health benefits, or brand imageneeds to be redeveloped.