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Healthcare Marketing Consult
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Healthcare Marketing Consult


Email Liz@KulinMarketing to purchase a hard copy of this research document.

Email Liz@KulinMarketing to purchase a hard copy of this research document.

Published in Business , Health & Medicine
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  • Population of seattle based on 2000 census


  • 1. Seattle Wellness Forum (SWF) Strategic Marketing Plan By Elizabeth Kulin
  • 2. Long Term GoalTo be a well known, trusted, health resource in Seattle
  • 3. Wellness Forum Breakdown (Main brand) Industry – Wellness Category – Education  Segment – whole food nutrition Brand identity – Trusted nutrition expert Brand positioning – Prevention specialists for all health and wellness issues Brand personality – expert, educated, knowledgeable, honest
  • 4. SWF Strategy Use cost efficient marketing tactics and branded messages to increase brand equity (awareness + image) and acquire new leads. Promote the overall brand first and separate services second (education classes & private coaching) Establish strong brand equity for your name through a differentiated and valuable positioning. Promote this positioning using brand elements and marketing tactics.
  • 5. SWF Positioning Strategy (Main) A branch of the “The Wellness Forum”  Prevention specialist for all health and wellness issues (SWF) Prevention partner in Seattle for what and/or for who?  Choose a vertical to target.  Smaller audience to grow brand equity among – takes less effort and budget  Messages can be more targeted  Less competition to compete against It is better to be an expert in 1 area rather than all areas. It is more manageable and more believable.
  • 6. Vertical options Wellness living for a demographic (age)  Statistic: There are ~7,000 in Seattle over 65  Competition (wellness, not specifically over 65): The Seattle foundation, vergreen Hospital Medical Center, Washington wellness associates, Seattle wellness programs  Notes: Are people over 65 interested in changing their wellness systems? Nutrition forums (food facts)  Statistic: There are 49 restaurants in Seattle, 65 in Portland, and 12 in Denver  Competition: Nutritionworkseattle, vegetarians of washington, beyondbroccoli  Notes: No statistics on size of group, and they might be difficult to reach Weight management (diet regiment and exercise)  Statistic: Obesity rate in Seattle is 11,300  Competition: Ramey Nutrition, vergreen Hospital Medical Center, jenny craig, Swedish medical, The King County Overweight Prevention Initiative  Notes: Large group, many interested in changing wellness, but big brand competition Corporate groups
  • 7. Vertical options Diabetes  Statistic: There are over 233,500 living with diabetes in Seattle, may triple by 2050 in Seattle, 645,600 have pre- diabetes  Competition: Swedish, Ramey Nutrition, Benaroya Diabetes Center, Pike Market Medical Clinic Diabetes Education  Notes: very large group, actual real stable demand, reach through physicians, competition but might not fulfill all groups needs. You could be the resource for people in Seattle who had diabetes and need support, as well as information, about how to prevent recurrence. HIV  Statistic: There is an estimated 10,000 people living with HIV in Seattle  Competition: Swedish medical, gay city, dunsheehouse, lifelongaidsalliance  Note: large group, real demand to change wellness, but competition is strong and based on community. Also, based on King County epidemiology 2010 report, many HIV patients might not be able to afford wellness education forums Cancer  Statistic: second cause of death in king county. There is approximately ~150,000 cancer case since 2005 in the Seattle/Puget Sound area.  Competition: cancerlifeline, seattle cancer center care alliance  Notes: Big competition, but big opportunity to educate cancer survivers that nutrition, exercise, and weight management. You could be a resource for survivors to come and learn about the newest great diets and tips. Maybe there is a specific type of cancer that is big in Seattle (top cancers in Seattle are lung, colorectal, breast, prostate, and pancreas). Heart disease  Statistic: first cause of death in king county. ~8,000 per year (via the report)  Competition: nwnaturalhealth, swedish, virginiamason, seattleintegrativemedicine  Notes:
  • 8. Positioning Conclusion Choosing a vertical  Choose a group that you can be an expert of, is large, has a demand, a future demand (such as diabetes) and low direct competition.
  • 9. Brand Element Rules One should be memorable, 1 should be descriptive, and 1 should be likable. Implement your brand (industry, category, identity, positioning, and personality) into your brand elements.
  • 10. Brand Audit for SWF memorable descriptive likable NotesName PortraysSeattle Wellness X X location, categorForum y, and identityLogo Conveys connection to X X X main corporate brand.Slogan ConveysResearch and connection toScience, NOT X X main corporatestories and brand and brandadvertising personality.TaglineFind out the real Change taglinetruth about these to portray your Xand other important brancheshealth issues at the positioningWellness Forum
  • 11. SWF Objectives & strategies Grow brand awareness  To increase brand awareness: Use cost efficient marketing tactics that can enable you to reach a specific group that will most like be interested in health, and prevention, services. Establish a positive brand image  To build brand image: write consistent messaging in all touch points to the target vertical that portrays your brand positioning, identity, and personality. Acquire new leads (students and trainees)  To acquire customers: write strong call to actions that spark interest and motivate response.
  • 12. Marketing Tactics Recommendations for SWF Email marketing  Rational: Brand awareness  Topics: coincide with campaign schedule  Tip: Include pictures, white space, short subject lines, call to action buttons (“sign up now”) 2ndary brand associations  Rational: brand image  Example: top expert physicians well know to vertical target market Brand ambassadors  Rational: equity and WOM  Example: past students that have large influence/networks Affiliate marketing (offline)  Rational: Brand equity and acquisition  Example: physicians and insurance cos.  Tip: Online Affiliate marketing (bottom of the page or sidebar advertisement) enables you to include a call to action and click through to sign up sheet
  • 13. Marketing Tactics (continued) Social Media  Blogging  Rational: brand image  Tip: coincide with campaign schedule  Blog outreach  Rational: brand equity and acquisition  Tip: focus on blogs that are read by your vertical target market and read the “blog code of ethics” before you start conducting blog outreach.  Social networking  Rational: brand equity and acquisition  Where: Wherever your vertical target market already is  Tip: post content that is interesting to your audience/followers. Include a call to action and click through to your sign up sheet.  Facebook Connect  Rational: brand awareness  Tip: implement Facebook connect with your online sign up forms so that you can grow brand equity among your audiences audience (people are likely to follow in their peers footsteps)  Facebook Places, 4square, and Google places check in  Rational: brand awareness  Tips: You have to create a presence/account with these platforms in order for others to be able to “check in” at your forum. Also, make sure to encourage your attendants to check in.
  • 14. Messaging for SWFChoose keywords related to your brand category, identity, positioning, and personality, as well as vertical target market throughout all of your marketing tactics to create a consistent brand image among your audience (as well as increase your SEO for these keywords).For example; Keywords  Health, Wellness, prevention, education, vegetarian, diet, weigh t, workout, expert, physicians, doctors, nutrition, food, healing Call to action  The most affective call to actions are typically set in buttons and say “sign up now”, “contact now”, “buy now”. Your call to actions should all click through to your sign up sheet (webpage where you collect at least a name and email address). Your sign up sheet should be easy to read, easy and quick to complete, and follow up with an automatic thank you email.
  • 15. Campaign Calendar recommendations for SWF Promote that the Wellness Forum is in Seattle What Seattle Wellness Forum is (your positioning) What you offer (your services) Promote your expertise and value propositions to XYX (your target vertical)
  • 16. CampaignMay Wellness Forum is in SeattleJune SWF focuses on XYZ (vertical Target Market)July (famous doctor) supports the SWFAugust SWF has helped over # already: testimonialsSeptember SWF educational courses: what they are, who they are for, main VPsOctober SWF 1-1 coaching services: what they are, who they are for, main VPsNovember Stay healthy during the holidays with classes and coaching: tips for staying healthy.December Holiday sales promotion for a class on holiday health.
  • 17. Activating LeadsNew leads are great, but if the interest member does not show up to your forum, you do not get paid. Therefore, you must make it easy, convenient, and exciting for the member to take that jump. Easy and convenient relate to time and location of when and where the forum is held.Here are some thoughts on to increase excitement: Contest Incentives (“At tonights forum, 1:10 members will receive a free…”) Email reminders (send day before and day of) Facebook event and status update reminders Teaser Incentives (“come to the forum to learn more about….”) Association/Affiliate incentive (“Special guest…will be at the forum, don’t miss out!”)