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Healthcare branding & marketing

Healthcare branding & marketing



Email Liz@KulinMarketing to purchase a hard copy of this research document.

Email Liz@KulinMarketing to purchase a hard copy of this research document.



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    Healthcare branding & marketing Healthcare branding & marketing Presentation Transcript

    • Healthcare Marketing Nantucket AIDS NetworkStrategic Branding & Marketing Planning By: Elizabeth Kulin Kulin Marketing
    • What NAN offers  Prevention – outreach, testing  Education – research info, partnerships  Client services support So, multiple service for multiple target audiences.
    • NAN is:Industry non-profitCategory healthcareSegment HIV/AIDS/Hep CPositioning / brand promise prevention, education and support center on Nantucket.Brand Personality Life, vibrant, smart, confident, supportive, open, community. Note: Use brand personality adjectives, and like adjectives, in communications of tactics
    • Brand personality icon Brand personality: •  ife L •  ibrant v •  mart s •  onfident c •  upportive s •  pen o •  ommunity c Note: Use these adjectives, and like adjectives, in communications of tactics
    • Brand audit RecommendationElement Descriptive memorable likablename Nantucket AIDS XXX (Descriptive of the XXX Network orgs. Category and segment)slogan Life is Here. XXX (of personality and XXX XXX positioning)Tagline •  et’s keep it here. L XXX (of positioning) XXX •  roviding support and P knowledge to your community. •  center of knowledge, A prevention, and support services for the Nantucket community.Logo Old logo Nantucket AIDS Network Smaller in size. Welcoming, friendlywebsite Use brand colors Life is Here. Brand identity & personality statement: (what is NAN?) Nantucket AIDS Network is a center for prevention, testing and support for the entire Nantucket community. We welcome all interested in celebrating that life is here, and learning how they can help keep it here.
    • Brand colors •  ed for energy – LIFE and Determination R •  range for happiness – NAN is a happy place O Maybe Aqua/light blue in the future.
    • Marketing Objectives •  Increase brand awarenessGrow brand •  Positive brand image equity •  Past constituents Acquire •  New constituents Donations
    • Campaign CalendarMonth Topic Rational Message TacticJune/July The new face of Brand equity Incorporate: PR (N mag, inq) NAN! What NAN is + who NAN isJuly Over the Acquire Short, brand newspaper ad recession? Donate donations promise, call to (inq), to NAN! action, response Mahonabouttown method ad, mobile textAugust We’re still here! Brand equity Incorporate: PR, local adv & New Slogan (newspaper and Get ready to local TV station) celebrate!September Celebrate Life! Brand equity & What NAN is + PR, Collateral, acquire donations who NAN is Fundraiser GALA
    • TacticsTactic Rational TargetPR Cheap and effective Entire Nantucket communityNewspaper Ad Effective Entire Nantucket communityMahonabouttown ad Effective (make same as His audience (volume??) newspaper ad)Mobile marketing Effective, builds cool brand Youth who have cell phones, and image can donate $5-$10Collateral/a brochure Tangible Nantucket consumersPublic Relations (2 ideas) Revenue. Word of Mouth and Nantucket restaurants/bars builds secondary brand patrons associations
    • Press Relations  List   N Magazine reporter   Inq. mirror reporter  Pitches   Ed new president – June/July (DONE)   Donate 2010 - July   LIFE is here! What NAN does for community(give donation reasons right before GALA)- august   GALA - September
    • Ad (newspaper and online) Celebrate the end of a recession by donating to local charities again! Help keep HIV and Hep C off Nantucket for good! Go online and donate today! www.nantucketaids.org/donate LIFE is here! Let’s keep it here.Nantucket AIDS Network (NAN), a center of knowledge, prevention, and support services for the Nantucket community.
    • Mobile Marketing – text2donate   Text “LIFE” to ###   Promote the text to donate campaign via print posters in the high school. Details:Vendors: •  ext2give - $10 max donation T• loop I •  ext2donate – no max donation amount T•  obile cause M
    • Collateral Nantucket AIDS Network Life is Here.List of locations to have collateral: Let’s keep it here. Ed Your donation will help:• sland hospital & clinics I Prevention•  he bean T *Keep HIV and Hep C off of image Nantucket for good.•  oga studios Y *Increase knowledge throughout Education•  ibrary? L our community, because Knowledge = power. image•  rug stores D *Provide care for our community Client members in need of diverse services.•  he Green T image Visit www.NantucketAIDS.org/donate To support Life Here on Nantucket today!
    • Public Relations (1)  Gay friendly night at a Nantucket bar   See ppt. titled “GayNightProposal” Need: 1.  oard buy in B 2.  ar buy in B 3.  romotional collateral with messaging (NAN brand name all over it!) P 4.  AN condoms N 5. n august flyers about GALA I
    • Public Relations (2)  Be a beneficiary of restaurants (target 21+ age)   Benefits to the restaurant – Secondary brand association   Benefit to NAN – donations and brand equity To Do: 1.  A list of restaurants to approach 2.  Write a pitch 3.  Elect NAN rep to approach restaurants (see slide notes)
    • New website design  Implement new brand   (vibrant red & orange)   Aqua blue in the future is a possibility.   New SLOGAN – “LIFE is here!”  Add secondary brand associations – (to sidebars or bottom of homepage)   Ed (picture)   Board members (pictures)   Other brands, Nantucket locals, map of Nantucket  Donation webpage - nantucketaids.org/donate
    • To learn more about Brand strategy and Marketing Plan by contacting www.KulinMarketing.com