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Both and were implemented on the Ektron platform by implementation partner NorthPoint Digital.

“It has been about a year since we launched this version of the ShawConnect site,” says Cynthia Long, Senior Manager at “We basically went from zero audience, zero page views, to now over 18 million page views and about 1.5 million visitors per month. We’re seeing excellent visitor engagement, with the average visitor spending more than nine minutes per visit and browsing over ten pages.”

Zach Feldberg is Manager of Original Programming & Shows for Digital Media at Shaw Media. “With, we’re trying to drive awareness of the shows and ramp up the engagement people have with the shows,” Feldberg says. “Plus, we need to site to fulfill show awareness and advertising needs as well. So the site serves a dual purpose for both programming and marketing. In consequence, we need to keep the site content up to date, very quickly and easily, feeding in video and editorial content every day.”

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Two Views of Ektron at Work: and

  1. 1. tFollow Us @Ektron or Visit Learn MoreTwo Views of Ektronat Work: ShawConnect.caand
  2. 2. tFollow Us @Ektron or Visit Learn is a premiumdigital destination that offers visitors the latest news andentertainment, all through one easy-to-use gives a behind-the-sceneslook at viewers’ favorite television series and movies. site also provides up-to-date schedules foron-air programming, streaming full-length episodes, plusweb exclusive video content and an entertainment blog,as well as other features related to on-air programming.Both and wereimplemented on the Ektron platform by implementationpartner NorthPoint Digital.
  3. 3. tFollow Us @Ektron or Visit Learn MoreOver 18 Million Page Views a Monthat“ We basically went from zeroaudience, zero page views, to nowover 18 million page views and about1.5 million visitors per month. We’reseeing excellent visitor engagement,with the average visitor spendingmore than nine minutes per visit andbrowsing over ten pages. ”-Cynthia Long,Senior Manager at
  4. 4. tFollow Us @Ektron or Visit Learn MoreRamping Up Engagementat“ We’re trying to drive awarenessof the shows and ramp up theengagement people have with theshows. We need to keep the sitecontent up to date, very quickly andeasily, feeding in video and editorialcontent every day. ”-Zach Feldberg,Manager of Original Programming &Shows for Digital Media at Shaw Media.
  5. 5. tFollow Us @Ektron or Visit Learn MoreGOING MOBILE AND RESPONSIVERecognizing the increasing popularity of mobile devices forvideo watching, follows the Responsive WebDesign (RWD) philosophy. RWD is an approach for buildinga website that adapts itself to smartphone and tabletdisplay. The RWD strategy includes simplifying navigation,making that navigation touch friendly, making search akey component of the visitor experience, and streamliningcontent for mobile.“We’ve been seeing an increase in mobile visitors sincewe went responsive,” says Feldberg. “We also built out aseparate site for one of our key properties, the sciencefiction series ‘Continuum,” and made it fully responsiveand that has worked out really well too.”
  6. 6. tFollow Us @Ektron or Visit Learn MoreDelivering enterprise Web Content Management Softwareand Digital Experience Management solutions. Ektron empowersorganizations to fully realize their digital marketing potentialby Connecting Content to Revenue.Founded in 1998Headquarters in Nashua, NHWorldwide Offices in Australia, Canada, and the United KingdomRegional Offices in Denver, Richmond, and San FranciscoOver 3,800 customers and 12,000 sites including Fairmont RafflesHotels International, Las Vegas Sands, Microsoft, and NASDAQ200+ Employees