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Commonwealth games

  1. 1. Commonwealth Games ScamThe 2010 Commonwealth Games are the nineteenth Commonwealth Games, and the ninth to be held under thatname. The Games are scheduled to be held in Delhi, India between 3 October and 14 October 2010. The games willbe the largest multi-sport event conducted to date in Delhi and India generally, which has previously hosted theAsian Games in 1951 and 1982. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadiumin Delhi. It will also be the first time the Commonwealth Games will be held in India and the second time the eventhas been held in Asia (after 1998 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia The 2010 Commonwealth Games was awarded toDelhi with great fanfare and anticipation as a way for India to show it could hold a world-class sporting event twoyears after Beijing hosted the Summer Olympics. It also was a rare hosting of the event by a developing nation:Mostly the Games rotate between developed countries in the British Commonwealth of nations such as Britain,Australia and Canada.Issue [3]The issue relating to allegation against Kalmadi and others for hiring various equipments, more costly than theirtotal cost .The Commonwealth games scam as it is known involved large scale misappropriation of money duringthe preparatory phase and conduct of the 2010 Commonwealth games held in New Delhi. The total value of thescam is estimated to be 70,000 crore. Chie f M i ni st er S h e ila Di x it a nd fo r me r c h a ir ma n o f CW GOr ga ni zi n g Co m mi t te e S ur e s h Ka l mad i fo r v ario u s i rre g ul ari ti es , wa s te ful e xp e nd it ur es a ndb end i n g no r ms to b e ne f it co ntr a cto r s. T he P M O ha s b e e n i nd ic ted f o r reco m me n d i n gS ure s h Ka l mad i fo r h ead i n g t h e Or g a niz at io n Co m mi t te e, D el h i C hi ef M i ni st er S hei laDi k s hi t fo r h er “act i ve i n vo l ve me n t” i n i mp o rt o f li g h ti n g eq uip me n t ca u si n g “a vo id ab l eexp e nd i t ure o f mo r e t ha n 3 0 cr o r e, a nd Del h i G o ver n me nt head ed b y he r fo r “wa s te fu lexp e nd i t ure” o f Rs 1 0 0 cr o r e i n s tr e et sc ap i n g a nd b ea ut i fi ca tio n. “Ho wev er, t he d e ci sio n tou se i mp o rt ed l u mi na r ie s o n se le cted A cat e go r y o f ro ad s wa s n o t b as ed o n tec h n ic a lp ara me ter s, b u t wa s ta k en wi t h t he ` act i ve i n vo l ve me n t ’ o f t h e C hi e f M i ni s ter ; t h i s re s ul ted
  2. 2. in a vo id ab l e e xp e nd it u r e o f mo r e t ha n R s 3 0 cr o re. F u rt her , t h e p ro c ur e me n t o f p r ic e o fi mp o rt ed l u mi n ar ie s wa s f ar hi g h er t h a n t h e fa ir p rice s. T he C AG r ep o rt sa id t h e l i g ht i n geq u ip me n t fr o m Sa ud i A r ab ia co s t o n l y R s.5 0 4 0 p er u ni t. B ut t he v e nd o r s s up p l ied to P W Dfo r a n u nj u s ti f iab l e e xo r b ita n t r a te o f Rs. 2 5 ,7 0 4 . “F ur t her , t he re were n u me ro us d e fi ci e nci esin t he ap p o i n t me n t a nd ma n a ge me n t o f t he mu l t ip li ci t y o f co ntra ct s fo r ex ter n al co ns u lt a ntand ad vi so r s,” p i np o i nt i n g t he ir r e g u lar it ie s a nd lac k o f tr a nsp are nc y i n recr ui t me n t b yKal ma d i h ead ed Or g a niz in g Co m mi tt ee. Officials of Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee hadhired equipment for overlay works at over 14 times the actual price, One-stop luxury shop Harrods of London sellsone of the world’s best treadmills for Rs 7 lakh. But the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee (OC) shelledout an astronomical Rs 9.75 lakh for each unit of the fitness equipment (not necessarily the same brand) – that tooon rent. And this is just one of the products which cost the OC a bomb. A roll of tissue – that should cost a mere Rs35 – being bought for Rs 4,138. Each chair has been rented by the OC at a cost of Rs 8,378 and it has spent Rs 8.8lakh for every cross-trainer. A 100-litre refrigerator has been hired for an astonishing price of Rs 42,202.Politicians involved Suresh Kalmadi (born May 1, 1944) is an Indian politician and senior sports administrator. He was formerly a member of the Indian National Congress. He is a Member of Parliament from Pune. On April 25, 2011 Kalmadi was arrested by CBI for awarding illegal contracts to a Swiss firm for Timing-Scoring-Result (TSR) system for the2010 Commonwealth [2] Games causing a loss of Rs 95 crore to the exchequer. Kalmadis membership of the Indian National Congress Party was suspended after being arrested and charged with corruption. On April 26, 2011 he was sacked from the post of president of the Indian Olympic Association.Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi: Was indicted for several irregularities in the CWG processes both byShunglu committee and also by the CAG. Investigators have taken into custody Lalit Bhanot, former secretary-general of the organizing committee of the October 2010 event.Also placed under arrest was V.K. Verma, director-general of the committee.They have been held for a suspected over-priced purchase of a timing, scoring and result systems from a SwisscompanyCorruptionCorruption is the major problem in common wealth game where politician kalmadi involved in cwgscam where he spend too much money wastefull expenditure. He purchase many equipment more thanfair price. This impact our economy badly .
  3. 3. The Commonwealth Games (CWG) Scam 2010 was mainly subdued to many reasons like heavyeconomic expenditure that were being severely criticized of. Since there was a huge expenditure thatwas being spend into such a big Commonwealth Games, so there was a complete serenity over the factthat though being spending so much money, yet things were not utilized for the proper ways. Therewere so much hush among the poor people to see such notion of huge expenditures being spendon CWG Scam 2010, but not helping and cutting out the financial costs over the period of time inIndia. This is the serious issue of corruption which was done by Suresh kalmadi.DILEMMA: At the time of cwg , the condition of delhi was poor . it was not in situation to docommon wealth game . even many players from different country don’t want to participate ascondition was not good . Even janpath was not at all ready before 2 week of cwg . proper dutywas not given properly to everyone so kalmadi has misuse the situation and even shiela dixit whodid n’t do her duty well. She must check the duty to whom she give . Kalmadi is the SmallFish in the Commonwealth Games Scam. The Big Fish is shiela dixit Suresh Kalmadi’s arrest inconnection with allegations of irregularities in the award of a particular contract for the Commonwealth Games is perhaps giving nightmaresto many others.It is true that Kalmadi had become the face of corruption allegations in the CWG primarily because many others who could have faced similarallegations cleverly deflected attention from themselves to him. The end result is that the former Chairman of the CWG organizing committeeis spending time in detention for allegedly receiving kickbacks while many others associated with handling many times more money than himare roaming like free birds.I am certainly not suggesting that everyone associated with the Games is a crook but I also believe that Kalmadi cannot be the only one whowas the beneficiary of alleged kickbacks. He has already named Manohar Singh Gill, the then sports minister for okaying the contract andthis seems to be just the beginning.I will like to make it abundantly clear that as per the law of the land, no one can be presumed to be guilty till it is proven in a court of law.Kalmadi therefore has been arrested in connection with a case registered against him and it is for the CBI to establish his guilt in a propercourt of law. Yes, he is in custody and also under suspension from his own party. But similar allegations have been made againstdepartments headed by many of his party colleagues like the then urban development minister, Jaipal Reddy, the then sports minister,Manohar Singh Gill, the Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit, the Delhi Lt. Governor, Tejinder Khanna and the union tourism minister, KumariSelja. It is a matter of time that they too will come under the scrutiny of the CBI like Kalmadi and B S Lalli, the former Chief of Prasar Bharti.Kalmadi has stated on record that he was only handling Rs 1600 Crores while everyone else was handling budgets of Rs 25,000 crores andabove. The Shunglu committee appointed by the Prime Minister to go into the allegations of corruption has in its report pointed out manyglaring loopholes in the award of contracts. The Shunglu report findings have been marked to the concerned ministries and the homeministry for necessary action. Action could mean registration of cases by the CBI and also possible arrests. Since Kalmadi has beenarrested, a similar fate could await others if they is a prima facie case made out against them on the basis of the Shunglu committee and thesubsequent investigations by the CBI. In other words, the matter is going to go beyond Kalmadi’s arrest and in the process many skeletonsare going to come tumbling out of many cupboards.There are two ways of looking at the issue of corruption. One is that the UPA government under DrManmohan Singh is not sparing anyoneand has already booked a Cabinet minister (A Raja), several Corporate honchos and has sent packing a chief minister (Ashok Chavan) inthe Adarash Housing scam and has now arrested Kalmadi. The Congress is using this argument to put the BJP on the defensive forshielding the allegedly corrupt regimes in Karnataka and Uttaranchal.The second way of looking at it is that with so many important people being arrested, the Central government seems to have been in thethick of hugely corrupt activities by many of its functionaries out of which some have been arrested and others may join them soon.There are also questions being raised that the enforcement agencies have been selective in dealing with corruption allegations. In case ofKalmadi and some corporate honchos, the action has been firm but in case of Kanimozhi and some others it has been soft. While it is for theCBI to answer these allegations, there is no denying that the perception of the government having a strong corrupt dimension is gainingstrength. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh against whom there has not been any charge of financial corruption seems determined to cleanhis stables. He seems to have resolved that he will not allow any person perceived to be corrupt to continue in his or her office.Therefore it is being assumed that after Kalmadi more arrests may take place in the CWG related scams. There have also been allegationsthat many top bureaucrats both at the Centre and in Delhi are trying to absolve themselves even before full investigations have started. But
  4. 4. this is going to be of no avail in face of a determined effort by the Prime Minister to bring the guilty to book and to also redeem his saggingimage.It has to be expected that many more arrests of important personalities may follow and the Congress party will have to keep its contingencyplans intact for appropriate replacements. the government is in a dillema to take action against Kalmadi, as the Commonwealth Games arejust less than two months away.Actions:By ensuring that the right person is selected for this major role.Ensuring that they work well and do their work trustworthy.Confiscation of assetRecovery of loss caused to govt.Punishment should be given to anti corrupted people .