Managing Mobility Costs
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Managing Mobility Costs






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Managing Mobility Costs Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Optimizing Enterprise Mobility
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
    Steve Leaden
    Tel. 845-496-6677
    Michael Finneran
    Tel. (516)
  • 2. Mobility Costs
    Analysts estimate that 25% or more of the networking budget is now going to mobility
    Most large organizations have gone to corporate purchasing of mobile devices and services
    Only when the mobile house is in order can an organization begin to move forward on initiatives to use mobility strategically
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 3. You’re in trouble if…
    Cellular expenses are reimbursed on expense vouchers
    You’re spending more than $.05 per minute (domestic)
    You’re regularly paying overage charges
    Your using less than 80% of your plan minutes
    You don’t have policies forbidding use while driving or defining security practices for storing company data on smartphones
    You’re letting employees choose high end phones without question
    The person in charge of your cell phones doesn’t know who takes care of your Wi-Fi network
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 4. General Approaches
    Corporate Liable (CRU)
    • Generally the best savings, security, and control
    Individual Liable (IRU): Variable Reimbursement
    • No discounts, significant expense processing overhead
    • 5. No visibility of usage
    • 6. May make sense for very low volume users
    Individual Liable (IRU): Flat Stipend
    • No discounts, lower expense processing overhead, user push-back
    • 7. No visibility of usage
    Corporate Liable/User Paid (CR/UP)
    • Corporate negotiated rates
    • 8. User pays bill (fixed stipend); corporate follow-up for non-paid
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 9. Voice Pricing Plans
    Pooled plan (“Bucket of Minutes”)
    • Compute average use, then add 10%
    Unlimited use
    • Typically makes sense only for very heavy (i.e. >1500 mins/month) users
    • Low or no monthly recurring charge
    • 10. Typically have minimum monthly usage
    • 11. Fairly high per minute charges ($.06 to $.12/minute)
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 12. Data Pricing Plans
    Three primary schemes:
    • Per Megabyte pricing
    • 13. Monthly Mbytes plus overages
    • 14. Unlimited data plans
    Beware of international roaming on data plans!
    Other data options:
    • Tethering versus air cards
    • 15. Wi-Fi to reduce cellular data charges
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 16. Good Shopping Practices
    Know your usage (voice and data) in granular fashion (by department, position, or other defining metric)
    Understand emerging requirements/network capabilities and how they play into your business plans
    Justify expanding device options and services- don’t just say “yes”!
    Think about your management costs as well as the cost/minute or megabyte
    Look at methods to constrain early termination fees
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 17. Audit for charges inconsistent w/contract discounts, equipment, activation fees, etc.
    Plan minutes vs. peak usage
    Data usage
    Zero usage
    Text messaging plans
    International voice and data
    Key Wireless Savings Areas
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 18. Shared Plans vs. Standalone Plans
    If have users on shared plan, make sure all users are on shared plans
    Increase minutes for shared/pooled plans due to overages or if usage is more than 80% to 90%
    Reduce minutes for shared plan/pooled when percent usage is less than 80% to 90% (percentage depends on company and industry)
    Upgrade older plans to newer less costly plans
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 19. Mobile/Cellular Mistakes
    Users that do not use average of 80%+ usage on plans
    Some think that everyone should be on same plan
    No international considered
    Including wireless PC access cost/minute if at International office
    Air card data costs are growing exponentially
    International roaming charges
    Text messaging – not considered in pricing plan
    No benchmarking – compare with others for baseline purposes
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 20. Other Practices, Techniques
    Create and encourage competitive vendor environments
    Leverage a comprehensive RFP if included in the scope of work
    Add new contracts as co-terminous to current contracts
    Consolidate contracts
    Match bandwidth to short and longer term business needs
    An audit is NOT ONLY about saving money
    You could save 100% and remove the network
    It’s about a better network as well
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 21. Wireless Gotchas
    Excessive text messaging
    Inappropriate charges for ring tones and ring back tones and games (non-business use)
    Unnecessary international roaming charges for calls made by the employee in a foreign corporate office
    Leaden Associates, Inc.
  • 22. Wireless Savings ExampleOne Quarter
    Leaden Associates, Inc.