Menguasai cara menggambar kunci untuk animasi eng


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Menguasai cara menggambar kunci untuk animasi eng

  1. 1. Mastering how to draw thekey to animation.Explaining requirements animation.
  2. 2. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 2 Isikan Judul HalamanANIMATIONUnderstanding AnimationAnimation comes from theEnglish language Animate =turn, gives the soul andmoving inanimate objects.Animation is the process thatoriginally made the object ofa dead body in a sequencein a different position as ifalive.
  3. 3. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 3 Isikan Judul HalamanANIMATIONThe discovery of the basic principles of characteranimation is the human eye: persistance of vision(vision a regular pattern).Paul Roget, and Pierre Joseph Plateau Desvigenes,through optical equipment that they created,managed to prove that the human eye tends tocatch the sequence of images in a particular periodas a pattern.
  4. 4. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 4 Isikan Judul HalamanANIMATIONIn the animation development in general can bedefined as:An image sequence is exposed to a certain period soas to create an illusion of moving images.Understanding animation is basically moving theobject to appear more dynamic.
  5. 5. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 5 Isikan Judul HalamanANIMATIONAnimation used to be very simple, but now has evolvedinto several types, namelyanimated two-dimensional (2D),animated three-dimensional (3D),clay animation.mang film kartun ini kebanyakan film yang lucu. Sehari-hari kita bisa melihatnya di TV, mulai dari Looney Tunes sampai Scooby Doo. Atau menontoAnimation (2D), or commonly called thecartoons. Cartoon itself comes from thecartoon, that is a funny picture. It is mostanimated movies funny movies such asLooney Tunes Scooby Doo.Doraemon Legend.King of the Sun,The Lion King.Brother Bear.
  6. 6. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 6 Isikan Judul HalamanANIMTION3D AnimationFinding Nemo, this is the example ofanimated films, called 3D animation orcomputer generated image (CGI). CGIanimated film produced in which thepictures really alive and threedimensions, not just flat. One of thebiggest CGI studio Pixar, which islocated in Emeryville, California.Besides Finding Nemo, Pixar alsoproduced Monsters.Inc, Toy Story,Toy Story 2, and A Bugs Life. ToyStory is the first long animated filmthat uses 100 percent computeranimated.
  7. 7. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 7 Isikan Judul HalamanANIMATIONClay AnimationThe first clay animation film in the lyric in February1908 called A Sculptors Welsh Rarebit Nightmare. Ifit is still hard to imagine what this clay animation, themovie just watch Bob the Builder on TV, Wallace andGromit, or Chiken Run.The characters in clay animation made with using aspecial order to frame him. Then, this frameworkcovered with a suitable form of plasticine figures to bemade. Body parts of this framework, such as head,hands, feet, could be removed and installed again.mang film kartun ini kebanyakan film yang lucu. Sehari-hari kita bisa melihatnya di TV, mulai dari Looney Tunes sampai Scooby Doo. Atau menonto
  8. 8. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 8 Isikan Judul HalamanDEVELOPMENT OF ANIMATIONINDONESIAIn 1955, the film showing the work of Si Doel ChoosingDukut Hendro-Noto has plunged the start of the historyof animation milestone of modern Indonesia.Indonesia first animation was presented to the outsideworld when Dwi Law Koendoro invited to attend theInternational Animation Festival in Hiroshima Japan in1994.
  9. 9. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 9 Isikan Judul HalamanTitle PageAs for some exhibition or animation festival ever held inIndonesia, among others:FFAI (Animation Film Festival of Indonesia) by the Jakarta ArtCouncil, held every 2 years.WEEK (week of National Comics and Animation) held bydepbudpar & HOMEPAGES every 2 years.FAN (National Animation Festival) by the Ministry of NationalEducation & AINAKI.Urbanimation by the Jakarta Arts Council.Hello; Fest by Hello; Motion held each year.FGAI (Games and Animation Festival Indonesia) by the EducationMinistry is held every year.CAMS AWARD by CAM Solution, held each yearICI (Indonesia Creative Idol) CAM Solution that is held each year.
  10. 10. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 10 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAESTHETIC UNDERSTANDINGAesthetic comes from the Greek word which meansaesthesis feelings, tastes or taste the feeling. In theprocess Munro said that the aesthetic is a way ofresponding to stimuli, mainly through sensoryperception, but also associated with mental processes,such as associations, understanding, imagination, andemotion.The science of aesthetics is a science which studies allthings related to beauty, to learn all aspects of what wecall beauty.
  11. 11. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 11 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICReasons People Want to know AestheticsFirst, because the works of art and design of natural andman-made so valuable that studied the characteristicstypical for the works of art and design itself.Second, he must argue that the aesthetic experience (theexperience of art and design) is so valuable both to thegroup and each member so that the works of art anddesign was particularly animated should be studied.Third, perhaps thought that this experience was valuable initself that requires testing and research about thequalities of works of art and design.
  12. 12. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 12 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICThere are two theories about the beauty, namely: Subjective objective,Subjective beauty is beauty that is in the eye cansee.The beauty of placing the objective of beauty inthings seen.
  13. 13. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 13 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICCharacter animator who succeed are:Have technical skills.Understand the nature of the materialsUnderstand the needs of manyAlways wanted to knowSharpness seeInitiativesHappy and competentTrustHonestyTaking into account the risks and made accountable for his workCollecting dataDiligent and understand the purpose.
  14. 14. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 14 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICThere are some things that need to be considered inplanning animation, among others:1.The requirements specified in the union (animators,production, and marketing)2.Match of the principles of science with computerengineering and equipment / machinery production3.In accordance with the environment (local communities)or on a particular segment.4.Match animation properties from one part to another part.5.The possibility of animation and how to solve them.
  15. 15. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 15 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAesthetics VerbalVerbal aesthetic quality of aesthetic is born becauseof the merger between various alternatives andrestrictions or verbally planning criteria. Differentverbal aesthetic visual aesthetic.When the visual aesthetic, the beauty comes from theoutside that led to the composition, whereas averbal aesthetic beauty of the lead in the meaningbehind the display works or symbol or symbolsattached to the visual side.
  16. 16. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 16 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICVisual AestheticsAnimated visual aesthetic is a strategy or stepsthat must be done in the creation of animation toproduce works of high aesthetic tastes.Visual aesthetic is a science that convey a visual(visible) in the animation of the color, area, shape,space, motion with a variety of creative approachesinclude the composition of these experiments,rhythm, harmony and so on.
  17. 17. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 17 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAnimation work must have aesthetic, to achievethis there is need for:UnityRegularityDiversityCommunicative
  18. 18. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 18 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAnimation work musthave aesthetic, toachieve this there isneed for:1.Unity2.Regularity3.Diversity4.Communicative
  19. 19. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 19 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAesthetics TechnologyEsthetics Technology is an aesthetic quality that iscreated through a process that emphasizes technologyon the implementation of technology course (machine).
  20. 20. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 20 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAfter the animation to work so (movie), then change the aestheticvalue and to work together, which can be grouped into four groupsof aesthetic values, namely:Objective value, the value of a work of animation is the physicalcondition and quality of work that can be explained rationally.Relative values, are the values associated with the preferencecaused by the attitudes, feelings, tastes of each individual.Subjective value, the value of the interpretation of fact by everyperson in observing a work of animation.Utilitarian values are values that have utility as an attempt tofulfill a purpose.
  21. 21. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 21 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICAesthetics IndustryAesthetics in the animation industry is a complex and lead tothe development of specific enrichment based on practicalneeds.Animators in the industry environment is always hunted the timein making the work of animation, because the demands ofmarketing / orders.
  22. 22. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 22 Isikan Judul HalamanAESTHETICCommunication AestheticsCommunicative aspect of the animation must be highlyconsidered. When the work is less communicative,meaning the work is not successful, or something thatinformed the audience / public (audience) will not beup.In order for works of animation could get to the public,it must be noticed about the character, movement,stories, and so forth as well as the targeted segment asthe target.
  23. 23. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 23 Isikan Judul HalamanAnimationAnimation, or the more familiar animated filmcalled, is a film that is the result of imageprocessing so that the hand into a movingimage.
  24. 24. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 24 Isikan Judul HalamanMaking Animation Conventional Digital
  25. 25. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 25 Isikan Judul HalamanKonvensional Celluloid Technique (Conventional) is a fundamentaltechnique in making the classic animated film.
  26. 26. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 26 Isikan Judul HalamanConventional Production Stage· Pre-production:· Post-production:· Post-production:
  27. 27. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 27 Isikan Judul HalamanConventional pre-production. Concept, Scenario, The formation of character, Storyboard, Dubbing beginning, Music and Sound FX
  28. 28. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 28 Isikan Judul HalamanPost-Conventional productionLay out (layout),Key motion (movement key / core),In BetweenClean UpBackground (background image),Celluloid (Transferred plastic upwards)Coloring (Coloring with ink and paint
  29. 29. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 29 Isikan Judul HalamanPost-Conventional productionCompositeCamera Shooting (Picture taken with the camera)Editing,Rendering,The transfer film rolls into the movie.
  30. 30. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 30 Isikan Judul HalamanDigitalMaking Animations for cultivation of a simpleanimation, starting from design models to fillthe sound / dubbing can be done using apersonal computer.
  31. 31. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 31 Isikan Judul HalamanDigital production stagePre-production:Post-production:Post-production:
  32. 32. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 32 Isikan Judul HalamanDigital pre-production. Concept, Scenario, The formation of character, Storyboard, Initial dubbing, Music and sound FX
  33. 33. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 33 Isikan Judul HalamanDigital post-production. O Lay out (layout), O Key motion (movement key / core), O In Between O Background (background image), O Scanning O Coloring.
  34. 34. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 34 Isikan Judul HalamanPost-produksi Digital O Composite, O Editing, O Rendering, O Removal of the film into various media VCD of DVD, VHS and more.
  35. 35. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 35 Isikan Judul HalamanStep by step making of animated films.1. Submitting Story Ideas2. Story Idea Recording3. Storyboard Creation4. Voice Recording5. Making Film Roll6. Creation Display7. Making Model
  36. 36. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 36 Isikan Judul HalamanStep by step making of animatedfilms.8. Set complement9. Cultivation Scene10. Touches Animation11. Dimensions and Character Set12. Lighting and Improvements13. Computer on-Render14. Final Touch
  37. 37. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 37 Isikan Judul HalamanDICTIONARY ANIMATIONGeneral terms:1.Animation2.Animation Character
  38. 38. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 38 Isikan Judul HalamanAnimationAnimation (Animation) is a series of processes inwhich each frame of a movie produced one byone.
  39. 39. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 39 Isikan Judul HalamanAnimation CharacterCharacter Animation (Character animation) is oneparticular aspect in the process of makinganimation. Its like we create living things.
  40. 40. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 40 Isikan Judul HalamanUNDERSTAND HOW TO DRAWANIMATION KEY
  41. 41. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 41 Isikan Judul HalamanSoftware AnimasiProduction House basic 3d ModelingBasic 3d Production House MontioningExportingFrameMaya3ds MaxForge 3d
  42. 42. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 42 Isikan Judul HalamanPH Basic 3d ModelingThe model can be created automatically ormanually. Manual modeling process ofpreparing geometric data for 3D computergraphics is similar to plastic arts such assculpting.
  43. 43. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 43 Isikan Judul HalamanBenefits* Flexibility,* Ease of rendering,* Accurate photorealism
  44. 44. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 44 Isikan Judul HalamanLossesLoss compared with 2D photorealistic renderingsoftware may include a learning curve and difficultyachieving certain hyper realistic effect. Some hyperrealistic effect can be achieved with special renderingfilters included in the 3D model software.
  45. 45. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 45 Isikan Judul HalamanPh basic 3d MotioningMotion capture, motion tracking, or mocapare terms used to describe the process ofrecording and translating the movementsinto digital models.
  46. 46. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 46 Isikan Judul HalamanBenefits.* Faster,* The number of jobs does not varycomplexity.* Complex and realistic movementinteraction.* The amount of data that can be generatedanimation in a given timevery large.
  47. 47. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 47 Isikan Judul HalamanLosses.* Specific hardware and special programs.* Cost of software.* The capture system.* Limited initial results.* The movement did not follow the laws of physics.* Traditional animation techniques.* If the computer models have different proportionsof the subjects arrest.
  48. 48. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 48 Isikan Judul Halaman3d Exporting This tutorial deals only with models exported fromBlender 3D, and maps into a format that assumes themodel is available and ready for use, that you are usingBlender 3D version that includes "Quake 3 (map)" exportscript - Blender 2.45 or above , and that you are familiarwith the basics of using Blender 3D to create content.
  49. 49. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 49 Isikan Judul Halaman The model used for this process is shown below, it has acombination of curved ( curved or bend the ceiling)and the flat (planar) surfaces which form the physicalstructure of the object to be exported from Blender 3D asa map *.. It also has materials and textures as applied todifferent parts of the mesh (in this case a separate wall,floor, ceiling and pillars texture). The model shown in the blender with textures appliedand ambient occlusion given - this is optional.
  50. 50. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 50 Isikan Judul Halaman The model shown inthe blender withtextures applied andambient occlusiongiven - this is optional.
  51. 51. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 51 Isikan Judul HalamanExporting models into map formatExporting a model from Blender to the map is veryeasy and does not require some of the stepsassociated with the models to export ASE, forexample:
  52. 52. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 52 Isikan Judul HalamanHow to choose the right part mesh Select mesh - RMB-click - or in which some objectsthat need to be exported, for best results select eachobject in turn (export one at a time). Note that someoptions can be exported at the same time using theShift + RMB to select each part, but where one ofthem the best detail relative to export separately.
  53. 53. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 53 Isikan Judul HalamanBasic Polygon Wireframe view shows the orientation of theunderlying polygons used to build the model.
  54. 54. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 54 Isikan Judul HalamanExporting the model to the map Select the mesh and export by using the map *. exportscript can be accessed from the File menu - File>Export> Quake 3 (map) Settings used when exporting the model to the map.
  55. 55. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 55 Isikan Judul HalamanExport SettingsMap Export pop-up dialog with the settings.
  56. 56. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 56 Isikan Judul HalamanHOW TO: open a map that wasexported to GTKRadiant To open a file to GTKRadiant click "File> Open ...",browse to the file (the Open dialog should be openby default in the" map "folder), select it and thenclick Open. The map will load into the Radiant.
  57. 57. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 57 Isikan Judul HalamanIn contrast to save the file click "File> Save" (tooverwrite the original files) or more "File> SaveAs ..." to create an incremental version of therescue which will allow a point in the case ofregression problems.
  58. 58. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 58 Isikan Judul Halaman3D camera view a map showing GTKRadiantselected in the brush.
  59. 59. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 59 Isikan Judul Halaman Once exported andconverted GTKRadiantmaps can be loaded intoworking in the same wayas the others whoproduced Radiant.
  60. 60. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 60 Isikan Judul HalamanFrameAnimation known as keyframing. Contrary toTweening, each frame of computer animation directlykeyframed modified or manipulated by the creator, so noTweening has actually happened. This method is similarto traditional animation drawings, and chosen by theartists who want to have full control over animation.
  61. 61. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 61 Isikan Judul HalamanAnimation Keyframe Keyframe animation is the standard animationmethod. In this method, you specify the keythings to an extreme position and let thecomputer fill in the motion.
  62. 62. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 62 Isikan Judul HalamanAn object will move from the upper left cornerof the frame to the bottom right corner. One ofthe two present in the animation keyframes willcontain objects in the upper left corner of theframe, while others will show it on the keyframebottom right corner.Motion using key framesstarting ending completed
  63. 63. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 63 Isikan Judul HalamanMayaMAYA Basics of AnimationIn animation, there is more to turn from asimple movement. Animations need to thinkabout motion, time, and the smoothness of theaction .. Maya simplify in essence creating a timeand motion animation.
  64. 64. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 64 Isikan Judul HalamanAnimation Control With Maya animation control, you choose how to playa key and animation. Two components of the Mayauser interface specifically for animation: Slider andRange Slider time.Gambar Animasi kontrol 7-1
  65. 65. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 65 Isikan Judul HalamanRange slider Range between the slider and the AnimationPreferences button is to control the current characterand features Automatic Lock button. Time Slider The Time Slider is an important part of interfaceanimation in Maya. The Time Slider Control playbackrange, and interference with the key in the playbackrange.
  66. 66. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 66 Isikan Judul HalamanCurrent Time FieldA black line shows the current time field. Whenthe button has been set for the currentlyselected object, a thin vertical red line appearsin the area of time slider to show the time for keypeople.
  67. 67. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 67 Isikan Judul Halaman Range Slider The slider controls the playback range is reflected in thetime range slider. Range slider to set the total length ofanimation in the frame. You can also use the Range sliderto temporarily restrict the range of playback and adjustthe playback start and end frame.
  68. 68. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 68 Isikan Judul Halaman You use thePreferences dialogbox to change thevalues for theanimation timelineand playback. Youalso can set thetotal time for theanimation, the sizeof the timeline, andother relatedfeatures.
  69. 69. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 69 Isikan Judul HalamanThe term in AnimationFrame RateRangeRange animation2secs = 24fps X 48 FramesSettings button
  70. 70. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 70 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic EditorGraphic Editor is a useful tool for tweaking the key valuethat you specify. This gives you a visualrepresentation of the curved-line attributes of theanimation. Animation time goes from left to right,and each type variable appears as a line sloping up ordown to show the value from time to time.
  71. 71. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 71 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Editors ComponentMenu BarEdit MenuThe Curves MenuMenu KeyThe Tangents MenuList Menu
  72. 72. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 72 Isikan Judul HalamanToolbar Toolbar
  73. 73. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 73 Isikan Judul HalamanThe Dope Sheet
  74. 74. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 74 Isikan Judul Halaman3ds Max Game development, television, film, and web,multimedia, and professional * Render-like effect in the viewport display offersphoto-real quality for faster decision making.
  75. 75. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 75 Isikan Judul HalamanScene Management CapabilitiesArtists can make a strong reference workflow to helpmanage a complex scene as a Container object.Material Explorer helps to simplify the way artistsinteract with objects and materials.New multithreaded xView mesh analysis technology tothe viewport reporting on several types of mesh.
  76. 76. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 76 Isikan Judul HalamanUnderstanding3ds Max Studio is a 3-dimensionalsoftware the most popular in Indonesia. Isachieved due to the popularity of thesoftware capabilities in the processingprocess of modeling, animation and 3-dimensional special effects very good andeasy to use.
  77. 77. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 77 Isikan Judul HalamanForge 3D Menempa FrameForge 3D adalah jalan keteknologi baru. Mengambil keuntungan dariprosesor yang lebih baru, software inimemungkinkan Anda untuk bekerja didunia 3D, dan tidak seperti banyaksoftware 3D, sangat mudah digunakan.
  78. 78. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 78 Isikan Judul HalamanConcepts The general concepts behind FrameForge 3D is thatyou build your set, where actors and props you, andthen position your camera. each camera and seewhat you will see the camera. You can evendetermine the camera, lens, f-stop, etc. for a veryrealistic picture. In the storyboard can be as detailedas you are willing to make.
  79. 79. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 79 Isikan Judul HalamanAdvantagesThe best part is the tools and environmentinteract well together - for example, and the actorscan really hold a can of soda - with other software,which can be placed on the actor to demonstrate arelationship, but a relationship .
  80. 80. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 80 Isikan Judul Halamanweakness FrameForge 3D gives you the ability to createhighly realistic storyboards without blowing thebudget expenditure. key information. This is out-of-the box used for this software, but the use ofhighly effective none the less.
  81. 81. Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 81 Isikan Judul HalamanSMK NEGERI 2 CIKARANG BARATThe end