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Menerapkan prinsip prinsip seni grafis dalam dkv untuk m (5)

Menerapkan prinsip prinsip seni grafis dalam dkv untuk m (5)






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    Menerapkan prinsip prinsip seni grafis dalam dkv untuk m (5) Menerapkan prinsip prinsip seni grafis dalam dkv untuk m (5) Presentation Transcript

    • Applying the principles ofgraphic art for dalamDesainmultimedia visualcommunicationDescribe the multimedia
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 2 Isikan Judul HalamanApplying the principles of graphic art fordalamDesain multimedia visual communicationHere are the multimedia teachingmaterials Applying the principles ofgraphic arts in visualcommunication design formultimedia:Graphic Design AestheticsSketchDrawing presfektipDrawing ObkekDrawing Illustration
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 3 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic design is a visual form of communication that usesimages to convey information or messages as effectivelyas possible. In graphic design, text, images are alsoconsidered as an abstraction of symbols that can besounded. Graphic design is applied in communicationdesign and fine art.Like other types of design, graphic design can refer to theprocess of manufacturing, design methods, the product(design), or any discipline that is used (design).
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 4 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic design artinclude cognitiveabilities and visualskills, includingtypography,illustration,photography,image processing,and layout.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 5 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer ~ Limit Media ~ Principles and DesignElements ~ Perlalatan Graphic Design ~ List of Graphic DesignSoftware - Desktop Publishing - Webdesign - Audio Visual - Rendering 3 Dimensions
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 6 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerLimitation MediaGraphic design was originally applied to staticmedia, such as books, magazines, and brochures.In addition, in line with the times, graphic design isalso applied in the electronic media, which areoften referred to as interactive design ormultimedia design.One-dimensional boundary has changed over thedevelopment of thinking about design. Graphicdesign can be applied to a design environment thatincludes the processing space.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 7 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerPrinciples and design elementsElements in graphic design as basic elements inother design disciplines. These elements(including shape, shape (form), texture, line,space, and color) form the basic principles ofvisual design.These principles, such as the balance (balance),rhythm (rhythm), stress (emphasis), theproportion ( "proportion") and unity (unity), thenform a structural aspect of a larger composition.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 8 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic design toolsThe equipment used by graphic designers is the idea,mind, eyes, hands, hand drawing tools, andcomputers. A concept or idea is usually notconsidered as a design before it is realized orexpressed in visual form.In mid 1980, the arrival of desktop publishing andthe introduction of graphic software applicationsintroduced a generation of designers in the computerimage manipulation and 3D image creation thatpreviously was a hard work.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 9 Isikan Judul HalamanComputer graphic design allows designersto see the results of layout or typographychanges instantly without using ink or apen, or to simulate the effects oftraditional media without demanding a lotof space.A graphic designers use sketches toexplore ideas that are complex quickly,and then he has the freedom to choosethe tools to finish, by hand or computer.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 10 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic Design Software ListThere are several software used in graphic design:Desktop publishingAdobe PhotoshopAdobe IllustratorAdobe indesignPage MakerCoreldrawGIMPInkscapeAdobe FreehandAdobe Image Ready
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 11 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic Design Software ListThere are several software used in graphicdesign:WebdesignMacromedia DreamweaverMicroscoft FrontpageNotepadAdobe Photoshop
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 12 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic Design Software ListThere are several software used in graphic design:Audio visualAdobe After EffectsAdobe PremierFinal CutAdobe Flash, or before Macromedia FlashUlead Video StudioMagic Movie Edit ProPower Director
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 13 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic Design Software ListThere are several software used in graphic design:Rendering 3D3D StudioMakMayaAutoCadGoogle SktchUpBlender
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 14 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerSome examples of graphic design images
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 15 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerSome examples of graphic designimages
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 16 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerSome examples of graphic designimages
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 17 Isikan Judul HalamanDestination Graphic DesignerGraphic Design Learning ObjectivesGraphic design concept to be applied in various fieldsof design.Know graphic design as a visual processingmultimedia information data.Understanding the elements of graphic design as atool of sefektif messenger, efficient,communicative, and aesthetic in the context of themedia.Mengusai roses basic techniques of designing so thatthey can anticipate the development ofentrepreneurial and global marketing are universal.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 18 Isikan Judul HalamanBenefits Graphic DesignerThe benefits of education in the field of graphicdesign can be viewed from various aspects,namely:Accelerating the learning process by presenting alesson in graphic formIntroducing the world of graphic design to studentsso that students can implement in theirenvironment.Introduce to students of graphic design applications.Preparing students to be able to easily understandthe messages disampiakan in graphical form.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 19 Isikan Judul HalamanPrinciple Graphic DesignerPrinciple Graphic Designer~ Scale proportions~ Focus~ Contrast~ Irama~ Balance~ Unity
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 20 Isikan Judul HalamanUnderstanding graphic designAccording to the graphic design Suyanto"The application of art and communication skills forbusiness and industry needs". These applications mayinclude advertising and product sales, creating a visualidentity for the institution, products and companies,and environmental graphics, information design, andvisually improve the message in the publication.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 21 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerAccording to Jessica Helfand"Complex combinations of words and images, figuresand graphs, photographs and illustrations that requirespecial thoughts of an individual who can combine theseelements, so that they can produce something special,very useful, surprising or subservis or something easy toremember. "
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 22 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerAccording to the graphic design Sihombing Danton"Employ a variety of elements such as markers, symbols,verbal descriptions divisualisaikan through typographyand images with photographic techniques or illustrations.Elements are implemented in two functions, as visualdevices and communication devices. "
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 23 Isikan Judul HalamanCategories Graphic DesignerIn general, graphic design can be divided intoseveral categories:Printing (Printing) which includes the design ofbooks, magazines, posters, booklets, leaflets,flyers, pamphlets, advertising, and other similarpublications.Web Design: design for web pages. Films includeCDs, DVDs, multimedia CDs for promotion.Identification (Logo), OGD (Environmental GraphicDesign): is a professional design that includesgraphic design, architecture design, industrialdesign, and architect taman.Desain Products,packaging and the like.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 24 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer Scope of Work1. Booksespecially modern booksnon-fiction and textbooksrequires a lot of graphicillustrations and visualinformation, includingphotography and text.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 25 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer Scope of Work2. Magazines.The main reason to maintainan image (image) in themagazine is to achieve acertain target audience. Howto attract attention is througha written form, add thecolumns and use the emptyspaces.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 26 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer Scope of Work3. Newspapers (Newspaper).Every newspaper has a visualstyle is different, but thelayout still follow the standardvisual patterns. Text andphotos are the maincomponents seimbangamapresented in the editorialmanagement of the work. Layout the manual is alwayscreated even thoughcomputer technology hasprovided the settingsinstantly.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 27 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer Scope of Work4. Leaflets, brochures andnewsletters.Leaflets can be visualized quickly acertain size based on the rationaldesign elements by following acertain formula. Newsletterapproach requires more careful.Type size is varied, the verticaldistribution of the column,contrast and layout are alsoimportant for doberikan as did themaking of the newspaper.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 28 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer Scope of Work5. Logos (Corporate Image).Designing the logo may be themost important and costly inthe field of graphics. All theelements into its elementsshould be meaningful,communicative and describethe company image orinstitutions that use it
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 29 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerA designer must have at least 5 (five)dimensions of scholarship:1. Insight Technology2. Science Insights3. Insight Art4. Social and Cultural Insights5. Wawacan Philosophy and Ethics
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 30 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer1. Johannes Gutenberg (1398-1468)Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing machine canbe moved in the year 1447 with a design resemblingthe pressure model used in the Rhineland, Germany toproduce wine. This is a revolutionary development thatallows mass production of books at low cost, whichbecame part of the explosion of information during theEuropean renaissance.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 31 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer2. The Great Exhibition (1851)Hyde Park was held in Londonbetween May to October 1851, atthe time of industrial revolution. Thismajor exhibition highlighting theculture and industry and celebratethe industrial technology and design.The exhibition was held in thebuilding of die-cast metal structureand glass, often referred to as theCrystal Palace, designed by JosephPaxton.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 32 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer3. Lay Out Hollywood Mondrian (1872)Piet Mondrian, who was born in 1972,is a painter who influences his work isstill applied hinggga now, namely inthe era of computer graphics directly.Though he was not a graphic designerdirectly, but the divisions workinspired lukisanya canvas area inwhich we are familiar with the termGrid. In the ad layout structure, whichis used system known as ModrianLayout. In the painting modrian applygeometric images using the theory ofuniversal harmony is known as thegolden rectangle.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 33 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer4. Aristide Bruant, Toulouse-Lautrec (1892)Post-Impressionist painters andthe French art nouveauillustrator, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec depicts many facets ofParis in the nineteenth centuryin the posters and paintingsthat express a sympathy for thehuman race. Although found inlithography by Alois SenefelderAustria in 1796, Toulouse-Lautrec help achieve industryconsolidation and the arts.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 34 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer5. Modernism (1910)Modernism is formed byurbanization andindustrialization of Westernsociety. A dogma is a breathof modern design is "FormFollow Function" is theremark by LouisSullivan.Symbol strongest ofmodernism kejayan enginesare also interpreted as thefuture for his followers.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 35 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer6. Dadaisme (1916)An art and literary movement (1916-1923) whichwas developed following the First World War andseeking to find an authentic reality through theabolition of traditional culture and aesthetic forms.Dadaisme bring new ideas, directions andingredients, but with little uniformity. The principleis a deliberate irrationality, a cynical nature andanarchy, and the rejection of the law of beauty.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 36 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer7. De Stijl (1916)Style that comes from the DutchDe Stijl is an art and designmovement that developed in amagazine of the same name wasfound by Theo van Doesburg. DeStijl using the form four strong-side, using basic colors and useasymmetrical composition. Figurebelow is the Red and Blue Chairdesigned by Gerrit Rietveld.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 37 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer8. Constructivism (1918)A modern art movement that began inMoscow in 1920, which is marked by the useof industrial methods to create a geometricobject. Influential Russian constructivism inmodern outlook through the use of sans-serif letters in red and black asymmetricalarranged in blocks. Gamabr below is amodel of the Tatlin Tower, a monument tothe Communist International.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 38 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer9. Bauhaus (1919)Bauhaus opened in 1919 underthe direction of renownedarchitect Walter Gropius. Untilfinally to be closed in 1933, theBauhaus began a fresh approachto design follow Duni First War,with a style that focused onfunction rather than decoration.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 39 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer10. Gill Sans (1928-1930)Tipograper Eric Gill studied atthe Edward Johnston andrefine the type of letterUnderground in Gill Sans. GillSans is a typeface sans serifwith the proportion of classicand characteristic geometricgrace that gives it an abilityvaried (great versatility).
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 40 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer11. Harry Beck (1931)Back graphic designer Harry(1903-1974) to create anunderground map of London(London Underground Map) in1931. An abstract work thatcontains little relationship tothe physical scale. Beck focusedon the needs of the user how tofrom one station to anotherstation and where to changetrains.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 41 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer12. International Style (1950)International or Swiss style isbased on revolutionaryprinciples such as 1920s DeStijl, Bauhaus and NeueTypography, and it becameofficial in the 1950s. Grid, theprinciples of mathematics, alittle decoration and sans seriftypefaces became the rule astypography improved to bettershow than an expression ofuniversal functions private.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 42 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer13. Elvetica (1951)Max Miedinger created by adesigner from Switzerland,Helvetica is one type of letter ofthe most popular and famous inthe world. Clean look, without thelines unreasonable based on theletter Akzidenz-Grotesk. Initiallycalled Grostesk Hass, the namewas changed to Helvetica in 1960.Helvetica family has a thickness of34 models and Helvetica Neue has51 models.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 43 Isikan Judul HalamanHistory of Graphic Designer14. Emigré (1984)American graphic design magazine,Émigré is the first publication to useMacintosh computers, and graphicdesigners to influence the switch todesktop publishing (DTP). This magazinealso acts as a forum for experimentaltypography
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 44 Isikan Judul HalamanCommunication Graphics andVisual CommunicationGraphic communication is the work in the field of visualcommunications-related graphics (printing) and / or inthe field of two-dimensional and static (not moving andnot time-based images). The basic terminologynecessary to explain the difference between GraphicCommunication with Visual Communication.~ Communication Graphics
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 45 Isikan Judul HalamanCommunication Graphics andVisual Communication~ Communication GraphicsVisual communication can be defined as the process ofdelivery of the symbols that contain a certain sense ofseseorangkepada others through print media (printedmaterial), outdoor media (outdoor), electronic media(electronic), where the display (display), and memoryitems (special offer).
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 46 Isikan Judul HalamanCommunication Graphics andVisual CommunicationHere are examples of visual communications media:1) Media Communication Printed / visualPoster (insideand outside), stickers, book covers, packaging, selipat(folder), 2) Foreign Media RuangSpanduk (banner),signage, banners, neon box, neon sign, billboards,billboard , box car.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 47 Isikan Judul HalamanCommunication Graphics andVisual Communication3) Electronic mediaRadio, television, internet,films, video programs,computer animation.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 48 Isikan Judul HalamanCommunication Graphics andVisual Communication4) Place a display (display) Showcase(display window), point of purchase,design pendants, floor stand.5) Goods KenanganKaos, hats,umbrellas, glasses, various souvenirs,bags, and
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 49 Isikan Judul HalamanKick GraphicsKick GraphicsOne more place in the universeon the Internet that shouldvisit the graphic designerGraphic lokal.Jurus a blog is aninitiative of Richard Fang andTosan Aji.Initially because they see thedevelopment of increasinglygraphic design rampant inIndonesia, but on the otherside of learning resources andcontent in Indonesian languageis very rare quality in found
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 50 Isikan Judul HalamanGRAPHIC DESIGN TYPOGRAFIone of the graphic design elements is the letter orfont. font becomes very important because itrepresents the contents of which will be deliveredby the message. with the font designers can putyour message. To be able to message moreeffectively to the reader the message is necessaryto note the choice of an appropriate font with thecontent of your message. this is very importantbecause the selected font can represent ordescribe the contents of the message.GRAPHIC DESIGN TYPOGRAFI
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 51 Isikan Judul HalamanStep Graphic DesignerThe steps in the Process of Graphic Design:Analyze your audience.Determining your purpose message.Deciding where and how you will appear (if it will be printedpublications, presentations, or web site).Setting goals.Set the text and images.Select the appropriate format and layout.Select appropriate typefaces, type sizes, type styles, andspacing.Adding and manipulating graphics.Set the text and images.Process proofingImproving and refining.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 52 Isikan Judul HalamanTheory Graphic DesignerDesign TheoryDesign theory seeks to investigate the basicprinciples of "what and why" in the ongoing designprocess. For example, why one color communicatehappiness, while for someone from anothercommunity it communicates anger.Design theory also perform searches to find certainprinciples in the process of graphic design work andsee whether a design to proceed in a way thatintuitive or deliberate. Usually used in designs thatever existed and used as a study, criticism orexcavation of inspiration.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 53 Isikan Judul HalamanUnderstanding of VisualizationTechniques~ An understanding of VisualizationTechniquesPhotographyVisual TranslationModel MakingDrawingTypography
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 54 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphics Processing ProgramApplication Processing Layout (Layout)This program is often used for making brochures,pamphlets, booklets, posters, and other similar. Theprogram is able to regulate the placement of text andimages taken from other programs (like AdobePhotoshop).Application Processing Vector / OutlinePrograms included in this group can be used tocreate images in the form of a vector / line so oftenreferred to as the Illustrator program. All the objectsthat produced a combination of several lines, eitherstraight or curved lines.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 55 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphics Processing ProgramApplication Processing Film / VideoPrograms included in this group can be used toprocess the film in various formats. Giving the titletext (such as karaoke, subtitles, etc.) can also beprocessed using this program. Generally, grantingspecial effects (special effects) as the explosions,bullets whistle, waves, etc. can also be created usingthis applicationMultimedia Processing ApplicationsPrograms included in this group is usually used tocreate a masterpiece in the form of promotionMultimedia, company profile, and the like, andpackaged in a CD or DVD. Multimedia may include thefilm / movie, animation, text, images, and sounddirancan so that the message is more interktif andinteresting
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 56 Isikan Judul HalamanEducational goals of VisualCommunication DesignStudents educate Visual Communication Design is focusedon scientific understanding and expertise in the field-based Graphic Design Computer Technology, ComputerSystems and Software Grafi that has the ability todesign visual communication design works of static anddynamic.2. The focus or emphasis on education options andimprovement of professional expertise in the applicationfield of Graphic Design, Multimedia, and CommunicationAdvertising and requires mastery of graphic design andplaywright by considering the factors of persuasion,communication, media research, typography,photography and illustration.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 57 Isikan Judul HalamanEducational goals of VisualCommunication Design3. Educating professional designers who have a baseof theory / knowledge of Visual Communication,Creativity, design skills manually or digitally, andhave an independent attitude and responsible in hiswork.4. Educating the professional designers who have abase to empower the wealth "Visual CultureNusantara" as a force of local and globalcompetence.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 58 Isikan Judul Halaman5. Produce graduates who have a highentrepreneurial spirit that has the ability to createjobs.6. Able to systematically formulate ideas andcommunicate effectively.7. Able to work with other areas of expertiseinvolved in a labor organization.Educational goals of VisualCommunication Design
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 59 Isikan Judul HalamanCOLORColor is one of the importantelements in graphic design. InSCIENCE ART RUPA, color canrepresent the emotions of thework so that the message ofthese works can be more easilyaccepted by the audience.Elements of color in graphicdesign also has the function formore details can
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 60 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design workTips on choosing colors for graphic design work that is:1. Color SchemeDesignerIn essence, these toolsprovide facilities to usto create colorcombinations that fitwith only shift themouse. The resultingcolor combinationspretty good, but ofcourse must be selectedagain as needed.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 61 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work2. Color SchemerOn this website we cannot create an interactivecolor combinations, butthis website providessome interesting colorcombinations that havebeen made by themember. Here we cansearch ng-desired colorcombinations such"green", "dark", de el el
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 62 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work3. Adobe secularThis website has become popularamong others because it isdominated by graphic designersfrom community of Photoshopthat can be accessed directlyusing adobe software. Popularaddition, many template choicesto make this site popular. How towear it pretty easy too. Theavailability of this secular usercommunity with accesscomparable somewhat lemotwebsite flash-based apps.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 63 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work4. AviaryOperation of thiswebsite sorted out withseveral categories toaccess the page quicklyand easily. A brightappearance make itpleasing to the eye andof course will be easy tooperate for the sake ofour design work.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 64 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work5. PictaculosThe hard part in designing awebsite is to choose colors. Butnow many aids in colorselection. We no longer botherchoosing the color theme for aparticular image usingpictaculous. First prepare animage as a sample pantonecolors. Using a handypictacuulous in which therepancuan colors and directlyconnected with the suggestionsfrom the secular andcolourlovers
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 65 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work6. Color HunterColor is a specialtysearch
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 66 Isikan Judul Halaman7. Color Combination,Color Schemes, ColorPalettesSpecial website calledcolorcombos colorincludes color of hiswriting labs as a comboor Combos. Worth a shot,because the colors arebright dipilihkannya weusually encounter in thepages instead.Tips on choosing colors forgraphic design work
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 67 Isikan Judul Halaman8. ColrColr are newcomers to thecolor matters. However,there is one importantfacility here is the selectionfetch or grab colors fromthe color of famouswebsites like yahoo, redditor any other website thatalready exists on theinternet. In this way suchas taking samples from thesite design or graphicdesign sites that alreadyexist. More easy to see theresults.Tips on choosing colors forgraphic design work
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 68 Isikan Judul Halaman9. Colorjack: Sphere (ColorTheory Visualizer)Color jack as colorproviders site for designersfavor the use of the colorcircle in the results can bedirectly exported via thedesign software such asAdobe Illustrator,Photoshop, and so forth.Tips on choosing colors forgraphic design work
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 69 Isikan Judul Halaman10. Veerles Topp, DailyColor SchemeColor schemes are muchin demand by graphicdesigners also ogled bythis website. Althoughstill new to access thissite can be designed tolook for color selection.Can be downloaded withthe extension of thescheme design softwaresuch as AI and otherphotoshop too.Tips on choosing colors forgraphic design work
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 70 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work11. ColorBlenderToo bad when this article is made, access tothis website can not be done. A glimpse of thiswebsite that is performing the same hampiscolors for your choosing. What is different isthe colors shown are the results blen ormixture of colors so you can choose morecolors with a choice of non-limited.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 71 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work12. Color LoversFavorite sites created in 2004is equipped with a super lot oftemplates and advice matchingcolor selection. Assistance fromthe community by sharing theacquisition of color make thissite excel in their fields. Lookat secular adobe is very similarto this site only different flashtalaga.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 72 Isikan Judul HalamanTips on choosing colors forgraphic design work13. PantoneAs the name implies, thiswebsite is a special field of geosystem pantone using accurate.I say accurate because there aresome experts colors arranged incolor catalog is the art plus thescience of calculation, especiallythis site provides the optionORIGINAL Pantone matchingsystem. Now we can try this siteif you want to view pantonematching alias is not tacky.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 73 Isikan Judul HalamanDESIGN ELEMENTS~ Illustration~ Text~ Texture~ Color~ Space~ Field~ LineDESIGN ELEMENTS
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 74 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic DesignerGraphic design has some kind of database worksby looking at the composition of elements contained inthese works, including:1. Image-based designDesigners develop images that represent the ideaof personal or business client. Very strong imageto be believed and is a tool that can affectcommunications, able to convey not onlyinformation but also moods and emotions. Peoplewill react to images instinctively based on theirpersonalities, asosiastif based lingkunganya, andexperientatif from previous experiences
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 75 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer2. Type-based designIn some cases, designers rely on text to convey amessage, but they use words differently from theusual procedures performed by the authors. For thedesigners, they see the visual text is as important asthe purpose or meaning of the text itself. Visualformat of the text, either printed or tipographyhandmade writing, has the same function is toimplement the communication function and adesigner must be aware that the existence of thetext must have a function readibility / legibility.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 76 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer3. Image-based design and TypeThe designers often combine between tipography andimage to communicate a message to the audience.Exploration of the creative possibilities presented incombination tipography (text and so on) and images(photography, illustration, and fine art), aims to providethe look and complete information. So the designers notonly create a match between the letterforms and theimage alone but also to establish the best balancebetween keduany
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 77 Isikan Judul HalamanGraphic Designer4. Blonde-based design, logo and logotypeSimbols and logo are a special case, the shapeinformation is very concise and serves as a identifers.Symbols are abstract reperentasi of a particular idea oridentity. Logo is a visual format that served symbolicallyto represent the concepts or particular groups.Logotypes are identifications both the concept andvisual groups based on a row of words or speciallycrafted text. Some identities are hybrid or acombination of the symbols logotypes. In creatingidentifiers, designers will set a clear visual and inaccordance with the vision and mission of a corporation,group, concept or idea that representation and inaccordance with their respective goals.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 78 Isikan Judul Halaman5. Graphic designers, Source Message and AudienceOn one hand, a source message is sometimes tooclose to the contents of the message itself, ofcourse, an element of subjectivity is very high, sothe need to find ways to introduce and get the hangof these messages. Audience, on the other hand, isa complex community, a very broad and has avariety of characters. It directly affects how tocommunicate or mechanisms in these messages.More than that, it is generally difficult to make theaudience become part of the communicationprocess.Graphic Designer
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 79 Isikan Judul HalamanNirmana in graphic designNirmana in graphic designAlthough Nirmana understood as a form of shape. In thecontext of visual communication design, plays animportant role nirmana about how to organize anddevelop the basic elements of visual communicationdesign. Another important role, in the nirmana requirestatasusun and governance elements of visualcommunication design in a harmonious compositionplanning and balanced in every part of it.Definition nirmana is organizing or preparation of visualelements such as point, line, color, space and texture intoone harmonious whole. nirmana can be interpreted as aresult of delusion in the form dwimatra, which has a valuetridimensional beauty. nirmana called tatarupa science.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 80 Isikan Judul HalamanVector and bitmap graphics~ Understanding Graphic VektorGrafis vector is anobject image formed through a combination of dotsand lines by using a specific mathematical formula.~ Understanding BitmapGrafis Graphics Bitmap objectimage is formed by the dots and color combinations.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 81 Isikan Judul HalamanVector and bitmap graphicsVector Graphics excess storagespace for more efficient objectimage vector drawing objects canbe changed in size and shapewithout lowering the quality ofdisplays can be printed on yourprinters highest resolutionDrawing and editing vectorshapes are relatively easy andfun
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 82 Isikan Judul HalamanVector and bitmap graphicsBitmap Graphics Pros-Can be addedto certain special effects that canmake objects appear as keinginan.-can generate a bitmap image objectvector image darionjek with easyand fast way, the quality of theresults can be determined
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 83 Isikan Judul HalamanManagement in Graphic DesignImportance of management in graphic design. To bea professional designer one must work inaccordance with standard procedures in a projectrun both large and small scale.Often we hear the novice designers even though shehas a high design capabilities to handle theconfusion of a project. And he did not know whereto start.To overcome this required a design processmanagement. And elements of management arePlanning, Orginizing, Stuffing, directing.
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 84 Isikan Judul HalamanProduk Graphic DesignerGraphic design productsIn the category of graphic design of this product containsthe work of website design experts paid and free it can bedownloaded free of charge in accordance with theprovisions and regulations applicable to the website of thisgraphic design tutorials. Products from design expertAmong others are: - E-book graphic design, video e-learning or interactive tutorial CD-Video tutorials coreldraw-templates-Templates-Templates photoshop illustrator-T andT-Shirt-making graphic design services-Wallpaper-Allgraphic design products for free
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 85 Isikan Judul HalamanField Graphic Designera. Advertising (graphic design for advertising) b. SoftwareDesign (design for user interface software) c. Web Design(design view website) d. Movie Production (movie titledesign, motion graphics) e. Music Visualizer (Visual Jokey,Video Maker) f. Game Design (view designs games,character design, g. Printing Industry (productionmanagement, packaging) p. Editorial Design (layoutnewspaper, magazine design) i. Book Design (book design)j. Information Design (design map , sign system) k.Interactive Design (design of ATM applications, userinteraction scenario) l. Company Branding (logos, identity,brand developer) m. Type Design (character design,experimental typography)Any field that requires graphic design :
    • Teknologi Informasi dan KomunikasiHal.: 86 Isikan Judul HalamanSMK NEGERI 2 CIKARANG WESTThe and