ICMA 2012 Award Summary
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ICMA 2012 Award Summary

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Summary of the shortlisted 2012 ICMA Classified Media Innovation Award submissions.

Summary of the shortlisted 2012 ICMA Classified Media Innovation Award submissions.

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  • 1. 2012 ICMA AWARD -GREAT IDEAS AND CREATIVEINNOVATORSThe Summary of Shortlisted Submissions International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 2. ForewordThe ICMA Classified Media Innovation Awards is an annual recognitionof creativity and innovation in the classified advertising industry. Theaward is organized by the International Classified Media Associationand it is an open competition for members and non-members of theassociation. The 2012 award is in its third edition since the start at2010.The ICMA Board of Directors acts as the jury of the awards. Theapplications are judged on novelty, creativity, results, sustainability andpresentation. Based on the commercial nature of the association, thefinancial and business component of the results weighs heavily in theevaluation.After a thorough analysis, the ICMA Board of Directors selected eightsubmissions that stood out from all the submissions. One of thesesubmissions will get the ICMA Classified Media Innovation Award. Thewinners will be announced during the ICMA General Meeting GalaParty on Saturday 21st April in Atlanta, GA, USA.In the following pages, the shortlisted submissions are presented inalphabetical order. They represent ideas from selling electricitycontracts to mobile classifieds and from successful market entry todynamic personalization tools.The teams and companies behind the shortlisted ideas have showngreat creativity and skills, but above all, they have successfullyexecuted the ideas into profitable business!Eero KorhonenManaging PartnerVaibmu Ltd International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 3. A Social Classifieds by Digital CommunityHoldings, USAInnovatorsRob Hage, CEOSummaryMore than just a socially-integrated classifieds website – Frassfieds isa proprietary social classifieds platform. Revenues for frassifieds aredriven by display advertising and self-serve classified up-sells withinthe unique value of its quality, ‘invitation only’ network of registeredusers. Scammers with their fraudulent ads are not allowed to roamfreely in the framily-friendly world of frassifieds.ResultsFrassifieds launched in a rural community with a population of 1500people on Oct. 4. Within 10 days, the number of registered users grewvirally from 1 person, to more than 1000, and the proof of concept wasestablished. Many U.S. communities have since been reserved bymedia affiliates (primarily traditional print media publishers) interestedin leap-frogging into this new, social classifieds arena with no up-frontlicensing cost or million-dollar development expense.Company InformationDigital Communities HoldingInwood, USAwww.dch.com International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 4. Dominion Insights by DominionEnterprises, USAInnovatorsScott Owens, Director of Business DevelopmentSummaryDominion Insights is a new analytics business that captures data fromclassified portals and presents them to commercial dealers as a toolfor improving their business performance. Insights uses vehicle dataand consumer search activity to create real-time pricing tools,competitive benchmarks for unit and dealership-level key metrics, andhigh level industry and market health indicators such as supply/demand that keep dealers informed about critical market andeconomic forces.ResultsInitially launched in the motorcycle & RV markets in November 2011,Insights has signed 225 dealers to annual contracts worth US$81,000.The company expects to exceed 1,000 dealers within the first year,with annualized revenue of US$360,000. Insights was recently namedby PowerSports Business as a winner in its Nifty 50 product awards.Company InformationDominion EnterprisesNorfolk, VA USA150 Granby StreetNorfolk, VA USA 23510www.dominioninsights.com International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 5. Leadspring by Friday Media Group, UKInnovatorsPete Roberts, Adam Cox Chris Kidger, Rob PatersonSummaryFor over 35 years the Friday Media Group has been bringing buyersand sellers together. Through Leadspring, Friday Media provides afully managed online service that combines the core elements of onlinemarketing to generate enquiries for our customers. The sites areheavily optimized for SEO and all activity including the telephone andemail enquiries are tracked. The company “believes that it is one ofthe most innovative marketing solutions ever offered to localbusinesses”.ResultsThe positive outcomes of the innovation are that it has increased thecompany’s customer base. They now have 100 new clients sincelaunching in early 2012. Customer retention is also stronger forexisting customers and since launch they have only lost 3 customersdue to poor performance. Although the business is still young FridayMedia have ambitious revenue targets as it matures in 2012.Company InformationLeadspring / Friday Media GroupBrighton, United Kingdomwww.leadspring.co.ukwww.fridaymediagroup.com International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 6. Mobile Business Platform by Gumiyo, USAInnovatorsGumiyo development and accounts teamsSummaryGumiyos platform‐as-a-service delivers information to any device.Theplatform boasts innovative data extraction and mapping capabilitiesthat translate media assets into useful mobile websites, apps, QR codeand SMS implementations. Tools and widgets seamlessly integratewith existing websites and legacy printed publications allowing thepublishers to create multi-channel offering to their customers.ResultsAs the first wholly Cloud‐based initiative in the classified media space,the platform powers over 27,000 mobile sites and applications, 25,000SMS campaigns, and hosted over 1 billion mobile page views in 2011.Company InformationGumiyo Inc.Woodland Hills,CA, U.S.A.www.gumiyo.com International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 7. Conquering Market Leadership by InformMedia, HungaryInnovatorsJosef Kogler, Gerhard Koehle, Adrian Ghender, Laura Serdult, ZoltanBalla, Maria VinceSummaryIn 2009 Inform Media acquired CVonline.hu, which was clear number 2in the Hungarian job market. Inform Media also built up topjob.hu asnational job portal to cover the four eastern regions. The market wasvery competitive with 6 players in the market, Inform Media developedan integrated job portal strategy to become the number one. Topjob.huwas migrated into 20 regional portals, cvonline.hu was moved onto thesame SaaS platform with the other portals, a clever SEO and contentstrategy was developed and a new sales approach was implemented.ResultsWith the concept of integration one national and 20 local job boards onone SaaS platform we are now considered as market leaders in theHungarian job market. The number of delivered applicants per weekdoubled, the traffic increased by 49% within the first year, technologycosts were reduced by 80%, revenue grew by 20% and the number ofregistered users increased 20%.Company InformationInform Media Tech SRL,Romania, Oradeawww.informmedia.ro International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 8. Marketplace for Household ElectricityContracts by Sanoma Digital, FinlandInnovatorsSanoma Digital team, Reneco Energy Consulting team and ExoveDesign and Technology teamsSummarySähkövertailu.fi is a unique and comprehensive Finnish retailmarketplace for household electricity. Sähkövertailu.fi is easy to use;customer only need to know the home address to get offers. Theservice allows the consumer to compare contracts transparently, basedon studied criteria. Sähkövertailu.fi serves sales companies as well byproviding contracts, new sales tools and an efficient marketing tool.Results100 % of Finnish electricity contracts listed on the site making it themost comprehensive and transparent electricity retail marketplace. Inthe first month, the amount of electricity sold was worth the productionof a medium sized energy company, confirming that it is an effectivemarketplace. More than 2% of Finnish electricity consumers used thisservice within the first month.Company InformationSanoma Digital Finland, Sanoma News LtdHelsinki, Finlandwww.sahkovertailu.fiwww.sanomanews.fi International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 9. Dynamic Personalization by SchibstedHungary and Gravity R&D, HungaryInnovatorsZoltan Peresztegi, Laszlo Budai, Gyorgy Dozsa, Balazs NedliSummaryTo improve website efficiency and enhance user experience,Jofogás.hu wanted to personalize the site by showing relevant contentto each and every visitor. To achieve these goals, Jófogás and Gravity– Rock Solid Recommendations jointly developed a newrecommendation system which learns the visitors’ taste in real timeand displays the most interesting content to them. The expectation wasto generate a content discovery effect and ease navigation.ResultsSignificant and sustainable improvement has been achieved inefficiency and user experience. Ad (item) page views/visit: 10.57%increase. Improvement by self learning: at launch, 19.8% of visitorsclicked on recommended ads - 2.5 months later, accuracy ofrecommendations increased by 75%; 35% of visitors now click on arecommended ad. Number of contact requests among users (visitorsand advertisers) – has risen by over 33%Company InformationSchibsted Classified Media Hungary Kft., Hungary, Budapestwww.jofogas.huGravity R&D Kft., Hungary, Budapestwww.gravityrd.com International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 10. Automated Social Media Service forAutomotive Dealers by Spidersnet, UKInnovatorsSpidersnet TeamSummarySpidersnet created a package to cover its customers social medianeeds. Spidersnet Social is a product for automotive dealers, providinga route to connect and communicate with potential buyers viaFacebook & Twitter. The key to its success is easy implementation,free maintenance & a high profit margin.ResultsThe delivery of this product for automotive dealers in the UK hasenabled them to strengthen Spidersnet’s offering within themarketplace.Within the first month of launch Spidersnet Social was taken up by25% of the customer base. Today the company has over 35% ofcustomers subscribing to this product adding over £32,000 to theiryearly income. Spidersnet Social alone has helped the company winbusiness from competitors and continues to be a powerful tool withinsales presentations.Company InformationSpidersnet (part of Friday Media Group, Brighton, UK)Provider of Automotive Web Solutionswww.spidersnet.co.uk International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)
  • 11. Vaibmu Ltd International Classified Media AssociationVaibmu is a management consulting and advisory company. We work International Classified Media Association (ICMA) is the global leadingwith companies worldwide on strategy crafting and opportunity community of leading players in the Classified Media Industry.development. Our R&D projects offer a hands-on approach to ICMA’s community has recognized the need to act together to build theinnovation. capabilities and support its members to respond effectively to the manyVaibmu works with growth seeking companies from across the globe. challenges facing our Industry. We are dedicated to promotingOur diverse customer base hails mainly from media and publishing as excellence, co-operation, networking, market leadership, innovationwell as industry and institutional investors. and information-exchange at every level amongst our international membership. ICMA counts more than 70 member companies from 32 countries. Our publishers encompass high-quality classified ad publications and websites worldwide.Vaibmu Ltd ICMA Head OfficeJoupinkuja 4 A 5 Vijzelgracht 53 C02760 Espoo 1017 HP AmsterdamFinland The Netherlands+358 40 824 6841 +31 615 067 378www.vaibmu.com www.icmaonline.org International Classified Media Association (www.icmaonline.org) & Vaibmu Ltd (www.vaibmu.com)