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eKom i- The Feedback Company
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eKom i- The Feedback Company


eKomi is essentially a best-of-breed ratings company. This presentation explains how eKomi can help retailers leverage user-generated-content specifically in the form of customer reviews and ratings …

eKomi is essentially a best-of-breed ratings company. This presentation explains how eKomi can help retailers leverage user-generated-content specifically in the form of customer reviews and ratings to increase sales, reduce returns, drive organic traffic and build trust and consumer confidence. eKomi’s market leading cloud-based feedback management platform is an essential component of your CEM, SEM, SEA, SEO and NPS programs as well as being central to your social media, social commerce and ecommerce strategies.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • We have collected more than 250mpieces of key word rich user generated content.
  • Customer reviews and ratings are a key component for online retail. Amazon and Ebay were the first companies to indentify the value of customer reviews and ratings – and this became a key part of their success. Almost 100% of the top 50 online retailers have customer reviews. Customer reviews are key/ central to major online retailers such as Zappos – where customer reviews are tightly integrated in to their site and helped them achieve $1bn gross merchandise sales. Price is less important when customer reviews are shown.
  • Social Commerce (a term originally coined by Yahoo!) is the bridge between Social Media and ecommerce.The concept refers to any tool which enables a buyer to access trustworthy feedback in order to find and purchase products and services. Social Commerce is essentially the process of monetizing User Generated Content – or more specifically; Customer Feedback. In the future, selling will be more social. Increasing numbers of consumers care more about the experience – delivery, punctuality, support and service – than the price tag.
  • The fact is that not all customers will trust you.Trust is a valuable commodity – it is the currency that allows online transactions to take place.The main issue for online retailers was security – now its trust. Customers trust recommendations from unknown users who made a purchase and left a review – almost as much as a recommendation from an expert. Only 14% trust advertising and just 8% trust celebrities, which makes social a very powerful sales driver. Traditional testimonials no longer have any value. UGC and customer reviews are key factors driving social commerce. Customers buy from customers.
  • Reviews are becoming ubiquitous and people like to read them and see stars. Bizarrely, only 20% of all online retailers are actively involved in customer and product reviews.(2012 Nielsen report/ first most trusted form of advertising: “Ninety-two percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising”)
  • eKomi’s unique cloud-based social commerce platform provides transaction-driven customer reviews and ratings thatprovide multiple benefits across all levels of ecommerce through self-perpetuating User Generated Content (UGC).
  • Essentially three parts to the process: 1) collection, 2) management/ processing, 3) marketing.eKomi CFM team are in-house (not outsourced) and they are an essential part of the feedback management process.
  • Customer reviews build trust, increase sales, increase conversions and increase CTR. Product reviews increase conversions, reduce returns and drive organic SEO traffic. It inserts market research within the feedback process e.g. how your customer heard about you (Google, Radio, Emailing …), and also provides valuable information about the customer which improves your ability to position your products effectively.
  • Intuitive hover-based rating system and stars. We can collect customer reviews using email, csv file or API. The retailer typically BCC’s eKomi when emailing the order or shipping confirmation to the customer. eKomi captures the data required – order number, name, email etc. Usually an email with the feedback link is sent XYZ days after the transaction (e.g. 3 days after dispatch of goods). The eKomi server generates the feedback link and sends a SOAP Web service link to the customer. Highly effective feedback templates designed to maximise feedback return. Controlled via the user interface/ management tools.Additional feedback collection opportunity with QR codes.
  • Easy to implement and very light. Selection of informative customer reviews. Rotating Customer Reviews. Individually customised widget. The widget displays seller rating/ stars, customer reviews, bronze/ silver/ gold seal and link to a dedicated SEO rich certificate page (NOT A PORTAL). The widget builds trust/ consumer confidence. PR is used when eKomi clients move up to silver or gold seal/ award.
  • eKomi is well integrated in the mainline menswear online store – which builds trust and consumer confidence.eKomi widget displaying average satisfaction rating andbest comments. Widget is completely adaptable!Another example:Bullion by post increased sales by 30% within 90 days because eKomi built trust into the site.We have lots of case studies available. You can also talk to our clients directly to get feedback on the eKomi service.You can use your reviews as part of your SEM campaigns – for example creating a dedicated landing page (example:
  • Templates can be customised to maintain consistency and structure and make them more relevant to your product. Customers naturally gravitate towards products with lots of reviews. Product reviews also provides valuable product and market data for purchasing,marketing, customer services, logistics etc.
  • Reduce returns with customisable product reviews. Dynamic front-end integration. eKomi implementation team will help you integrate product reviews. You can fetch the reviews from a csv file. Product reviews are checked manually but there is no private arbitration process. Search engine optimised product reviews.
  • Collect and display product reviews and ratings in an SEO relevant way on your website.Excellent referencing in Google search for multiple products – even when ‘MyPure’ is not mentioned in the search.Example: Search on Google for ‘A'kin Skin Care Sandalwood & Neroli’.
  • In addition to customer and product reviews, eKomi also develops and operates intelligent feedback systems using social commerce technology to collect valuable business intelligence data directly from your customers or partners via email, online, sms etc. We have multiple templates (radio dials, dropdown, stars etc). Feedback button for your website is included in the platform – for general feedback relating to your website etc.
  • Independently collected and verified customer reviews are powerful tools for marketing and PR departments. Results can be shown as authentic data collected and managed by a third party. The eKomi management interface provides the necessary features to pull this data from your historic customer and product reviews. Find interesting customer review stories for potential PR opportunities.
  • We put your product reviews onGoogle Shopping.
  • Gain exposure and better referencingwithin Google Product Search.
  • Your seller reviews and brand/ logo are listed on Google Price Comparison and linked to Google seller Reviews page and eKomi SEO rich certificate page.You also get indexed on Google Maps and Google Places.
  • You also get indexed on Google Maps and Google Places.
  • Thanks to our partnership with Google, we integrate your customer reviews and stars directly into Google AdWords (seller rating extensions).We collect seller ratings to add or increase stars and ratings in adwords. The reviews link directly to your Google seller ratings page – which indirectly links to your site. You can create powerful AdWord ads. Furthermore, Google do not charge you for clicks to seller reviews from your AdWord ads – so visitors can actually circumnavigate the Ad and arrive on your site! There are 3 distinct benefits to having a star rating in your ad: You’re getting a free extra line of advertising space from Google. In media buying terms, this is valuable. A star rating gives users a positive, objective endorsement of your business. They’ll trust you more and this will help you get the initial conversion (or sale) and increase your average customer value. Finally, you’ll get your own free review page on Google, dedicated to telling customers how great you are.
  • eKomi certificate page is picked up on Google when the relevant keywords are searched. We collect so many reviews that the public portals don’t show up.eKomi reviews improve click through rates from search and improve the rate at which users click on your result in the search stream. When searching for products, people are instantly drawn to results that include gold stars because:a) They indicate that customer reviews have been included on the product page and we know at least 65% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews.b) These sites appear to be more trustworthy, and increased trust = sales.In fact, some reports have indicated that reviews can increase the click through rates from SERPs (search engine results pages) by 25%+.
  • eKomi can also help you develop rich snippets – to integrate stars, ratings, location, inventory etc in your organic search results.
  • eKomi delivers what Google are looking for; self perpetuating key word rich, authentic, user generated content that is being constantly updated and spread across all product pages. Populating otherwise static pages boosts their chances of appearing in Google’s Main Index rather than being demoted into the Supplementary Index. Reviews include important keywords. Reviews added on your website will include keywords that are associated with your company, products and services, and content with targeted keywords are always a plus with search engines. Some tips: a. Make sure your reviews technology correctly displays content so it can be picked up by search engines – it should appear in text form in the HTML directly on your site. b. Gather reviews on as many pages on your site as possible to maximise the opportunity to rank well for each specific product or service and capitalise on long tail traffic.
  • Using eKomi will improve your quality score, lift your ad position and reduce your AdWord spend. We influence the CTR which increases your quality score.The basic calculation is CTR x CPC x AV. SELLER RATING x NO. SELLER RATINGS = QUALITY SCORE.Having a higher quality score enables you to spend less on Adwords than your competitors, with a higher ad position.See google secrets onyoutube for more detailed info on how Google calculates your quality score.
  • Client login: , username: , password: testGet key management information instantly. Check number of reviews in arbitration. Set triggers, flags and filters. Get real-time statistics and analysis. Runcustomisablereports. Setwhere warnings get routed. Access key management information for all departments (eg purchasing, customer services, product development etc). Set email templates. Edit the widget,seal and feedback button. Respond to negative reviews instantly and turn them into positive reviews. From here you can setup your facebook page/ integration, edit your certificate page etc. Access evaluation tool for measuring service levels, customer satisfaction etc.
  • 1) eKomifacebookplugin enables you to display your reviews on your facebook page:!/iposters .2) Social recommendation tool lets the customer post their reviews on their wall – creating a very powerful viral marketing effect.If you have a Facebook page your reviews can be integrated directly to it, this will help you to benefit from exposure and increased trust – for example For Example, on average people have 130 friends on Facebook so taking My Pure (eKomi customer) as an example; They have 4,635 likes. If you multiply this by the average number of friends My Pure have exposure to just under 600,000 people.
  • The eKomi Social recommendation feature provides thenecessary tools to enable satisfiedcustomers to post theirreviews on facebook, twitter and google+ during the feedback collection stage. The site and product links, along with the user generated content will link back to your site and drive more sales. The user interface and management tools allow you to control which reviews get published e.g. post only 5 star reviews on facebook etc.
  • With our F-Commerce module (Facebook Connect) you can sell products directly from your Facebook page. The eKomi seal is visible throughout the sales funnel and links to your certificate page which has all your combined reviews and seller rating. Customers are given the option to buy on Facebook or go to your website to complete the transaction.
  • All customerfeedback is good feedback, but you need a controlled environment to process and manage authentic customer feedback.
  • Using multiple external platforms will expose you to malicious feedback and anti-competitive behaviour. Without a controlled environment to enable customers to leave honest feedback – they have a potential offsite audience of 2bn online. There are lots of offsite places where customers can write about you – but the problem is that anyone can leave feedback usually just by signing in with an email address. Unlike eKomi, these platforms are not transaction-based and therefore not authentic. Trust Pilot: Only allow 1 review per customer. Only offer customer reviews not product reviews. Not transaction-based (anyone can leave a review). No arbitration process. No protection from malicious feedback. Easy to crack order numbers. No manual checking of reviews. Admitted to fake reviews in court. Bad t’s & c’s.
  • Example shows a leading memory foam mattress supplier with number 1 natural Google position and supporting AdWords. On their home page they display the reviewcentre icon and link to a certificate page. On this certificate page you can see ads from other suppliers (which is bad), but also a ‘Buy now at Amazon’ link inside each of their reviews. These link actually re-direct to a competitors product.  So basically what we have here is a main UK supplier of memory foam mattresses advertising and promoting competitor products on their home page.
  • Keep customer feedback and ugconsite where you can manage and control it, rather than offsite. eKomi providesan independentand trustworthy platform where customers can easily share their experiences about your products and services. Your online reputation is protected because you provide a controlled and safe environment for genuine customer feedback. If you don’t provide an environment and the tools for your customers to easily leave feedback, they will use external platforms which can damage your brand and kill your profits.
  • With Reactive/passive collection – 30% of reviews are negative. You will collect lots more reviews when using ekomi. The more reviews a prospective buyer sees, the more consumer confidence you project and the more likely they will buy. This is safety in numbers psychology!
  • We provide a private arbitration environment where issues can be resolved amicably. The eKomi platform will not immediately publish specific negative reviews based on your settings/ preferences. These reviews are flagged and remain in arbitration for 5 days to allow enough time for supplier and customer to resolve the issue. The system triggers a warning so that specific customer service personnel can respond immediately e.g. based on low stars or negative comment. Most negative reviews are misunderstandingse.g. customer thought they were getting next day delivery etc. A quick response usually surprises the customer, and your worst customer can end up being your biggest advocate. The average negative feedback rate is 4% but the arbitration process lowers this number to just 1%.
  • eKomi feedback is transaction-based and completely independent.We make it easy for customers to leave feedback (no signup). All reviews are manually checked and we remove offensive or irrelevant content and competitor names/links. Software and algorithms wont pick this up so every review needs to be manually checked by a real person. Voucher System: The option to add an incentive code e.g. 5% or 5pounds off for those who take the time to leave a review is a great way to increase the amount of reviews you have, increase repeat business and even bring in new business by word of mouth or customers sharing their voucher codes with friends and family which as a result will promote your brand loyalty and increase sales.
  • Better rankings in Google through user generated SEO content and permanentseller ratings and product reviews. Integrate reviews and ratings into your CEM (Customer Experience Management) programs. Optimise your SEM, SEA &SEO strategy and grow your NPS number (Net Promoter Score is used to gauge the loyalty of a firm's customer relationships based on a customer's rating of that company or product).Av. 10% conversion rate increase (The added trust and the widget, seal, real-time reviews, seller ratings etc will convert passive/ interested visitors into buyers).Av. 20% increase in CTR (Adding stars and reviews in Adwords will increase the CTR and make the process of paid advertising more effective).Av. 15% increase in sales (50% in some cases because eKomi adds trust to your site, and customers buy from customers).Av. 20% response rate for feedback (30% in germany – up to 75%). Av. 4% negative feedback (1% after arbitration process).
  • We surveyed almost 700 existing eKomi clients…
  • 1) iPad/ tablet solution for collection of transaction-based offline reviews which upload to companies website e.g. pizza express proposal.2) Happy Customer Counter will count all transactions with no feedback (assuming customers who don’t leave feedback are satisfied) and all positive reviews, and then display this on the website (with the number increasing each day) e.g. 95,201 Happy Customers and Counting.  This builds trust and consumer confidence, and eKomi customers can leverage customer purchases even if they don’t leave feedback. This pluginalso includes a ‘Happy Customer Meter/ Rating’ to show the no. of happy customers as a percentage.3) Social broadcast will enable end-customers to instantly broadcast details of a purchase/ membership to their social connections on facebook, Google+, twitter etc for example if a customer wins £50 on Jackpot Joy they can share their win with their friends/ social connections.4) Mobile app for multi-channel retailers – to improve the instore customer experience and provide a level of content usually only available online. Customers will be able to scan a product instore and get instant product reviews, detailed product information and personalised recommendations.5) Social Login is a means to access 3rd party websites without the need to register with that site by using the credentials already held by social networking sites such as Facebook. It works by automatically linking logins from one or more social networking sites to the ecommerce site/ shop, and then dynamically personalising the content specifically for that visitor. With this feature we can push/ highlight reviews from a visitor’s social connections (like trip advisor). The reviews are more effective (remember 83% trust recommendations from a friend vs 60% who trust reviews from customers they don’t actually know).
  • According to Gartner, by 2015 companies will generate 50% of Web sales via their social presence and mobile applications.Its not a question of “Should i have Customer reviews and Ratings on my site”, its a question of “When” and “How”.First security was the main challenge, now its building trust on your site. Don't be worried about negative feedback - what have you got to hide?Eventually – if you don’t have reviews on your site, people will think you have something to hide!Try eKomi free for 3 months/ 5000 reviews and we will also collect feedback from past customers who made purchases in the last 60 days. Ideally you need 6 months for A/B testing and to measure conversion rates, CTR, traffic, page views, sales, return rates, SEO etc.We have recent case studies available and you can also get feedback directly from our customers.


  • 1. The Feedback Company David Aparicio, Social Commerce Consultant 1
  • 2. Contents About eKomi Market snapshot How it works Online reputation management Why eKomi? Next steps
  • 3. Company Profile• Headquarters in Berlin, Germany• Europe’s largest independent feedback company• More than 160 employees worldwide• More than 10,000 clients across 24 countries• Managed more than 8m customer reviews• Multiple language support
  • 4. Who uses eKomi?
  • 5. Do you read customerreviews? Price is less important when customer reviews are shown Almost all the top 50 online retailers have customer reviews
  • 6. The 8 Top Ranked SocialTactics Sucharita Mulpuru, Vice- President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research
  • 7. Who do your Customers Trust?Recommendation from a friendRecommendation from an expertRecommendation from acustomer who made a purchaseRecommendation from a forumContent from blogs Source: Forrester Research 2011
  • 8. Independent Research• 63% of customers said they tend to buy from online stores whichhave customer reviews & ratings (CompUSA & iPerceptions study)• 71% of online buyers read customer reviews, and 77% of theseinfluence the buying decision (Forrester and Jupiter Research)• Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form ofadvertising (Nielsen, 2012 – 28,000 internet respondents in 56 countries)• Customer reviews represent the most important tool used byconsumers to guide and make their purchase (Gartner, 2012)
  • 9. How eKomi Works Customer leaves feedback (feedback collection) Customer makes a eKomi purchase 2 reads, verifies and (feedback moderates the management 1 3 journey begins) feedback (feedback management) Prospective buyer Satisfied customer 6 4Prospective eKomi publishesbuyer decides to 5 the feedbackbuy something (feedback marketing)(social commerce) Prospective buyer reads the feedback/ UGC (social recommendation)
  • 10. Pillars of eKomi
  • 11. Customer & Product ReviewsCustomer reviews focus on the Product reviews focus on thecustomer experience and increase products and are displayed ontrust/ consumer confidence the individual product pages
  • 12. Customer Reviews – FeedbackCollection Intelligent online questionnaire designed to guide the customer and maximise feedback
  • 13. Customer Reviews – WidgetIntegrationWidget displays real-time reviews, sellerrating, stars and seal– with link to eKomicertificate page
  • 14. Customer Reviews – Client
  • 15. Product Reviews – FeedbackCollection Individually customised online questionnaire provides valuable product feedback e.g. size, fit etc
  • 16. Product Reviews – IntegrationExample Product reviews are displayed directly on the product pages in order to increase the conversion rate and SEO
  • 17. Product Reviews – Client ExampleSearch onGoogle for‘Akin Skin CareSandalwood &Neroli’ – thenstart removingkeywords
  • 18. Other Feedback & Market Research Satisfaction surveys, competitor analysis, psychological purchasing patterns, purchase-path analysis etc Measure your results, organise data and access key statistics and reporting tools with the eKomi user interface
  • 19. Powerful Tools for Marketing and PR Use your eKomi customer reviews and stars for both online and offline marketing campaigns and PR initiatives
  • 20. Google ShoppingIntegration ofeKomi ProductReviews onGoogleShopping
  • 21. Google Product SearchIntegration ofeKomi ProductReviews onGoogle ProductSearch
  • 22. Google Price ComparisonIntegration of eKomi Seller Reviews on Google Price Comparison(You also get indexed on Google maps and Google Places)
  • 23. Google Maps and Google Places Get indexed on Google Maps and Google Places
  • 24. Stars and Reviews in Google AdWordsSeller ratingextensions giveyou increasedcredibility, moretraffic, higherCTR, enhancedquality score/lower CPC
  • 25. eKomi Certificate Page in Google SEO optimised eKomi certificate page displaying enhanced seller profile and stars
  • 26. Rich SnipppetsEnhanced visibilityand trust withinGoogle Search bydisplaying stars andother relevantinformation via RichSnippets integration
  • 27. SEO Value – Content is KingeKomi deliverswhat Google arelooking for; selfperpetuating keywordrich, authentic, user generatedcontent that isbeing constantlyupdated and On average – we produce 30 words per reviewspread across (20% of 25k x 30 = 150k words/ UGC per month)multiple pages = SEO JUICE
  • 28. Google Quality Score Spend less on Adwords than your competitors and achieve a higher ad positionQuality Score is a gradeapplied to your paid searchadvertising. The higher yourgrade, the less yourecharged and the moreprevalent your ads are.CTR x CPC x av. sellerrating x no. seller ratings= Quality Score
  • 29. Management Information/ UI Comprehensive user interface provides real- time reporting and key management information via a PC or other internet enabled device
  • 30. eKomi Facebook IntegrationeKomi pluginenables you todisplay yourreviews on yourFacebook pageSocialrecommendationtool lets thecustomer posttheir reviews ontheir wall
  • 31. More Relevant with Social Sharing Letting customers post reviews directly to their favourite social networks will drive more traffic to your site while making you more relevant to customers Source: Forrester research
  • 32. Facebook Connect/ F-CommerceSell products fromyour Facebook page
  • 33. Online Reputation Management eKomi creates a controlled environment to manage your online reputation
  • 34. Example – Using Multiple Portals Using multiple review portals will expose your brand to malicious feedback, anti- competitive behaviour and negative reviews
  • 35. Example – Competitor Links
  • 36. Example – Using eKomi Taking a proactive approach to reviews by using eKomi will protect your online reputation
  • 37. Options – Managing CustomerFeedback• Reactive (Let public portals control your customer reviews)They are SEO experts and they own the content so you won’tsee any long-term benefits unless you are the review portal• Pro-active (Manage customer reviews in-house)In-house reviews are seen as testimonials which customersdon’t trust and the content is not indexed on Google etc• eKomi (Europe’s largest independent feedback company)We have the expertise, infrastructure and technology requiredto manage all your customer feedback requirements
  • 38. Private Arbitration Process eKomi’s reputation management system enables customer and supplier to amicably resolve misunderstandings offline before negative reviews are published.
  • 39. Why eKomi?• Customer reviews, product reviews, visitor feedback and surveys• Authentic and transaction-based reviews (customers trust UGC)• Neutral and Independent customer feedback (B2B and B2C)• All reviews are manually checked in addition to software/ algorithms• Private arbitration environment and process• Widget, seal, certificate page and voucher interface/ incentive• Key management information, reports and statistics• Google integration, Facebook plugin and social recommendation• Integration of stars and reviews in Google AdWords
  • 40. The Return on Investment• Increase AOV, achieve higher conversion rates and build trust• Improve CTR with stars and reviews in Google AdWords• Increase in sales/ profit and reduced return rates• Increase organic SEO traffic and Google rankings• Use feedback to make improvements across all departments• Reduce online marketing costs and initiate new viral campaigns• Lower CPC and enhanced Google quality score• Integrate reviews and ratings into your CEM programs• Optimise SEM, SEA & SEO strategy and grow your NPS number
  • 41. eKomi Customer Study – Sales 58% said orders have increased by 31% or more since implementing eKomi
  • 42. eKomi Customer Study – Traffic 54% said traffic has increased by 31% or more since implementing eKomi
  • 43. eKomi Roadmap• Scheduled features • iPad/ tablet et solution Available now • Happy customer counter Available now • Social broadcast Q4 2012 • Multi-channel mobile app Q1 2013 • Social login Q2 2013
  • 44. Next Steps• Schedule a discovery session• Discuss commercials/ trial period• What are you waiting for?(We guarantee your business will benefit)• Get started today!