Proses Improvement Package


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Proses Improvement Package

  1. 1. Process Improvement Packages Regulatory Blend Control (RBC) for the Oil Refining Industry (Gasoline, Gasoil, Fuel Oil) blends with any number of wild flows Dye and Additive Injection support Paces (slows down) the blend when a component flowrate cannot keep up with demand Stops the blend automatically when the target volume is reached Generates End of Blend Report Interfaces to ABB Advanced Blend Control, tank gauging, and on-line analyzers What it means to you When RBC stands alone it gives:ABB is a worldwide ABB’s Regulatory Blend Control • Automatic batch executionand leading supplier ofManufacturing (RBC) software runs on ABB’s Advant • Elimination of operating errorsExecution System Master or Advant Open Control(MES) and related System (OCS). It starts and stops • Blends which match the enteredadvanced decision recipesupport technologies. blends and manipulates flows to matchWe provide complete a recipe. RBC can work on its own or • Ease of operation andintegrated, advanced in conjunction with advanced controls monitoring of blendsautomation solutionsas well as consulting from ABB or other to support When RBC is combined with ABC itautomation and best Features: gives:business practicesstrategies across the Blend order creation using • Reduced Quality Giveawayenterprise. standard displays or through • Reduced ReblendsOther ABB products download from upper level systemsthat complement this Field equipment selection and • Increased Blender Throughputtechnology applicationinclude: lineup, manual or automatic • Reduction in Demurrage• Advanced Blend Holds a target rate and volume for Control (ABC) • Reduced Component Inventory• ABB’s Intelligent the blend Enterprise Manager • Reduced Labor Costs (AIEM), for oil Controls the pump sequencing movements & • Immediate Increase in storage Ramps the flow up and down at Profitability – Benefits for a• On-line analyzers appropriate times typical 150KBD refinery can be 3 to and shelters 6 M$/yr• Blender skids Displays the current and• Dynamic Blending cumulative status of the blend solutions• Complete Supports off-the-unit rundown Engineering Packages
  2. 2. The Blending Cycle Step 1: Blend Orders Blending Easy as “R, B, C,… Blend order data is entered RBC completely automates the manually or automatically from steps needed to set up, execute and planner tool or ABC. On-line help monitor a blend. displays make order entry easy. Built in the OCS Step 2: Select Equipment RBC is built entirely in Advant OCS, Operator selects lineups and giving it the robust characteristics pumps or allows automatic needed at the regulatory control level. selection . RBC can keep running even if there are power, network, or interface problems with higher level systems. Step 3: Start The Blend Operator presses START. RBC RBC user interface has all the familiar opens valves to lineup OCS features needed to make the components, then starts pumps in Operator comfortable from the first the chosen sequence. time he uses RBC. The appearance, alarms, and behaviors are all part of the OCS standard. Step 4: Monitor Performance RBC collects and displays current In ABB Advant MOD, RBC uses and cumulative blending data control blocks and TCL programs to including flows, totals and tank accomplish its tasks. In ABB Advant volumes. RBC compares totalizers Master, AMPL programs and type to tank inventory changes to circuits are used to provide the same maintain a material balance. functionality. Step 5: End of Blend Report Connects to Advanced Controls RBC stops the blend at the target RBC can be used stand alone, but it volume or on Operator request. At works best under the control of the the end of blend, a report is ABB Advanced Blend Control (ABC). generated with all the key blend RBC can receive blend setup and data for performance monitoring recipe updates through a and troubleshooting. straightforward interface adaptable to any advanced property controller on the market. Partners in ProductivityABB Automation Inc.3010 Briarpark DriveHouston, TX 77042 3BUS025028R0001Phone: +713.821.8800Fax: +713.821.3510Specifications subject to change without notice.