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A 'playbook' of design meant for developers...or anybody that is interested in design as it applies to software.

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  • The market is getting saturated with developersSoftware is getting easier to writeHybrids are starting to be the most valued employeesMany people think design is magic only “creative” people can design. That’s not true. Devs are highly creative problem solvers.
  • Took me the better part of a decade to create a design process that makes sense for software.These 10 things are the things I wish I knew as a new designerThis is not the typical abstract design talk. These are real nuggets of information you can use tomorrow to enhance your software.Best for something and worst for something else. Cherry pick what makes sense for you.
  • There are many types of research. I choose to do the most obvious one, because it is easy and painless.
  • The most basic form of research is user interviews. Motivations are the triggers that lead to desirable behaviors.
  • This is when I started realizing that other people’s designs had an element of polish mine didn’t.
  • These are the places I find most of my inspiration now.
  • This can be a great way to start collecting ideas. And reference then in the future.
  • If there was only one think you took away from this talk…this would be it.
  • Borrow ideas from other industries
  • Too many people get hung up on the word “innovate”. The ability to “fail fast” is invaluable in an organization that is used to throwing money away.
  • Muscle fatigue happens really quickly. 55” in touch screen examplePeripheralADA concerns
  • Interactive prototyping is really the focus
  • Sketching in c#This can be really powerful. Some times you
  • What is this a quote from?Seriously…no matter how low the fidelity is…a working prototype will be more well received compared to a static comp.
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  • This is pretty hard stuff. I feel like I barely have scratched the surface of type. It something of an underground cult thing.But when its done right it can make all the difference. Simple rule of thumb for mixing serifs and san-serifs.
  • Sorry…I said I wasn’t going to be abstract.
  • Grouping by size, content, color, action.I identify the relationships between the elements on the screen then start to group them.
  • Aligning things to a grid is the simplest way to create order and hierarchy. I usually tend to design by gut….then align to a grid. Some people put the grid on the page…first thing they do.
  • What? Windows apps do this the best?
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