Ideas on how to find a movie to watch


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Concepts on how User driven content and search can help people find movies on / streaming service.

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  • HeyToday: Talk alittleaboutfinding a movie to watch
  • Espen KlemSo,who am I and what am I good at?
  • Small searchconsultancycompanyUX people like meA lot ofdevelopersSupportTogetherwecreatesearchsolutions, and wework hard onmakingthemusefull.
  • Stuffrelating to search and user driven content
  • FunctionalCustomer support.Admittingwrong.Not giving up oncustomers.Fewsteps to start watching a movie. Registering/login/paying is a part ofthatprocess, and not wrongfullyset up as a call to action type ofbutton.Nice design
  • Whydid I want to talk to you: Irritatedonthesearchyou have now. Suggested smallajustments to improve it  up to parFiguredoutthiswas not what I reallywanted from Comoyo Madethispresentation.Disclaimer: Haven’tseenany logs, click-streamanalysis, user tests or personas, so theseare just my ideas from what I see from theoutside
  • Concepts & groupingEntrancesChannelsThe Super UserExplorethecontent
  • The rest AKA The wall:Before: 1 TV-channel to watch.Now: Total freedomToo muchfreedom?
  • The rest AKA The wall:Before: 1 TV-channel to watch.Now: Total freedomToo muchfreedom?
  • How to gettheusers to exploreyourcontent?
  • Back to the massive wallofcontent and choices
  • Everything has beennewonce. «On movietheaters» is somethingpeoplecanrelate to.
  • Mixwith genres, people, etc, and yougetsmallchunksofRelevant and Relatablecontent.
  • What do youknowaboutyouruserswhentheyenter? Nothing.And thenyouneed to giveeverybodythe same treatment to try to findcontent for them.
  • Good, buthow do yougetthere?You’vegot a successwhenthehomepage is not the most importantany more.
  • Same problem withComoyo Filter. Alsoyouneedchannels to getpeople to different entrances: Easier to talk to peoplethancontent.
  • Same problem withComoyo Filter.A lot ofinterestingcontent, but all in oneblob.
  • Before: 1channel in NorwayToday: Too muchfreedomBring channels in all varietysback.
  • But still: World domination is heavylifting.Empowertheusers and createthe Super User
  • An empowereduser is onlyempowered at Comoyo. This is strongstuff.
  • 1-9-90 principle:Suggestionengines
  • How to?Givetheusers super powerPutthe Super Useron display
  • Deadends: People are not verygood at backing up.Show theuser a path forward
  • Today, to be a littlerude:Twopage typesFront pageLists A littlecrammed & No landing pages, littlespace to exploreon + romingaround
  • I’llsuggestyoucreatetree different mainpage types:Front pageListsItems
  •  Deadends: People are not verygood at backing up
  • An item/moviecan be a dead end Buttherearealwaysusersthat has similarbeaviorpatterns.
  • Item: Expandsearchonknowledge from otherusers.
  • Alsoexpandsearchonknowledge from user’ssearch / path to movie and movie-infoActors & directors (yougotthis, butI’m not sure it worksverywell) Nowyou have more roomBest matching genres for thatmovieKeepthesearchwiththemovie item
  • A bit intimidating:“What icecream do you like?” versus “Do you like pistachio, vanilla, blueberry or chockolate chips, strawberry?”
  • How to translate this to search?AutosuggestNavigators, facets, filters…. don’tworkverywell, butI’llarguethatAutosuggestworks.: Imediaterespose
  • So,whathappenswhenyou type intothesearchbox?
  • Autosuggestworks,usethat as a pattern?
  • Genres & tags has a scentofinformation.Lets theuserunambiguatecontent.
  • Choosealong more axis:To whatoccasion do youneed a movie?
  • Movies youdidn’tget to see in themovietheatres.
  • A lot ofmovies has been in themovietheatres.Generally,keepthesearchboxcollapsed w/info on all pages, let theuserexpand it onneed
  • Searchresult as a wallofcontentIn a dialog: The person askingwilladdadditional info after a fewwronganswers
  • Comedy it is…
  • Threepage types Nowyou have twothat serves as landing pages / entrances
  • How do youget a (super)user? One at a time!Shouldweget a real person try to find a greatmovie for you?
  • Superpower for the Super User.A greatmovie for one person can be a mediocre for another. Don’t make themcompete, but «Whatwasthismovieworth for you?»
  • Free Super User suggestionengines:Chunksofsimilarcontent«Filter Channel»New entrance for Comoyo.noBasedonuserbehaviouronComoyo, and not a fictionalversionofyourself. Later: Check for different useon different devices and tune search and suggestionsaccordinglyBadges: Watched 40 scifimovies
  • Pattern: «OthersthatXalsodid Y & Z»We’repeople, and we do similarstuff. Useit!Humor  I guesspeoplewillallow it sincethey’rehere for a movie. Youdon’tuse it to sellthemdiapers.Senseof time & people
  • Questions?A lot ofthoughtsputintothispresentation, more than I managed to communicatetoday:Feelfree to ask questions now or later.
  • Ideas on how to find a movie to watch

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