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About HealthCamp... Mission, organization, business model, audience and sponsors

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About health ca_mp

  1. 1. About...http://healthca.mp
  2. 2. Driven by a Question... "How can we rebuild health care on a participatory model using social media, open standards, open source and the best that the web and mobile internet technologies can offer?"http://healthca.mp
  3. 3. is... A user-organized "un-conference" that brings consumers, health providers, health industry experts and technology professionals together for a one-day event to exchange ideas informally, locally, and openly. Participants themselves provide the content, with break-out sessions they develop themselves and plug into a schedule grid on the day of the event. Anyone can present and host a session in nearly any format.http://healthca.mp
  4. 4. Is based on Open Space Technology, a simple way to run productive meetings, for five to 2000+ people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization, in everyday practice and extraordinary change. http://www.openspaceworld.orghttp://healthca.mp
  5. 5. Organization HealthCamp is a grass roots movement. A central non-profit HealthCa.mp Foundation is being formed to co-ordinate events. The organization is best compared to film or theatre production, where experts with a common passion come together to create an event. Working together the team prepares for, presents and reviews the results from the event. Each event is run independently as a non-profit event. Any proceeds remaining, after covering expenses, are donated to the Foundation to help promote future events.http://healthca.mp
  6. 6. Business Model HealthCamp has grown to a world-wide phenomenon through the passion of a core group of supporters. The mission of the non-profit HealthCa.mp Foundation is to act as a catalyst for HealthCa.mp events that promote Health and Wellness engagement.http://healthca.mp
  7. 7. Attendees HealthCamp events draw attendees from health care and technology sectors, from the community and government, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, patients and consumers. Events have ranged in size from 6 to 250.http://healthca.mp
  8. 8. Sponsors Involvement as a HealthCa.mp sponsor can occur at multiple levels Foundation / Facilities As a Foundation Level Sponsor an organization will be Prominently featured on the HealthCa.mp and event sites. You will have an opportunity to do a lightning ~$2,000+ Sponsor 30-60 second introduction to your organization at the morning introductory session, Logo placement and link on the event page(s) and guaranteed admission to the event for a limited number of participants. Innovator Sponsor As an Innovator Level sponsor you have an opportunity to do a lightning 30-60 ~$500 second introduction to your company at the morning introductory session, Logo placement and link on the event pages and guaranteed admission for 3 participants from your organization. Supporter Sponsor As a Supporter Level Sponsor you receive a link to to your URL on the event pages, a Sponsor Introduction and thank you at the morning introductory ~$250 session and guaranteed admission for 2 participants. Entrepreneur Sponsor As an Entrepreneur Level Sponsor you receive a link to your URL on the event pages and guaranteed admission for 1 participant ~$100 Friend of HealthCamp Your donation to the HealthCa.mp event earns your name a place in the the Friends List on the event pages and guaranteed admission for 1 participant. ~$50http://healthca.mp
  9. 9. Sponsors A selection of HealthCa.mp Sponsorshttp://healthca.mp
  10. 10. Check  out   For details of future HealthCampshttp://healthca.mp
  11. 11. Produced by mscrimshire@gmail.comhttp://healthca.mp