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Why you need Open Drug Discovery Teams mobile App for rare and neglected diseases
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Why you need Open Drug Discovery Teams mobile App for rare and neglected diseases


Why you need Open Drug Discovery Teams mobile App for rare and neglected diseases

Why you need Open Drug Discovery Teams mobile App for rare and neglected diseases

Published in Health & Medicine , Technology
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  • 1. Why you need this App Sean Ekins1, Alex M. Clark21 Collaborations in Chemistry, 5616 Hilltop Needmore Road, Fuquay Varina, NC27526, U.S.A.2 Molecular Materials Informatics, 1900 St. Jacques #302, Montreal, Quebec,Canada H3J 2S1.
  • 2. Why you need this App• What if you need to find out about the latest news on a neglected or rare disease fast• What if you are tired of the status quo and want to do rare and neglected disease research differently• What if you want to share your ideas with the world• Where do you go?• Look no further – you are about to find out the solution• http://tinyurl.com/6l9qy4f
  • 3. 1. Intro• What is a rare disease?
  • 4. • How do parents or patients find out about a disease?
  • 5. Commonalities• Both neglected and rare disease research have a problem• Too many diseases without cures• Too little money to go around• Too little collaboration• Too many people dying and suffering• Long term cost to mankind is immense
  • 6. • How could scientists collaborate on rare or neglected diseases?
  • 7. • Enter – Open Drug Discovery Teams – the first free mobile app for rare and neglected disease information
  • 8. http://tinyurl.com/6l9qy4f
  • 9. 2. Why not create an app?• Can we connect researchers and patients?• Can we create Open Drug Discovery Teams• How do we bring information on diseases to the people that need it• Can we centralize the data that matters?• Bring social media into rare diseases
  • 10. 3. What influenced design?• Simple user friendly design concept• Flipping through topics, big buttons, easy to see on phone and app• Crowdsourcing – use feedback to vote on topics• Why is there no Flipboard for Science?
  • 11. 9 Panels includes oneon ODDT informationCan use multipleTwitter accountsHere is my icon Stats summary About App
  • 12. 4. Topics• We picked topics we had an interest in scientifically• We picked topics suggested by parents of children with rare diseases• We picked topics we felt could benefit from open sharing of data• We picked topics that needed a new way of thinking
  • 13. Disease Topics• Sanfilippo Syndrome• Giant Axonal Neuropathy• Tuberculosis• Malaria• Chagas Disease• Leishmaniasis• Huntingtons Disease• HIV/AIDS• H5N1 flu
  • 14. Other Topics• Drug Repurposing – News on FDA approved drugs that can be used for diseases other than those they were originally intended for – Faster way to cure diseases?• Green Chemistry – Make chemical synthesis better for the environment – Use safer chemicals to find cures for diseases
  • 15. 5. How to use the app• Use it to publish links to your blogs on the topic• Publish your chemistry, Structure activity data that could help others• Use it to raise awareness of a new paper• Parents / researchers can find out about the disease – what is current, what has published• Use it to collaborate openly – an open labnotebook• You can curate the data – vote on what matters to you• Share the important findings• Use it for inspiration that crosses diseases and topics• Get rare and neglected disease researchers to use green chemistry.
  • 16. 6. What can it do?• Collects Twitter feeds on hashtags for topics• Collects Google Alerts on topics• Allows you to see tweets of molecules and structure activity data• If you contribute to a topic you are visible in the app• It can track your contributions to topics• All of the above happens in one App
  • 17. Look at a topic and see the content Click here to endorse or disapprove Click here to follow hyperlink
  • 18. Endorse or disapprove content
  • 19. Look at endorsed content
  • 20. See molecules in the app Click on image to open it Ranked content
  • 21. Interact with other Apps
  • 22. Find Structure activity relationshipdata that is published for diseases
  • 23. Stats summary
  • 24. 7. Future• The App becomes a “notebook” for science• Integrate other data sources• PubMed, Google Scholar etc• Add annotation around diseases• Becomes a database of chemistry and biology data around the diseases that is open• Link to tools that enable drug discovery by anyone
  • 25. 8. Why we need funding
  • 26. 9. Vision 4 future
  • 27. 10. Acknowledgments• Antony Williams, RSC