Oddt green chemistry poster for figshare


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A poster showing how a mobile app can be used to spread the word about green chemistry

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Oddt green chemistry poster for figshare

  1. 1. The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) Mobile App For Green Chemistry Sean Ekins1 and Alex M. Clark2 1 Collaborations in Chemistry, 5616 Hilltop Needmore Road, Fuquay Varina, NC 27526, U.S.A., 2 Molecular Materials Informatics, 1900 St. Jacques #302, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3J 2S1.What is Green Chemistry?One mission of the chemicals industry is to discover and develop products that are useful for global populations, without damaging the environment. Green Chemistry is “the utilization of a set of principlesthat reduces or eliminates the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and application of chemical products”. As an example, the pharmaceutical industry has the goal ofimproving the health of people throughout the world and, through various green chemistry initiatives, is also committed to ensuring a healthy environment. There are many challenges associated withsupporting a healthy environment as the majority of pharmaceutical molecules require multiple complex synthetic steps to produce. There is high attrition in pharmaceutical research, so many compounds willneed to be made but only a very small fraction will make it into the clinic and, far less, into the marketplace. It is therefore important to design a green process as early as possible when the cost is lower andthe quantities of chemicals made are relatively small compared to when they are dramatically scaled up for manufacturing. Much of the focus has been on optimizing material and energy use, preventing andminimizing waste, increasing use of renewable materials and energy, having safe processes and eliminating or minimizing the use of hazardous chemicals.The Open Drug Discovery Teams (ODDT) project uses a free mobile app as user entry point http://tinyurl.com/6l9qy4f. The app has a magazine-like interface, and server-side infrastructure for hostingchemistry-related data as well as value added services. The project is open to participation from anyone and provides the ability for users to make annotations and assertions, thereby contributing to thecollective value of the data to the engaged community. The infrastructure for the app is currently based upon the Twitter API and uses Google Alerts RSS feeds as a useful proof of concept for a real timesource of publicly generated content.We now highlight how ODDT can be used to share new scientific data on Green Chemistry and engage this research community by following #greenchemistry using Twitter and Google Alerts. @collabchem Links to papers tweets with Content collected ready for viewing #greenchemistry B Content from web The App Links to blogs Stored content Relevant datasets – green solvents* Breaking News *You may also be interested in the green solvents mobile app for iOS Get ODDT here support it!http://collabchem.com