Bush cherries- V. Hammond

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Vaughn Hammond's handouts about bush cherries- 3-21-14

Vaughn Hammond's handouts about bush cherries- 3-21-14

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  • 1. 3/25/2014 1 Know how. Know now. Bush Cherries Vaughn Hammond Extension Educator University of Nebraska-Lincoln Kimmel Education & Research Center Know how. Know now. In the Beginning  1940’s development of shelterbelt plants— Kerr  Began hybridizing Mongolian with tart cherries  1960 obtained new Siberian strains of Mongolian—Stewart Nelson  70’s continued Mongolian crosses  1990’s superior Mongolian crossed with North Star--Bors Know how. Know now. Native Nebraskan Prunus pumila  Sand cherry  Bessey cherry  Dwarf cherry  Eastern sand cherry  Great Lakes sand cherry  Prostrate dwarf cherry  Rocky Mountain cherry  Western sand cherry Know how. Know now. Natural Range Know how. Know now. Nanking Cherry  Introduced in 1880’s  6x6  Not extremely hardy  Not self fruitful  Short lived  Also known as Manchu  Earliest blooming cherry Know how. Know now. Mongolian Cherry  Hardy  Up to 7 ft x 12ft  15-20 years
  • 2. 3/25/2014 2 Know how. Know now. Univ. of Saskatchewan Series  Bob Bors  Breeding started in the 1940’s  North Star x Mongolian Cherry Know how. Know now. Carmine Jewel  Early ripening  Dark red  Good Flavor  Small fruit (3.5 g)  Very productive  6-8 ft. Know how. Know now. Romance Series  Juliet  Romeo  Cupid  Valentine  Crimson Passion Know how. Know now. Juliet  Dark red  High sugar  Excellent flavor  Very productive  Fruit size 5g  Early blooming Know how. Know now. Crimson Passion  Dark Red  Fresh eating type: excellent quality  Also good for processing  Low vigor, smaller yields  No suckers  6.0g fruit  Highest sugar content (up to 22brix) Know how. Know now. Romeo  Dark red  Similar to Carmine Jewel but much later  Good sugar & juice  Very productive  Fruit size (4.0 g)
  • 3. 3/25/2014 3 Know how. Know now. Cupid • Black to dark red • Most years it is the largest of all sour cherries • 6.5g fruit • Good balanced flavor for fresh eating • Consistent but moderate producer • Blooms 1 week later than other varieties earning it the nickname 'Big & Late' • Few suckers Know how. Know now. Valentine  Medium red (Mont type but light red flesh)  Fruit size (4.5 g)  Average bloom time Know how. Know now. Know how. Know now. Cherry Leafspot Know how. Know now. Birds Know how. Know now. Extension is a Division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska– Lincoln cooperating with the Counties and the United States Department of Agriculture. University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension educational programs abide with the nondiscrimination policies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.