Youth sub culture
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  • 1. Youth Sub-Culture
  • 2. A group of individuals whoare united through common value systems and tastesFor example: clothes, music, politics
  • 3. Hippies
  • 4. Background Due to the baby boom after World War II, there were 70 million teenagers and young adults. These youngsters decided to „rebel‟ againsttraditional values and began to form their own beliefs and culture.
  • 5. Their values and beliefsThe word „hippie‟ originates from the word „hip‟ which basically means „aware‟ or „knowing‟.Their motto was: „make love, not war‟.They only wanted peace and this idea generated from a reaction to theVietnam War. They often protested toensure things were politically correct. Hippie values affectmusic, art, literature, fashion, food, a nd culture.
  • 6. Their response to fitting in with others Hippies used to be individuals arerebelled against other subcultures and older generations. They wanted to make a difference and for this to happen they had to make dramatic changes. They experienced drugs to expand their consciousness. This was very different to how others thought in this time period.
  • 7. Their lifestyle They had more money so they had easier access todrugs and this linked closely to the „relaxed‟ nature. The movement was led by Timothy Leary whoencouraged the people of this time to “turn on, tune in, and drop out.” They often lived in communes and had open sexual relationships – “free love”. They were usually weary of the environment and would prefer to be vegetarians.They were often religious and practiced spiritualism which gave them the nickname of “the Age of Aquarius”.
  • 8. Their fashion Over time, hippies developed adistinct way of dressing. Unisex style clothing was very popular and men tended to grow their hair longer.Popular hippie trends such as; ethnic clothing, love beads, granny glasses, sandals and flowing silhouettes. Quite often they would wear second hand, or make their own clothing. The era of flower power and colour.
  • 9. Their music Music was vital in a hippies life. Music festivals were also a large contribution to the enjoyment of hippies. The most famous hippiemusic festival is Woodstock, whereover 400,000 people gathered for a three-day concert in 1969 in Woodstock, New York. They enjoyed artists such as; JimiHendrix, The Beatles and Twiggy.