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Focus2 personality

  1. 1. Georgia Piedmont Technical CollegeName: obioma ekeogu Group: Part Time Student Personality Profile Summary Your personality can be summarized as follows: Your Personality Type: An important quality in your life is your concern for the caring and understanding of the needs of other people. You enjoy working with people who share your values, and prefer to work on projects that make a contribution to the well being of other people. Your personal values play an important role in your decisions and you want to get a real sense of purpose from your work. You are action oriented and try to help other people in a practical way. Your approach to work is to be flexible and to keep your options open. You find it easy to adapt to changing situations. Choosing Your Career: People with your personality type are attracted to occupations where you can work directly with people in ways that help contribute to their well being. Examples of such occupations can be found in fields such as health care, community services, counseling, teaching, and some areas of business. Careers That Match Your Personality Green Bright National Saved Occupation Name Jobs Outlook Average Salary Account Collector $32,560.00 Accounting Clerk $34,750.00 Administrative Assistant $44,010.00 Admissions Counselor $36,500.00 Advertising Account Manager $97,670.00 Advertising Agency Coordinator $97,670.00 Advertising Sales Promotion Manager $97,670.00 Aesthetician (Skin Care) $31,990.00 Agricultural Sciences Professor $80,790.00 Alcohol & Drug Abuse Assistance Coordinator $105,510.00 Alumni Relations Coordinator $95,340.00 Anesthesiologist (MD) $211,750.00 Animal Keepers and Groomers $21,830.00 Anthropology and Archeology Professor $75,530.00 Architecture Professor $77,830.00 Area and Cultural Studies Professor $75,130.00 Art Therapist $41,270.00 Athlete $80,950.00 Athletes Business Manager $87,430.00 Athletic Coach $35,740.00 Athletic Director $80,140.00 Athletic Trainer $44,020.00 Audiologist $66,850.00 Audiometrist $42,180.00 Bank Teller $24,780.00 Barber $27,650.00 Bartender $20,970.00 Benefits Manager $95,230.00 Biology Professor $87,220.00 Biomedical Engineer $82,550.00 Bookkeeper $34,750.00
  2. 2. Brokerage Clerk $42,750.00Brokers Floor Representative $91,390.00Business Professor $83,840.00Buyer $55,480.00Camp Director $61,240.00Cardiologist (MD) $173,860.00Cardiopulmonary Technologist $49,730.00Career Counselor $55,030.00Cashier $19,030.00Casino Cage Worker $26,360.00Casino Cashier $23,110.00Casino Dealer $20,290.00Casino Floor Person $48,920.00Casino Manager $74,030.00Casino Pit Boss $48,920.00Catering Administrator $51,400.00Chaplain $46,960.00Chef $44,240.00Chemistry Professor $77,350.00Child Care Center Administrator $48,170.00Child Care Worker $20,940.00Child Life Specialist $29,880.00Child Support Services Worker $29,880.00Chiropractor $82,060.00Clergy Member (Religious Leader) $46,960.00Clinical Dietitian $53,230.00College/University Professor $74,330.00Communications Professor $65,190.00Community Health Nurse $66,530.00Community Organization Worker $29,880.00Community Welfare Worker $29,880.00Compensation Administrator $95,230.00Compensation Specialist $58,520.00Computer Science Professor $75,860.00Concierge $28,760.00Congressional Aide $56,000.00Cook (Restaurant) $23,110.00Cosmetologist (Hair Stylist) $27,070.00Counseling Psychologist $72,310.00Court Clerk $35,570.00Criminal Justice Professor $62,750.00Customer Service Representative $32,410.00Customer Service Supervisor $49,990.00Deaf Students Teacher $54,750.00Demonstrators and Product Promoters $26,640.00
  3. 3. Dental / Orthodontic Office Administrator $29,450.00Dental Assistant $34,000.00Dental Hygienist $67,860.00Dentist (DDS) $156,850.00Dermatologist (MD) $173,860.00Desktop Publishing Specialist $38,960.00Dietetic Technician $28,530.00Dietitian and Nutritionist $53,230.00Directory Assistance Operator $32,410.00Disabled Students Teacher $54,750.00Door To Door Salesmen $26,320.00Economics Professor $89,320.00Education Professor $62,160.00Educational Administrator $95,340.00Educational Therapist $54,400.00EEG Technician/Technologist $49,730.00Elementary School Administrator $87,390.00Elementary School Teacher $53,150.00Emergency Medical Technician $33,020.00Employee Benefits Analyst $58,520.00Employee Training Instructor $55,310.00Employment Administrator $89,950.00Employment and Placement Specialist $54,530.00Employment Interviewer $54,530.00Engineering Professor $92,970.00English Language and Literature Professor $65,860.00Environmental Science Professor $73,700.00Equal Opportunity Representative $55,100.00Executive Secretary $44,010.00Exercise Physiologist $76,220.00Family Caseworker $48,340.00Family Practitioner (MD) $168,550.00Fashion Model $36,420.00Field Health Officer $64,200.00Financial Aid Counselor $40,930.00Financial Services Sales Agent $91,390.00Fitness Trainer $35,340.00Flight Attendant $43,350.00Food Preparation Worker $20,420.00Foreign Language Interpreter $45,700.00Foreign Language Teacher $63,300.00Foreign Student Adviser $55,030.00Forensic Science Technicians $55,070.00Forestry and Conservation Science Professor $72,290.00Fund Raiser $101,850.00
  4. 4. Funds Development Administrator $101,850.00Funeral Attendant $23,880.00Funeral Director $60,390.00General Internists (MD) $183,990.00Geography Professor $69,840.00Graduate Teaching Assistant $32,770.00Gynecologist (MD) $204,470.00Health Case Manager $41,350.00Health Educators $49,060.00High School Administrator $87,390.00High School Guidance Counselor $55,030.00High School Teacher $55,150.00History Professor $69,280.00Home Economics Teacher $68,210.00Home Economist $46,370.00Home Health Aide $21,620.00Home Health Technician $20,280.00Horticulture Therapist $41,270.00Hospital Administrator $90,970.00Hospital Nurse $66,530.00Hosts and Hostesses $19,190.00Hotel and Motel Desk Clerks $21,130.00Hotel Manager $53,500.00Human Resources Management Advisor $105,510.00Industrial Arts Teacher $51,520.00Industrial Hygienist $64,200.00Industrial Relations Analyst $93,650.00Industrial Relations Specialist $59,070.00Industrial Therapist $70,680.00Instructional Coordinators $61,270.00Instructor, Police-Canine Services $31,080.00Insurance Agent $61,330.00Insurance Claims Clerks $35,740.00Insurance Estate Planner $61,330.00Insurance Policy Processing Clerk $35,740.00Interpreter for the Hearing Impaired $68,350.00Interviewer $29,780.00Job Analyst $58,520.00Job Development Specialist $58,520.00Kindergarten Teacher $50,380.00Labor Relations Advisor $59,070.00Law Professor $109,150.00Learning Disability Teacher $54,750.00Legal Secretary $42,940.00Legislator $37,530.00
  5. 5. Library Consultant $64,270.00Library Science Professor $64,270.00License Clerk $35,570.00Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) $40,900.00Loan Interviewers and Clerks $34,670.00Lobbyist $59,370.00Makeup Artists - Theatrical $45,010.00Manicurists and Pedicurists $22,150.00Manual Arts Therapist $70,680.00Marina Boat Charter Administrator $32,400.00Market Research Analyst $67,500.00Marketing Managers $120,070.00Marriage and Family Therapists $49,020.00Massage Therapist $40,210.00Math Professor $70,550.00Medical Administrative Assistant $29,450.00Medical and Public Health Social Workers $48,340.00Medical Assistant $29,450.00Medical Equipment Preparer $29,780.00Medical Examiner/Coroner $47,390.00Medical Laboratory Technician $37,860.00Medical Records Administrator $90,970.00Medical Records Technician $33,880.00Medical Secretary $31,450.00Medical Technologist $55,620.00Medical Transcriptionist $33,350.00Mental Health Counselor $41,710.00Middle School Administrator $87,390.00Middle School Guidance Counselor $55,030.00Middle School Teacher $53,550.00Midwife $66,530.00Military Officer $96,000.00Military-Enlisted Personnel $45,000.00Missionary Worker (Foreign Country) $46,960.00Music Teacher $41,360.00Music Therapist $41,270.00Nannies $20,940.00Nuclear Medicine Technologist $68,450.00Nurse Practitioner $66,530.00Nurses Aide $24,980.00Nursing Professor $65,240.00Obstetrician (MD) $204,470.00Occupational Analyst $58,520.00Occupational Physician (MD) $168,550.00Occupational Therapist $70,680.00
  6. 6. Occupational Therapy Assistant $50,830.00Office Clerk $27,700.00Office Supervisor $49,990.00Ophthalmologist (MD) $173,860.00Optician $34,790.00Optometrist $106,960.00Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons $210,710.00Orderlies $24,980.00Orthodontic Assistant $34,000.00Orthodontist (MD) $206,190.00Outdoor Education Teacher $41,360.00Paramedic $33,020.00Parole Officer $50,500.00Parts Salesperson $30,460.00Pathologist (MD) $173,860.00Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks $36,600.00Peace Corps Worker (Volunteer) $40,530.00Pediatric Dentist $156,850.00Pediatrician (MD) $161,410.00Periodontist $153,570.00Personal Service Supervisor $38,540.00Personnel Administrator $89,950.00Personnel Assistant $37,840.00Personnel Recruiter $54,530.00Pharmacist $106,630.00Pharmacologist $84,760.00Pharmacy Aides $22,330.00Pharmacy Technician $28,940.00Philosophy and Religion Professor $67,610.00Phlebotomist $55,620.00Physical Education Instructor $41,110.00Physical Therapist $76,220.00Physical Therapist Aides $24,990.00Physical Therapy Assistant $48,590.00Physician Assistant (PA) $84,830.00Physicians Office Nurse $66,530.00Physics Professor $83,320.00Plastic Surgeon $219,770.00Podiatrist $131,730.00Political Science Professor $76,990.00Postal Service Clerks $51,670.00Postal Service Mail Sorter $48,260.00Preschool Administrator $48,170.00Preschool Teacher $27,450.00Private Nurse $66,530.00
  7. 7. Probation Officer $50,500.00Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerks $43,260.00Professional Sports Scout $35,740.00Property Managers $58,660.00Prosthetic Technician $66,600.00Prosthodontist $125,400.00Psychiatric Aide $27,430.00Psychiatric Technician $30,730.00Psychiatrist (MD) $163,660.00Psychology Professor $72,140.00Public Health Service Officer $167,280.00Public Relations Manager $101,850.00Public Relations Specialist $59,370.00Purchasing Agent $58,550.00Radiation Therapists $77,340.00Radio & TV Sports Announcer $41,590.00Radiologic Technologist $54,180.00Radiologist (MD) $173,860.00Real Estate Broker $78,360.00Real Estate Sales Agents $53,100.00Receptionist $26,010.00Recreation Leader $25,040.00Recreational Therapist $41,270.00Referee / Umpire $28,490.00Registrar Administrator $95,340.00Religious Institution Education Coordinator $40,770.00Remedial Education Teachers $50,390.00Residence Counselor $26,070.00Resource Teacher $41,110.00Respiratory Care Technician $49,730.00Respiratory Therapist $54,200.00Respiratory Therapy Technicians $45,680.00Restaurant Food Coordinator $31,460.00Restaurant Manager $51,400.00Retail Buyer $55,480.00Retail Customer Service Representative $32,410.00Retail Inventory Control Analyst $23,460.00Retail Sales Department Supervisor $39,130.00Retail Salespersons $24,630.00Retail Store Manager $39,130.00Sales Engineers $90,540.00Sales Managers $111,570.00Sales Representative (Agricultural Products) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Aircraft) $61,400.00Sales Representative (Chemicals & Drugs) $81,370.00
  8. 8. Sales Representative (Computers) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Educational Materials) $59,250.00Sales Representative (Graphic Arts) $53,190.00Sales Representative (Hotel Furnishings) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Instruments) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Mechanical Equipment) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Medical Equipment) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Printed Advertising) $53,190.00Sales Representative (Psychological Tests) $59,250.00Sales Representative (Radio & TV Time) $53,190.00Sales Representative (Telecommunications) $81,370.00Sales Representative (Teleconference Systems) $81,370.00School Nurse $66,530.00Securities Broker $91,390.00Self-Enrichment Education Teachers $41,360.00Shipping, Receiving, and Traffic Clerks $29,840.00Social and Community Service Managers $61,240.00Social and Human Service Assistants $29,880.00Social Service Volunteer (Peace Corps, Vista) $40,530.00Social Welfare Administrator $61,240.00Social Work Professor $67,410.00Social Worker $40,770.00Sociology Professor $71,970.00Special Education Administrator $80,140.00Speech Pathologist $68,350.00Sports Agent $87,430.00Sports Events Business Manager $101,850.00Sports Physician (Orthopedist) $183,990.00Sportswriter (Journalist) $43,270.00Storage and Distribution Manager $29,840.00Student Admissions Administrator $95,340.00Student Affairs Administrator $95,340.00Student Financial Aid Administrator $95,340.00Substance Abuse Counselor $41,350.00Surgeons (MD) $219,770.00Surgical Technician/Technologist $40,710.00Survey Researchers $42,330.00Switchboard Operator $26,000.00Talent Agent $87,430.00Teacher of the Blind $54,750.00Teachers Aide $24,280.00Telemarketer $24,760.00Tour Guide $33,300.00Town Clerk $35,570.00Toxicologist $84,760.00
  9. 9. Training and Development Manager $94,360.00Travel Agent $32,450.00Travel Clerks $32,400.00Travel Counselor $32,450.00Ultrasound Technologist $63,640.00Unemployment Inspector $40,680.00Veterinarian (VMD) $90,110.00Veterinarian Technician $30,580.00Veterinary Assistant $23,400.00Vocational Ed Teacher (Middle and High School) $54,420.00Vocational Education Instructors $52,030.00Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor $34,710.00Voice Pathologist $68,350.00Waiters and Waitresses $20,380.00Warehouse Stock Clerk $23,460.00Welfare Eligibility Worker $40,680.00Zoo Veterinarian $90,110.00 Copyright 2011 Career Dimensions®, Inc. All Rights Reserved