Portfolio Review May 2010 Jenn Ekeleme Final


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Showcase of 1st year work of a burgeoning Creative Brand Manager.

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Portfolio Review May 2010 Jenn Ekeleme Final

  1. 1. PORTFOLIO REVIEW Jennifer U Ekeleme creative brand manager May 2010
  2. 2. Jennifer Professional Experience Matlock Advertising & Public Relations, April 2007- August 2009 Atlanta, Georgia Senior Account Executive, Brand Group Promoted to Senior Account Executive (within 18 months) to manage day-to-day client interaction with the JP Morgan Chase and BMW accounts. Other clients Ekeleme worked on include: Luster Products, Barbados Tourism Authority, as well as new business pitches. Major contributions include: JP Morgan Chase titled “Legacy of Homeownership Tour”. Worked with our account team through a rigorous season of strategic planning, budgeting, and event management in 5 cities in 2007 and 2008. 108 E. Grace Street, Apt 405 Richmond, VA 23219 over 37,000+ visitors to the chase.com/legacy website developed for the tour. E: ekeleme@gmail.com EURO RSCG 4D Impact, May 2004- September 2005 Norcross, Georgia P: 404.822.9244 Project Manager W: jenniferekeleme.com for the Sampling and Experiential department for clients including P&G, Polaroid, and mtvU. Carat Media, August 2002- May 2004 Atlanta, Georgia Education Assistant Media Buyer | Jr Media Buyer Master’s of Science, Creative Brand Management with maintenance of buy schedules, inputting media buys, invoice and billing resolution. VCU Brandcenter, May 2011 Became familiar with Nielsen rating system for negotiation and placement of The Creative Brand Management track incorporates the fundamentals of an MBA curriculum, radio and television buys. marketing strategies, as well as an extensive focus in brand management through case studies and group collaboration. Track curriculum includes Creative Thinking, Principles of Media, Contemporary Research Methods, Business of Branding and Strategic Thinking. Proficiencies Bachelor of Arts, Communications/Media Studies University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, May 2000 Passions
  3. 3. CONTENTS Creative Thinking Projects Creative Briefs 3 Case Study Analyses GIG Poster USA Home Media Inc. Twitterature Aqualisa Red Bull Winter Poem Emirates British Airways 2 Brand Culture Analyses Brand Stories Hyphen Magazine Hyphen Magazine All-Bran Synesthesia 1 Research Discussion Guide Survey Questionnaire Domino’s Pizza Merriment Events Segmentation Study Media Plan LG Phone study Smith & Wesson
  4. 4. Creative Thinking
  6. 6. The assignment was to create a post about Megan Clifton in 140 characters. @jekeleme I can’t decide what’s cooler: Whitney’s rock-cocaine admission or Megan Clifton’s reject letters with cocaine in them Winter isn’t anything new. But this one is different--an engaging affair of the mind the test of fears not yet conquered, all to be revealed in time. Apparent and clear like the full moon The gravity of these adventures takes my breath, And steals my somber like the nightmares that end in death. I want my certainty...no doubt mapped out straight line to a fulfilled life. All I want is distant travel, good food and time to be a wife. I never fear what I’ve have done that people may find out, only fearing when people seek me, they may see my might succumbed to doubt. But I’ll continue my journey inward facing out, hoping the gasoline line becomes lit and leaves a trail. I’m still young they say; take your time don’t be afraid to fail. The assignment was to create a piece using the lines “...winter isn’t anything The world is still here, nothing new...but new...” and “I see what I see and I don’t like the view.” No other parameters were given. I see what I see and I don’t like the view.
  7. 7. Creative Briefs
  8. 8. who is Aqualisa and why are they important? the brand objective Aqualisa Quartz as a brand is technologically superior to Making the Aqualisa Quartz shower the preferred brand their competitors in the shower category. As a shower among plumbers and consumers. AQUALISA manufacturer the Quartz brand was the first significant product innovation in the UK shower market. positioning Making premium the Standard why are we advertising? Aqualisa has a brand awareness challenge among the the strategic direction consumers and the plumbers. The consumers do not Short-term: Create a brand connection with our core know what to request if the brand isn’t top of mind...the target homeowners and plumbers. UARTZ trade shops can’t start selling more of a product unless Long-term: Create a platform/channel that allows our the plumbers merchants request them, and the plumbers core consumers to experience the brand. won’t request them unless they see how Quartz makes their job easier and in the long run can help them make brand manifesto more money with more clients. From the price, to ease of use, to its understated luxury Aqualisa Quartz is about enhancing your everyday our target & insights experience. Because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice so target ¹ upper middle-class homeowners who want high- much to live well. end style; they want their shower to look pretty without losing convenience. target ² independent plumbers. They play a critical role DELIVERABLES: in the consumers purchase process in what to buy; but on the other hand they are slow to adopt any new products, PRINT | DIRECT MAIL |DIGITAL | TV especially those that claim “new innovation.” EXPERIENTIAL
  9. 9. BRAND CONTEXT Emirates Airlines as a brand focuses on sovereignty which is an anomaly in the airline industry. As a part of their strategy to “own” Rugby, their affinity with the sport underscores their continuing support of the game. OBJECTIVE Align the prestige of Emirates with the global appeal of Rugby and the World Cup 2011. TARGET INSIGHTS •Casual to “hard-core” fans who are dedicated and passionate about the game of Rugby. •They are highly successful, ambitious, and enjoy the benefits of their work hard, play hard lifestyle. •Rugby fans span the globe ranging from South Africa, Fiji, Namibia, and France. STRATEGY Make Emirates Airlines the connector for Rugby fans around the world. KEY MESSAGE Emirates takes you to where your heart is. EMOTIONAL TAKEAWAY A deeper association between Rugby and Emirates Airlines The Emirates brand will be seen as a champion of Rugby DELIVERABLES/MANDATORIES Emirates logo Tagline: Fly Emirates. Keep Discovering Media channel options to consider: digital, experiential activation, social media, traditional media.
  10. 10. Challenge: The USA website has an enormous amount of content which can be overwhelming to visitors. As a result, site visitors are not encouraged to stay and interact on the website. Research Facts about Target: • Almost 1/3 of these viewers go to a television show website while they are watching it. • If given the opportunity to have customizable content from their favorite cable network website, 62% of respondents would take advantage Insights: USA fans want to customize their content based on their preferences. Business Case: Increase engagement and interaction time on the USANetwork.com website by 10%. Project Description: Redesign the site to incite engagement and interaction for casual and committed viewers by creating a personalized, customizable dashboard for consumers. This redesign will give USA Network users a more personal experience with the brand and become a “must have” destination touchpoint for fans. Strategy: Create a customization process across multiple customer touch-points Creative Deliverables: 1. Redesigned website skin 2. Dashboard mock-up with “character” profile (showing 2 different characters) 3. Demonstrate dashboard features (i.e. skin, profile, video, and share functionality) a. demonstrate opt-in process for users Desired Results: 1. Increased user traffic to site & user information capture 2. Longer engagement and interaction time on site 3. Deeper brand/user connection 4. Reinforcement of “Characters Welcome” brand
  11. 11. Case Studies
  12. 12. Assignment Brand Audit Brand
  13. 13. Home Media Home Media Case Study Case Study The Methodology: The Target: Assignment: Background: Objective: SWOT Analysis Richmond Professionals, To successfully rebrand Home Media, Strategic rebranding of a renamed The Capitolists consumer electronics company installs integrated Home Electronics Systems increase overall awareness of the Competitive Review Aged 35-54 with an average and uses the latest technologies business and Home Media brand as well as used our resources household income of $150K per year. for home theater, music, lighting, to conduct primary and secondary research to develop a strategy Qunatatative Survey They are: and much more. that was clear and actionable affluent, well into their careers for the brand. and have enough income saved The current economic climate that has changed Discussion Guide to treat themselves to the best consumer behavior and inspired more conservative that life can offer. rooted in an industry most often viewed as Focus Group extravagant and unnecessary. To bypass the business-crushing risks of brand fatigue and One-on-One interview must evolve the dialogue around home electronics and electronic architecture. THE CAPITOLISTS
  14. 14. Home Media Home Media Case Study Case Study Insights Our Positioning Strategy Rationale Communication Strategy . The equipment delivers entertainment, The business solution we developed for Based on the strategic direction developed, we divided our target into three segments based on their position/relationship with the brand. but ultimately, it connects people to each other. of lifestyle-driven electronic architecture Home Media had to go further than clever advertising and creative. . Strategic Direction Through our research we found that ? people are not so much attached to they just want it to work. their equipment but rather the activities of electronic connectivity that surround it. . through consumer lifestyles Consumer Lifestyle Categories The strategic direction for the brand acknowledges that there is a difference Family Focused Home Office versus selling to their mindset. Entertaining At Home The result for Home Media is not only Current Customers New Customers Gatekeepers Super Theater a chance for long-term growth but also purchasers of Home Media services potential customers of Home Media influencers of purchase decisions Living Green a deeper connection to the target messaging strategy: create brand ambassadors messaging strategy: messaging strategy: Leadership & Expertise audience they serve. tactics: communication through tactics: communication through tactics: communication through Service Offerings Strategic Partnerships Website Website Print Advertorials Blogging Twitter updates Special Events CRM strategies Success and Metrics
  15. 15. Assignment Non-Traditional Campaign Launch Brand
  16. 16. OBJECTIVE: Recommend new brand positioning for Red Bull in the US INSIGHTS & OBSERVATIONS: STRATEGY: Red Bull is currently targeted to people Engage the target with unexpected experiences who enjoy extreme sports and like to live on the edge. in their everyday environment. However, there is a larger population of Millenials (professionals aged 25-44) TARGET: Gen Xers and Millenials aged 25-44 not be extreme sports fanatics, They are no longer everyday late night clubbers, but they want adventure within but they want the same excitement just the context of their everyday lives. in a different and less extreme context. POSITIONING: Red Bull is the energy drink that prepares you for what happens next. Red Bull Case Study
  17. 17. Print Red Bull Case Study
  18. 18. Out of home: A series of teaser billboards used to drive consumers to the new whatsnext.com website. e. The website gives real time information on the latest in fashion, music, entertainment, and technology. andAfter launch, interactive boards and an iPhone application will direct users to technology. current events and happenings. Red Bull Case Study
  19. 19. Experiential: Red Bull “Energy Kitchens” (located in unexpected venues in major cities) are pop-ups that resemble small restaurants or bars. This engagement tactic gives the consumer an unconventional way to experience the brand as well as showcase current happenings in music, food, fashion, culture, and art. Red Bull Case Study
  20. 20. ed Bull ase Study Online: The website serves as the main engagement touchpoint creates demand in the consumers mind and allows them to explore the “unexpected” events in their cities. Red Bull Case Study
  21. 21. Assignment Using Social Connection to Create New Brand Experiences Brand
  22. 22. Client Directive Find the opportunity space Invent a solution Create communications Develop long-term engagement
  23. 23. Brand Culture & Stories
  24. 24. Assignment Brand Culture Analysis Brand
  25. 25. H Y P H E N COMMUNITY In early 2002, the magazine was founded by a group of San Francisco Bay area journalists, activists, and artists. The objective of their effort T H E B R A N D S T O R Y E D I T I O N was to create a publication that would fill a void in cultural reporting and provide a more complex representation of the Asian American community. The approach to cultural reporting is more than just a discussion of identity. The convergence of art, “...we were music, social structures, fashion, politics, sports and activism all play a part in shaping the present and made mighty by future of Asian American culture; Hyphen magazine is the tie that binds all of these ideas and issues in bowls of Spam one place. and kimchi over CULTURAL CONTEXT rice.” The content is full of stories, advice, trends, and all social issues related to the people of Asian heritage in the United States and Asian Americans who live abroad. The aim is to capture all facets of multiculturalism within the Asian American community. HYPHEN MAGAZINE TARGET MARKET Asian Americans The primary target for Hyphen are Asian The “other” white race Americans, between the ages of 18 to 34. Most of ! the readers reside in California and New York but the online magazine has readership all over the United States and abroad. The approach to cultural
  26. 26. Brand Identity Brand Story Brand Value vs. Brand Values A Diary entry from a magazine reader The Chinese do not Sept 26, 2009 want to become ...So I’m done with the first day of my senior year and I’m exhausted. I knew that moving to a new town would be a Western. What they little nerve wracking, but I didn’t realize that I would feel want is to gain respect so unnoticed and examined all at the same time. Mom says for being Chinese. that this is our last move since dad is going to retire from the military in three years. Western icons & I can tell we’re going to stay this time; my mom already imagery interest them. painted the living room and unpacked all her tea pots in the Respect for what is kitchen. I guess I can’t complain, Santa Clara seems okay. Chinese connects with them. I’m more excited about a new magazine I found at the local ~by Kevin Roberts, author of Starbucks around the corner from school---Hyphen Magazine. Lovemarks: The Future Beyond Brands It looks cool, there are interesting looking Asian girls on the cover so I bought one to check out. I usually don’t read a lot of magazines since I’m always online, but this was a really good one. It was full of funny articles but also serious ones like, Brand Value Culturally Provocative: Emotional Value Validation: does the content remain true “The Asian Name Ritual” or “Asian Mommy Bloggers.” • inspires a sense of speaks to the reader’s need to the attributes and markers connectedness These are issues that I usually only talk about with my close for content that represents all that make Asian culture parts of their cultural special and different? • encourages dialogue friends or family; but it’s good to see that someone understands experience. within and outside the Socially Relevant: ! Asian American what I go through everyday. My goal to be a journalist seems so is the content representative community much closer now that I’ve read a magazine that has such great Diversity: of the issues that are of most presents a full spectrum of concern to the commentary. ideas, social commentary and community?! • mobilizes readers into images that capture the activism on a local, national and global They need my voice...and who knows maybe this might be my first disparity and complexity of Politically Savvy: the Asian American culture. level! entry: how my first day at school change the course of my does the magazine provide stories that examine the academic career. I like that title. Brand Values! nuances of ethnic identity and Hyphen Magazine operates its effects on socioeconomic under three main criteria based representation in America? on its inherent brand values:
  27. 27. Assignment Brand Culture Analysis Brand
  28. 28. Background Launched during WWI, one year after the introduction of the Kellogg’s Bran Flakes, All-Bran was introduced thereafter in 1916. In 1984 All-Bran sparked a “fiber fad” when they added a health message from the National Health Institute. The cereal has always had a “digestive health” focus but without highlighting the emotional benefits of these claims. The brand’s attempt to renew the conversation began with the “10-Day Promise;” which gives consumers a simple way to incorporate fiber into their daily routine. Competitive Context As a parity brand, All-Bran’s competitors offer the same nutritional benefits and fiber offerings but with greater variety. In the category it is a distant second to Special K (also owned by Kellogg’s) and is on par with Fiber One and Quaker Oats products in terms of revenue. The Original product (the fiber strands) is different than the competitors in the category in flavor and texture; which may also play a part in its smaller market share versus Special K. Personality The brand embodies the “SAGE” archetype and gently communicates a call-to-action for healthy living to consumers who are nutritionally conscious. All-Bran’s Audience The Millenial segment (18-24-year-olds) are more likely to purchase functional foods (including fiber products) as a way to make up for their less-than-healthy eating habits. This segment is willing to lead a healthy lifestyle as long as it’s convenient for them and satisfies their inner conscience. High-fiber foods are seen as a critical part of a healthy diet, but the common perception is that fiber is not appetizing. Brand Value All-Bran provides a very simple way to help your body work better. One serving of All-Bran can provide the fiber you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, How does the brand own its “healthy promise” to consumers? The “10 Day Promise” messaging helps drive the point of why consumers should care about their fiber intake. The brand has created a social engagement platform on its website that makes it easier for consumers to find other people who care about healthy eating and can feel supported about their healthy lifestyle efforts.
  29. 29. Assignment Brand Story Brand S ynes th esia the fragrance repertoire
  30. 30. Wednesday, 7am. home: I wake up from a slightly unsettling dream about this cocktail party I have to plan for in one week. My boss, Helen, seems to think that I handle the stress of event planning very well since I haven’t cried like her other assistants before me. I wish I could tell her that I actually don’t fear her but shamelessly want her job; my ambition manages to completely quell my nervousness when I have to interact with her. I have my Wednesday morning meeting preparation down to a science--shower and lotion for 7 minutes, dress to kill in 3 minutes, apply my black liner and red lipstick in 3 minutes and then top it off with my walk-through and turn in my favorite scent I’ve named Naked Ambition; my complimentary mix of SPICY WOODY & WATER from my Synesthesia fragrance repertoire. I like to think my perfume puts me in the right head space--its sexy and strong but also exudes a “mellowness” after 2 hours--and it’s perfect for this kind of day. 7:05 pm., leaving work. I’m wrapping up my day and ready to meet Dana and her friends in Chinatown after work. And I need a pick me up; so naturally I grab my stock of Red Bull in the fridge and my “good luck” vial of my FLORAL SPICY perfume to rub on my pulse points. I call it my good luck perfume because every time I wear it, I always end up with a phone number or free drink by the end of the night--so naturally I’m going to wear an extra dose tonight. Saturday, 11am. home: Received a text from Dennis, a really cute grad student I met at the bar with Dana and her friends from last night; he wants to see if we can catch a matinee. That damn perfume works like a charm every time. I’m glad he wants to meet in the daytime-- I can decide if I really like him when we get a chance to really talk without low lighting and alcohol. The cute afternoon date is so comfortable; I’ll probably wear my new sundress and my CLEAN scent-- it’s got a casual and crisp smell that makes me skip. Monday, 11:15am. work: My boss seems to be in an unusually good mood; and by good mood I mean she actually managed to say please when she asked me to come into her office before noon. No one is allowed in her office or really allowed to ask her questions in the morning--she claims it gives her unnecessary migraines-- it’s her attempt at being proactive. She tells me the VP of Marketing at HBO is excited about the cocktail party at our museum and he would like to capture some raw footage for promotional vignettes. I’m so excited I almost hugged her; but of course I just awkwardly bowed and excused myself from the office. 1:30pm. work: I look for my phone to tell Dana the good news. I see a text from Dennis that he sent early in the morning. Can’t wait to see you again, you always smell so delightful. Meet me from drinks tonight? xoxo Dennis. SCORE! I can’t wait for the end of the day. Good thing I brought my new heels and my FLORAL SPICY perfume. Who knows maybe he’ll be my new date for the cocktail party.
  31. 31. Media Plan
  32. 32. Assignment Development of a Media Plan Brand
  33. 33. Business Objective Transition from B2B model B2C model. strategies Reach people when they participate in physical, outdoor activities Media Objectives Reach people who like I. INCREASE AWARENESS adventure related content II. INFLUENCE PURCHASE Reach people when they are considering buying bikes or other outdoor sporting products Total media spend: $25 Million Reach People when they are engaging with smith & wesson products Market Competitors Competitive analysis specialized trek Spending is seasonal mongoose khs spike frOm June to August (38% of budget is spent in July) cannondale No clear cut online spend for the top five target analysis = developing the target (These statements index highly among people who = engage in target shooting + Mountain bike riding )
  34. 34. I enjoy taking risks I have a keen sense of adventure Have ridden a mountain bike in the last 12 months. I am good at fixing Brave, Courageous, Daring, Adventurous mechanical things I am good at fixing things
  35. 35. demographicS informative facts MEDIA HABITS Q1 Highest GENDER: 70% male VS 30% female Index for the Higest Use Quntile in each media AGE RANGE: 25-44 years old 60 HOUSEHOLD INCOME: $100,000 - $249,999 RESIDE in the west census region 45 PSYCHOgraphicS HABITS & MINDSETS 30 Maintain very active hobbies * 15 backpacking canoeing downhill skiing 0 Mountain climbing Broadcast TV Yellow Pages Cable TV Newspaper Magazine Outdoor Radio Internet snorkeling Self-identify as creative inventive artistic NOTE: Index at 0=100 or average. To read as an index number add 100 imaginative SEEK Travel often * all indexed over 400 and at least 20% of our target) SOURCE: Simmons 2007
  36. 36. planning considerations goals: Reach at 85% - 90% frequency at 6+ timing: full - year media exposure flighted & consistent scheduling according to medium geography: national for awareness & exposure regional for reach & MARKET SHARE acquisition media plan cable tv (national) during sweeps to optimize brand exposure print will be flighted to maintain sov among competitors radio will be flighted regionally to influence store traffic online will be continuous throughout 2010 to optimize brand exposure
  37. 37. CABLE Cost: $6 Million PRINT Cost: $5,545,567 Million ONLINE Cost: $6 Million WEST SOUTHEAST RADIO (2) la (4) san franCISCO (5) dallas (6) houston Cost: $2 Million (13) seattle (7) atlanta (17) san diego (12) miami-ft lauderdale (23) portland, or (19) tampa (24) charlotte-gastonia, nc
  38. 38. Discussion Guide
  39. 39. DOMINO’S PIZZA QUALITATIVE RESEARCH DISCUSSION GUIDE RICHMOND,VA D I S C L A I M E R / S E T- U P Objectives: • Statements/Discussion: Ask respondents about the pizza [5 MINUTES] Differentiate the competitors and build Describe the pizza. What do you like about it; texture, taste, temperature, etc. thought-process map as described by each Is there anything missing from the box? What if any additional items would you expect inside the box? Objectives: • Moderator introduction respondent What other items would you like to go along with the pizza? Moderator introduction; inform group Thank you for coming here today and taking time out of your busy schedules. Stimuli: Logo map to focus competitor • Decision Making Process about purpose of the discussion; discuss Please describe when and how you decide what you are going to have for dinner? procedure • Present purpose discussion Do advertisements play a role? If so what influences that decision? Cravings, Convenience, Cost? The purpose of our focus group today will be to explore your experiences with pizza delivery. I would What incentivizes your decision? Price: coupons, deals? Timing? Product? like to remind you that we are genuinely interested in your thoughts and opinions, so please feel free to Stimuli: NONE If you decide to order delivery, what do you typically order? List/describe your food options and every- speak honestly. There are no right or wrong answers in this discussion. thing you would order. Discuss the pros/cons of the delivery process • Establish rules and objectivity Discuss each as it relates to pizza delivery, i.e. timing, quality, customer service, etc I would like to note that behind us is a two-way mirror; my colleagues are watching and this discussion will be videotaped. I will be taking notes as well. I only have a couple of rules: 1) Please speak one at a PROJECTIVE TECHNIQUES [10 MINUTES] time 2) Please tell me what you mean--give me concrete answers 3) Remember that you represent a whole audience of people Objectives: • Activity: Card Ranking Rank competitors services. Each person will receive a set of cards with aspects of delivery written on each card. Respon- Understand the customer’s pizza delivery dents will be asked to rank the cards in order of importance. GROUP INTRODUCTIONS experience. [5 MINUTES] • Card list: each card will clarify the quality element Low Costs Timing No extra fees Driver Preparedness Attitude/Etiquette Stimuli: Logo map; activity materials Objectives: • Please state your name and tell me the last time you ordered pizza and had it delivered to Driver/Car appearance Responsiveness to service failures Accuracy Respondent introductions and rapport your house. What is your favorite pizza delivery place? Why is it your favorite? Phone Service Internet Ordering building. • Activity: Competitor Card Comparison Have each respondent select two cards that best describe the delivery service of each competi- Stimuli: NONE tor FORMING EXERCISE WRAP-UP/CLOSURE [10 MINUTES] [10 MINUTES] Objectives: • The purpose of our discussion today was to find out what your overall perceptions of pizza delivery. Objectives: “Pizza will be served following this exercise” Reveal brand identity and review the Uncover the respondents thought process “As a group, decide where you want to order pizza from and why” purpose of the focus group. • Domino’s pizza reveal. Discuss more detailed questions relating to Domino’s of pizza delivery selection and parameters “The majority decision will rule if you cannot come to a group decision after 10 minutes” Now that you know you ate Domino’s has you opinion changed about their delivery service in any Accept closing questions that they use to make those decisions way? Stimuli: NONE • Closing Allow the group to eat pizza. Respondents must choose from the specific competitors when Stimuli: Blank-box pizza Is there any other information regarding your pizza delivery experience that you think would ordering. be useful for me to know? Thank you very much for coming today. Your time is very much appreciated and your com- E X P L O R AT I O N / I N I T I A L ments have been very helpful. DISCUSSION [20 MINUTES]
  40. 40. Segmentation Study
  41. 41. Assignment Development of Consumer Segments
  42. 42. Objective • Identify meaningful “segments,” or logical clusters, within the broad category of “female cell phone users.” • Use the data to identify the most attractive segment to market a new cell phone model Research Methodology PRIMARY: surveyed 75 women on their cell phone usage and purchasing habits SECONDARY: used existing research to augment the survey
  43. 43. Size of Segments • Total US Cell Phone Users = 262.7 M • Female Cell Phone Users = 131.4 M (50%)
  44. 44. • Prefer to text rather than call • My phone is my Personal Assistant • Instant communication is very • I depend on my phone for everything! important • Driven, ambitious, connected and • Impressionable, but maintain personal informed expression • Young professionals that use their • Ability to browse is the most phones as a tool for success important • They value their hard earned • They require aesthetics and function possessions • They are tech-savvy and connected
  45. 45. Brand Rationale & Recommendation The results of our study indicate that there is an opportunity with OCTs to create a more durable and waterproof phone. Based on what we know about them: • They are more prone to damage their phones • Texting is the most important feature for them • They use their to express their individuality As a leader in mobile technology, LG offers a variety of phone features that appeal to our target market such as texting, internet and multi-media options. We recommend upgrading the current LG models, the EnV, and offer product line extensions that make the phone more durable and waterproof.
  46. 46. Survey Questionnaire
  47. 47. Assignment Discovering Insights through Research
  48. 48. Wedding Planning Survey 6. Describe the qualities of an ideal wedding planner. 1. Are you married or engaged? Married Engaged Neither Check all that apply organized neurotic spendthrift 2. How much do you plan on spending for your wedding? patient equanimous impatient $0-$15,000 resourceful placid diligent diplomatic prudent $15,000-$20,000 aggressive creative $20,000-$30,000 $30,000-$45,000 7. Of the people listed below, who would you choose to plan your $45,000+ wedding? One 3. Who is financing the majority of your wedding? Parents Two You and your spouse Three Other Four Five 4. How many people do you plan to have at your wedding? 0-50 8. Did you use a wedding planner? 50-100 _____YES _____NO 150-250 250+ 9. How much did you spend on your wedding? $0-$15,000 5. Pick what description best described you as as a bride. $15,000-$20,000 laid-back $20,000-$30,000 $30,000-$45,000 mini-planner $45,000+ anxious It's my day or else 10. Who financed the majority of the wedding? free-spirit/anything goes Parents You and your spouse Other
  49. 49. 11. How many people attended your wedding? 18. How stressful was planning your wedding? 0-50 no stress 50-100 occasional stress 150-250 very stressful 250+ Bad. Very, very bad. 19. At the time of your wedding, what was your employment 12. Pick what description best described you as a bride. status? laid-back I only worked full-time. mini-planner My fiance only worked full-time. anxious We both worked full-time. It's my day or else Neither of us worked full-time. free-spirit/anything goes We were both students. 14. If you could go back and plan your wedding again, which of 20. At the time of your wedding, what was your combined the following planners below would you choose? household income? One 0-$20,000 Two $20,000-$40,000 Three $40,000-$60,000 Four $60,000-$80,000 Five $80,000-$100,000 $100,000+ 15. Did you use a wedding planner? _____YES _____NO 21. At the time of your wedding, how old were you? 20 or under 16. Why didn't you choose a planner? 21-25 I wanted creative control of my wedding. 25-30 A wedding planner was too expensive. 30-35 I had the time to plan my own wedding. 35-40 I never even considered a wedding planner. 40+ 22. Thank you for your time. We really appreciate your help. 17. If you could go back, would you have used a wedding planner? Click to finish survey ____YES _____NO
  50. 50. 2ND LOGIC SURVEY 23. What was the biggest factor in picking a wedding planner? 27. What type of service plan did you choose from your wedding planner? I was encouraged by friends/family to have one. Day-of service (limited service) I didn't have enough time to plan it myself. Full time service in the weeks leading up to the wedding I didn't even know where to begin without a planner. Full time service for months I wanted to have a stress free wedding with nothing to worry about. 28. On average, how much time a week did you spend interacting with your wedding planner? 24. How did you find your wedding planner? 0-2 hours The Internet 2-5 hours Recommendation from a friend or family member 5-10 hours Phonebook 10+ Bridal shower $80,000-$100,000 29. How stressful was planning your wedding? $100,000+ Other no stress occasional stress 25. How many planners did you contact when looking for one? very stressful 32. At the time of your wedding, how old were you? One Bad. Very, very bad. 20 or under Two 21-25 Three 30. At the time of your wedding, what was your employment 25-30 Four status? I only worked full-time. 30-35 Five or more My fiance only worked full-time. 35-40 26. Choose the three qualities that were most important to you in We both worked full-time. 40+ picking a planner. Neither of us worked full-time. We were both students. 33. Thanks for your time. We really appreciate your help. price location personality religious views of planner Click to finish survey 31. At the time of your wedding, what was your combined recommendation age of planner household income? availability services offered included w/ venue 0-$20,000 Other (please specify) $20,000-$40,000 $40,000-$60,000 $60,000-$80,000
  51. 51. JE Jennifer U Ekeleme creative brand manager ekeleme@gmail.com www.jenniferekeleme.com