15th – 16th September 2009
                                                                      Central Hall Westminster,...
International Capital Conference China 2009

   Day One:
   15th September 2009
International Capital Conference China 2009

  12:00 – 12:30    Methods for Chin...
International Capital Conference China 2009

   Day Two:
   16th September 2009
International Capital Conference China 2009

  11:50 – 12:10   Managing Communic...
International Capital Conference China 2009

         Suggested Round Table Discus...
International Capital Conference China 2009

Suggested Round Table Discussions

Invited Speakers & Organisations
  Andrew Cahn, Chief Executive Officer , UKTI                                   Richard A...
International Capital Conference China 2009
Central Hall Westminster, London 15th-16th September 2009

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International Capital Conference BOAO Forum London 15th-16th Augist 2009


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The 2nd edition of The International Capital Conference China on (BOAO Forum Asia) on the 15th and 16th of September at the Central Hall Westminster London.

Confirmed speakers include:

Mr Liao Min- Chief Director of the China Banking Regulatory Commission;

Mr Liu Guangxi- Director Capital Market Account Management Department (SAFE)

Mr Fu Cheng Yu- President of CNOOC (Chinese Offshore Oil Corporation) One of China’s largest State-owned Oil Corporations;

Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP Financial Secretary to the Treasury; and many others.

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International Capital Conference BOAO Forum London 15th-16th Augist 2009

  1. 1. 15th – 16th September 2009 Central Hall Westminster, London www.internationalcapitalconference.com Cavendish Group and Boao Forum for Asia International Capital Conference China Central Hall Westminster, London About the conference Cavendish Group and Boao Forum for Asia are delighted to announce the International Capital Conference (ICC) China 2009, set to take place on the 15th - 16th September at Central Hall Westminster, London. This event follows on from the huge success of the inaugural ICC China 2008, which attracted the largest ever Chinese business delegation to London. The International Capital Conference will follow a plenary and roundtable format and will cover topics that are relevant to Chinese companies, particularly the opportunities that have been made available for global expansion subsequent to the calamities of the capital markets. Amongst the areas that will be covered are capital raising via debt and equity markets, private equity investment, mergers & acquisitions, and accessing legal and professional services. There will be roundtables focusing on the following topics: renewable energy, mining, automotive, infrastructure, financial services and legal framework. This year’s event will not only enable the opportunity to network, but as the economic climate changes and the view from Western firms turns East, prominent Chinese delegates will be leading informative sessions for Western firms to learn about private equity in China, how to enter the newly opened world of financial services in China, the legal regulations for financial services in China, the investment approaches of China’s public funds, and the intricacies and effects of the Anti-Monopoly Enforcement Authority. Last year, nearly 150 Chinese key business executives and industry leaders from a wide spectrum of sectors attended the three day event, listening to experienced speakers from across the world of finance and participating in a number of in-depth roundtable debates. In addition, more than 100 one-to-one meetings took place between executives and financiers, providing a unique platform for business generation between the Chinese guests and their Western counterparts. Following on from Boao Forum for Asia Annual conference 2009, this year’s 2nd ICC event will attract over 200 Chinese delegates and will focus on the post-Credit Crunch opportunities for Chinese companies for global expansion, as well as the opportunities for Western companies as Chinese financial markets continue to open up to foreign entities. A number of high profile speakers are already confirmed including: • Long Yongtu, Secretary General, BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA, • Jim O’Neill, Chief Economist, GOLDMAN SACHS; • Liao Min, Chief Director, CHINA BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION , • John Studzinski, CBE, Senior Managing Director, THE BLACKSTONE GROUP. • Rt. Hon. Stephen Timms MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, HM GOVERNMENT • Fu Chengyu, President, CNOOC • Liu Guangxi, Director of capital Account Management Department, STATE ADMINISTRATION OF FOREIGN Platinum Sponsor KREAB WORLDWIDE Sponsor Supporting Partner
  2. 2. International Capital Conference China 2009 www.internationalcapitalconference.com Day One: 15th September 2009 08:00 – 08:30 Registration and coffee 08:30 – 08:50 Welcoming Ceremony Long Yongtu, Secretary General, BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador, PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA Alderman Ian Luder, The Lord Mayor of the City of London 08:50 – 09:15 Restoring Confidence in China’s Economic Renaissance • Lessons to be learned from China’s role in combating the financial crisis • What role financial institutions and investors will play in China’s growth sectors • How China's strengthened economic confidence will impact the rest of the globe Jim O’Neill, Chief Economist, GOLDMAN SACHS 09:15 - 09:35 Keynote address Liao Min, Chief Director, CHINA BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION 09:35 – 10:15 Stepping Onto the Global Stage: The Internationalisation of Chinese Corporations • Which new markets China is seeking for growth • The industry sectors where we will see China expanding globally • What Chinese companies are seeking from global markets • What differentiates China from former powerhouses like Japan and South Korea • What steps is the government taking to encourage global growth Fu Chengyu, President, CNOOC 10:15 – 10:30 Coffee break 10:30 – 12:00 Private Equity: Forecasting the Future of Investment Activity in China • Where PE firms now are turning to for sources of liquidity • The future of highly leveraged deals and where sights are now set • Dissecting the types of funding structures that best benefit both investors and companies • The tenors that PE firms foresee for investments and what that means for companies • What the change in economic tides forebears for exit strategies in the near and long-term John Studzinski CBE, Senior Managing Director, THE BLACKSTONE GROUP Lord Neil Davidson, Advocate General, UK GOVERNMENT Charles Liu, Founder & Managing Partner, HAO CAPITAL Michael Sheren, Head of Leveraged Finance, CALYON CREDIT AGRICOLE
  3. 3. International Capital Conference China 2009 www.internationalcapitalconference.com 12:00 – 12:30 Methods for Chinese SME’s to Raise Capital • How SME’s can make themselves attractive to private equity investors • What PE firms see in the future and sustainability of SME’s and what sources of finance they have at their disposal • When mezzanine finance may be the ideal solution for an SME • Gaining financial support through capital markets: Peter Fuhrman, Chairman & Managing Partner, CHINA FIRST CAPITAL 12:30 – 13:45 Lunch 13:45 – 14:30 Why Fund Managers Have a Positive Outlook for China • The benefits of having a an increasing influence over the global economy • How bargain prices have cloaked rock solid fundamentals in valuation • The ways in which credit crunch has helped investors in China • Seeing copious quantities of foreign reserves as an advantage • What a positive rate of savings and a middle class the size of the U.S. spells for the future of China 14:45 – 15:00 Coffee break 15:00 – 17:00 Roundtables 18:30 – 21:00 Gala Reception at Dover House Long Yongtu, Secretary General, BOAO FORUM FOR ASIA Lord Neil Davidson, Advocate General, UK GOVERNMENT Susan Haird, Deputy Chief Executive, UKTI
  4. 4. International Capital Conference China 2009 www.internationalcapitalconference.com Day Two: 16th September 2009 08:30 – 08:40 Chairman’s Introductory Remarks 08:40 – 09:00 What the Future Holds for M&A for Chinese Companies* • How the economic downturn will help to promote globalization of Chinese enterprises • The important aspects of taking economic leadership • Lessons that can be learned from the losses incurred from the pre-Crunch hype • Will Chinese companies take leadership in utilized merger and acquisitions to expand • What the future holds for a standardized M&A market Rt. Hon. Stephen Timms MP, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, HM Government 09:00 – 09:20 Keynote address Liu Guangxi, Director of capital Account Management Department, STATE ADMINISTRATION OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE 09:20 – 10:30 Opportunities in Internationalisation Via M&A’s • Lessons learned from past transactions • Outlining the importance of corporate communications • Evaluating which markets are best to conduct a cross-border acquisition • Which sources of finance are companies pursuing in the midst of a global economic recovery • When companies expect a rebound in current overseas investments • Has government support emboldened Chinese companies to invest overseas Richard Heald, Vice Chairman, NM ROTHSCHILD 10:30 – 10:50 Coffee break 10:50 – 11:50 Approaches to Benefit from the Worldwide Economic Decline Via M&A’s • Statistically, how have merger activities been impacted by the global financial crisis • How to approach the sudden drop in stock prices • Methods to determine a fair market price in the current challenging market • What competition companies should expect from private equity funds • Techniques needed for a successful post-merger integration • The best methods to obtaining finance in shrunken credit market Josephine Chow, Director & Principal Consulting Actuary for Greater China, WATSON WYATT
  5. 5. International Capital Conference China 2009 www.internationalcapitalconference.com 11:50 – 12:10 Managing Communications Through the M&A Transaction Cycle • How to effectively manage communications during the M & A process in various stages • Techniques to avoid making mistakes via effective internal and external communications Richard Constant, President & Chief Executive Officer, KREAB GAVIN ANDERSON 12:10 – 13:30 Lunch 13:30 – 14:15 Staging a Successful IPO Launch in a Rebounding Market • Which exchanges Chinese companies should utilize for maximum capitalization • The different reactions to global market pressures that A shares have over H shares • What criteria of investor due diligence a company must meet for a successful offering • Innovativeness of product • Long term growth and sustainability of market segment • Utmost transparency of company data • Methods to choosing the right underwriter for the best valuation and the fairest commission 14:15 – 14:45 China’s Burgeoning Corporate Bond Issuance: Making the Most of the Stimulus Plan • What can be learned from Chinese companies’ successful access to the debt capital markets • Does a lack of a comprehensive legal system for the bond market attract issuance abroad • How high an underwriting risk investment banks are willing to take • Which sectors have been most successful in issuance • The length of maturities and interest coupons that investors are most keen on 14:45 – 14:50 Coffee break 14:50 – 17:30 Roundtables 17:30 – 17:45 Closing Ceremony Lord Neil Davidson, Advocate General, UK GOVERNMENT Matthew Astill, Chief Executive Officer, CAVENDISH GROUP
  6. 6. International Capital Conference China 2009 www.internationalcapitalconference.com Suggested Round Table Discussions Day One: 15th September 2009 Masterclass: Conducting an initial public offering (IPO) • Getting through the early planning stage • The legal and regulatory process • Raising company awareness • Public Relations: Investor road shows and analyst interaction • Life as a listed company KREAB GAVIN ANDERSON --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Renewable Energy Roundtable • The projected investment demand for renewable technology • What finance methods are accessible • Risk mitigation instruments available for protection of revenue stream • Project implementation case studies for wind, solar, biomass and waste-to-energy • Can renewable energy meet global expectations • Using regulatory changes for key buyout targets domestically and internationally --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Winning Bid Part 1: London 2012 • Update on the current progress of the 2012 London Olympic Games • Construction update what progress has been made to date • With the Olympics less than three years away what is being done in terms of the cultural aspects of the games and the planning of the opening and closing ceremonies? • Who are the current large suppliers for the London 2012 Olympic Games and do opportunities exist for subcontract work in some of the large agreements? • COMPETE4 – An overview of the official portal for tendering for 2012 contracts • The legacy project-As a result of the global downturn have there been any changes in the proposed legacy projects and developments Global sporting events-Future opportunities Special presentations from organizing committees and bidding teams featuring: • UEFA Euro 2012 Soccer Championships • 2016 Olympic Games – Candidate Cities • 2014 Youth Olympic Games – Candidate Cities • Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games • Brazil 2014 Fifa World Cup • Daegu 2011 IAAF Athletics World Championships --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Financial Services Roundtable • Current status of financial services firms in Europe and other Western markets • Market and capital issues for financial institutions • Opportunities and challenges for Chinese financial institutions in growing their businesses in Europe and Western markets • Key regulatory, structural and political considerations for Chinese institutions in expanding by merger + acquisition MACQUARIE BANK --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developing Hedging Tools & International Derivatives for the Financial Industry in China • Addressing government concerns whilst satisfying demands for derivatives products • Which lessons can be to prevent errors seen in other markets • How best to mitigate risk through investor education • Defining ways to obtain transparency whilst not compromising returns • The potential growth and that can be contributed to the Chinese economy Anthony Belchambers, Chief Executive, FUTURES AND OPTIONS ASSOCIATION Nick Carew Hunt, Market Secretary, NYSE liffe
  7. 7. International Capital Conference China 2009 www.internationalcapitalconference.com Suggested Round Table Discussions Day Two: 16th September 2009 Acquiring Strategic Targets in the Mining Market • Examining key factors to why this may be the right time to conduct an acquisition • The backing of the Chinese Banking Regulatory Commission to pursue M&A’s • When to consider pursuing an abandoned deal • How corporations feel about focusing on underlying assets rather than in entire companies Michael Lynch-Bell, Global Mining and Metals Section Leader, ERNST & YOUNG --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Winning Bid Part 2 • The tendering process • Who does what in organising committee • Playing to your strengths-What to bid for • When to submit a tender-Event timelines • The do’s and don’ts of marketing to host and candidate cities • How to prepare your company for the tendering process what the awarding body will look for • 2nd tier tendering-winning subcontract work • Preparing a tender document to maximize the chance of success • Managing your communications with organising committees once a tender has been awarded • What to do if there are delays or problems with completion of the project • More than just construction-How creative organisation’s can maximize the cultural opportunities in any major event Maximizing commercial opportunities which open after winning a bid or tender • IOC Guidelines for Olympic partners • Communicating your success with potential new clients • Branding association techniques • Marketing your success to the press • Using experience gained from one games to the next --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Integrating Your Business into Shanghai: International Financial and Shipping Centre • How Shanghai has lead China's economic development • Why your business should consider trading on the Shanghai Stock Exchange • How the future status of the Yuan as a global currency affects your reserves • Applying the future of the Shanghai financial and transportation system to your needs: o Energy and commodity futures o The reduction of costs for Shanghai transit of international container ships o Expansion of the Shanghai Port o An international bonds market o The further development of a derivatives exchange --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anti-monopoly Authority Roundtable • The stance of the agency with regards to mergers & acquisitions • What actions corporations will need to take in order to undergo scrutiny from this legislative body • How the world will balance this authority with those currently represented in the EU and the US --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setting up a Business in the UK • Overcoming legal and regulatory issues • Tax implications imposed by a UK business • Human resources mandates • Supply chain agreements • Property
  8. 8. Invited Speakers & Organisations Andrew Cahn, Chief Executive Officer , UKTI Richard Adkerson, Chairman , INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON MINING Andrew Wolff, Partner Managing Director , GOLDMAN SACHS AND METALS Anthony Bolton, Fund Manager , FIDELITY INTERNATIONAL Richard Horrocks-Taylor, Managing Director for Global Metals and Mining , Chen Deming, Commerce Minister , PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA RBC CAPITAL MARKETS Chen Huan, Director of the China CDM Fund , MINISTRY OF FINANCE Rob Rankin, Head of Investment Banking , UBS ASIA Cheung Yan, Chairlady , NINE DRAGONS PAPER HOLDINGS Shi Zhengrong, President , SUNTECH POWER HOLDINGS CO. Christopher C. Curfman, Vice President , President of Global Mining Simon Haddock, Global Head of Derivatives & Structured Finance , ALLEN & Division , CATERPILLAR OVERY LLP Christopher Wyke, Product Manager , SCHRODERS Stephen Green, Chairman , HSBC Clarence Kwan, National Managing Partner, Chinese Services Group , Thomas Richterich, Chief Executive Officer , NORDEX AG DELOITTE LLP Tu Guangshao, Vice Mayor , SHANGHAI Dan Carroll, Managing Partner , TPG ASIA Wang Xiangjin, Division Chief , Policy Division of Energy Bureau, David de Rothschild, Chairman , ROTHSCHILD NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT & REFORM COMMISSION Dominic Casserley, Managing Director , UK & Ireland, MCKINSEY & Xie Tao, Partner , PWC TRANSACTIONS COMPANY Xiong Wei-ping, Chief Executive , CHINALCO Edward Bonham Carter, Joint Chief Executive , JUPITER ASSET Yang Yuanqing, Chairman , LENOVO MANAGEMENT Yi Gang, Deputy Governor , PEOPLE’S BANK OF CHINA Fan Xiaohong, Managing Director , SHANGHAI ELECTRIC POWER Yin Tongyao, Chairman, CHERY AUTOMOBILE COMPANY Ying White, Senior Counsel , AKIN GUMP STRAUSS HAUER & FELD LLP Fu Junyuan, Executive Director & Chief Financial Officer , CHINA Zhan Chunxin, Chairman , ZOOMLION MACHINERY COMMUNICATIONS CONSTRUCTION CO Zhang Lizheng, Deputy Director , Group Business Department, CHINA Gao Guangsheng, Director General , National Coordination Committee on CONSTRUCTION BANK Climate Change, NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT & REFORM COMMISSION Zhao Shiming, Chief Executive Officer , HUANENG NEW ENERGY Gao Hucheng, Vice Minister , MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, PEOPLE’S INDUSTRIAL CO LTD REPUBLIC OF CHINA Chen Dongzheng, Chairman , SHANGHAI STOCK EXCHANGE Gao Jifan, President, TRINA SOLAR Song Liping, President & Chief Executive Officer , SHANGHAI STOCK Gerry Murphy, Senior Managing Director , THE BLACKSTONE GROUP EXCHANGE Gordon Paterson, Head of Asia-Pacific M&A , DEUTSCHE BANK ANHUI CONCH Han Junliang, President , SINOVEL WIND CHANGAN AUTO Huang Tian Wen, Chairman , SINOSTEEL CHERY AUTOMOBILE Huang Yi, Director of Supervisory Rules & Regulations Department , CHINA CHINA BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION CHINA FUTURES ASSOCIATION Ian Christmas, Director General , WORLD STEEL ASSOCIATION CHINA INSURANCE REGULATORY COMMISSION Jeff Huang, Professor , BEIJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY CHINA NATIONAL OFFSHORE OIL COMPANY Jin Ming, Chief Financial Officer , STATE GRID CHINA SOUTH LOCOMOTIVE & ROLLING STOCK CORP Johannes Huth, Managing Director , KKR & CO CHINA VANKE Josephine Chow, Director & Principal Consulting Actuary for Greater China , CHINA VENTURE CAPITAL ASSOCIATION WATSON WYATT CHINA ZHONGWANG HOLDINGS LTD Lawrence Chia, Partner , DELOITTE HONG KONG CITIC SECURITIES CO. Li Fuan, Director of Innovation Supervision, CHINA BANKING DARBY ASIA REGULATORY COMMISSION FITCH RATINGS Liu Mingkang, Chairman , CHINA BANKING REGULATORY COMMISSION HUAXIN CEMENT Liu Yang Sheng, Founder & Managing Partner , HAO CAPITAL ICAP Plc Lord Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Business , Enterprise and INDUS CAPITAL Regulatory Reform, UNITED KINGDOM INTERMEDIATE CAPITAL ASIA PACIFIC Ma Guoqiang, Vice President , BAOSTEEL GROUP INTERNATIONAL SWAPS AND DERIVATIVES ASSOCIATION Ma Weihua, President & Chief Executive Officer , CHINA MERCHANTS J.P.MORGAN CHASE & CO. BANK KREAB & GAVIN ANDERSON Madam Fu Ying, Ambassador , PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA MACQUARIE Mark Mobius, Ph.D., Executive Chairman , TEMPLETON GLOBAL MINISTRY OF COMMERCE EMERGING MARKETS EQUITY GROUP MINISTRY OF FINANCE Martin Wholf, Chief Economics Commentator , FINANCIAL TIMES NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND REFORM COMMISSION Michael Bracken, Managing Director , Corporate Finance Group Asia, RBS POLY REAL ESTATE GROUP Michael Konstantinov, Fund Manager , ALLIANZ SANY HEAVY INDUSTRY Mike Elliott, Global Mining & Metals Sector Leader , ERNST & YOUNG SHANGHAI AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY CORP Paul Calello, Chief Executive Officer, CREDIT SUISSE INVESTMENT BANK SHENZHEN ZHONGJIN LINGNAN NONFEMET CO Peng Xiaofeng, President, LDK SOLAR CO. STATE ADMINISTRATION OF FOREIGN EXCHANGE Peter Weibel, Chief Executive Officer for Asia , TRIOPTIMA UBS AG Michael Queen, Managing Director , 3i UK DEPARTMENT FOR TRADE & INDUSTRY (DTI) Pinakin Patel, Portfolio Manager, Far East Equities , JPMORGAN WUHAN IRON & STEEL CO Ray Young, Chief Financial Officer , GENERAL MOTORS XUGONG CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. International Capital Conference China 2009 Central Hall Westminster, London 15th-16th September 2009 REGISTRATION FORM Personal Information Title First Name Last Name Job Title Department Address & Company Information Company Name Address Town/City Postcode Email Phone number Mobile number Delegate Package Early Bird Delegate Package £1750 + VAT Number of passes Regular Delegate Package £1999.99 + VAT Please indicate attendence : Cocktail reception Gala dinner Signature Date Terms and Conditions • Submitting a registration form constitutes a legally binding contract between your company and Cavendish Group • All registrations will be invoiced in Sterling and must be paid in advance of the event • Online registrations will close on Wednesday 9th September. After this date please telephone 020 7758 3000 to register • If you wish to cancel this agreement before 15th August 2009, you will incur 50% of the overall fee. After this date, you will incur 100% of the cost • No shows will be charged at the full rate. Substitutes are welcome. • Joining instructions will be sent two weeks prior to the event • Cavendish Group reserves the right to vary the programme and cancel the event in case of insufficient registrations. Please visit www.internationalcapitalconference.com for updates. • Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Cavendish Group will only contact you about products and services relevant to you and your organisation • For further information on the ICC, please email registration@internationalcapitalconference.com or telephone 020 7758 3000. Please fax your completed form to +44 (0)20 7758 3099