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Marketing the Web 2.0-way is not just about capturing eyes and ears; it is about capturing and sustaining the hearts and minds of your most passionate customers. Most companies build Facebook fan pages and think they’re done; they leave them to gather dust and attract irrelevant comments from online attention seekers. But brands that use social networks like Facebook well, have an opportunity to leverage the relationships with the truly passionate fans who take the time and energy to visit the brand fan page and invite a brand back into their own social network. This presentation discusses lessons learned in the real world, including how to encourage deep interactions with your fans and innovative ways of incorporating Facebook into your integrated marketing strategy. It will show the variety of practical tactics and actionable tips that can help improve your Facebook marketing efforts.

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  • Hello. Thx for joining. My name is Ekaterina Walter and today I’ll be sharing my learnings on effectively engaging yr FB fans. This will be purely what works and what doesn’t type of session. by the end of which you hopefully have a lot of useful tips on how to engage your audience online that u will be able to apply immediately. A little bit about myself. I am a part of SM COE - a small team of 5 at Intel that drives Intel’s social media strategy, defines guidelines and provides training and identifies best-known practices, helps different groups correctly integrate social media into their marketing mix and so forth.
  • Since you guys are attending this webinar I presume I don’t have to sell you on “why FB”. Before I dive into it though I wanted to share a couple of interesting facts. The images you see on the screen are all from a great visual Mashable put together to celebrate FB’s 6yr anniversary this year. The stas are really mind blowing: If it would be a country it would be the 3 rd largest in the world Over half of Facebook’s 400 million active users log in daily and spend an average of 55 minutes per day on the site Over 100M US users (on a good night American Idol averages 20M viewers) Average user has 130 friends and becomes a fan of 2 pages a month (as a marketer just imagine a reach if just one person shares your news on FB with their friends, you can do the math from there) Most geographies are very well represented on Facebook (some countries are exceptions like China where FB is banned and Russia where they have a clone of FB – vKontakte) Mobile users: 65mill FB says sharing has increased 500 percent over the past six months – people are willing to share your content and news on FB 5B pieces of content are shared each week Facebook serves 260B page views per month 42% of users have household income above 75K – what we like to hear as marketers I can go on and on. In one of his latest blog posts Steve Rubel mentions that he strongly believes that Facebook is the next Google. Just as Google brought a simple way to search the web, Facebook is poised to do the same in organizing and centralizing social content. Google will continue to dominate “pull”, but Facebook will aggregate content and make it social and rule “push”. I tend to agree with him there.
  • Now, you’ve heard this before. Before you begin your journey please please make sure you know what your objectives are. What works for one company might not necessarily work for another. As well as some of my tips might be a perfect fit/tactic for some you and some you might want to ignore. But always remember - Facebook's ROI is in humanizing the brand, not direct sales. Starting a FB page is a beginning of building a long term relationship with your customers. It is a commitment, not a short-term program. If you don’t have time/resources/willingness to go all the way FB page might not be the right solution for you.
  • Another crucial element before you start. You need to know your customers, whether they really are on FB or not and how willing they are to engage. You might want to listen first and get better understanding of your target audience and then jump in. Avoid a Wall-Mart disaster ( for those of you who have not heard that story – WM decided to create a FB page and did not bother to listen to what the hot topics of online discussions were around their brand. They created a page and instead of ppl discussing their experience with their products as WM marketers had hoped ppl used it as a base to discuss WM practices in treating their vendors and the long list of compaints) Ok, this starting to sound like preaching, u guys are all sophisticated marketers and I am pretty sure you are already doing all of that, so let’s just jump in.
  • A couple of housekeeping items first. What to create? Tough question for some, but question that has only one answer. If you are a brand – create a fan page. Unless your objective is to create a small group for a very specific purpose. But most time than not it has to be a fan page. Why? FB created fan pages specifically for brands. Disadvantages of Groups (groups that are above 5K members loose ability to send direct messages, cannot have vanity URLs, don't have advantage of fan box widget to convert members to followers). Please do not use personal profile for your company (personal profile has a max limit of 5K friends, plus it violates FB's policy that states if you are a brand you have to have a fan page) Fan pages are indexed in search engines, can have multiple administrators, give you an opportunity to analyze traffic, no limit on # of fans, you can add FB applications (like video or static FBML)
  • Get your fan page name right from the start, can't change it later w/o deleting the page and recreating it and you loose fans when you do that (unless you have a direct relationship w/FB and they help you migrate the fans, but u still loose all of the prior conversations) Can’t delete your starter admin Get vanity URL - you need more than 25 fans and you can't use generic words, you can only set it once (think twice of your vanity URL name) Set a default tab - choose your fans' landing experience Profile photo should look fine as a thumbnail as well as a large profile photo – regardless of the shape of your profile image, FB thumbnails are square, so when designing rectangular profile pictures make sure to keep your desired thumbnail imagery within a square boundary. FB is talking about changing the size of the profile picture, but nothing specific was announced yet Company Info – be short and specific, refer to moderation guidelines (more on moderation a little later)
  • Now this is extremely important. If there is one thing you take away from this webinar, this should be it. You need to get your story into people’s news feed. If it is not there, most of the time they don’t see it! Get the most out of your status updates: The more engaging your wall posts are and commented on, the more chance they have to appear in the News Feed, algorithm picks and chooses what to feature. 0.2% of stories are displayed in the News Feed (source: Facebook). Actions that influence algorithm: fan or fan's friends writes on the wall, likes or comments, clicks through links. Algorithm doesn't discriminate (either positive or negative answers count). Your status update has a limit of 420 characters So let’s see how you can get your stories into your fan’s news feeds…
  • Do not automate your content! Post manually with customized copy - you will get better engagement
  • Your secret weapon Not only it is proffered by FB’s news feed algorithm and is the content that draws most attention it also has a build in neat little feature
  • The next 2 tricks I learned from my friend Jeff Widman at BrandGlue
  • All you have to do is ask “Please share with your friends”
  • Target your status updates by country and language when appropriate
  • Be human, talk to fans like friends (most engagement we get from normal posts like Happy Holidays!) Talk about things other than your products – Olympics, share quotes Thank them for their replies Maintain single voice when presenting a brand, human but consistent Don’t be afraid of negative comments or people posting on sensitive topics – what you will find is most of the time your fans jump in and defend you or address these comments for you (which carries much more weight that you trying to chime in)
  • This is the best focus group ever and it is available to you. Take advantage of it! Want engagement - ask! Don't make statements, ask questions!!! Make them short scanable questions Start with the question, then clarify Make questions easy to answer (don't overcomplicate and you'll get comments) Ask questions people care about If you post link, still ask a question to start with
  • Put fans in charge, crowdsource, let them be the judges of contests, etc. Budweiser is asking their fans which commercial they’d like to see at the Big Game
  • Once a day, several times a day if something special is going on Know the location of your target audience, post when they are online A lot of people are checking their FB during lunch time or after 5pm For Intel: almost any time works, even weekends
  • Discussion and Reviews don't have notifications when something is posted, so unless you actually tell your fans that you started a discussion and invite them to participate I suggest using the wall
  • Some would tell you to respond within 24 hrs or not respond at all. I have to respectfully disagree. Unless the question addressed specifically to you I suggest waiting and letting your fans jump in and share their experiences. In a lot of cases their responses are much more valuable than yours. Of course you need to monitor and make sure some of the information that is shared about your products is correct.
  • Fans can RSVP You can invite an expert or special guest of interest in the subjects your fans are curious about and have them answer questions on your page for a set period of time
  • If there is more than 1 administrator to your page, I highly suggest using an Editorial Calendar or a process by which you will coordinate your posts Use tools that allow you to schedule your FB updates in advance – Context Optional
  • Integrate your other online presences: YouTube, Twitter, photos, other content. Every blog post you make or YouTube video you upload is potentially a discussion topic. Don’t be afraid to leverage already created content. Add a Facebook Share button to your site as well to encourage your visitors to share the content. Many companies expect their consumers on Facebook to find them automatically.
  • Watch out for people who disrupt or damage the environment that you want on your page. Don’t be afraid to cut them off in order to maintain your focus and ensure that your targeted participants are comfortable. I had to jump in a couple of times and remind my fans about our moderation guidelines or report the spammers.
  • Need an app Countries:
  • Run by FB employees – a great source of case studies and sometimes tips Other resources: All Facebook (allfacebook.com) Inside Facebook (insidefacebook.com) Inside Facebook is an independent service of Inside Network , the first company dedicated to providing news and market research to the Facebook platform and social gaming ecosystem. Based in Palo Alto, California, Inside Facebook focuses on Facebook and the Facebook Platform for developers and marketers. Inside Facebook was started by Justin Smith in April 2006. AllFacebook.com is a blog that was started by Nick O’Neill. The purpose of the blog is to cover all issues pertaining to Facebook including new applications, general news, and analysis about the future of Facebook. It is an exciting time in the world of social media and social networking and it is our job to cover all of it in relation to Facebook. If there is anything that you think we should feature or that we should change please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.
  • What to measure: Weekly fan growth Unsubscribes Demographics Page views; Content with highest volume of interaction Look for the spikes Bit.ly Insights are very basic Delayed by several days Bit.ly
  • Ever since we have engaged in a more meaningful manner our monthly organic growth increased from 2-3% to 10-12%
  • That is it for me. Hopefully I didn’t go too fast and it was easy to digest. If u he webcast will be available for replay. Pls submit your feedback and feel free to rate this webinar
  • Effectively Engaging Your Facebook Fans

    1. 1. From Faceless to FANtastic: Effectively Engaging Your Facebook Fans Real-Life Lessons and Actionable Tips Ekaterina Walter Social Media Strategist Intel @EkaterinaWalter
    2. 2. Source: Mashable
    3. 3. Objectives
    4. 4. Know Your Audience
    5. 5. Fan Page? Group? Personal Page?
    6. 6. Setting Up Your Page <ul><li>Page Name </li></ul><ul><li>Starter Account </li></ul><ul><li>Vanity URL </li></ul><ul><li>Default Tab </li></ul><ul><li>Profile Photo </li></ul><ul><li>Company Info </li></ul>
    7. 7. News Feed
    8. 8. Do Not Automate Your Content! Hidden Updates
    9. 9. Video
    10. 10. Links
    11. 11. Encourage Shares and Mentions To tag someone, type @ and then the friend’s name or name of the page you are the fan of
    12. 12. Target Your Status Updates
    13. 13. Be Human
    14. 14. Questions and Polls
    15. 15. Put Fans in Charge
    16. 16. Post Frequency and Timing
    17. 17. Discussions
    18. 18. Creating a Self-Sustaining Community
    19. 19. Events
    20. 20. Exclusivity
    21. 21. Managing Your Presence
    22. 22. Cross-Pollinate
    23. 23. Moderation Guidelines
    24. 24. Promotions Guidelines <ul><li>http://www.facebook.com/promotions_guidelines.php </li></ul>
    25. 25. Become a Fan of…
    26. 26. Analytics
    27. 27. Intel Social Directory
    28. 28. How Do You Know You’ve Done Something Right?
    29. 29. Thank you! Twitter: @EkaterinaWalter