View in current state and the future of augmented reality(english version)


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View in current state and the future of augmented reality(english version)

  1. 1. View in current state and the future of Augmented Reality August 13, 2011 Etsuji Kameyama
  2. 2. Etsuji Kameyama‘s AR-Blog : Twitter : @kurakura
  3. 3. Change that surrounds a lot of industries that use information technology Rapid evolution of software skill and infrastructure It isNew device such necessary to New digitalas smart phones signage reform according to the change. Spread of cloud computing
  4. 4. Expectation for AR Solution(1)
  5. 5. Expectation for AR Solution(2)
  6. 6. AR service and technology (Japan and world) Japan TechnServices ology World
  7. 7. The 2nd ARE (are2011) was held in Santa Clara in the United States in May, 2011.
  8. 8. AR summit was held in British London in June, 2011.
  9. 9. "Mobility AR" event is held in San Diego in October, 2011.
  10. 10. The main device that achieves AR Apple iPhone iPad2 Windows Phone 7.x MS Kinect NINTENDO DS 3D Android Android Tablet Sony PSP Series Docomo & Olympus AR Walker (CEATEC 2010 ) ARContact lensPC connection Web camera (reference information) PC with Web camera Vuzix Wrap 920AR
  11. 11. Technology used with AR
  12. 12. What can you do by AR?(1)
  13. 13. What can you do by AR?(2)
  14. 14. Example of use scenario
  15. 15. Synchronization of paper medium and mobility Merchandise information and the sales store, etc. are displayed. Distribution and When themailing of newspaper, application program ishandbill, and catalog downloaded and the camera is held up. XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX Purchase in site or inducement to store
  16. 16. Synchronization of paper medium and digital signageDistribution andmailing of handbill and catalog Inducement to SHOP AR is experienced in the The coupon is gotten, digital signage in the shop and the merchandise (Participate in the event). purchase.
  17. 17. Catalog..Website..purchase.Information gathering in Further inflow from SNS site and catalog, etc. to site To the commodity 1.Lets try the feeling actually puts on with AR by the purchase page or the commodity because it store understood roughly. 2.Because the feeling put on was XXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX understood, lets buy it on the net. XXXXXXXXXXXX Twitter and Facebook take the photograph XXXXXXXXXXXX and I will show it to the friend.
  18. 18. Summary
  19. 19. AR is a new user interface that canstrengthen the customer point of contact.A dream and new experience value can be offered by using it.
  20. 20. Five points to which AR is made to succeed Is the purpose clear?/(attracting customers, sales improvement,and business support) Is necessity/user who uses the AR technology benefited? Are the execution day and the execution place clearlytransmitted? Is the content of contents appropriate to the target user? Can the target user operate the terminal?
  21. 21. AR case
  22. 22. It is a fitting of the clock in the shop:TISSOTTissot -
  23. 23. Fitting of jewelryBoucheron - -
  24. 24. Merchandise promotion:NISSAN JUKE Total Immersion 24
  25. 25. Inside of a store AR event:American Express
  26. 26. Vodafone Credit Demon AR
  27. 27. Lego Store NYC metaio
  28. 28. Externals and the structure of the house are solicited with AR
  29. 29. Merchandise promotion(Magazine Advertising) TOYOTA FJ
  30. 30. GnG (Koozyt)
  31. 31. Merchandise promotion: Ayumi Hamasaki goods sales
  32. 32. Enhancing of magazine: VOGUE of Taiwan 32
  33. 33. Store attracting customers:BARNES&NOBEL 33
  34. 34. Dinosaurs Alive! Total Immersion 34
  35. 35. It shops in the free space in the subwayTesco: Homeplus Subway Virtual Store
  36. 36. Location information system AR application program:CHECKIN+
  37. 37. A past photograph comes in succession in present scenery. “historyPin”
  38. 38. The TV synchronization: It is popular quiz show in Germany “Galileo”
  39. 39. The scene in a film comes in succession with the reality (reference introduction).It will shortly be said the release schedule.
  40. 40. Appendix
  41. 41. AR Solution Magnificent User Experience A user experience user point of contact and attractive new is created.The AR base selection-is planned, it proposes, and all processesfrom development to the introduction are supported.
  42. 42. The knowledge works must offer itSelection and project/proposal of AR technological baseappropriate to customers business,Development,I willhelp the introduction. Knowledge Works, Inc. AR charge : Kameyama/Nomura AR Solutions μ mue : Etsuji Kameyama‘s AR-Blog : Twitter : @kurakura