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    Bnf tabulated1 Bnf tabulated1 Presentation Transcript

    • Mode of Action & Dose of Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs ( Accordinf to the British National Formulary BNF March 2010) Active Avr. Dose Mode of Action Dose Details mg Principle Decreasing gluconeogenesis & increasing peripheral utilization of Adult and Child over 10 years 500 mg with breakfast > one week > 500 mg with Metformin 1500 glucose. Only if there is residual breakfast & dinner > one week > 500 mg with 3 meals pancreatic function Initially 5 rng daily with or immediately after break-fast, dose adjusted accordingGlibenclamide 10 to response ; max. 15 mg daily Initially 30 mg daily with breakfast, adjusted according to response every 4 weeks ;Gliclazide(MR) 60 Augmentig Insulin secreation. During max. 120 mg daily long term adminestration they have extrapanceatic action Initially 2.5—5 mg daily shortly before breakfast or lunch, adjusted according to Glipizide 10 response; max. 20 mg daily.Up to 15 mg (Sigle dose), higher doses divided. Initially 1 mg daily, adjusted according to response at 1-2 week intervals; max. 4 mg Glimerpride 3 daily taken shortly before or with first main meal > 18 years, initially 500 micrograms within 30 minutes before main meals ; up to 4 Repaglinide 3 Stimulate insulin release. Both drugs mg may be given as a single dose, max. 16 mg daily have a rapid onset of action and short duration of activity > 18 years, initially 60 mg 3 times daily within 30 minutes before main meals, up Natiglinide 180 to max. 180 mg 3 times daily Inhibits intestinal glucosidase , delays > 18 years, initially 50 mg daily increased to 50 mg 3 times daily, max. 200 mg 3 Acarbose the digestion & absorption of starch & times daily Tablets should be chewed with first mouthful of food or swallowed 150 sucrose whole with a little liquid immediately before food Reduce peripheral insulin resistance, > 18 years, initially 15-30 mg once daily increased to 45 mg once daily according to Pioglitazone leading to a reduction of blood-glucose 30 response concentration Inhibits dipeptidylpeptidase-4 so Sitagliptin increases insulin secreation and > 18 years, 100 mg once daily 100 lowers glucagon secretion